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Diaspora feels it UK, held 22 December 2012 in memory of Agnes Nemakonde

 DIASPORA FEELS IT 22/12/12    by Martin W Chinyanga
Diaspora  feels it UK was  held on Saturday  22 December  2012  in memory of  Agnes  Nemakonde who was forcefully  deported  by UK Govt to Kenya without  proved  documents  and this  lead to her death.
A petition was  signed  and more  petitions are still being  signed  to be  sent to UK  and  Kenya Govt. 
 the contents of the petitions as written

To  Prime Minister David Cameron

Attn:  foreign commonwealth  office  and  The Home  Office

Petition to  stop the dumping  of  stateless  citizens

The Zimbabweans in exile have  found  out  that  some  of  their  community have  fallen victims of an opaque system of  deportation to  stateless  citizens, and are found  being  dumped  in uncivilized  states.

 We need  answers  as to why Agness  Nemakonde  was forcefully  deported  to Kenya without  proved  documents  and leading to her death.

 To.  Kenya high commission

Zimbabwens in exile need  answers to why AGNES NEMAKONDE WAS KILLED

The Zimbabweans in exile have  found  out  that  some  of  their  community have  fallen victims of a brutal and an unlawful handling of stateless deported  Zimbabwean  asylums seekers from UNITED Kingdom.   We need  answers  as to why Agness  Nemakonde  was accepted to land  in Kenya without  proved  documents  and why you did  not  deport her back to Britain. As a result Agness  later  died  in your  ruthless  handling  of foreign citizens. We ask your Government to stop accepting Zimbabwean asylum seekers  from UK, because of this.

please find  the  story  of Agnes Nemakonde WHO DIED  AS   RESULT  OF FALSE  IMPRISONMENT  AND UNFAIR   DEPORTATION of life  without citizenship

diaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life

Updated about 3 weeks ago
”Diaspora feels it’
In the continuing work so far, i also invite every Zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their Zimbabwean embassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now on-wards any violence that involves the taking of life in Zimbabwe  the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their Zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every Saturday, starting on this coming Saturday  Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the BBC sky and other media in Britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..

the video footage of the doiaspora feels it

Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. ”
—Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights