leaked C10 LIST OF ZIMBABWE PART 1-6 and their national offices in list

the zimbawe exile gvt and ant-zanu-pf movement ….  awards Mr Lance Guma  with a bravery hat.

lance well-done, true Zimbabweans are behind you… ignore these murderers, they only know to put fear and take possession.. tell them to attack tsvangirai , ncube, dabengwa or sikhala.. those are the people who are next to the thrown not lance guma… thanks comandande lance.. the Zimbabwe exile govt honors you with a blue hat of bravery. …keep it up in the trenches. thanks  W.C

I am MORE worried about how MANY teaspoons of SUGAR I put in my TEA than criticism from proven INTELLECTUAL CLOWNS and perennial APOLOGISTS roped in by the ENVIOUS and COMPROMISED to attack us over the publication of the CIO list. Next week we have more stunning revelations AND all I can say is YOU have a VERY busy 5 weeks ahead.
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Part One of the leaked CIO list

Information correct as of April 2001  SurnameFORENAME Rank/PositionPLACETEL.ExtensionID NO1AdamHamadOperative  ext 232

2BaloyiMOperative  ext 279 or 792318

3Banhamombe Operative  ext 290

4Bhenyu MOperative  ext 279

5BizureMOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 325

6Bodzo Operative 210323ext 390

7BondeFelixDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-365930K70

8BonyongweHAPPTON MABHUYAOperative  576097ext 22863-374707A13

9BoshaINNOCENTOperative  ext 305/21107-085361D07

10Bururu COperative  ext 305/211

11Bvunzawabaya Operative  ext 390

12Bvuure Operative  ext 333/223

13Bwawa OperativeHatcliffe882288

14ChabayaAOperativeRRB ext 268

15ChabvongaSignDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-315722L70

16ChadaPOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 324 or 734 152

17ChademanaF Operative  ext 418

18Chadyendiya EOperative  ext 379 or 739 173

19ChakanyukaNOperative  ext 308

20ChakanyukaWOperative  ext 344 or 707 375

21ChakavandaTOperative  ext 333

22ChambokoNOperativeHatcliffe ext 329 or 883166

23Chamunorwa Operative  ext 317

24ChangataGeorgeDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-450273M45

25CharangaNYARADZAIOperative  ext 39254-036814R27

26CharangwaCOperative  ext 368

27CharasikaLOperative  ext 215

28CharasikaJOperative 734748ext 229 or 734 748

29CharasikaJosephineDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-327594Q50

30CharumaCOperative  ext 398 or 700967

31ChatimaEOperative  ext 288

32ChatoraRachelDeputy Intelligence Officer

33ChaunoitaEOperative 8959314ext 388 or 790036


35ChidzemweBOperative  ext 41763-327594Q50

36Chifura Operative  ext 333

37Chigaba Operative  ext 337

38ChigariroLOperative 666295ext 289 or 725148

39ChigutsaSOperative  ext 389

40ChigwataSOperative  ext 23863-022247R42

41ChikadayaEOperative  ext 380

42ChikawaPaulDeputy Intelligence Officer

43ChikazaZOperative  ext 304/3783-068111Z83

44ChikooAOperative 212690ext 259

45ChikuseSOperative  ext 429

46ChikwakaROperative  ext 274/289 or 725148

47ChikwenhereIOperative 611671ext 248/250 or 793 205

48ChimangaDOperative  ext 288

49ChimanyaLOperative  ext 388

50ChimbozaPOperative  ext 308

51ChimhandambaBOperative  ext 251

52ChinakaLOperative  ext 348

53ChinakirwaSOperativeHatcliffe ext 24522-048332C22

54ChinditoGOperative  ext 426 702335

55ChingwaroEdsonDeputy Intelligence Officer

56ChinozaEdwardDeputy Intelligence Officer

57ChinyangaBenjaminDeputy Intelligence Officer

58ChinyayiPhillipOperative  ext 333

59ChinyayiBOperative  ext 378

60ChinyokaFOperative  ext 312

61ChipungareTOperativeHatcliffe882288 54-032495X54

62ChirikureVOperative  ext 315 or 729979

63ChirimaSOperative  ext 305/211

64ChirimbaNOperative  ext 253

65ChirimuutaBOperative  ext 396

66ChisangoJOperative  ext 212

67ChisenwaJOperative  ext 212

68ChisenwaJohnDeputy Intelligence Officer

69ChisorochengweSimonDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-620343W66

70ChitakaLOperative  ext 209

71ChitekweAOperative  ext 245

72ChitemamusweROperative  ext 303

73ChitohwaEOperative 210160ext 253

74ChituraBOperativeRRB ext 208

75ChituraCOperative  ext 291

76ChiunyeTOperative  ext 317

77ChiunyeBOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 326/372

78ChiveroROperativeCHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE728225ext 205

79ChizaMOperative  ext 376

80ChizangaNOperative  ext 333

81ChokuwambaAOperative  ext 299

82ChotoCleophasDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-426811K80

83ChumaIssacDeputy Intelligence Officer

By Lance Guma
30 June 2011
As we reported, starting this Thursday SW Radio Africa will exclusively be publishing a list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at the time.We will serialise the 480+ names alphabetically over six weeks. A number of the people on the list may have retired or passed away, but there will be many who are still serving.Our list starts with Hamad Adam who we have been able to verify is deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in Germany as a ‘political councillor.’ Sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Harare, unaware we knew he was CIO, confirmed his deployment as a councillor and told us Adam has been in Germany for over 5 years now and is due to finish his ‘stint’ next month.In the run-up to the violent June 2008 one-man presidential election run-off, Adam was temporarily deployed back in his home area of Mabvuku, Harare. This was the same area where MDC-T activist Tonderai Ndira was abducted by 10 armed state security agents. Sources we spoke to placed Adam in the area at the same time, with his presence there said to involve ‘campaigning’ for ZANU PF.The Director General of the CIO, Happton Bonyongwe, is number 8 on the list. His name is often spelled Happyton, but the correct spelling is Happton. Bonyongwe is a retired Brigadier in the Zimbabwe National Army and our sources say he bypasses State Security Minister Sidney Sekeramayi and reports directly to Robert Mugabe. Under his watch the CIO direct most of the abductions, torture and murder of opposition activists.At number 69 is Simon Chisorochengwe, listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer. He shot to prominence via his well publicized attempts to destroy the Zimbabwe Liberators’ Platform (ZLP), a rival war vets association which is independent of ZANU PF interference and manipulation. Although most media report refer to him as Samuel, his correct name on the list is Simon.Chisorochengwe engineered a trumped-up case in which then ZLP leader Wilfred Mhanda (Dzinashe Machingura) and former national programmes coordinator Wilson Nharingo, were jointly charged with theft by conversion. Using his influence Chisorochengwe ensured the case dragged on for more than 2 years. In June 2007 the presiding magistrate eventually threw out the case.At number 56 is Edward Chinoza, another ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Investigations have revealed that Chinoza is working in the newly autonomous country of South Sudan as the Consul General.Number 42 is Paul Chikawa, a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time the list was leaked in 2001. Last year it was reported that the pensions of two retired soldiers were stolen in a well-orchestrated scam involving bank officials and accomplices allegedly linked to the national registry office. Chikawa, one of the victims, was referred to as a retired soldier but from our list he actually works for the CIO and is believed to be currently deployed in Hong Kong.At number 34 is a notorious state security agent known as Maxwell Chidzamba (spelt Chidzambwa in some reports). In January 2008 he allegedly took part in the attempted murder of prominent MDC-T activist Shepherd Maisiri, a poor farmer in the Inyati Resettlement area.Chidzamba and his gang of seven, on the orders of then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, bundled Maisiri into a jute bag, then into a truck and dumped him in the Rusape Dam. He was only saved by fishermen laying their nets that night. People in the area usually refer to Chidzamba as a war vet, but our list says he is a CIO operative.c10 part 2  of 6 leak  please see link 

