Rt(revolutionalist) Martin W Chinyanga talks about ”THE LONG LONG SUFFERING OF ZIMBABWEANS AND GIVES A SOLUTION

The speech  delivered to Zimbabweans on facebook conference. by Rt(revolutionalist) martin w chinyanga   11/08/11


firstly i pass my condolonces to recent victims of violence cde Maxwell Ncube, the unknown killed villagers and those died  for democracy in 2008, also  not forgeting all our uncles/aunties who pereished in gukurahundi… yes i talk for all heroes in pre independence. Just as the topic outlines, i will just add a few understandings regarding the heart of the thyme. I am looking at the videos of the people i call heroes  likes of Josiah Tongogara, in his speech recorded in this video..  you could hear the greatman talking of a true zimbabwe, new zimbabwe, and we havent reached that new zimbabwe. These heroes wanted us to live  a free from politics and freedom  contrary to the smith regime, yet the present govt is more than the smith regime because of it’s insecurity. The govt of zanu-pf  lost it’s legitimacy hence people are being massacred everyday in the road,they kill and have lead the country to  an economic down fall. I can recall cde  TWOBOY …In his memoirs, A Lifetime of Struggle (2007), Edgar Tekere wrote that he accepted his “share of responsibility” for the failure to build democratic institutions in Zimbabwe. But he blamed Mugabe for building a nation whose people “live mostly in fear of their own government, of a state machinery, born out of the forces of liberation, but now, regrettably, more associated with ruthlessness and naked force”.

violence burning people’s houses

One of hundreds: A body lies about 40 metres below the surface at the disused mine Mugabe loyalists blame Ian Smith regime for corpses Pathologists say bodies appear less than 30 years old Hundreds of skeletons found in a remote mine shaft in Zimbabwe have been used as political propaganda by supporters of President Robert Mugabe. The Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust, a previously little known group of Mugabe party loyalists, says says the remains of more than 640 bodies have been discovered in the disused Chibondo gold mine near the provincial center of Mount Darwin, 110 miles from Harare, But while the trust says the bodies are those of victims of colonial atrocities committed under former leader Ian Smith, pathologists say visual evidence may point to more recent killings in a nation plagued by election violence and politically motivated murders. the video …

A new Zimbabwe prospects of hero:  for it to be a recognised heroes holiday these things must be put in place.. the decision makers for heroes status of the country must be done by four main bodies.



3.mdc all

4.the civil society board

mainly the civil society will give mandate to heroes status to some outstanding achievement in our society, from both workers union, artists and someone who have served life by endangering them selves for the sake of serving..see america, yet zanu and zapu , will give status to their freedom war heroes and mdc will to fighters of democracy .. to avoid this thing of the heroes acre to be so partisan.


why Heroes are crying

The injustice happening in our country does not need one to keep silent because truely there are times when silence is betrayal. i have a convivtion that zimbabweans are not yet prepared for a change, hence  recently here in britain the unjust shooting of 1 person caused the streets to overflood, yet in zimbabwe thousands have been publicly shoot and we all went in our tiny huts and ningas to hide, the present regime is finishing us one by one, we are living in a gvt which is 100 times more cruel  than the smith and the apartherd regimes of S.A.  We really know that zanu-pf has lost touch with the people, we really know they can do anything to stay on power, we really know that they will leave zimbabwe with a lot of blood spillage.

my Question tonight is can we prevent this?.

i am not in agreement with those people who say lets calm  to violence, lets be like ma zongororo, the millipede, that folds if attacked hence anything will just step over it and crush it.. a totoise is better because it hides in it’s own shell, where are we going to hide, each night when zanu-pf thugs plan to hunt you they will do it . In deed we have founded a peace keeping organisation called ZIMBABWEAN ZIMBABWE CIVIL PROTECTION/ PEACEKEEPERS.   a sister body to THE ZIMBABWE XILE GOVT  AN ANT ZANU-PF MOVEMENT

We are in the same principals to get armed and protect zimbabwe, we are with the same principals to serve life and avoid bloodshed and a genocide  which can erupt in any time  in zimbabwe, we are in principals of fighting in combat with the thugs ( c10, boadergezi training camps  and the 5th brigade). We are with the principals that NATO and UN can help in arming and training us, we are in principals to be reinforced with the UN and NATO including all well wishers.

our main reason to stage this movement is:

1; restoring law and odder in the country through education

2; to put democracy in zim by  implementing a platform for politicians to have a free and fair elections

3;put all the perpetrators of violence to justice by disarming them and make them and educating them.

we have over 2000 people killed in the violence of 2008 elections run off, we have over 30 000 people killed in the gukurahundi massacres and we have 1000 killed in the chiyadzwa diamond fields massacres. we have proof of mass graves in the country  and the recent body exhumation in chibondo mine shafts in mt dawin. i think evry one here knows of what i am saying and will keep me justifyed and second me.

