”Diasporah feels it” REBECCA MAFUKENI , London

20 Aug

”Diasporah feels it” REBECCA MAFUKENI , London 


Activist Martin Chinyanga and suppoters at the Zimbabwe vigil, ROHR and Zim yes we can, laid flowers on the Embassy doorstep in tribute to 29-year-old Rebecca Mafukeni, an MDC activist who was arrested along with about 30 others over the alleged murder of a policeman and died recently in prison. He posted the following notice on the Embassy wall. ‘RIP Rebecca Mafukeni. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Arrested for a crime she never committed. Remanded in prison for two years as the state fails to determine her and her co-accused’s fate. In their innocence they lost out nearly three years of their freedom. Is this what the people of Zimbabwe voted for? Is this what the people of Zimbabwe deserve? We are deeply pained by the young people whose hopes, dreams and aspirations are dashed because old people do not want to give the way to the young to also learn and grow in wisdom, knowledge and experience. Your fight, Rebecca, remains our fight.’ Ephraim Tapa commented that this death was the fault of the whole of the inclusive government.
Rebecca is believed to have gone blind while in prison due to the inhuman treatment she received that later resulted in her death 3 other mdc officials inlcuding Last Maingehama remain incarcerated on the same charge The uk diaspora led by Martin Chinyanga  dismissed the murder allegations as mere persecution for being demoracy  advocates. Chinyanga said it was a travesty that a single political faction continued to monopolize state institutions, undermine the rule of law,, disregard court orders, harass and prosecute political opponents, and restrict the media and freedom of opinion and expression. The UK diaspora called for an immediate review of the status of detainees and political prisoners and the release of all persons found to have not been involved in acts of criminal violence as defined by law.

diaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life

In the continuing work so far, i also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday. Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in Britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..
Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. ”
—Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights




One response to “”Diasporah feels it” REBECCA MAFUKENI , London

  1. Catherine Tshezi

    August 20, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    It is really devastating and disheartening. Our fellow brothers and sisters are denied justice resulting in losing their lives. As Zimbabweans in the UK we will continue to give all our support to those back home. Our duty as Zimbabweans in the UK is to publicly speak and prove to the Mugabe regime that we will not rest until there is democracy in Zimbabwe. I would like to applaud all those Zimbabweans in the UK who paid their last respects for our heroine Rebecca by laying flowers at the Zimbabwe House in London. We are very honoured to have people like Chinyanga and Tapa who will work towards ensuring that the world knows of the abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe. In solidarity!!!!!!!


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