Part 2 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
07 July 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 2 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, many are still serving. The serialization of the 480+ names is being done alphabetically over six weeks.At number 42 on the list is Elias Kanengoni, in 2001 just an ‘operative’. He gained notoriety during the 1990 general elections when he shot the late former Gweru Mayor Patrick Kombayi. Kanengoni and a ZANU PF activist, Kizito Chivamba, pumped over six bullets into Kombayi’s groin. Kombayi’s only crime was to contest against Mugabe’s deputy, the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda, for a parliamentary seat in Gweru.Despite both Kanengoni and Chivamba being sentenced to serve a seven year jail sentence they were controversially pardoned by Mugabe, using his presidential powers. Not only was Kanengoni pardoned he has since been promoted, rising through the CIO ranks to Deputy Director General (internal). Last year he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee, sparking protests from the MDC-T that a serving CIO chief should not be taking part in politics.In 2008 the CIO was rocked by serious infighting between Director General Happton Bonyongwe and his late deputy Maynard Muzariri. Bonyongwe was accused of supporting the presidential bid of Simba Makoni, while Muzariri backed Mugabe to stay in power. The rivalry was so intense it nearly paralysed the organization as the two CIO bosses spent time spying on each other. Showing how Mugabe rewards loyal operatives it was reported that the ZANU PF leader contemplated making Kanengoni the Director General of the CIO, to stop the infighting.Last year in June Kanengoni was doing the bidding of his masters again. He was reported to have assembled a hit squad that was responsible for ‘disciplining’ villagers in Chiweshe who did not toe the ZANU PF line during the constitutional outreach meetings.At number 123 is Kizito Gweshe who is listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Our investigations have shown that his stint in the CIO has seen him being richly rewarded. In addition to a plush home in the Pomona, Borrowdale suburb of Harare, he grabbed the Wanimo Farm in Chegutu from the Wolstenholme family.The seizure of this and many other farms in the Chegutu area was to be the backbone of a test case brought before the regional SADC Tribunal in which the affected farmers challenged the land grab. The farmers won the case, but Mugabe’s regime disregarded the ruling and recently the Tribunal was dissolved by SADC leaders to protect Mugabe.At number 145 is Bruce Karimbika, listed as an ‘operative’. Karimbika enrolled at the Harare Polytechnic around 1994 to about 1996, studying what was believed to be either computers or business studies. Many believed he was there primarily to spy on student activists at the college. Around 2001 he was stationed at the Munhumutapa Buildings which house the offices of Robert Mugabe. He is still employed by the CIO, although his exact role at present is unknown.Since publication of Part 1 of our list we have received further information about some of the names. At number 15 was Sign Chabvonga. Our investigations have revealed that he spent quite some time in the United States before he went back to Zimbabwe recently. We are informed that, starting in 1999, he worked as a ‘political attaché’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in the US capital, Washington.

He is one of many that show a consistent pattern within the CIO, where most ‘Deputy Intelligence Officers’ have been promoted and sent abroad. Hamad Adam (1), Paul Chikawa (42) and Edward Chinoza (56) were all deployed to Zimbabwean embassies abroad.

Surname FORENAME Rank/Position PLACE TEL. Extension ID NO
84 Denga P Operative ext 322
85 Dhliwayo Charles Deputy Intelligence Officer
86 Dhube R Operative ext 251
87 Dondo Operative ext 423 or 728178
88 Dopo O Operative ext 395 63-354970X47
89 Dozwa M Operative 41483 ext 322
90 Dube A Operative ext 233
91 Dube R Operative ext 294
92 Dube C Operative ext 362
93 Dzenga E Operative ext 370
94 Dzenga B Operative RRB ext 210
95 Dzivinayi Lilian Deputy Intelligence Officer
96 Dzova F Operative ext 310
97 Dzvinayi L Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 201
98 Engedzai J Operative ext 209 or 406 63-726154H04
99 Gande Operative ext 333/223
100 Gera D Operative ext 343
101 Gijima Operative ext 308
102 Gohodzi Operative ext 333
103 Gombarago Tamuka Operative ext 409
104 Gomo I Operative ext 368
105 Gondo S Operative ext 405
106 Gondo F Operative ext 422 or 725320
107 Gono A Operative ext 237/375
108 Gono V Operative ext 313
109 Gono B Operative ext 390
110 Gono L Operative ext 233
111 Gororo L Operative ext 249
112 Gudza S Operative 704954 ext 267
113 Gudza Patson Deputy Intelligence Officer
114 Gumi M Operative Hatcliffe 882288
115 Gunduza Operative ext 209
116 Gurupira J Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
117 Gurupira E Operative RRB ext 210
118 Gwanetsa O Operative ext 279
119 Gwangwara Operative ext 368
120 Gwatidzo C Operative ext 350 or 738961
121 Gwatidzo M Operative ext 333/223
122 Gwaze S Operative 308384 ext 286 or 794923
123 Gweshe Kizito Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-583870B70
124 Hari D Operative ext 299
125 Hungwe E Operative 210879 ext 384
126 Hungwe T Operative ext 384
127 Jadagu N Operative Hatcliffe 882288 08-269724E15
128 Jama A Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 200/321
129 Jamu T Operative ext 285
130 Jamu T Operative ext 313
131 Jewa R Operative Hatcliffe 882288 08-269724E15
132 Johnson A Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 322 or 727471
133 Jola B Operative ext 371 08-269724E15
134 Jumo Operative ext 390
135 Kabiti T Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 322 or 793021
136 Kachera L Operative ext 347
137 Kagura M Operative ext 373 or 794517
138 Kambanga J Operative ext 371
139 Kamusoko E Operative RRB ext 268
140 Kamwendo C Operative ext 315
141 Kanduna L Operative ext 277 63-1032690X42
142 Kanengoni Elias Operative 302069 ext 361 or 704349
143 Kaondera-Shava Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 882288
144 Kariana O Operative RRB ext 208 63-1074628G38
145 Karimbika Bruce Operative ext 332/372
146 Karumbidza Operative ext 308
147 Kaseke M Operative 708204 ext 226
148 Kaseke E Operative ext 333
149 Kasumba J Operative ext 304/372/335 75-282973S75
150 Katsande S Operative ext 264
151 Katsande P Operative ext 277
152 Katsande N Operative ext 412 or 793771
153 Katsere C Operative ext 253 08-181172C08
154 Kazingizi M Operative ext 405
155 Khan Mohammed Deputy Intelligence Officer 13-095452L00
156 Koga E Operative ext 270/437 or 726649
157 Kondo R Operative ext 215
158 Koro P Operative ext 277
159 Kuchekwa P Operative RRB ext 235
160 Kugandirori Operative ext 396
161 Kunze T Operative RRB ext 210
162 Kupemba Bright Operative ext 362
163 Kusotera J Operative ext 426
164 Kuwana Operative ext 403
165 Kuwana Godfrey Deputy Intelligence Officer 29-104496W34
166 Kuyumani Operative ext 308
167 Kuzinya J Operative ext 424 .

Part 3 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
14 July 2011

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 3 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, many are still serving.
The serialization of the 480+ names is being done alphabetically over six weeks. Although the document also contains their home addresses, these details have been removed.At number 172 is Deputy Intelligence Officer Farai Machekanyanga. Last year a ZANU PF official known as Chikanya, from Cherutombo suburb in Marondera, stunned the community after she began confessing how she and a gang, which included Machekanyanga, assassinated suspected MDC-T supporters and dumped their dead bodies in shallow graves and dams.Chikanya, dressed in ZANU PF regalia, had gone to her party offices and told them she wanted to confess her crimes because she was experiencing hardships. But party officials paid no attention and she went straight to the town bus terminus. Once there she gathered a crowd and narrated names of her accomplices, including Machekanyanga, and how they killed MDC-T activists in the run up to the June 2008 election.ZANU PF officials dispatched a truck to pick her up but she refused to be driven away. According to her testimony Machekanyanga also took part in the abduction of MDC-T District Chairman Bakayimana and youth organizer Kainos, on 22nd May 2008. Chikanya said: “We tortured them at Hurudza House (CIO offices) for weeks, before taking them to various secret locations. We wanted to use them as bait to lure Ian Kay (MP) and Farai Nyandoro (Mayor) to our killing grounds.”Chakanya went further to confess: “We even forced the captives to make distress phone calls for help from Kay and Nyandoro. When the plot failed, we had no option but to assassinate them and dump their corpses in Wenimbe dam. This is a ZANU PF tried and tested solution for dealing with betrayers, dating back to the liberation struggle,” she said.
According to one report last year, Chakanya was later also found dead in the Wenimbe dam.Interestingly, it was only last week that ZANU PF MP Tracy Mutinhiri accused CIO agents of wanting to kill her and dump her body in the Wenimbe dam “like they did to hundreds of innocent suspected MDC supporters in June 2008.” Mutinhiri is currently locked in a bitter feud with State Security Minister Sidney Sekeramyi and others in ZANU PF, who accuse her of being too ‘cosy’ with the MDC-T.At number 211 is Robert Manungo, a Deputy Intelligence Officer who allegedly ordered the failed assassination of former Daily News editor Geoffrey Nyarota. At the time Manungo was the Deputy Director of the CIO’s Harare province and allegedly paid over US$2,600 to ZANU PF activist Bernard Masara to kill Nyarota. After spending one month watching the Daily News offices Masara developed cold feet and later made a confession after a chance meeting with Nyarota in a lift.Nyarota recounted the incident saying: “It seems I met him in a lift on the way to my office. I didn’t realise what was happening, but he was tracking my movements. I greeted him, I always greet people, even strangers. I normally say, ‘How are you, how is the family?’ He told me he had been assigned to kill me. At this stage, I didn’t believe him.” To prove his story Masara then telephoned Manungo, while the entire editorial staff of the Daily News listened to the call.
Manungo immediately recognised the assassin and asked, “Has the assignment been accomplished?”Manungo has since been promoted and it is our information he is now the Assistant Director (Internal). This would mean he is second in command to Elias Kanengoni, who shot then opposition candidate Patrick Kombayi in the 1990 elections and then got a presidential pardon from Mugabe.

