Guerrilla politricks in Zimbabwe

Guerrilla politricks in Zimbabwe

The political network of Zimbabwe is needed to be understood by the global humarights forum and other democratic states. The dirt politics has now beared a new name called guerrila politricks. This is almost like a child refusing they never ate sugar whilst their lips is covered by sugar grains.

 The mugabe regime is always studying the otherside of the palm to create ways of cheating the law whilst commiting etrocities. On the interview with Christiane Amanpour  of the CNN (ref:1) you could see how he sticks to lies and uses pan-africanist  and ant- imperialist concept to protect his anti-human and anti-democracy system.

The one party state tricks   was designed to make a one party state communist state indicated by the red star of zimbabwean flag. Unfortunately H.E president Joshua Nkomo was not happy with the idea and mugabe regime sent a battalion by the name 5th brigade to massacre Nkomo’s people. Aparently all matebeleland people never voted for zanu-pf in 1980, but they voted for zapu.(ref:6)   lmeadiatly after independence the Rattlesnake stroke in the matebaleland region. and Operation Gukurahundi took aproximately 35 000 lives of young ndebele speakers.( REF:4) The regime got away with this trick lying to the international community that those killed were armed dissdents. Mugabe regime was not accused of this  offence Because the white famers wanted security they influenced the britsh govt and UN  to turn  a blind eye and all was well for them untill 2000.

Under the Lancaster House Agreement signed by Lord Peter Carrington, Mugabe, Ian Smith, & Joshua Nkomo, there was going to be a process of Land reform and land redistribution for the native Zimbabweans. The British & US govt promised and were funding the European farmers who had to give up the land back to the natives. For 20 yrs mugabe was well satisified with this agreement and he was getting bribe money out of it. The people of zimbabwe were silenced and reconciliation was the gentleman’s idea notebly favored and nobel infront of oppresed Zimbabweans.Tony Blair’s govt came in & abruptly canceled the whole program and Mugabe was so upset that he had to strategise ways to tell the public the truth about who they were with the land. Coincedentally, MDC party imaged in 1999, a party which was supported by the west and the people of zimbabwe. Mugabe and his regime suddenly  erupted with the land invasion  idea,  passing propaganda  that people must grabe land violently and forcefully from the white famers and also saying the imperialist wanted to recolonise zimbabwe.

 The land reform trick was  welcomed  by most subsitance famers, yet after few years people realised that the land was only taken by govenment ministers including Grace Mugabe who owns 10 famers and the Famous Chombo had 20 houses in the city and un countable famers.(ref:8)

  THE FEAR FACTOR  TRICKS  is the most phenomenon implemented to people by every regime. The years to come were for the regime to hand over power, and ways of putting fear in people were designed to incite violence in the name of operations  eg the likes of Operation Gukurahundi, Opreration  Mavhotera Papi, Operation Jongwe rikachembera mumusha rinoitwa sei, Operation  Head off, Operation Muramba Tsvina.

The riging trick was exposed in 2000 elections, the regime lost the elections and they used the method which worked and the regime took over the government. The rigging trick comprises of gerrymandering, non- existing  registered voters and diplomatic ballots . Some of the tricks of rigging were exposed by the former security guard (ref:2)

The state sponsered thugs trick,  is the conduct of blind obidence and conformit practised by the regime to barbarically attacking opponets at night and disrupting rallies. This is trained at Boader Gezi  camp, and many people have died in their hands including Tonderai Ndira , Joshua Bakachena etc. Some victims also include the NCA National Constitutional Assembly, a group of academics, trade unionists and other political activists who  analyse the  government drafted  constitution.State sponsored thugs are spoilers to delay and stop people from getting the right full information in the referendum before voting for the bill.Sometimes they give you some chemicals eg mecury  when you are in castody , this will kill you after 1-2mths after being released from the cells, then it just happens as natural death.

The puma trick..(puma is a well designed millitary ant-road side bubi bomb vehicle)is the most dangerous tack tic ,this is a well organised consipiracy politics more than the Godfather mafia  of america.THIS trick was set to kill all prominent political figures who can remove president from power, but now every member in the regime is implementing it. This trick have been implemented by the regime since during the liberation struggle, letter bombs have been diposted to chitepo, in the zanu-pf offices in mozambabique, ..tekere 2boy have spoken about this system in his recently banned book. the chinyadzonya and chimoyo is said to have been also a trick which was aimed to take out tongogara and tekere. Just be4 independence celebrations  the puma trick was set to kill Josiah tongogara and it worked. Many controvesial ministers are now laying on heroes arces as a result of this trick, Tekere him self feel in the trap but he realised the bubi trap in seconds, Boader Gezi went the same way.Recently Morgan Tsvangirai nearly kissed death in a tragedy which took The Honarable Mrs Tsvangirai. A young technocrat politician from uk  managed to remove chinamasa  from his Mp position and he feel in this organised guerrila politricks ” MDC MP for Makoni central in Manicaland province, John Nyamande, died in a horrific car crash on Saturday near Ruwa, that left his Isuzu KB vehicle a mangled wreck.The 57 year-old Nyamande is believed to have been killed instantly when his car collided with a stationary broken down truck, that was partially parked off the Harare-Marondera highway”. If forensic eveidence was to be exposed on the ACCIDENT seen , it was going to reveal that the pumas  or lorries used were not just ordinary lorries but that they were made of concrete inside their bodies. The vehicle body work is thought to have been done in the trinity engineerings  where these pumas are manufactured.     

The police ignoring trick, is a trick that serves immune to any object that supports zanu-pf and captures those who supports the oppossion members. Also  they ignore the victims of torture and no records are traced. This was designed to eliminated the statistics of people killed and tortured during the operational tricks.

The military trick., is the system were the millitary is deployed in civilian surbubs to beat and put fear with the burrel of the gun.. this trick have worked recently in the chiyadzwa diamond mines and many diamond panners were massacred.(ref:7).

The rally tricks is designed to stop rallies, Still in 2008 the republic wanted to make the final blow of the mugabe’s regime but mugabe came with more ditry tricks of abduction, killing and heavy torture to civilians, many people with the likes of mukoko were abducted and many people were biten including the Mdc Leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The rally trick was intended for the opposition not to do campaignings. Still up to 2011 the zanu-pf regime confisticate sw radios of people in the rural areas(ref:3) inorder to stop media propaganda from the opposition parties.

To stop people from campaigning the regime have also banned all NGOs and force them to work under zanu-pf. You can not inverst in Zimbabwe if you are not known by a top zanu-pf Government official and also you need to pay bribe. Likes of mutumwa mawere , Shumba etc were victims. Some zanu-pf exremist do not have even remorse on their victims, some of them including Munangagwa  claims they are born again christians yet they do not feel sorry for the killings and bitings and the rest of the violence done mostly in rural areas.

The Mt Dowin politricks, recently a top official was heard talking about the fresh bodies excumed in Mt Dawin to be victims of smith regime and saying no forensic experts were needed but only spirit mideums were the guidens in the idendifying process. The truth shows that they are gukurahundi  victims, 2000-2008 political violence victims. Surely one journalist says how can you shake hands with some one  filled with blood.

The  new chamelion trick  is set to put a smear and humiliate rival politicians and political parties. The trick  is being practised by c10, some c10 are taking the duties of Human rights and charity activities , in order to suppervise  ground information and sent it to the hierachy. The chamelion trick is also used to cause violence in the opposite political party, they join the party only to cause chaos and the most recently chamelion trick is called Z-Project. The Z-projects are fake politcal parties formed just to inhibit the growth of the true opposition politcal parties. This can be a bit confusing but their objective is to disrupt voters and pave way for the riggig process. The Z-projects gives propaganda of false democracy and encourages diplomatic approch in order to avoid the egypt or lybian style. Most Z-projects are dissolved during elections and some stay yet they will form a coalition with zanu-pf in order to form the gvt thereby betraying the people’s  voices.

The latest in process and being tried is the computer hacking trick.They go about raiding opposition party offices and prominant activist getting their laptops and hard drives there by delaying information and telepath.



This is the most dangerous and sophisticated method, it is a tsotsi method or mafia method of making peple to disappear in the midst of no where. The tac -tick is used to disguise political involvement, into a natural crimina,l like false armed robbery, like false violence  fighting in a false dispute whislt the objective will be political. Also victims are abducted at night before they reach their dstination eg home or work place, this will be the victim’s routine way and well known movements, robery will be put to destroy politcal violence. This is how Tonderayi Ndira was killed, this is how Godfrey kahuzani and friends were killed. Even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way. vanhu vachabayiwa ne ma bicycle spikes. These murders are also well known and planned by ZANU-PF. THIS IS ALSO SIMILAR O GUEERILLIA WARFARE TAC TICS thou this one is moreless mafiaism. ESPIONAGE IS PART OF MORDEN WARFARE-UNSUSPECTING ENEMIES ARE SPIED AND SOBOTEGED. Most of this operation is going to be performed by marijuana dosed barbarians who are brain washed eg chipangano group in mbare areas of harare. Expects like c10 and ZANU-PF ministers involved in the planning, naming EMASON MUNANGAGWA, SAVIOUR KATSUKUVERE AND SYDNEY SEKERAMAYI being the strategists. Ring leaders will be cherry picked to install fear in people and force them into total submission. There fore people will be forced to obey and no to challenge the regime .. this is a form of suppression, opression and torture eg when they here footsteps at night people will hide thinking its ZANU-PF…THUS RESULTS IN PERMANENT TRUMA.

