Ref: Order to Ban ZANU-PF activities

Ref: Order to Ban ZANU-PF activities


To the secretary general ZEC(ZIMBABWE  ELECTORAL COMMISION), We write for an Order for you to  ban Zimbabwe African National Union –patriotic front (ZANU-PF) in participating to political activities inside Zimbabwe. We have highlighted our intentions to other states including UN, EU,USA, CANADA,AUSTRALIA,UK, USA,  AU  and etc that ZANU-PF activities must be suspended and be banned with immediate effect and we wait a  respond to our request.  ZANU-PF will never give up Zimbabwe without the spilling of blood!

click the link for more.. campaign to ban zanu-pf


One response to “Ref: Order to Ban ZANU-PF activities

  1. fibion

    September 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    UN,EU and AU are not states please write things that you know and also things that make sense
    its a democracy that no person from the internet can just wake up and ban a party which has been in existence for more than five for banning the CIO try first banning the CIA or KGB or MI6 YOU are foolish there is no state without State security.


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