Number 229 is Denford Masiya a “Senior Intelligence Agent’ based in Rusape. In 2006 he was jointly charged with Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and 5 others over incidents of political violence that rocked Makoni North constituency in August 2004, during campaigning for ZANU PF primary elections. In one incident Masiya and a group of 23 ZANU PF youths ambushed and attacked James Kaunye, who was contesting against Mutasa in the primary poll.

The trial collapsed after magistrates were intimidated and attempts made to bribe the complainants. Charges of attempting to defeat the course of justice, later filed against Mutasa and the group, came to nothing.

More information continues to trickle in on Sign Chabvonga, at number 15 on our list. Readers will remember the ‘MediaGate’ scandal which broke in 2005. It was about the CIO taking over the independent Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, starting in 2002, when the state security agency diverted billions of Zimbabwean dollars to take control of the Mirror group and also the weekly Financial Gazette newspaper.

In 2004 the CIO deployed Chabvonga as a ‘Features Editor’ in the Mirror newsroom. The editorial team, then led by Innocent Chofamba Sithole, Stanley Ruzvidzo Mupfudza (late) and Tawanda Majoni, was forced to work under his watchful eye. “He was a quiet fellow and personally pleasant, but it was clear to every reporter that he wasn’t really there to write stories. That will go down as the worst disguised deployment the CIO has ever done,” a reporter told us.

Before Chabvonga’s deployment to the Mirror newsroom he worked as a ‘political attaché’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in the US capital, Washington, from around 1999.
More information has been received on Bright Kupemba, number 162 on the list published last week. Described as an ‘operative’ we understand he is currently deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in London.

Last year in March Kupemba attended a commonwealth sponsored meeting held in London, that was looking into the needs of journalists based in the Diaspora.

(CIO) list part 3 of 6

Information correct as of April 2001 See related news story
Surname FORENAME Rank/Position PLACE TEL. Extension ID NO
168 Mabada Operative ext 338/372
169 Mabhiza Operative 729330 ext 206
170 Machaka Mildred Deputy Intelligence Officer
171 Machekanyanga Operative ext 256 or 706080
172 Machekanyanga Farai Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-656585P43
173 Machengete Operative ext 244 or 708796
174 Machingura M Operative ext 231
175 Machiri C Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
176 Machirori T Operative ext 270/437 or 726649 18-049955Q18
177 Madamombe L Operative ext 311
178 Madamombe Lucia Deputy Intelligence Officer
179 Madipaza Operative RRB ext 239
180 Madoda F Operative ext 260
181 Madondo T Operative ext 342/237
182 Madziwa B Operative 217385 ext 355
183 Madzorere G Operative ext 330 736031/2 08-544970K22
184 Madzunzu A Operative Hatcliffe 882288
185 Magada Operative Hatcliffe 882288
186 Magaya B Operative ext 418 or 721798
187 Magomo T Operative ext 333
188 Magume P Operative ext 420
189 Magwai M Operative 742109 ext 273
190 Magwai P Operative ext 274
191 Mahlahla Operative ext 274
192 Makanje M Operative ext 315 or 736220
193 Makanyire G Operative ext 237/375
194 Makawa R Operative ext 277
195 Makhosa R Operative ext 310 or 700849
196 Makina A Operative ext 343
197 Makoni Charity Operative ext 331
198 Makoni Chris Operative 481140 ext 441
199 Makotore T Operative ext 308
200 Makowa G Operative ext 270/437 or 726649
201 Makumbe L Operative ext 259
202 Makumbirofa R Operative ext 312
203 Malate E Operative ext 343 63-805212Q68
204 Malikongwa Operative ext 236
205 Mambo P Operative ext 333
206 Mandaza J Operative ext 228
207 Mandiyengerenyi Operative ext 333
208 Mandowo J Operative ext 442 63-268627W80
209 Manhembe L Operative ext 309
210 Manhibi J Operative ext 261 or 792318
211 Manungo Robert Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-432510E13
212 Manwiro L Operative ext 368 63-371681L50
213 Manzira A Operative ext 397
214 Mapfumo S Operative 793660 ext 222
215 Maposa P Operative ext 309
216 Maramba P Operative ext 308
217 Maravanyika S Operative 705368 ext 213
218 Marikano P Operative ext 385
219 Marimo Wilbert Deputy Intelligence Officer
220 Maringa A Operative 32155 ext 389 or 706169
221 Maromwe Operative ext 308
222 Marumbe J Operative Training School 570853
223 Masango Sylvia Principal Director in Vice Presidents Office
224 Masese T Operative ext 218
225 Mashava C Operative 69112 ext 279
226 Mashiri Sainet Stanslous Deputy Intelligence Officer
227 Mashonganyika G Operative ext 333
228 Masia M Operative RRB ext 235
229 Masiya Denford Senior Intelligence Agent Rusape
230 Masiya Dennis Operative
231 Masocha Operative ext 392
232 Maswoswe Operative ext 399
233 Matambanadzo C Operative Hardwicke ext 337 or 727471 49-041871F49
234 Matambo N Operative ext 294
235 Matambura Operative ext 303
236 Matarutse S Operative ext 333
237 Mataure A Operative ext 282
238 Matemba B Operative ext 404/371
239 Matenga G Operative ext 263
240 Matenganzara Sophilia Deputy Intelligence Officer
241 Matengenzara S Operative ext 338/372
242 Matika Zeria Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-352630D75
243 Matikiti R Operative ext 333/223
244 Matimba L Operative RRB ext 407
245 Matonhodze J Operative Hatcliffe 882288 63-421965S38
246 Matope N Operative ext 209 or 406
247 Matsvai P Operative ext 342/237 ….

Part 4 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
21 July 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 4 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document also contains their home addresses, these details have been removed.At number 247 is Thomas Matutu listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time. Our information is that he is currently based at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Namibia having previously served at the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya around 1986.273 is Win Busayi Juyana Mlambo listed as an ‘operative’ at the time. We understand he first joined ZANU PF in 1974 when he was 18 years. In 1999 he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee. Dr Mlambo, as he is now known, is the ‘Minister Counsellor’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. This we are told effectively means he is the Deputy Ambassador.It would appear that members of the CIO are richly rewarded in terms of business contracts with government and parastatals. Eleanor Mtangi, listed as an ‘operative’ at number 281 on our list, is testament to the patronage system. She and her husband Collin Cephas Mtangi, run Cottel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd from Harare, supplying electrical equipment and consumables to the mining and industrial sectors.The company profile shows that Cottel supply the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Air Force of Zimbabwe, National Oil Company of Zimbabwe , Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zimbabwe National Army, Zimglass, Shabani Mashava Mines and the Department of Irrigation, among others. Having been unable to get Eleanor’s number we contacted her husband, Mr. Mtangi, and asked about her work for the Central Intelligence Organisation. He replied:“Why are you asking me? Go and ask her. Don’t you know it’s possible for married people to belong to different political parties? You can have one as a Republican and another as a Conservative. I don’t know anything about her background.” Interestingly the couple set up their company in 1992 and according to our list Mrs. Mtangi was still employed by the CIO in 2001.At number 282 is Loveleen Tafadzwa Mucheuki, listed as an ‘operative.’ Our investigations show that she has various qualifications in Systems Analysis and Computer Programming and is employed as a ‘Systems Administrator’ in the President’s Office. Her job entails maintaining and operating the computer system and/or network in the office.

Despite working for the CIO, an organization that has sanctioned the abduction, torture and murder of opposition members, Mucheuki is a member of a UK registered charity, the International Governance Institute (IGI) “a membership-driven organisation fighting fraud, corruption and the abuse of power.”

According to its website the IGI is “an international network of active citizens, mainly in Africa” who work through “monitoring, education, training and networking, to promote a culture of transparency, honesty and accountability in public service, based on a Christian ethos.”