HOW MUST WE PROTECT VOTERS IN ZIMBABWE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS….. we really know that zanu-pf is going to do violence in a huruwork way.. even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way   see  movie  called  Tsotsi  ref 9 see the  first  4 mins.

the rest of the world including THE ZIMBABWE  EXILE GOVT can easily see that the zanu-pf lead govt have lost legitcimacy. Recently the USA and UK govments  HAVE RESPONDED TO THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GVT and have agreedy  that there is no legitimacy of zanu-pf even within the GNU. (REF:5)

Ref:1 Robert Mugabe Part 2 – G20 Amanpour  …

 ref:2 rcover in Zimbabwe Prison …

ref:3 Hwedza villagers confiscating shortwave radio….

ref:4..joshua nkomo talks of gukurahundi

ref:5..USA not happy with ZANU-PF in the  GNU

ref:6 .one party state .

. field .

ref:8..chombo owns 70% of zim wealthy …

ref:9…..see the  first  4 mins. TSOTSI.

how can you shake hands with blood
mugabe must be pushed

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images of a zanu -pf thug, and a puma/leapard vehicle

by m.w chinyanga


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    February 26, 2012 at 12:36 am

    Silence of the Lambs: The Angeline Tongogara story
    By Tanonoka Joseph Whande
    It is very disturbing how ZANU-PF cowers victims of its violence and political intransigence. Since independence, I have noticed spouses of fallen heroes getting on with their lives without any idea of how their husbands or wives died.

    Tanonoka Joseph Whande
    Starting with my own relative, I still cannot stomach the congeniality of Mbuya Angeline Tongogara amid all the doubts, ill-treatment and neglect at the hands of Robert Mugabe and his party. Her husband, Josiah Tongogara, liberated Zimbabwe, not Robert Mugabe.
    Mbuya Tongogara smiles and exudes that facial expression that says “we are here today and we are fine”. She, however, gracefully carried a national burden of not talking openly and freely about the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. She wished to carry out her husband’s hopes and yet I and many others knew she was in pain.
    She hid her displeasure well mostly because she did not expect anything from the labour she and her husband gave to the emancipation of Zimbabwe. She was very warm and showed no sign of either doubt or bitterness at independence.
    The fact that Mrs Tongogara had later to approach political leaders, particularly Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, for help after Mugabe and ZANU-PF snubbed her tells us how much ZANU-PF is so much of a temporary political home. Tongogara’s children were assisted by some catholic priests.
    Discarded by those who used and murdered her husband, she went looking for help and that move caused a stir within Mugabe’s party, government and even the state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.
    “There are true heroes out there but they are languishing in poverty,” Oppah Muchinguri, who was Josiah Tongogara’s secretary, told a memorial service of war veterans in February. “You sacrificed your lives and brought the country independence. It is now almost 30 years of independence but it is painful that you have nothing to show at all.”
    In spite of it all, Mbuya Tongogara never tried to hint as to how her husband died or who killed her. Muchinguri, on her part, deludes herself into thinking she is safe and that she is at home in ZANU-PF. She is not safe at all and she must understand that. She knows ZANU-PF better than most and would be foolish to think this party of murderers is the same one that was formed in Gweru in 1963.
    She would be naïve to think that this party that has protected her since Tongogara’s demise is the same one that will protect her today. All she has to do is look at who is calling the shots in the party today and if they have any allegiance to what happened before and after independence.
    Allegiances have changed and thugs long took over ZANU-PF and soon someone is going to sacrifice Muchinguri because nothing grips Zimbabweans more than the death of Tongogara and the men at the helm of the Gukurahundi Massacre. Things are changing fast and Oppah better be aware that ZANU-PF died when her then boss Tongogara died.
    By her own admission, Zanu (PF) is now full of crooks. “I will not hesitate to expose these crooks who are fattening their pockets and amassing a lot of wealth at the expense of true liberators of this country who have nothing to show for their sacrifice,” said an emotional Muchinguri.
    She could start by telling us how Tongogara was killed and by who.
    My advice to Oppa is to run before it is too late because the real ZANU-PF no longer exists and that is why she herself is overshadowed by the likes of Joseph Chinotimba, Phillip Chiyangwa and Jabulani Sibanda, political thugs who don’t know where Mozambique is located but who masquerade as nationalists. They are successfully benefitting from ZANU-PF’s lawlessness because ZANU-PF died at independence.
    Like Muchinguri herself, everyone who has lost a spouse in suspicious car accidents or circumstances never talks. In March 2009, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife Susan died after an alleged car accident on the Harare-Masvingo highway. The so-called accident had all the hallmarks of ZANU-PF’s style of getting rid of its troublesome “sons”.
    Morgan Tsvangirai was himself injured but survived. He, however, surprised and angered many when he pre-empted police investigations and announced that his wife had died in a car accident. To this day, the long promised police investigation report on Susan Tsvangirai’s death has never been made public.
    Many widows and widowers of Zimbabwe’s freedom fighters have been left to languish in abject destitution while those who hijacked the revolution long after independence are sitting at the apex of Zimbabwe. Mbuya Tongogara has never accused anyone in ZANU-PF of killing her husband and that, I suspect, is what has kept her alive to this day.
    We all know she, like Oppah Muchinguri, knows more than most of us how or who killed her husband. To her, what she and her husband went through to liberate Zimbabwe is of more importance now. She has always considered national interest, unlike people like Oppah Muchinguri who keep the secrets of Tongogara’s death for political expedience.
    Some were relatively “lucky”, like Mrs Victoria Chitepo, wife of Herbert Chitepo, the late ZANU-Pf national Chairman who was blown up in his car while in exile in Zambia. Chitepo’s death was widely covered and at independence, his wife was named to Mugabe’s cabinet.
    She is not known to have accused anyone in ZANU-PF of murdering her husband although investigations by Zambian authorities hinted that Chitepo might have been killed by his colleagues in the party. She has lived a relatively comfortable life, at least to the outside viewer.
    The list of those who perished in suspicious circumstances, especially freak car “accidents” like Tongogara is long. Some of these include outspoken parliamentarian Sydney Malunga, William Ndangana, Paul Gunda, one time Defence Minister Moven Mahachi, Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika and others.

