26 Feb


by M.W. Chinyanga

This is the most dangerous and sophisticated method used to keep  fear to opponents by the  regimes, it is a tsotsi method or mafia method of making peple to disappear in the midst of no where. The tac -tick is used to disguise political involvement, into a natural criminal eg like false armed robbery, like false violence say  fighting in a false dispute whislt the objective will be political. Also victims are abducted at night before they reach their dstination eg home or work place, this will be the victim’s routine way and well known movements, robery will be displayed inorder to destroy politcal violence. This is how Tonderayi Ndira was killed, this is how Godfrey kahuzani and friends were killed. Even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way. vanhu vachabayiwa ne ma bicycle spikes. These murders are also well known and planned by ZANU-PF. THIS IS ALSO SIMILAR O GUEERILLIA WARFARE TAC TICS thou this one is moreless mafiaism. ESPIONAGE IS PART OF MORDEN WARFARE-UNSUSPECTING ENEMIES ARE SPIED AND SOBOTEGED. Most of this operation is going to be performed by marijuana dosed barbarians who are brain washed eg chipangano group in mbare areas of harare. Expects like c10 and ZANU-PF ministers involved in the planning, naming EMASON MUNANGAGWA, SAVIOUR KATSUKUVERE AND SYDNEY SEKERAMAYI being the strategists. Ring leaders will be cherry picked to install fear in people and force them into total submission. Therefore people will be forced to obey and no to challenge the regime .. this is a form of suppression, opression and torture eg when they here footsteps at night people will hide thinking its ZANU-PF…THUS RESULTS IN PERMANENT TRUMA.

.HOW MUST WE PROTECT VOTERS IN ZIMBABWE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS….. we really know that zanu-pf is going to do violence in a huruwork way.. even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way..  see  movie  called  Tsotsi  ref 9 see the  first  4 mins.

This  operation  was  like  the  one  used  in Libya  by Qaddafi loyalists

the rest of the world including THE ZIMBABWE  EXILE GOVT can easily see that the zanu-pf lead govt have lost legitcimacy. Recently the USA and UK govts  HAVE RESPONDED TO THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GVT and have agreedy  that there is no legitcimacy of zanu-pf even within the GNU..

..USA not happy with ZANU-PF in the  GNU

.a  zanu-pf  loyalist  and  thug going  to murder people ..weapon  an  ax

see the  first  4 mins. TSOTSI.

PLEASE ALWAYS  REFER  TO  ”Guerrilla politricks in Zimbabwe”  ARTICLE



  1. I love freedom

    February 26, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Mugabe must go to serve zim,,,,why do people do such murders …is it about money…then how much monies they are given…..shame…sure to take someone’s life just because ubgiven a bottle of castle lager beer..shame shame to zimbabweans…this is becsuse of hunger and starvation.


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