Number 318 is Beven ‘Shungu’ Murahwa, who in 2001 was an ‘operative’. We understand Shungu, as he is often called by his liberation war nickname, is quite senior in Mugabe’s Close Protection Unit (CPU) and regularly travels with him. An article penned by George Charamba in April 2011, reflecting on the life of the late CIO boss Mernard Muzariri, confirmed the fact that Murahwa is still a regular traveller with Mugabe.

‎245 Matsvimbo K Operative ext 260
246 Matutu T Operative ext 281
247 Matutu Thomas Deputy Intelligence Officer
248 Maunganidze C Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-421965S38
249 Mavi A Operative ext 424
250 Mavindidze K Operative Hatcliffe 882288
251 Mawanga B Operative ext 380
252 Mawanga B Operative ext 380
253 Mayengahama C Operative ext 362 63-066252Y42
254 Mayibheki R Operative 217409 ext 273
255 Mazani E Operative Hatcliffe 882288
256 Mazikana S Operative ext 288
257 Mazonde P Operative ext 333
258 Mbavarira I Operative Hatcliffe 882288
259 Mbwera F Operative ext 333
260 Meke T Operative ext 300 or 721224
261 Merino C Operative ext 368 63-673488M83
262 Mhene F Operative ext 207/372
263 Mhere M Operative RRB ext 235
264 Mhike M Operative ext 318
265 Mhike G Operative ext 411 or 731369
266 Mhunguwo Elliot Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-427903X18
267 Midzi JAMES WILSON Operative ext 261 29-015846M24
268 Midzi S Operative ext 333
269 Miga BHEKI VICTOR Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-294814K67
270 Mjoma Gertrude Operative
271 Mkomera GOSEGONNA Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205 63-699530T63
272 Mlambo M Operative ext 240 or 726387
273 Mlambo WIN BUSAYI JUYANA Operative ext 257 or 795436 63-454512V13
274 Mlambo V Operative ext 348
275 Mombeshora T Operative ext 237/375/250
276 Mondo C Operative ext 221
277 Motsi C Operative ext 390
278 Moyo I Operative ext 306 or 703150
279 Mpofu B Operative RRB ext 238
280 Mpoperi D Operative ext 335
281 Mtangi ELEANOR Operative ext 305/211 63-323994C15
282 Mucheuki LOVELEEN TAFADZWA Operative ext 332/372 80-025597T27
283 Muchini N Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 326/372
284 Mudhewe W Operative ext 242
285 Mudiwa Manga Deputy Intelligence Officer
286 Mudviti F Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG FOURTH 737196 ext 218
287 Mudyiwa M Operative ext 381
288 Mufunda Operative ext 354
289 Mufundisi E Operative ext 308
290 Mufute M Operative ext 410/437 or 726649
291 Mugabe I Operative ext 258
292 Mugadza P Operative ext 337
293 Mugaviri Nduma Deputy Intelligence Officer
294 Mugayi Operative ext 333
295 Mujumi E Operative ext 440
296 Mukai Tinoda Deputy Intelligence Officer
297 Mukarati T Operative ext 304/372
298 Mukohovedzi JUSTICE PARADZA Deputy Intelligence Officer 38-069738Z12
299 Mukotekwa E Operative ext 350
300 Mukupe L Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 883166
301 Mukute Operative ext 364
302 Mukute Munyaradzi Deputy Intelligence Officer
303 Mukwata NGONI JOEL Operative ext 304 34-049593B34
304 Mukwava JOHN Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 883166 63-033355Q32
305 Mumera T Operative ext 441
306 Mumhure Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 329 or 792257
307 Munangi S Operative ext 442
308 Mundangepfupfu Operative ext 333/223
309 Munengwa E Operative ext 343
310 Munjaranji N Operative 21219-170 ext 279 or 792318
311 Munjoma T Operative ext 418
312 Munyanduki P Operative Hatcliffe 882288
313 Munyaradzi I Operative ext 372 or 335
314 Mupandaguta Operative ext 291
315 Mupapa Operative ext 333
316 Mupara E Operative ext 274 or 725148
317 Mupona M Operative ext 301
318 Murahwa Shungu Operative ext 391 or 796766
319 Murasiranwa Operative ext 424
320 Murinda F Operative ext 420
321 Murombedzi J Operative RRB ext 268 ”

Part 5 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
28 July 2011

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 5 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document dated 2001 contains a list of state security agents working at that time. Some may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document contained their home addresses, we are not publishing these details.Last week SW Radio Africa reported on Eleanor Mtangi, listed as an ‘operative’ at number 281 on the list. We also reported on how she and her husband Collin Cephas Mtangi, ran Cottel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd from Harare, supplying electrical equipment and consumables to the mining and industrial sectors. The company boasted contracts with the army, police, air force, national oil company, ZESA, Zimglass, Shabani Mashava Mines and the Department of Irrigation, among others.This week the matter took a new turn as our investigations showed Eleanor is now the Treasurer for the MDC-T Women’s Assembly in the United States. SW Radio Africa has been told that she divorced her husband and moved to the US but this has not been confirmed. Den Moyo, the MDC-T USA Chairman, told SW Radio Africa that they instituted their own investigations and a committee which included officials from the ‘Intelligence & Security Sub Committee’ called Mtangi to a hearing.“Mtangi confirmed that she was once employed by the CIO, not as an operative, but as an administrator in the communications department, and that she resigned in December 2001. She sighted one of her reasons for resigning as the fact that she did not agree with the way the government was operating, and she wanted to see change. She joined the MDC around that time. She stated that she immediately left Zimbabwe, and when entering the USA, she disclosed her prior involvement with the CIO,” Moyo told SW Radio Africa in a written response.“She insists that she severed all ties with the CIO, and that she is truly involved with the MDC,” Moyo added.Despite claims by Ms. Mtangi that she disclosed her prior involvement with the CIO to the US authorities, it does not seem her fellow colleagues in the MDC-T knew her background. SW Radio Africa spoke to her by telephone on Thursday, and, despite refusing an official interview, she claimed she had told MDC-T US Columbus District Chairman Zvidzai Ruzvidzo about her CIO background.

Meanwhile at number 356 on the list is the late CIO Deputy Director General Livingstone Menard Muzariri, a man who exemplified all that is wrong with the organisation. In 2001 he was listed as an ‘operative’ but now Muzariri’s name remains synonymous with the Gukurahundi Massacres in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces. A ruthless operator within CIO circles, Muzariri played a prominent role in the Massacres alongside the current Air force Commander Perrance Shiri.

Although Muzariri generally remained out of the public eye and shunned publicity his fellow colleagues in the CIO confirmed his notoriety for being brutal during assignments. A former CIO operative now based in London told SW Radio Africa that Muzariri committed some of the most serious atrocities during the Gukurahundi Massacres. He led public executions, often forcing victims to dig their own graves in front of family and villagers.

With help from the 5th Brigade army units, Muzariri and his fellow agents would routinely round up villagers and march them at gun point to a central place. There they would be forced to sing Shona songs praising ZANU PF, at the same time being beaten with sticks. These gatherings usually ended with public executions, another source told us. At the time of his death Muzariri was into farming and was a neighbour to Reward Marufu, brother to Grace Mugabe who died last year.

Floyd Ndaudzwa at number 371 is listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Investigations by SW Radio Africa revealed that around August 2005 he was based at Chaminuka Building (CIO headquarters) and was working there as the chief personnel officer (CPO) of the organisation. Ndaudzwa was cited in a high profile case in which a CIO agent, sacked in 2002, went to court challenging his dismissal for allegedly training his four-year-old daughter on how to use an AK47 rifle.

At number 383 is the recently appointed Deputy Director General Aaron Daniel Tonde Nhepera, who replaced the late Livingstone Menard Muzariri. Shockingly Nhepera in 1997 claimed to have suffered 98 percent disability from injuries sustained in the liberation war. He subsequently made five different claims and received Z$650 901 from the War Victims Compensation Fund. He claimed to be suffering hallucinations, persistent headaches, ear and stomach aches.

Nhepera, just like his predecessor Muzariri, played a key role in the Gukurahundi Massacres. By his own admission he only resigned from the notorious 5th Brigade army unit because of ill-health. The 5th Brigade was an elite unit of soldiers specially trained by North Korean instructors and had about 3500 ex ZANLA fighters. They rampaged through the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces killing an estimated 20 000 perceived opposition ZAPU supporters.

The late Corneous Nhloko a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’, at number 385 on our list, died in a fire at his farm in Wozoli, Silobela, in February this year. Known by his liberation war nickname of Victor Mlambo he was declared a national hero by ZANU PF. He joined the CIO in 1979 and rose through the ranks to become assistant intelligence officer in 1986 before he was then appointed head of the counter-subversion unit for Harare Province.

In 1992 Nhloko was posted to Lagos, Nigeria where he worked as a ‘liaison officer’ before being transferred to the CIO Training Academy in Harare in 1996.