    The common thread in all these so-called accidents is that there might be mumblings immediately following the deaths but then things quieten down and we hear no more about it in spite of the many unanswered questions. Since independence none of these mysterious deaths have ever been satisfactorily explained to the public.
    In the end, the families of the deceased someone end up not being able to do anything about it, whether by choice, coercion or intimidation.
    How cruel can we get?
    The heart of the matter is that ZANU-PF cannot be allowed to continue with such shenanigans in which people lose their lives because of a difference in opinion.
    Right from the start, it should have been ZANU-PF’s mandate to protect the people and to uphold the rule of law instead of competeing with thugs in murder and abuse of our compatriots.
    The fact that the people of Zimbabwe gave ZANU-PF support before, during and after independence was an act of trust and faith which ZANU-PF went on to betray. ZANU-PF should come clean and remove any lingering doubts about its complicity in these unfortunate deaths.
    When people do not have sufficient information or when information is withheld from them, they tend to speculate as they look for some explanation. We have been subjected to this culture of madness for over thirty years and it is mandatory that those who consider themselves to be custodians of people’s aspirations in ZANU-PF turn things around.
    ZANU-PF owes the people of Zimbabwe a lot, not the other way round. A few weeks ago, Solomon Mujuru, a former general and husband to current vice president Joice Mujuru, died in a mysterious fire at his farm outside Harare.
    Mujuru, whose support of Mugabe was critical to his leadership at independence, was quickly declared a national hero and what was left of his burned body was hurriedly buried, again, pre-empting police and any forensic investigations.
    As usual, many questions were raised and discrepancies pronounced yet Mugabe, in his eulogy, said it was an accident although police investigations were said to be in progress at that time.
    A few days after Mujuru’s death, Tendai Biti, Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister and Secretary General of the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by Tsvangirai, told thousands of his party supporters Sunday that Mujuru’s death had “ZANU-PF fingerprints” on it.
    “ZANU-PF will invest in violence, they will invest in arms,” he told the rally. “Now they have a new tactic of roasting people. That is the ZANU-PF we know, those are the ZANU-PF fingerprints. That’s the ZANU-PF DNA.”
    While some might have died through genuine accidents, it is necessary to be transparent not only for goodness sake but to assure citizens that our nation is not being run by organised criminals masquerading as a political party. The culture of the ordinary in Zimbabwe militates against ZANU-PF’s behaviour.
    ZANU-PF must cleanse itself and find its way back to the people.

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