Diaspora feels it, for Sekuru Cephas Magura, the MDC-T was held last Saturday 02/06/2012

04 Jun

genocide in Rwanda started when people who think they are Superior than others took machetes and exes to kill the opposition. UN was there,
as in zim we have SADC ….. suffering Zimbabweans needs arms to come out of this mess, No one will come to fight for our peace, i will take away the idea of brothers fighting against each other, yea when we are holding guns we are soldiers and when we come home we are cousins, does a policeman not arrest his father who is committing a crime.
said martin chinyaga

see  more pictures  of  the event attached blow
Diaspora feels it, for Sekuru Cephas Magura, the MDC-T chairman for Ward One Mudzi North was held  satuday 02/06/2012 at Zimbabwe embassies around the globe..please lets fight for our human rights.. In the UK people including zimvigil meet @ ZIMBAWE EMBASSY LondonDiaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life
”Diaspora feels it’
In the continuing work so far,we also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday. Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it” ..

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to us..  sent the picture via this email..….

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2 responses to “Diaspora feels it, for Sekuru Cephas Magura, the MDC-T was held last Saturday 02/06/2012


    July 12, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    VIDEO SHOWING HOW SEKURU CEPHAS MAGURA WAS KILLED BY THE INFLUENCES OF ZANU-PF MPS IN THE AREA… Two ZANU PF MPs, Kachepa (Mudzi North) and Acquilina Katsande (Mudzi West), were implicated in this and many other incidents in the area. Several witnesses saw Kachepa’s pick up truck and Katsande’s Mazda T3500 truck being used to ferry the ZANU PF youths, who later attacked Magura. SW Radio Africa……

  2. catherine Tshezi

    July 18, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    We will continue fighting till change comes the struggle goes on,we will leave no stone unturned all we want to see in our beautiful Zimbabwe is Peace,Justice and Freedom


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