322 Musa L Operative ext 309
323 Musa B Operative ext 375/237/250
324 Musarurwa T Operative ext 288
325 Musasa M Operative ext 245 or 794517
326 Musasa D Operative ext 305/211
327 Museka G Operative ext 318
328 Museka Gerald Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-552571F80
329 Musembwa G Operative RRB ext 239
330 Musemwa C Operative ext 405
331 Mushamba A Operative 729330 ext 206
332 Musoro Operative ext 235
333 Musungo P Operative ext 253
334 Musvipa T Operative ext 333/223
335 Mutambara O Operative 8TH FLR CHAMINUKA BLDG 4 ext 234 or 737111
336 Mutambara Francis Deputy Intelligence Officer
337 Mutambu A Operative 610776 ext 412 or 793771
338 Mutambu Austin Deputy Intelligence Officer
339 Mutambudzi Operative ext 378
340 Mutandagai S Operative Hatcliffe 882288
341 Mutare Operative ext 333
342 Mutasa P Operative ext 386 or 796037
343 Mutasa E Operative ext 449
344 Mutema M Operative ext 269
345 Mutemachani M Operative ext 418 or 721798
346 Mutembwa A Operative ext 267 or 794657
347 Mutemeri AGNES SHILLAH Operative ext 270/437 or 726649 32-016202T13
348 Mutero Operative ext 333
349 Mutetwa E Operative ext 308
350 Mutsinze K Operative ext 419 or 735527
351 Mutsveta R Operative Hatcliffe 882288
352 Mutume KUDZANAYI MARILYN Operative ext 226 63-1143611N71
353 Mutungi SHAMISO Operative ext 381 63-738148V66
354 Muyemeki Operative ext 282
355 Muzadzi I Operative ext 224/308
356 Muzariri LIVINGSTONE MENARD Operative 331856 ext 319 or 721628 63-328292Z80
357 Muzembe G Operative ext 253
358 Muzenda Operative ext 341
359 Muzongomerwa S Operative Hatcliffe 882288
360 Muzonzini E Operative 734748 ext 229 or 734 748
361 Muzonzini E Director General
362 Mvere B Operative ext 288
363 Mvududu N Operative ext 267
364 Mvundura S Operative ext 270/437
365 Mwanza M Operative ext 311 or 737196
366 Mwarozva Operative RRB ext 208
367 Mzapu R Operative ext 305/211
368 Ncube G Operative ext 213
369 Ncube Moses Deputy Intelligence Officer
370 Ndaudzwa F Operative ext 276 or 707375
371 Ndaudzwa Floyd Deputy Intelligence Officer 13-016437A13
372 Ndemera S Operative ext 309
373 Ndlovu Chris Operative ext 236
374 Ndlovu Cynthea Operative 731356 ext 286
375 Ndlovu B Operative ext 376
376 Neganje M Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
377 Ngadya T Operative ext 314
378 Ngulube Operative ext 422 or 791677
379 Ngwena F Operative ext 306
380 Ngwenya L Operative ext 260 or 707375
381 Ngwenya K Operative ext 269
382 Nhemachena Operative ext 378
383 Nhepera AARON DANIEL TONDE Operative 224770 ext 382 or 793 800 45-025775J45
384 Nherera K Operative ext 271 or 707375
385 Nhloko Corneous Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-356362K58
386 Nhova D Operative ext 366
387 Nhova Dorothy Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-321261G42
388 Nhowe N Operative ext 411 or 731369
389 Njenje Operative ext 333/223
390 Nkala J Operative ext 288
391 Nkomo M Operative ext 309
392 Ntuliki Zenzo Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-365527X08

Part 6 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
04 August 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 6 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document dated 2001 contains a list of state security agents working at that time. Some may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document contained their home addresses, we are not publishing these details.Number 400 on the list is Musafare Nyamudahondo who is described as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ in 2001. Around May 1999 he was part of Zimbabwe’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN). The latest line up of mission staff on the UN website suggests Nyamudahondo has been moved elsewhere.Michael Nyere, another ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ at number 412 on the list is currently the Minister Counselor, at the Zimbabwe Embassy in Rome, Italy. SW Radio Africa understands he is the third highest ranked member of the diplomatic staff there. ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ Siegfried Temba Samkange at number 431 has previously served at the Zimbabwean embassy in the United States as a ‘Political Counselor’.Zvidzai Tahwa at number 452 is another state security operative deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in Tanzania. In October 2004 he was listed by the Ministry of Finance in Tanzania as having benefited from import tax exemptions after bringing in an Isuzu Wizard truck worth about 8,556,503 Tanzanian Shillings.Elliot Takawira (454) listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ hit the headlines in January this year. Takawira alongside politicians and senior army personnel known as the ‘Masvingo Initiative’ grabbed shareholding in private conservancies in the Save Valley. Takawira, Tongai Muzenda, son of the late Vice President Simon Muzenda, Raymond Musimbwa and Grey Mushava grabbed Mokore Safari Ranch.

According to a report in the Zimbabwe Reporter website, the so-called ‘Masvingo Initiative’ led by the Masvingo Province Governor Titus Maluleke threatened to drive all the game to Gonarezhou Park and “barbecue what is left over.” The group made it clear they wanted to be partners in the ventures without paying for the shares. It did not matter to them that some of the ranches were covered by bilateral investment protection agreements with countries like Germany and others.

Number 392 on the list last week was a “Deputy Intelligence Officer’ called Zenzo Ntuliki. SW Radio Africa has since been inundated with e-mails from people describing what a ‘terror mastermind’ he was in Gwanda. One listener said he was nicknamed ‘Mapekapeka’ because he was fond of stabbing people. Another listener sent an e-mail saying:

“When that guy (Ntuliki) was an Intelligence Officer based in Gwanda town he was a terror. He practically wrote the book on instilling fear in villagers. He was best mates with another cattle rustler called Mbonisi based in Stanmore business centre along Beitbridge road. The ‘rustler guy’ has a butchery there and Zenzo was providing him immunity from prosecution.”

The listener went on to say: “Ask the cops at Gwanda. Zenzo is one of the most cruel and heartless people you are ever going to meet. But am happy, rather sad that he has been transferred to Gweru, I think. I feel sorry for the Gweru folks. Please publish all the details and home addresses of these criminals,” the listener added. SW Radio Africa also understands Ntuliki’s health has deteriorated.

At number 361 last week was Elisha Muzonzini then the Director General of the CIO. Muzonzini a retired Brigadier-General served the state security agency for four years, before factional fighting within ZANU PF saw him being abruptly demoted in 2002 and posted to Kenya as Zimbabwe’s ambassador.

It was then reported that competing ZANU PF camps wanted to have their own person at the helm of the CIO. Retired army general Solomon Mujuru who leads a faction competing against Emmerson Mnangagwa for influence is reported to have been the one who recommended Muzonzini to the CIO job. The replacing of Muzonzini with the current Director General Happton Bonyongwe was seen in some circles as an attempt to dilute Mujuru’s influence.

Muzonzini decided to retire from his diplomatic posting and concentrate on full time farming at a farm he grabbed from its former white owners using an AK47 assault rifle. It is widely believed that under Muzonzini the CIO virtually became an appendage of ZANU PF.

