ZAKA 10 FEB 2012: Another MDC activist has been murdered by suspected ZANU PF militants,

12 Feb

Diasopra feels it, will pass it’s condolences to the familly of Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo, who was on Tuesday 7 FEB 2011 grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,MHSRIP

Another MDC activist murderedAnother MDC activist murdered

Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo was on Tuesday grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,

The MDC has expressed shock at the gruesome “murder”.

Confirming the incident, the MDC provincial spokesperson, Hon. Harrison Mudzuri said, the party activist was murdered by Zanu PF supporters and this has left the entire community shell shocked.

“I can confirm that our supporter Sharukai Mukwena was killed on Tuesday night after an attack by Zanu PF supporters.  Mukwena woke up to discover that his granary had been set ablaze and in trying to  investigate what was transpiring, he was confronted by Zanu PF youths who attacked him,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“They chopped off Mukwena’s hands and it was a truly gruesome murder incident,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

Hon. Mudzuri said the MDC was shocked at the gruesome murder of its party activist.

He said the escalating incidents of political violence against MDC members by Zanu PF supporters in the province was a cause for concern since it could point to yet another violent campaign trail ahead of both the referendum and the national polls.

“We are worried about the reports of fresh cases of political violence across the province. The latest murder incident is atrocious and shocking,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“Mukwena was a strong party supporter and he was killed following several altercations with known Zanu PF supporters in the area. Another worrying factor is that the police are deeply reluctant to speed up investigations into the murder,” he said.

Hon. Mudzuri, however, urged party supporters to remain calm in the face of continued persecution by Zanu PF.

“We have to remain calm and patient because Zanu PF is trying to destabilise our party ahead of the referendum. We know that it is painful and disheartening to lose a party member in a callous act but we have to be vigilant.  Zanu PF is trying to intimidate the people ahead of anticipated polls. That is the typical Zanu PF mentality,” said Hon. Mudzuri. (MDC Information Department)


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