meet the secretariat

meet the secretariat 

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biography of the secretariat

 Rt Hon  Martin William Chinyanga

weekly statement: This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of his oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the alien, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.” Jeremiah 22:3
Birthday November 19, 1971
About I am interested in research scientist and politics, always think beyond your imagination, eg why did God made us to eat rather than just breathe and we get all nutrients from the air?. We are made of atoms combined in different codes(compounds & elements ”everything is possible”
Personal Information
l have sharp ideas into new era politics involving ideas of MEGA ZIMBABWE, OR MEGA DEVELOPMENTS IN ZIMBABWE . We need to tackle thirdworldism and put Zimbabwe back on the cockpit of being a leader in African development. I have the idea that politicians must be the servants of people and that they must respect every individual soul, they must no that the waters are very important for the fish’s survival.
 I was a member of MDC and ZAPU political parties to participate in the candidate to MP for Makoni West and  also am actively involved with refugee into teaching projects in England.
l have lived in three countries including Zimbabwe, Cuba and UK. qualifying me to added languages including Shona and Spanish.I am a lecturer in London, and l used to teach in Zimbabwe as well, I finished my higher education degrees with the universities of Lancaster (UK) and Manchester (UK), did my first degree in cuba for 5yrs and taught in zimbabwe.

l am looking for a Mega transformation from political and industrial emancipation.
Personal Interests
you can locate me on  lobbying group called
This is a new vision strategical for the future of our grandchildren and politics of Zimbabwe..…
It’s a mega Development and a totally different politics of it’s own kind in Zimbabwe, not oriented to benefit this generation but for the new Zimbabwe, our grand children and great grand children, we should not be selfish but we want them to leave in a Zimbabwe like, Japan, USA, like UK, we want to come out of the third world. We are totally looking at something different from the present politicians, though we appreciate what they did by terminating apartheid(zanu) and implementing LIKE democracy(mdc), we need total destruction of the present system which does not care for it’s people by implementing zero tolerance squatter zones, we will not need any hindrance to the Mega Development. We are not going to tolerate any unfair rulings by the ruling parties; we want a democratic change made by the people’s will. We need a splendid Dzimbaremabwe, which projects into debt neutrality, and focuses on global techno and economic development for the eradication of poverty (GDP increment). The European and American politicians inherited from their heroes including Winston Churchill, George Washington, John Clapham, Nicholas Craft etc, who did everlasting Mega developments in their countries. Their objective was ” ECONOMIC CRITERION IS INDUSTRIALIZATION”; Their achievement was (GDP) per capita.
I HAVE THE INSIGHT OF ENGAGING IN SMALL PROJECTS REGARDING OUR RURAL AREAS AND URBAN HIGH DENSITIES PEOPLE. To give them support and do induction courses on protection against political violence e business entrepreneur skills and educate people on effects on MEGA DEVELOPMENT eg looking at construction of the kariba dam era, CONSEQUENCES OF MOTORWAY CONSTRUCTIONS. planning on were and when such projects will be implemented within Zimbabwe.
I want to concentrate on ways to boost the economy of Zimbabwe rather than talking of legislation and constitution.
also i can be located on
We cry freedom from the chains, freedom from the ashes. Freedom, freedom, freedom. Freedom from our hearts, freedom from the pain. Freedom.” There is a call of freedom going out. WE NEED TOTAL DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA
we want to protest to the world , to UN, for all Africans to get total freedom, we need the united nations to be actively involved in African countries which suppress democracy ,we need to have a day called cry freedom Africa in countries where all Africans are diasporians.
On this day we will be lifting flags of different African countries and walking to their embassy raising our concern and remembering all those who perished in Africa searching for freedom and democracy, we will need the world not to leave Africa alone, we need their power, the way they are doing in Afghanistan,the way they did in Iraq, we need the world to help us to topple all the dictators of Africa down, as they did for Liberia, as they did Haiti,, cry freedom Africa….we sing God bless Africa..Ishe komborerai africa…Nkosi sikelela i Africa.. (GOD, NKOSI,EGO,MWARI,IMANA,KATONDA,JEHOVA,YAWE,…..BLESS AFRICA) to bless going to be our international anthem.



One response to “meet the secretariat

  1. elisabeth marcus

    March 3, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Dear madam, sir

    I’m since 1972 a member of Amnesty International and by clearing away things from that time on I found many things of my connection with prisonners of conscience.
    With one family I had contact till 1985; the woman of this family sent me many things which she made herself and till now I use these!
    I had also a very good contact with Christian Care Bulawayo and they informed me many times ab out things.
    I would be happy to hear something about the people I corresponded.
    I will give you some details:
    the family Mukarati who lived int that time in Dzivaresekwa Township Waterfalls,
    Amos S. Mkwananzi, of him I still have a picture which is in my working room enlisted in a wallpicture.
    Shed Chipanga,
    borther and sister Manana ( Simon and Busi) the studied in Leningrad and east Germany and I took care of their correspondency to south Africa.
    and the family Nharara.

    Can you help to find these people? I would be very grafully.

    Meanwhile with many kind regards

    Elisabeth Marcus
    Ghil 10
    5111 ED Baarle-Nassau
    the Netherlands.


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