393 Nyabinde D Operative ext 393
394 Nyakunawa F Operative ext 290
395 Nyamhere WATSON WELLINGTON Operative ext 263 or 792180 49-013122G49
396 Nyamowa A Operative ext 333
397 Nyampila S Operative ext 272
398 Nyampila S Operative ext 339
399 Nyamucheneka P Operative ext 424 or 794922
400 Nyamudahondo Musafare Deputy Intelligence Officer
401 Nyamugoroza Operative ext 418
402 Nyamutsika JASPAR Operative 708204 ext 226 18-034054G80
403 Nyamuzuwe P Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
404 Nyandoro R Operative ext 243 or 731356
405 Nyandoro M Operative Hatcliffe 882288
406 Nyandoro Ruth Deputy Intelligence Officer
407 Nyandoro Z Operative Hatcliffe 882288
408 Nyariya Operative ext 383
409 Nyazika E Operative ext 309
410 Nyeke C Operative Hatcliffe 882288
411 Nyere M Operative ext 278
412 Nyere Michael Deputy Intelligence Officer
413 Nyikaramba BIGGIE Operative ext 394 795910 11-038529A11
414 Nyikaramba Boniface Deputy Intelligence Officer
415 Nyongoro L Operative 491108 ext 218
416 Nyoni K Operative ext 320/291
417 Nzira T Operative ext 405
418 Paketh Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
419 Paradza Operative ext 335/372
420 Pfuwai ANODA ARTHUR Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-427580W04
421 Randazha G Operative ext 294 or 700849
422 Rondo T Operative ext 406/209
423 Ruhode E Operative ext 372/346
424 Runesu O Operative ext 215
425 Runyowa G Operative ext 424 or 882288
426 Rupande LORAINE Operative RRB ext 268 75-279214G42
427 Rushinga Bothwell Deputy Intelligence Officer
428 Sabaruata Operative ext 277
429 Sagonda Operative ext 333
430 Samkange S Operative ext 275
431 Samkange SEIGRED TEMBA W Deputy Intelligence Officer 08-510408S70
432 Sangarwe E Operative ext 336
433 Sasa Operative ext 232
434 Seke M Operative ext 319
435 Sevenzai C Operative ext 408
436 Shambare H Operative ext 356 or 725 148
437 Shambare J Operative ext 413
438 Shavi F Operative ext 345 or 725222
439 Shiri F Operative ext 269
440 Shirichena L Operative ext 375/237/342 15-103415E15
441 Shoko Gilbert Operative
442 Shumba R Operative ext 379
443 Sibenge J Operative ext 319
444 Sibve P Operative RRB ext 268
445 Sigauke E Operative ext 340
446 Sinyoro B Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
447 Sithole J Operative ext 319
448 Siyachitema DANIEL SHEPHARD Operative ext 288 63-793051X63
449 Sombi R Operative ext 336
450 Taderera R Operative ext 260
451 Tafireyi M Operative RRB ext 268
452 Tahwa ZVIDZAI Operative 723010 ext 258 63-146584Q71
453 Takaona D Operative ext 289 or 725148
454 Takawira Elliot Deputy Intelligence Officer
455 Tanamayi JORAM Operative ext 418 08-213464C83
456 Tandi J Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
457 Tapfuma Ezekiel Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-430420H24
458 Tarumbiswa Operative ext 251
459 Tarumbiswa Shame Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-446084J07
460 Taruvamba J Operative ext 280 or 700482
461 Tekeshe Operative ext 333
462 Temba J Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 323
463 Tichareva A Operative ext 421 or 794 921
464 Tinarwo K Operative ext 275
465 Tlou BEN ELIAS MERIKA Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-366636C02
466 Tserayi A Operative 50096 ext 427
467 Tshabalala T Operative ext 209 or 406
468 Tsiko Rodrick Deputy Intelligence Officer
469 Tsoka T Operative ext 305/211
470 Tumbare L Operative ext 414 or 790385
471 Tumbare LANGION ROSTER Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-503969C42
472 Vambe D Operative ext 308
473 Vega P Operative 210533 ext 343
474 Vera T Operative ext 272
475 Vundla P Operative ext 233
476 Whekwete C Operative ext 270/437
477 Zhakata S Operative ext 383 or 739173
478 Zindi W Operative ext 351 or 794517
479 Zinyakatira P Operative Hatcliffe 882288
480 Zundiza Blessings Deputy Intelligence Officer
481 Zvirahwa Operative ext 333 ..

Supplementary list of CIO agents in Zimbabwe

More CIO agents revealed in supplementary list (Part  one/Two)

After six weeks serializing a leaked 2001 list of CIO agents working in and outside Zimbabwe, SW Radio Africa last week published a supplementary list of agents who, for various reasons, might not have been on the previous document. In part two of this series we continue exposing more details and names that have come to light.

Joseph Mwale is regarded as one of the most notorious state security agents in the country. Eleven years after being implicated in the brutal murder of MDC-T activists Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya, he continues to walk the streets a free man and enjoys high level protection from the Mugabe regime.

Mwale’s claim to infamy began in Buhera in 2000 when, in the run up to parliamentary elections, he ambushed a car being used by campaign aides to Morgan Tsvangirai, Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya. Armed with AK47 rifles Mwale and a ZANU PF mob, that included Kainos ‘Kitsiyatota’ Zimunya, petrol bombed the vehicle, killing Chiminya and Mabika.

The death was gruesome as Mabika and Chiminya got out of the car and ran ‘across the fields burning like balls of flames.’ When the mob left the scene one of the survivors who had managed to escape, Sanderson Makombe, told SW Radio Africa he got to Chiminya and found him dead. Mabika was still alive and shouting out the names of her attackers. She was to die later in hospital.

In 2004 the regime charged Mwale’s co-accused, Webster Gwama, Bernard Makuwe and Morris Kainos (alias Kitsiyatota). All three were indicted on two counts of murder. Many activists queried why ring leader Mwale was not being prosecuted. The trial never took off anyway and instead Mwale was reported to have been promoted within the CIO ranks and given a posh car to use.

In 2006 SW Radio Africa reported how police were too scared to enforce a written order from the Attorney General’s office to arrest Mwale. The then High Court Judge James Devitte ordered Mwale be brought to trial for the murder. Former MDC-T spokesman Nelson Chamisa told us at the time “violence is perpetrated and coordinated by the state and that’s why Mwale is roaming free.”

Keeper Nyambanje, listed as the head of the CIO in the Tsholotsho District, made headlines in 2009 after threatening to kill a magistrate with a gun for remanding his wife in custody during a corruption trial. During a phone call Nyambanje warned provincial magistrate Abednico Ndebele that he was “a very rough person” and threatened to kill him or have him murdered.

It was further alleged that Nyambanje even demanded that the magistrate give him the docket relating to his wife’s trial. Nyambanje’s wife, Samukeliso Nyathi, worked for the Grain Marketing Board and was charged with stealing maize and selling it on the black market. It’s also well documented that Nyambanje played a key role in the abduction of MDC supporters in Matabeleland North in 2008.

Another CIO agent, David Nyika, was sued for Z$52 million in compensation by former NCA Vice Chairman and current MDC-T spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, in 2005. Nyika’s lorry hit a Mazda B1600 car Mwonzora was driving along the Masvingo-Beitbridge road, but the CIO agent claimed it was an accident. Mwonzora won in a default judgment after Nyika did not bother to turn up in court.

Another notorious operative is Sidney Somai based in Marondera. In May 2008 Somai was implicated in the abduction of the MDC-T district chairman for Marondera, Potifa Bakaaiman. Several MDC-T supporters had been walking back from a court hearing when a blue twin-cab speeded towards them. Somai jumped out and hit Bakaaiman on the head with the butt of rifle.

Somai dragged Bakaaiman into the vehicle and sped off. The twin cab used in several of these Marondera abductions had the letters CAM written on it. SW Radio Africa reported how the same car was part of the fleet given to the Electoral Commission to use during the 2008 harmonised elections. The vehicle filled up with fuel at the main police station every day and was well known in the area.

Former CIO agent Patrick Jeffrey Tabva is also on the list. In March 2009 he was hauled to court facing fraud charges that sucked in Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangangwa. Tabva and Andrew Raymond Williams were accused of defrauding the Grain Marketing Board of fertilizer, flour and mealie meal. Tabva however claimed he was acting on behalf of Mnangagwa and other ZANU-PF politicians to use the food and other handouts to campaign, ahead of elections in 2008.

Asher Walter Tapfumanei, listed as CIO Assistant Director (External) in 2009, is also a retired army Brigadier General. He is said to have played key role in the June 2008 election violence and the abduction of several MDC-T activists. He was fingered as one of the people behind the abduction Jestina Mukoko, Gandi Mudzingwa and journalist Shadreck Andrison Manyere, among others.

The activists were slapped with trumped-up charges of terrorism and banditry and Tapfumanei is said to have conducted some of the interviews in which they were tortured. Not only were the activists abducted and tortured but they were also kept incommunicado between November and December 2008 by the CIO.

Andrew Muzonzini reported to be a Director (Internal) in the CIO hit the headlines in 2008. Filippo Marucchi-Chierro, a farmer originally from Italy and owner of a farm in Trelawney, recounted how Muzonzini, “describing himself as the Political Commissar of the CIO” drove onto his property on the 12th September 2008.

Andrew, a younger brother to ex-CIO Director-General retired Brigadier Elisha Muzonzini, demanded that Marucchi-Chierro leave the farm even though it had not been listed for acquisition. It was during an argument over this illegal eviction that he produced an AK-47 rifle, pointed it at the farmer and shouted: “The only thing you guys (white farmers) will understand is if we use this.”

Also on the list is Innocent Chibaya. In January 2005 it was reported that Chibaya, then chief of the CIO in Matabeleland, was transferred to Mutare by the now late Vice President Joseph Msika. Chibaya and the head of police in Bulawayo, Charles Mufandaidze, were accused of torturing ZANU PF youths who were arrested for supporting a ZANU PF faction opposed to notorious war vets leader Jabulani Sibanda.

