30 May
A demonstration to have UNITED  NATIONS PEACEKEEPERS IN ZIMBABWE’S  NEXT  GENERAL ELECTIONS was held on Tuesday in central  London by THE  ZIMBABWE EXILE  MOVEMENT, documents were  handed  to  South Africa  and  British  governments. The  ZIMBABWE EXILE MOVEMENT  were demanding their  voices to be  amplified, demanding human rights  process  in  Zimbabwe,  asking  the  UN secretary general and UN security  council  to consider the  implementation of  peacekeepers in  Zimbabwe  during  the  next  elections.

Some of  the  documents sent  read

To The Prime Ministe
His Excellence Hon David Cameron

on behalf  of Zimbabweans  in Uk , we  forward this letter  to you so that  you can help  to  amplify  our  voice  to have  peaceful  elections  and  human rights  in Zimbabwe within  your  Government.  Please help us to forward the letter to the United Secretary General Rt Hon Ban Ki-moon.

thank you

The Zimbabwe Exile Movement

Chief secretariat

Martin W Chinyanga



As the UN human-rights commission is in Zimbabwe may 2012 lead by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, I am having faith that their fact finding of 2005 murambatsvina by ‘UN Special Envoy on Human Settlements Issues in Zimbabwe’ by Mrs. Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka and the one  they are  making, will definitely help us to have peace keepers for the next general election, otherwise it must be worship regime forever and no more elections in Zimbabwe, one party state declared and ban MDCs for they make people to be killed. My statement is actually saying no elections in Zimbabwe, because they cause a blood river source. ….yes i mean if such elections are held thy must be very peaceful, hence international monitoring with a solution to stop blood rivers. else MDCs and the people must just sit back and be killed like domestic goats.

It  is obvious Mugabe  will never  improve,  he is not  following the  GPA mandate,  The GNU government  is  just there  as  a club house. We still have violence since it was formed.  People were  killed recently  in the  Marange  diamond  fields, and with the  diamonds  in the regime’s  eyes, they have  decided to build  another  military  academy with the help of Chinese Govt and this  is a very  big  indication  that  the  next  elections  will be more  violent than the  2008  ones. I can  re direct you  to this  website, which have  all the  records  of  political violence  in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch (ZIG Watch) is tracking media articles and reports which provide examples of violations of the agreement between the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) and the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations. The Global Political Agreement(GPA), signed by Zimbabwe’s three main parties in Harare on 15th September 2008, is intended to “create a genuine, viable, permanent, sustainable and nationally acceptable solution to the Zimbabwe situation”.                                                                                                                    As   graphically  illustrated,  no peace  is  reached zanu-pf 92%, MDC-T  4,9%, MDC-M 3%  , and  it shows  ZANU-PF is ignoring regional  observers  like  SADC  and OAU.  Civilians are in careless hands, we need peacekeepers to help Zimbabweans restore their Human rights

Blood rivers flows in Zimbabwe, Blood dams in Zimbabwe….. What was the cause of typhoid in Harare, what was the cause of cholera in Zimbabwe…definitely our dams and rivers are flowing blood, get my x-ray spectacles and u will see better. ….all the bodies of Gukurahundi 1982, of the 2008 blood elections, Marange  diamond fields  massacres were thrown in those rivers, so what do you expect if your state automatically made u cannibalistic, you drank, you ate the fish from these rivers daily… Yes you will be eating your disappeared friend, relative ………VIVA DEMOCRACY AND THE FREEWILL OF THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE.ALUTA!!
Yes I know I might be uttering no sense to many living in the  comfort of the  ZANU-PF  regime but I have many friends who are not on this earth because they where swallowed by this blood river…sure I talk of the same version of strange fruits hanging in a tree in America. Hope you no the story goggle strange fruits in a tree. You will get my meaning. We need no elections as long there is no peacekeepers in Zimbabwe.

 Zimbabwe Exile Movement




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