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by M.W. Chinyanga

This is the most dangerous and sophisticated method used to keep  fear to opponents by the  regimes, it is a tsotsi method or mafia method of making peple to disappear in the midst of no where. The tac -tick is used to disguise political involvement, into a natural criminal eg like false armed robbery, like false violence say  fighting in a false dispute whislt the objective will be political. Also victims are abducted at night before they reach their dstination eg home or work place, this will be the victim’s routine way and well known movements, robery will be displayed inorder to destroy politcal violence. This is how Tonderayi Ndira was killed, this is how Godfrey kahuzani and friends were killed. Even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way. vanhu vachabayiwa ne ma bicycle spikes. These murders are also well known and planned by ZANU-PF. THIS IS ALSO SIMILAR O GUEERILLIA WARFARE TAC TICS thou this one is moreless mafiaism. ESPIONAGE IS PART OF MORDEN WARFARE-UNSUSPECTING ENEMIES ARE SPIED AND SOBOTEGED. Most of this operation is going to be performed by marijuana dosed barbarians who are brain washed eg chipangano group in mbare areas of harare. Expects like c10 and ZANU-PF ministers involved in the planning, naming EMASON MUNANGAGWA, SAVIOUR KATSUKUVERE AND SYDNEY SEKERAMAYI being the strategists. Ring leaders will be cherry picked to install fear in people and force them into total submission. Therefore people will be forced to obey and no to challenge the regime .. this is a form of suppression, opression and torture eg when they here footsteps at night people will hide thinking its ZANU-PF…THUS RESULTS IN PERMANENT TRUMA.

.HOW MUST WE PROTECT VOTERS IN ZIMBABWE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS….. we really know that zanu-pf is going to do violence in a huruwork way.. even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way..  see  movie  called  Tsotsi  ref 9 see the  first  4 mins.

This  operation  was  like  the  one  used  in Libya  by Qaddafi loyalists

the rest of the world including THE ZIMBABWE  EXILE GOVT can easily see that the zanu-pf lead govt have lost legitcimacy. Recently the USA and UK govts  HAVE RESPONDED TO THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GVT and have agreedy  that there is no legitcimacy of zanu-pf even within the GNU..

..USA not happy with ZANU-PF in the  GNU

.a  zanu-pf  loyalist  and  thug going  to murder people ..weapon  an  ax

see the  first  4 mins. TSOTSI.

PLEASE ALWAYS  REFER  TO  ”Guerrilla politricks in Zimbabwe”  ARTICLE


Chinyanga calls for the eradication of Zimbabwe’s 2008 election murderers by jail sentences.

Speech  by Martin W.  Chinyanga   at  the ‘’Diaspora  feels it’’  ZIMBABWE  EMBASSY  UK  182\2012


We  are  getting  finished  one  by one ,  by   the  violence   caused  by zanu-pf  leaders..  we  thought  that   we  are not  going  to   hear  any  killings  related  to  political  violence after  wasting  money  on national  healing  process  …  Now  that  we  are  having too much and  serious political violence and we are also waiting  for  elections,  it  shows we  have  a  time  bomb  waiting to  explode  as  we  experience these   sporadic  violence’s  around  the country.  I ask  the members  of  the  MDC to  group  up  and  act  in  an  active  manner,  from  today  on wards  we  do  not  want  to  hear  this  violence  or else immediate  action to ask  peacekeepers to  come  and  monitor the   government  of  Zimbabwe  and help  to  be  paralyse it  before   elections .We  ask  the  UN, SADC, AU and  the  world  to  now  put  an  eye  in to  Zimbabwe  as  a country  in crisis   like  Sudan and  Congo.  When   funerals  like  this  happen  we  ask  for  the  people  of  Zimbabwe  to  be  very  patriotic  towards  country hood  love not  love  of  the  country  but  love  of  ubuntu  and love  amongst  Zimbabweans. We ask  every one  to  attend  such  funerals  as  we  see  in  Syria,  Egypt,  Libya  etc..   and that shows one hood and one  objective,  that  we  are not  accepting  to  die , we  are  not  accepting  to  die  like  animals  being  hunted  by  lions..   ‘’in a  game  lions  look for  a  divide  and  rule  strategy, hence  they  separate  one  bull  from  the  rest  of  the  crowd and  goes  after  it  hence  the  rest  just  looks  and  observing  without  doing  anything’’.    I  ask  to  all  Zimbabweans  to  stop  the  game  of  killing  each  other , we  must  understand  that  there  is  Ngozi  and  this will  be  blood  on top  of  our  children,  please  whether  you  are  MDC  or  ZANU-PF   stop the  spirit of murdering.  All Zimbabweans  abroad  must  go  to their  respective  Zimbabwe  embassies  and  lay  these  flowers  in  paying  homage  of  expressing  their  feelings  towards  the  brutality  which  happened  to  the victims and their  families. THE POLICE  SERVICES  OF  ZIMBABWE  must  detain  all suspects of 2008  political violence  and  all  members  of  CHIPANGANO GROUP, they  have  not  repented  dispite  all  the  efforts  done  by  the  national  healing  organ in the  country.  I edge  our  police force  to  do their work in a  professional  way not  to put  a blind  eye on these  murderers. God  bless  Zimbabwe and  may  we  be  opened  our  eyes  from  the suppression of  our  internal  enemies.