Four of the ZANU PF youths are reported to have approached Msika at his home and narrated their torture ordeal at the hands of Chibaya and his fellow CIO agents. Mandlenkosi Sibanda, Tisunge Botomani, Nkosinathi Gama and Mandlenkosi Luphahla, all removed their clothes to reveal serious injuries to their private parts and bruises all over their bodies.

Even in Manicaland where he is now the head of the CIO, Chibaya is a notorious operative. In May 2007 it was reported that Chibaya and Denford Masiya, a senior intelligence agent in Rusape, were meant to stand trial on charges of intimidating witnesses into withdrawing violence charges against supporters of the then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa. The case was later swept under the carpet.

Another agent in Chipinge, Joseph Chiminya, led a gang which stormed Ashanti Farm in 2005. Chiminya and five others savagely attacked farm manager Allen Warner with hoses and steel pipes. Chiminya wielded an Uzi light machine gun and pointed it at Warner, but when he tried to fire, the gun jammed. Warner subsequently attempted to escape on a motorbike but was caught and beaten up.

On our list this week are also the four CIO agents who took part in the abduction of former ZBC TV presenter and human rights activist Jestina Mukoko. In December 2009 Marasike Chitate (alias Chigure), Ndambakuwa, Maganga and Mhlanga were part of a 7 member gang that abducted Mukoko from her Norton home around 5am. They pushed her into the back of a truck and sped off.

Mukoko said they took her to an interrogation room: “First, I was assaulted underneath my feet with a rubber-like object which was at least one metre long. Later, I was informed to raise my feet on to a table, and the other people in the room started to assault me underneath my feet. This assault lasted for at least five to six minutes. They took a break and then continued again with the beatings.”

No weeks one knew where Mukoko was being held. It was only after 21 days that she was able briefly, in the presence of police, to see her family. Without warning she was brought to court on Christmas Eve, alongside other detainees who had been abducted and held for over 76 days. The detainees included a 72-year-old man and a two-year-old boy, all facing dubious terrorism and banditry charges.

Another state security agent in Chimanimani is Brighton Mashopeka Muchuwa. On Christmas Eve in 2007 he beat to death a Christmas reveler, after accusing him of showing off with ‘MDC money.’ Muchuwa, a sidekick of wanted murderer and fellow CIO agent Joseph Mwale, assaulted Charles Sigauke and his father at their home on Christmas Eve.

Sigauke worked in South Africa and had come back to spend the holidays with his dad. He died the day after the beating, on Christmas day. Muchuwa accused Sigauke of being an MDC-T member and spending money given to him by the MDC-T. Witnesses say at one point Muchuwa lifted Sigauke and slammed him onto the bonnet of a nearby vehicle.

Both Sigauke and his father were hospitalized in Chimanimani before the son succumbed to his injuries. Post-mortem results confirmed he died from internal bleeding. Some reports say Muchuwa was arrested, detained by police, but then released. At the time SW Radio Africa reported how the police were reluctant to pursue the matter any further, given he was from the CIO.

In January 2008 we also reported on how Daniel Romeo Mutsunguma, a CIO agent who was based at the Zimbabwean embassy in the United States, shot and killed female MDC activist Tabitha Marume in Rusape. The MDC-T named Mutsunguma as the man who pulled the trigger and shot the woman in the stomach. She died on her way to Mutare General Hospital.

Marume was part of a group of seven MDC-T activists who walked to a torture camp at Manonga School, demanding the release of their colleagues who had been abducted by soldiers. Pishai Mucharauya, who then was the newly elected MDC-T MP for Makoni South, said their investigations had revealed that Mutsunguma’s wife also worked at the Zimbabwe embassy in Washington as a receptionist.

CIO Directors not listed (or fully covered) in our initial series – See related story Part 1 : Part 2

Andrew Muzonzini


ID No 63-447595B-18

John Andrew Maringa


Tobias Chaunoita

Director (Director-General’s pool)

Lawrence/Lloyd Tahwa


Thomas John Meke

Head of Administration

Senior Directors who have left the organization

Shadreck Chipanga

fired in 1999 over infighting within the CIO

Implicated in murder of several MDC-T activists in Manicaland

Lovemore Mukandi

fired in 1999 over infighting within the CIO

Fled to Canada after facing fraud charges

Justin Mupumhanga


Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Energy & Power Development

Godfrey Murombo Madzorera

Deputy Director-Planning

Principal Director in the Department of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies in the Office of the President and Cabinet

Ozias Evans Machaya Hove


Principal Director in the Department of Indigenisation and Empowerment in the Office of the President and Cabinet

Edgar Tafi Chigudu

Deputy Director

Principal Director in the Department of State Enterprises and Parastatals in the Office of the President and Cabinet

John Marangwanda also known as Jofo

Director of Economics

Also involved in CIO takeover of Mirror newspapers which began in 2002

Principal Director in Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Office

Other agents who might have joined after 2001 and not on initial list

Chaunoita Paul


Assaulted policeman in 2007

Chibaya Innocent

Head of CIO in Manicaland Province

Torture, assault and intimidating witnesses

Chimanga Derek


Assaulted policeman in 2007

Chiminya Joseph


Serious Assault and directing violent youth militia in 2008

Chitate Marasike (alias Chigure)


Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others



Taking part in violent farm in invasions

Kamba I. M.


Mafoti Robson Manyuwa

Chief Executive Officer of Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC)

Our research shows SIRDC is heavily linked with the CIO



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Maplanga Hlungwani Simon

Ex CIO and former Diplomat

Armed robbery and passport fraud

Mbalekwa Pearson

Retired Senior Intelligence Officer



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Muchuwa Brighton Mashopeka

Operative promoted from ZANU PF youth militia

Killed MDC reveler on Christmas Eve 2007

Mutsunguma Daniel Romeo

Operative formerly based at the Zimbabwe Embassy in the US

Shot dead female MDC-T activist Tabitha Marume in 2008

Mwale Joseph

Senior Intelligence Operative

Murder of MDC-T activist Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika in 2000



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Nhekairo F R


Nyambanje Keeper

Head of CIO in Tsholotsho

In 2009 threatened to kill magistrate with a gun after his wife was arrested

Nyika David


In 2005 his lorry hit a car driven by MDC-T official Douglas Mwonzora. Claimed it was an accident

Somai Sidney

Operative based in Marondera

Abduction of MDC-T District Chair Potifa Bakaaiman

Tabva Jeffrey Patrick



Tapfumanei Asher Walter

Assistant Director External who is also a retired army Brigadier General

Played key role in June 2008 election violence

CIO offices and torture centres exposed


SW Radio Africa has published a list on our website containing countrywide addresses of over 76 offices and buildings from which the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) work. The 2008 list includes telephone and extension numbers.

The head of the CIO Happyton Bonyongwe (left), army chief Constantine Chiwenga (centre) in discussion with Robert Mugabe.The justification for the exposure is that some of the buildings have been used to interrogate and torture abducted opposition activists. Hundreds of perceived ZANU PF opponents have been and continue to be abducted by CIO agents and taken to these offices to be tortured. In coming weeks we will continue to highlight the abuses that have been committed in some of these places.

In July SW Radio Africa published a list from 2001, exposing by name some 480 CIO agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. This newer document, dated 2008, contains around 759 telephone extensions and 76 different offices and buildings. We believe the number of telephone extensions shows that the organisation has grown in size over the years.

In Marondera is Hurudza House which is found in First Street. SW Radio Africa reported how MDC-T District Chairman Bakayimana and a youth organizer called Kainos were abducted on the 22nd May 2008 and taken to this building. These and other abductions were conducted by the CIO and other state security agencies in the run up to the June 2008 one-man presidential election runoff.

Last year a remorseful ZANU PF militant confessed publicly at a bus terminus: “We tortured them at Hurudza House for weeks, before taking them to various secret locations. We wanted to use them as bait to lure Ian Kay (local MP) and Farai Nyandoro (local Mayor) to our killing grounds.”

Dressed in ZANU PF regalia the woman known as Chikanya also claimed she and CIO Deputy Intelligence Officer Farai Machekanyanga led a gang in the town that assassinated suspected MDC-T supporters and dumped their dead bodies in shallow graves and dams.

Chakanya added: “We even forced the captives to make distress phone calls for help from Kay and Nyandoro. When the plot failed, we had no option but to assassinate them and dump their corpses in Wenimbe dam. This is a ZANU PF tried and tested solution for dealing with betrayers, dating back to the liberation struggle,” she said. Chakanya was later also found dead in the Wenimbe dam.

On 67 Tenth Avenue in the Bulawayo City Centre is Magnet House. The rightful owner of the building is the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) and its former military wing ZIPRA but the Mugabe regime seized this and other properties during a crack down against the late Joshua Nkomo and his party. Magnet House for years has been used as the Bulawayo headquarters of the CIO.