We  are trying by all means to avoid this scenario, we have contacted many institutes including the SADC and very close allies near to the GNU govt. We are circulating a document which incourages peace by the name CONVENTION BRINGS LOVE ,  THE IDEAS IN THIS DOCUMENT INCLUDE  THAT we need A CHANGE IN THE GOVT / PARLIAMENT SYSTEM , WE NEED TO COPY THE GERMANY OR FRENCH GOVT SYSTEM ..also we need to agree that yes those big fishes in the zanu-pf seats are liberators of zimbawe..quoting mutambara j mutamba ” that failure to recognise Zanu PF as architects of the state called The Republic of Zimbabwe by equating it with other political parties will always be resisted. The liberation movements represent patriachies of the State of Zimbabwe. They are special interest groups whose shareholding in state management cannot be wished away. The halmarks of the previous revolution cannot be wiped out with humiliation of the jaws of Law.” yes to decide on a convention it does not mean we have failed democracy but we want to save lives, yes we are safe when we are in harare and the diaspora, what about our rural duwellars who are facing terror dailly.The convention will work because it have worked for chile and why not zimbawe..

 please you can see the full document and the ideas of it in this link ..


”Diaspora feels it’

In the continuing work so far, i  also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage  to the victims who died of violence in our country.


From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers  at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names  of the killed victims and  burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday.  Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..​k



l also have adequate ideas in making my beautifull country Zimbabwe a better place, WE HAVE THE INSIGHT OF ENGAGING IN SMALL PROJECTS REGARDING OUR RURAL AREAS AND URBAN HIGH DENSITIES PEOPLE. To give them support and do induction courses on protection against political violence e business entrepreneur skills and educate people on effects on MEGA DEVELOPMENT eg looking at construction of the kariba dam era, CONSEQUENCES OF MOTORWAY CONSTRUCTIONS, and planning on where and when such projects will be implemented within Zimbabwe.

We want to concentrate on ways to boost the economy of Zimbabwe rather than talking of legislations and constitution.

WE ARE THE FUTURE…… WE ARE THE ONES TO TAKE THE THRONE…., NOT ZAMBIANS OR MALAWIANS.. BUT US YOUNG ZIMBABWEANS… US YOUNG BLOOD WITH EXPERTISE…, LETS RESPECT OUR ELDERS so they have a REST AND ENJOY THEIR PENSION SCHEMES. We also Look on other groups which consists of Zimbabwean professionals and aid groups, to get strategies and insight eg 1 million Zimbabwe voices,Zimbabwe Construction Professionals, Helping people in Zimbabwe, Zimdonors, Zimbabwe Teachers Network- Zimteachnet and more.

Recently i announced the project of rural development technolgies in the name of MEGA ZIMBABWE, DaWILLIAM GAS PROJECT is one of the major project which l expect to explore to all people of the zimbabwean community both rural and urban. l have given the idea to the gvt through different ministries and in my rural area they are already doing it. please read about this project in my blogger… and also just google the name DA WILLIAM GAS PROJECT and you will be impowered by this.


that what has killed the economy of zimbabwe, of Africa, is our present politicians who are not concerned with the building of infrastructures like roads(Motorways), towns expansions and industries. Their concept of power is just to be there, moving with luxury cars, and living in palaces, after coming from the toilet then they implement Pharisees like laws and documents,and prepare their resting place(heroes acres) and commemoration stadiums only, thus what they think .


It’s a mega Development and a totally different politics of it’s own kind in Zimbabwe, not oriented to benefit this generation but for the new Zimbabwe, our grand children and great grand children, we should not be selfish but we want them to leave in a Zimbabwe like, Japan, USA, like UK, we want to come out of the third world. We are totally looking at something different from the present politicians, though we appreciate what they did by terminating apartheid(zanu) and implementing LIKE democracy(mdc), we need total destruction of the present system which does not care for it’s people by implementing zero tolerance squatter zones, we will not need any hindrance to the Mega Development. We are not going to tolerate any unfair rulings by the ruling parties; we want a democratic change made by the people’s will. We need a splendid Dzimbaremabwe, which projects into debt neutrality, and focuses on global techno and economic development for the eradication of poverty (GDP increment). The European and American politicians inherited from their heroes including Winston Churchill, George Washington, John Clapham, Nicholas Craft etc, who did everlasting Mega developments in their countries. Their objective was ” ECONOMIC CRITERION IS INDUSTRIALIZATION”; Their achievement was (GDP) per capita.

The present Zimbabwe is running a debt of $US 900billion and Zimbabwe have got a lot of resources, man power skills, to achieve something. Life expectance and poverty in Zimbabwe is at it’s extreme and it is now number two in the world, prior to Haiti which have poverty caused by added natural disasters. All the profits from taxing, from the natural resources, tourism and by products have gone to benefit corruption and the defence/police forces, so that they sustain their corruption and power hungry rather than the concerns of the republic of Zimbabwe,


below poverty line

80% earn below poverty line of ZWD 13 Trillion per month (USD $41.00) (July 2008). However, the average wage is only ZWD 100 Billion (30c) per month.

