MDC official shot, injured in Masvingo 9 FEB 2012

10 Feb

By the MDC Informatio​n Department

Zororai Mashuma Murega, a senior MDC official was shot and seriously injured by unknown gunmen at the Renco Mine turn off in Masvingo at around 9pm last night.

CLICK MAP: renco mine 60 miles  from great  zimbabwe  ruins

Murega, the MDC chairperson for Ward 30, Masvingo South district, was shot on the right arm at the turn off. The official is currently receiving treatment at a Masvingo hospital.

According to Benson Shuro who is Masvingo South district chairperson, Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at Renco Mine turn off in order to proceed to his rural home. While at the turn-off, he some heard rustling sounds and was shot on the right arm.MDC logo

“Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at the turn off at around 9 pm last night. He was later attacked by unidentified assailants who shot him on his right arm. Nobody is aware of the motive of the attack. The police were called and did some investigations and a report was compiled,” Shuro said.

Murega was rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. The police say they are still carrying out investigations.

“When MDC officials went to Renco Mine Police Station to check on the progress of the matter, we were informed the police are still going through the case to come up with possible suspects behind the attack. It is my hope that the police will act swiftly to bring the culprits to book,” said Shuro.

He said the timing of the attack could reflect political implications.

“We would not rush into saying there are political connotations behind the attack but the timing of the attack leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The manner in which the attack was executed indicates the people behind the move could be experienced gunmen. We are worried because our official was injured in a gun attack. If they were robbers, they could have stolen something from him.

“We, however, hope the police will complete their investigations soon since we are anxious to establish the cause of the attack,” said Shuro.

Police officers at the Masvingo provincial public relations desk said they had not yet received details from Renco police camp. (ZimEye)


as it is still that political violence is within the state, now the exile govt is to take action… NATO YOU ARE WELCOME.,   ZPF ARE FEACES they do not deserve the title humans.


I hear people talking of Zimbabwe political violence yet they do not rely understand it, what they talk of is hooliganism and confusing it with political violence, thus why most of zimbabwe still supports zanu-pf , it is because of ignorence.. they think violence is when people fight at rallies with chipangano and when drunken boys beat people in the market place.. thus not political violence it’s just hooliganism. Political violence is an organised tack tic caused by the state to kill opposition political leaders and assasination by night , they way they killed Tonderai Ndira, the way the killed joshua baka jeza, the way the killed Kauzani, the way the killed more than 2000 mdc suppoters, you can see some of the stories in this tube pa 1-6 videos

zimbabwe GENOCIDES IN 2008 part 1





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