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TermsGovernments in exile frequently occur during wartimeoccupation, and sometimes also in the aftermath of a civil warrevolution,military coupor widespread belief in the illegitimacy of a ruling government. For example, during the German expansion of the Second World War, some European governments sought refuge in the United Kingdom rather than face destruction at the hands of Nazi Germany. The effectiveness of a government in exile depends mainly on the support it can get from foreign governments on the one hand and from the population of its own country on the other. Some governments in exile can develop into a formidable force, posing a serious challenge to the rival in actual possession of the country, while others are mainly maintained as a symbolic gesture with little effect on the actual situation but in this occasion it’s a negative feedback, where the regime has  failed to perform its basic roles, it has consequently lost all form of legitimacy and we are  the new legitimate government  to rescue  and help push the regime out of power by the means of a revolution or any other  means necessary .

This Transitional Authority and Government is based on the legitimate, truthful and rightful grounds  that:

  • We the concerned and conscientious  people of Zimbabwe have come to the realization that the  the regime which has been in power for the past 30 years has completely lost the legitimacy to govern on account of its well known and well documented crimes and outrageous wrongs ranging from  deliberate use of violence and force to suppress popular will and to crush opposing voices; illegal and arbitrary arrests of citizens, dissenting  voices, human rights activists and opposition Politicians; abuse of prisoners, torture, extrajudicial killings, abductions, corruption, among others.
  • The regime has turned the former bread basket of Africa into a basket case where hunger, poverty, unemployment and corruption have  become the order of the day.
  • The economy is stagnant due to poor policies and corruption, poor governance, gross human rights abuse, public services have collapsed, political violence, torture and killings continue with impunity  and  life expectancy has gone down to  33years – the lowest in the world.
  • Under the current conditions with the regime in place, then there will not  be free and fair elections in Zimbabwe to enable change of government. The Transitional Authority therefore seeks to facilitate and oversee the establishment of the  necessary preconditions for free and fair elections which must usher in a new democratically elected Government of the people’s choice, to whom the Transitional Authority will  hand over power.
  • An estimated 5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora  are denied their most fundamental and democratic right of suffrage(right to vote) to choose leaders and representatives for their country and have no Government representation at such key forums as the United Nations and Olympics.
  • Other countries which include the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, United States of America and Canada  have imposed sanctions to this regime which speaks to the regime’s loss of legitimacy.
  • Records of gross human rights  violations,  torture and  killings  can be accessed with various Human rights organizations.
  • Many Civil rights activists are in prison and there is continual persecution of  dissenting voices, opposition party Politicians, Ministers and people, most of whom are  illegally and arbitrarily arrested, tortured and charged with treason.
The role of the National Army and the Police has become highly perverted and corrupted and limited to serving and protecting the narrow and partisan interests of the the Mugabe regime and ZANU-PF rather than serving and protecting  all Zimbabweans regardless of their political affiliations, race, color or creed.
We,  the people, having  declared and launched the people’s  democratic revolution against the Mugabe regime today   Monday  7th March 2011, follow through and do hereby declare the formation of a NEW  ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT,  and we do so believing that this is the right thing to do in the best interest of our people and the nation, and rightful alternative exile Government following the outrageous and continuous refusal by Mr Mugabe to listen to the will of the people and to serve the people as is expected of any Government.It is beyond dispute that the Mugabe regime has tragically and completely failed to perform its basic roles as a Government such that it has completely lost the legitimacy to be considered a Government hence the formation of this New ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT. It  failed  to respect, guarantee  and protect  our  most basic and fundamental human rights as evidenced by the continuous State Sponsored violence  and terror we see everyday against the citizens, illegal arrests of citizens, torture, abuse of prisoners and persecution of dissenting voices all whose accumulative effect is the total loss of legitimacy on the part of the Mugabe regime. Today, more than 68% of our people live in a sea of poverty, more than 90% are unemployed, wages are decline and the people live in fear of what is supposed to be their “Government”.
There are more outrageous and unacceptable wrongs that the Mugabe regime has committed during the30 years they have been in power. They are guilty of committing serious and grave crimes against humanity. They know it and in their quietest moments their consciences haunts them.   In 2000, they were killing people, in 2008 they killed people and right now as we speak, they are killing people who are opposed to their wicked regime.
The regime and its cronies have committed crimes against humanity through the use of political violence, State sponsored, and State coordinated violence as noted now the increasing levels of violence they always do towards elections times. They boast of having degrees in State sponsored violence. Today they are rightfully declared illegitimate and unfit to neither rule nor govern.
Look at the sickening depth and levels of corruption? How much exactly are we getting from the diamonds sells and from every sector of the economy?  US $300 million is missing as recently reported by the Finance Minister and the country has a budget deficit of USD 350 billion. The regime and its cronies control the economy whilst million of Zimbabweans languish in poverty. Who is benefiting? Why could we have so much sickening poverty when Zimbabwe is a treasure God made without favor?
Then we go to the Elections. For us, the people, instead of anticipating elections and relish the opportunity to speak our minds on the issues and to meet and interact with new and different people, we now dread elections. We dread elections not because we don’t have the political acumen or political gravitas to win in a civil, free and fair manner, but we dread elections because they have become a euphemism for civil war and civil strife.
And these Elections, instead of being a genuine exercise in which we give full meaning to democracy and civic participation in nation building and give our people a genuine chance and platform to choose their leaders and representatives, elections have become a mere ritual meant to cook up legitimacy. A mere ritual to harass, intimidate, torture, beat and kill people, as long as it buys this autocratic regime another day in office.
And you look at the outrageous rigging and stealing that characterizes these Elections. Right now, there are more than 1 million ghost voters on the Voters Roll. The Regime launches Operations of State sponsored violence to terrorize people e.g. Operation ‘’Mavhotera Papi’’ (where did you put your vote) , Operation ‘’Jongwe  ngarigare mumusha.’’(Mugabe must stay on power).So as you can all see, the sins, crimes and wrongs of this Mugabe regime are not just many, they are outrageous, heinous, wicked and even though forgivable may not be forgettable. The best forgiveness we can give them right now is if they take heed of this impending revolutionary tide and step down NOW and give way to free and fair elections which must lead to a new democratic Government which will be chosen by the people.
And given the countless heinous crimes, wrongs and sins of this regime, forming a new alternative  exile Government  is  no longer a matter of responsibility but an obligation for the citizens of conscience, and it is in light of this incontestable  fundamental truth that today, we the people declare and form the ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT  which will exercise all the full  Executive, Judiciary and Legislative  roles, responsibilities and powers  of  Government in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe and the nation   until such a time when a new  democratically elected  Government is in place, then the New ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT will be terminated and cede power to the legitimate government of ZIMBABWE.
Note: this is only a united  non-partisan exile Government  which when its mandate  is accomplished and finished  then  its members  will go back to their political parties for participation in the democratic, free and fair elections.

More details about the ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT will be made available through the official channels of the Government.


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