The situation in Zimbabwe a new country guidance 2014

12 Sep

The situation in Zimbabwe a new country guidance 2014  by

by Martin W Chinyanga 12/09/2014

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There is a big economic problem which can lead to the collapse of Zimbabwe, Above all Zimbabwe does not have it’s on currency, it is depending on the US dollar, south African rand, Botswana pula and the Chinese yuan, that if a person is deported to Zimbabwe right now, he/she will face starvation (it’s just like dropping someone in the midst of Sahara desert). In cities there is never electricity, electrical shedding very frequencious, there is no tap water, people are digging wells in cities, poor healthy sanitarians as toilets are ever blocked, There is no medicine in hospitals, people are dying in hospital wards of dehydration and hunger. there is no food in shop shelves and many companies are closing down worsening the situation, i can imagine recession in Britain hence an African country under sanctions. The justice system is biased towards only zanu pf supporters. There is now few violence arising due to unemployment demonstrations, as the power hungry Mugabe during the last elections rigged using an organisation called NIKUV INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS (NIP) which specializes in the implementation, analysis, development and integration of civil registry systems in a variety of areas including: citizenship and immigration, marriage and divorce, passports, law enforcement, identification, population registration, and civil registration. Mugabe used the agent rather beating people to vote for him , he used this more efficient weapon to steal people votes.
After the election stealing phenomenon, Mugabe had lies about a project called Zim ASSET (Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation). A project he lies and pretends to provide employment and feeding 12million Zimbabweans, a thing i call Mugabe a sneil and dementiac leader. Recently he went to China to ask for funding to support this project and it was turned down. Meaning the pivot has cracked and the hope of Zimbabweans is on the ice edge.
HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe has had to “cough up” $180 million in Chinese loan repayments or face losing its credit line, its finance minister said on Wednesday, in a sign Beijing is tightening its lending terms and expects debtors to be more accountable.
In the absence of funding from Western countries, Zimbabwe’s long time President Robert Mugabe has increasingly sought help from China, which has lent the southern African country $1 billion over the last five years.
Zimbabwe’s total foreign debt, including to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, is $9 billion.
“In the first six months of this year we have had to cough up $180 million, which was not in the budget, just to make ourselves look good,” Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa told business leaders in Harare.
For more than a decade China has been lending and investing heavily in Africa to secure supplies of oil, coal, iron ore and other resources, and its companies have been helping build badly needed ports, roads and railways across the continent.

  1. Chinamasa to unpack China ‘mega deals’

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people practise subsistence farming that can not cater for urban population and the nation as a whole, as commercial farmers left the country after the land grabs in 2002-2010.

violence as people go to strike against unemployment

“The newly appointed SADC chairperson Robert Mugabe crushed jobless youth in Harare today,” Clifford Hlatshwayo, spokesman for the MDC youth wing who was present, told AFP.

Police were not immediately available to comment.
A reporter from the privately-owned Zimbabwe Mail said her colleague, photojournalist Angela Jimu, was also beaten by police at the Harare rally and had two of her cameras and a mobile phone confiscated.,+journalist/news.aspx
hunger likely in 2014
Millions of Zimbabweans To Die of Hunger in 2014 – WFP –
Harare-Millions of Zimbabweans are going to lose life to hunger due to the reduction of humanitarian aid by the United Nations World Food Programme by over 70%, the UN agency has announced.
WFP had indicated last year that it was going to assist more that 1.8 million Zimbabweans with food aid.
But the UN agency on Tuesday said it will now manage to assist only 800 000 people from leaving the remaining one million exposed to hunger.
Cases of starvation have however been started to be reported in Masvingo,and Matebelaland South where thousands of children have been admitted to hospital owing the malnutrition.

  1. – See more at:
  2. – See more at:

in Zimbabwe there is no a social system like the jobseekers allowance or any form of state benefits to help someone who is facing economic hardships for basic needs, hence this can be difficult for a returned or deported immigrant, especially if he been away from Zimbabwe for a long time.


  Martin with former foreign secretary Rt Hon David Milliband,

Martin W Chinyanga is a Zimbabwe human right activist , who has stood up for Zimbabweans against bureaucracy and injustice deportations , representing an activist group called zimbabwe exile govt an Ant – Zanu pf and violence. he also represents the Zimbabwe ”Diasporah feels it” campaign.


One response to “The situation in Zimbabwe a new country guidance 2014

  1. Catherine Tshezi

    September 15, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Our country’s state of economy really needs International intervention. It’s time ZANU PF calls it quits in the next elections by not rigging, I am sure that will help the situation on the ground, if there is no interference from ZANU and the people will choose their own leader who will certainly bring change!


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