In Mega Zimbabwe we are not going to leave the decaying of our country going on, Zimbabwe needs a new totally changed politics of it’s own kind, a politics full of development minds. We are looking at a future of Mega industries, road engineering, development in communication, infrastructure, in health, housing and accommodation structures, we need to tackle third-worldism, We need a politics to raise the life expectancy, a politics were the politicians are ordinary people in the eyes of the public ‘’no motor cades’’, A POLITICS WITH MINDS TO LEAVE A GREAT INHERITANCE TO OUR GRAND CHILDREN. We need a new politics were presidents are not in full of control. First step for Zimbabwe would be rebuilding using new formatted bricks and crushing rubbles of demolition to build pavements and bring a brand new Zimbabwe or Mega Zimbabwe ‘’it’s a negation of negation’’ taking the old guard and infuse it with new blood which is dextrous and protected with mega doses of international experience. We need a new politics which eradicates corruption and blood shed at once. We need diversification from the way we do things, we have learnt how the British do their things, some have learnt how the Italians do their things some Germans some Australians we are all over. If we were to bring together these ideas we can make a significant contribution to our beloved mother country.

• If no political stability is reached we will be forced to fight for our rights and for the future of our grand children, our Mega Zimbabwe. After taking careful consideration and people‘s wishes, WE ARE GOING TO BE INSPIRED TO DO SOMETHING IF THIS CONTINUES , LETS COUNT FROM NOW .. TICKA, ..TICKA TICKA… ticka ..ticka..

close down


1.“I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence” Malcolm x.

2.A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery

Malcolm x.

TO ZANU-PF SYMPATHIZERS.. this is for you..

1.You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.

malcolm x.

2.Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

malcolm x. ..

thank you ..

.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.  recent  QUOTES

i.I caution the youth of zimbabwe not to be bought by sweets, remember you are ophans because your parents were killed by those who give you those sweets..killed by Violence,economy collpsed,HIV,cholera,and some disappeared to the diaspora. Come get armed to put law and order in your country. Aluta! M. DaWilliam

ii.All the remedies of healing the psyhcological/physical trauma won’t work for the oppresed zimbabweans, if we do not rise we will be extinct like the red indians. Zimbabwe is my soil and no one has the right to slaughter my people who share my language,culture and heritage. Aluta! M Da William

iii.The world shall celebrate more than it did on the independences of 1980, when another force takes over mugabe’s regime… Zimbawbeans everywhere will make parties more than brazil’s canavaries.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

iv.Einstain never wanted to be part of fighting in any war but he was forced to do it to prevent germany from distructing, insted he regreted to the egoists who used him to destroy innocent people in nakasaki & hiroshima. I did not want to be a soldier in my life, but at this stage I am going to save life.

v.If you my boyz watch special movies that gives you power to liberate zimbabwe…rambo1&11, undersiege,preditor,the interpreter,hawkdown etc.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

vi.It is so sweet to be a prisoner of war in the war against injustice knowing that all your persecution is the real empowerment of restoration for justice.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

vii.The war againist apathierd we won, the war againist colonisation we won… Then what will not make us win the war againist violence and injustice if we the same people ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

viii.Maifunga kuti tinongo gonya se zongororo ikozvino zongororo riya ramera muromo we rovambira… The injustice is the power which will carry the guns to overtake harare to restore justice.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

ix.Listerning to a tortured victim…” I said like Jesus,,,,Lord can you take my soul” one victim was tied a brick on his testicles for two days and he breathed his last on the third day….all this happened on the organized state sponsored organised bases. Truely a bazukaane an ak47 will prove to work in the next few months.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

x.The regime that comitted mas murders and genocide since 1980 are still ruling us, and they act like nothing happened. Zimbabweans most of them in the opposition are justifying it, that they had the right to take life. I and my team we will step in refusing and we are even seing the opposition as the Z project. We will not let zimbabweans be robbed their right to life.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

xi.i am not going to war supporting any political wing, we are going to be like UN peace keepers for our Zimbabwe …we are going to restore law and order.. untill there is a free and fair elections , then we drop our arms.. and go back to our families… in the video , you will see how people are haunted ..ALUTA!

Rt M. DaWilliam.

xii.i will scarifice to leave london, i will scarifice to leave my beautifull familly to start a millitary training to liberate and put peace in zimbabwe to protect all the civilians being masscared daily.. i will do that , no reverse gear, where there seems to be no way God will make a way.. people will say i am getting mad and insane.. i will leave all the degrees to start the project of justice in zimbabwe.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

xiii.I SHALL SEE MY TRUE FRIENDS DURING THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION OF ZIMBABWE… Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour, just keep it in mind that When you are up, your friends knows who you are and When you are down, you know who your friends are.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.


3 responses to “Rt(revolutionalist) Martin W Chinyanga talks about ”THE LONG LONG SUFFERING OF ZIMBABWEANS AND GIVES A SOLUTION

  1. interpreting london

    September 12, 2011 at 8:01 am

    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

  2. No-Noncense

    May 28, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Your stuff is very true . I was really touched, True its high time for an uprising other wise the zanu-pf regime will be there to stay


    October 11, 2012 at 7:26 pm



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