Four ZANU PF youths were in 2004 abducted by CIO agents and taken to Magnet House for allegedly supporting a ZANU PF faction opposed to notorious war vets leader Jabulani Sibanda. The youths approached the late Vice President Joseph Msika at his home and narrated their torture ordeal. They removed their clothes to reveal serious injuries to their private parts and bruises over their bodies.

In March 2009 SW Radio Africa reported how a man was thrown out of the 4th floor of Magnet House, at lunchtime. Huge crowds of shoppers converged on the scene as the man, identified as bank clerk Tawengwa Mavhunga, lay motionless on the road, covered by a red blanket. A Bulawayo City Council vehicle rushed the seriously injured clerk to the United Bulawayo Hospital.

The state owned Chronicle newspaper claimed Mavhunga lied to his mother that he had been abducted by the CIO when in fact he had slept at a girlfriend’s house. Our sources however said he was abducted after a clash with CIO officers making ‘dubious’ withdrawals from the bank where he worked. Mavhunga is thought to have asked too many questions about the transactions and become a target.

Curiously CIO agents are deployed at the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC) in Harare on Alpes Road, Hatcliffe. Our list shows 39 telephone extensions suggesting a large number of agents are probably deployed there. The SIRDC mission statement says the organisation is there “to provide Zimbabwe and the region with technological solutions for sustainable development.”

The strangest deployment has to be in Harare at the Furniture Discount Centre. A single phone number is listed there, begging the question, what would be of interest to the CIO at such a location.

The most notorious torture centre used by the CIO is found in Goromonzi and is conspicuously absent from the list. SW Radio Africa understands it’s a prison complex at Goromonzi Police Camp, 40 km east of Harare. Evidence from the testimony of abducted former ZBC TV news presenter Jestina Mukoko suggests that she might have been taken there.

In December 2008 Mukoko was abducted in the early hours of the morning by six men and a woman who did not identify themselves. In her testimony she said they forced her into a Mazda Familia vehicle and ordered her to lie low on the seat of the car.

“Immediately a woollen jersey was put across my face, covering my eyes, nose and mouth (and) as a result I had problems breathing and almost suffocated,” Mukoko said. Once at the torture base Mukoko said they put her in solitary confinement for 19 days while trying to force her to admit recruiting youths for military training in Botswana to dislodge Robert Mugabe from power.

“Firstly I was assaulted underneath my feet with a rubber-like object which was at least one metre long and flexible, while seated on the floor. Later I was told to raise my feet onto a table and the other people in the room started to assault me underneath my feet. This assault lasted for at least five to six minutes. They took a break and then continued again with the beatings,” she said.

The Goromonzi torture base is so infamous that even a report on torture compiled by the Crisis in Zimbabwe coalition was titled ‘Cries from Goromonzi – Inside Zimbabwe’s Torture Chambers’.  The report contained 23 harrowing testimonies from individuals tortured between 2000 and 2009.

The Crisis Coalition said their report exposed the “pervasive use of torture and imprisonment of citizens in secret detention camps in Zimbabwe to extract information, stifle public dissent and determine political processes and electoral outcomes.’

SW Radio Africa believes the list of offices and buildings it has published might help shed some light on where some of these abuses are committed and remove some of the fear that this secretive organisation has created in the minds of all Zimbabweans.


KAROI	605	



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  2. Tendai Pasi

    January 7, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    this is a case of national security i personally feel that exposing these places will be a danger to the incoming govt UK,US and other countries have the same but they dont publicise it do they coz its national security. People may want to allulate and say expose them but whom are you exposing the govt or national security be careful what you wish for in life. As much as i hate the current govt’s actions it isin my intrests not to expose the existense of such organisations and where they are located.

    Sometimes we wish for democracy but it does not work the way we want it MI5, MI6 exist for a reason CIO exist for a reason despite being abused. It needs good leaders funny enough the winning govt will have to work with them for national security unless you tell me you have a stash of ready trained govt officials to replace the current ones. Over 500 new recruits to be trained by????? who will foot the bill ??

    • Sledgehammer

      November 27, 2012 at 2:52 pm

      Listen well to Tendai Pasi

    • Drag

      January 24, 2013 at 7:38 am

      I second you on this one bro.. this is wrong

    • tutsy

      February 4, 2013 at 1:38 pm

      you are ryt they are even exposing some other things in bid to expose these guys

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    July 12, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Thank you for such incredible information. We need it as the cio has stopped serving the interests of the public. It is too partisan.The next Government will have make it credible again.

  8. Fred Gurumani

    November 26, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I find this sickening and whoever compiled this list is a moron! Next time try and out any CIA agent’s name and see how much heat you can stand. We are talking about national security here you imbecile. Did the Selous Scouts or Dzakutsaku have their names outed at some time even though they committed the worse crimes against humanity against Zimbabweans? You fool go hang yourself and see if this list will change anything. Every country has hundreds if not thousands of secret service agents and to out them is a crime. Britain has MI5, America has CIA, Russia has KGB and Israel has the most deadly MOSAD to name but just a few. So who are you kidding you imperialist moron. Your Rhodie tactic will not work.

    • tariro

      April 30, 2013 at 3:18 pm

      u are ryt my friend… who is he? this is a srous crime

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      Fred Gurumani uri mhata,mwana wehure CIO ngaitomame,u are going 2 see.this organisation is 100%zanu pf.wat d u know about state security

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      thats good teach him.

  9. Drag

    January 24, 2013 at 7:44 am

    This is not right, you are now endangering the lives of these people. The danger does not only come from the gvmnts oppositions but from the gvmnt as well.. they also have families who might become targets.

  10. Pasi

    February 27, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Wat was th motive behind all this?

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    March 21, 2013 at 9:13 am

    i never knew that i didn’t know anything yet until today i’ve discovered that i’ve been feasting with them day in day out.Its not coincidence but the redemption.

  13. nyere wema bara

    May 17, 2013 at 10:04 am

    expose them murderes, anything that happens to an opposition member feel free to target these people’s relatives too.

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    haihwa ndiko kufukura hapwa uku

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    Eagle eye is watching you… carefull what you post at times

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      Wat on earth ar yu,ar ù a zimbabwean or must vanish who waz seeking that information you dispose,booshit.

  16. nkosilathi

    July 21, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Lets protect our zimbabwean secret than exposing it to the opponants.lets build the country than harm it becouse of one person mistake,we all have falls why show them to the world.the same names nae you publicising as the c10 list,are the same people who brought,developed and secured our future in this country.Please lets be human enough and thank them for the security,if it was not OUR PRESIDENT HIGHLY TRAINING THESE PEOPLE DO YOU THINK THIS COUNTRY WILL BE SAFE FROM PREDATORS OF OTHER NATIONS?

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  18. Conrad

    November 13, 2013 at 6:49 am

    Don get too much comfortable, our nation, our region and our continent coz the are bad mind people out there driven by a burning desire to coz confusion not only within boarders but also in the region or in the continent . Terrorist attempts in motion we really need peace

  19. hawkeye

    April 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    now that I have got a list of these
    bastards on my phone, I am going to deal with these bastards one by one

  20. Alfred

    May 8, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    This information show’s to an extent, how zimbabwen’s mainly media centre’s and the stake holder’s involved voluntarily disrespect the security measure’s of Zimbabwe. So what if we have our very own security service in Zimbabwe, SouthAfrica has its m12 ,the USA has its secreteservice… AsZimbabweans we should respect such data as it protects the stability of the country. This article might affect zimbabwe as a whole because it may lead to the compromise of security detail in and out of the country.

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    Dude when were born this organisation was already in existance. This is bigger than you man. Nomater what you do u will NEVER destroy it..its a matter of national security so dont force yourself into pants u cant fit..wanga wakura zvakanaka wani

  23. The Patriot

    September 11, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    This is non-patriotic and non-Zimbabwean and you can only be termed as vatengesi. This has not been done in the national interest as it undermines our own national security. Such acts should not be condoned by any Zimbabwean. Now coming to the so called ‘leaked information’, it is highly biased as you just say our security agents did this and that without mentioning why they did it. As fellow Zimbabweans I beseech you not to condon the hooliganious acts of shenanigans. The Patriot

  24. Maingishe

    May 24, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Really Sad . Someone should clean-up this messy. When you join any intelligence organisation you swear to Secrecy and when you start sharing internal details its a sign that you deserve to be charged or declared mentally disturbed . Look at Snowden and the Swedish man holed up in Chilean embassy for years. SW radio has no right and I am sure they have a legal adviser and if they don’t have better find one , coz I am coming


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