The  ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT is a Transitional Authority and Government serving all the people of Zimbabwe at home and abroad and advancing the people’s democratic revolution to push and force out the Mugabe regime and help to oversee the conduct of free and fair elections which must lead to Zimbabwe’s full transition to democracy and a new democratically elected Government of the people’s choice to whom the Transitional Authority and Government will formally hand over power.

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Be the change on The Zimbabwe Exile Government.

As  people who have been betrayed and persecuted by our own government, it is quite understandable that fellow Zimbabweans have a pessimistic view of political parties, even to the result of loosing faith in the political climate itself. Because of this, genuine questions are being asked by the people, questions such as who gave the Exile Government the mandate to speak for Zimbabwe and its citizens. We speak for the people because we are also the people. Those who are being persecuted by the illegitimate Government in Zimbabwe are also our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Were those who have died fighting the ZanuPF regime given a mandate by someone else to go in the street and protest for democracy for Zimbabwe? Was it not their sense of justice as a people which made them rally for change? It is very easy to forget that it is us the people who should check the power we give to our leaders. We have a responsibility to take back the reigns of leadership from those who no longer prove themselves worthy to serve Zimbabwe, then place it in the hands of those who truly are for the people. How else are we going to protect our families, friends and livelihoods? Who else will do it if not us the people of Zimbabwe?

So what is the Exile Government? The Exile Government is the people of Zimbabwe, in service of the citizens of Zimbabwe, working in and out of Zimbabwe, coming from a spectrum of political parties, human rights organizations, social groups and other institutions that are in service of the people in their own capacities. It is people united by a common goal, which is the establishment of democratic values and practices in Zimbabwe, people who realise that for living conditions in Zimbabwe to get any better a new direction is needed, an additional angle and a much clearer vantage point is required in the battle for our democracy, which means nothing short of a revolution is a must. For we are not only fighting for ourselves, our decisions will determine whether our children’s livelihoods will be of strife and suffering, under tyrannical policies, or fulfilment and abundance, under laws that respect democratic values, human rights, law and justice. This great responsibility lies with us whether we are at home or abroad. Those of us who are outside have a responsibility to progress were those who are fighting inside cannot, due to the crack down of opposition forces by the Mugabe Regime, Which is why we propose to force the Mugabe regime out of power, help to oversee the conduct of free and fair elections, which must lead to Zimbabwe’s full transition to democracy, as well as new democratically elected Government of the people’s choice, to whom the Exile Government will formally hand over power. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a third and more direct option; they deserve to know that this is about them, about all of us. It’s about our future. We have to look past our trivial differences and unite under this common Goal. Free yourself as we have freed the Zimbabwe bird from its cage, on the flag that has now come to be associated with the tyranny of the ZanuPF regime. No longer shall we be silenced by the barrel of the gun, constantly reminded of by the court of arms of the illegitimate government in Zimbabwe. The time for change is now and we all have a duty to act in its implementation, we have to shape our future and not let others do it for us.
As the revolutionary, Mahatma Gandhi said,
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
the capacity to do so is in all of us, with the power in all our hands, what will you choose?
Posted by Lesley. S. Munyuk


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