Diaspora Feels It protest on Saturday

by  zimeye editor.

Diaspora Feels it combined with Zim Vigil members marched to the Zimbabwe embassy in London to lay their condolences for those who have been killed through political violence.

Their efforts come just as two members of the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai were murdered in less than a week, amid fears that politically motivated violence is once again on the rise. The murdered include:

Sharukai Mukwena whose hands were reportedly chopped off in the attack, which the MDC has called “a truly gruesome murder incident.” “He was murdered apparently for showing the MDC party symbol which is an open palm. ZANU-PF severed both palms from his body before they murdered him in Masvingo.

Shepherd Bandau, the party’s branch treasurer in Mbare, Harare, was according to the MDC party murdered by members of the notorious Chipangano gang, a ZANU PF loyal youth gang. The MDC-T said that Bandau had been on his way home on Friday when 10 Chipangano members approached and started assaulting him leading to his death.

Speaking to ZimEye, Chinyanga who leads the Mega Zimbabwe convention said that those who feel compelled should join the effort.

“These things we do them whenever there is a murder in Zimbabwe. If it happens every day, we will do it everyday,” he said.

Chinyanga who asked that the national police should  assist the public professionally, pleaded with Diasporans to join the effort: “Who knows tomorrow it could be you; These people did not chose to be killed,” he said.

“Despite the national healing process currently underway, the 2008 election murderers have not repented from their actions,” Chinyanga added.

The organisation calls for members of the Zimbabwean community to join others living outside the country of their birth to conduct occasional visits to embassy entrances and lay flowers in honour of Zimbabwe’s victims of violence, whenever a murder incident is reported from within Zimbabwe.


ZAKA 10 FEB 2012: Another MDC activist has been murdered by suspected ZANU PF militants,

Diasopra feels it, will pass it’s condolences to the familly of Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo, who was on Tuesday 7 FEB 2011 grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,MHSRIP

Another MDC activist murderedAnother MDC activist murdered

Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo was on Tuesday grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,

The MDC has expressed shock at the gruesome “murder”.

Confirming the incident, the MDC provincial spokesperson, Hon. Harrison Mudzuri said, the party activist was murdered by Zanu PF supporters and this has left the entire community shell shocked.

“I can confirm that our supporter Sharukai Mukwena was killed on Tuesday night after an attack by Zanu PF supporters.  Mukwena woke up to discover that his granary had been set ablaze and in trying to  investigate what was transpiring, he was confronted by Zanu PF youths who attacked him,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“They chopped off Mukwena’s hands and it was a truly gruesome murder incident,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

Hon. Mudzuri said the MDC was shocked at the gruesome murder of its party activist.

He said the escalating incidents of political violence against MDC members by Zanu PF supporters in the province was a cause for concern since it could point to yet another violent campaign trail ahead of both the referendum and the national polls.

“We are worried about the reports of fresh cases of political violence across the province. The latest murder incident is atrocious and shocking,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“Mukwena was a strong party supporter and he was killed following several altercations with known Zanu PF supporters in the area. Another worrying factor is that the police are deeply reluctant to speed up investigations into the murder,” he said.

Hon. Mudzuri, however, urged party supporters to remain calm in the face of continued persecution by Zanu PF.

“We have to remain calm and patient because Zanu PF is trying to destabilise our party ahead of the referendum. We know that it is painful and disheartening to lose a party member in a callous act but we have to be vigilant.  Zanu PF is trying to intimidate the people ahead of anticipated polls. That is the typical Zanu PF mentality,” said Hon. Mudzuri. (MDC Information Department)


MDC official shot, injured in Masvingo 9 FEB 2012

By the MDC Informatio​n Department

Zororai Mashuma Murega, a senior MDC official was shot and seriously injured by unknown gunmen at the Renco Mine turn off in Masvingo at around 9pm last night.

CLICK MAP: renco mine 60 miles  from great  zimbabwe  ruins

Murega, the MDC chairperson for Ward 30, Masvingo South district, was shot on the right arm at the turn off. The official is currently receiving treatment at a Masvingo hospital.

According to Benson Shuro who is Masvingo South district chairperson, Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at Renco Mine turn off in order to proceed to his rural home. While at the turn-off, he some heard rustling sounds and was shot on the right arm.MDC logo

“Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at the turn off at around 9 pm last night. He was later attacked by unidentified assailants who shot him on his right arm. Nobody is aware of the motive of the attack. The police were called and did some investigations and a report was compiled,” Shuro said.

Murega was rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. The police say they are still carrying out investigations.

“When MDC officials went to Renco Mine Police Station to check on the progress of the matter, we were informed the police are still going through the case to come up with possible suspects behind the attack. It is my hope that the police will act swiftly to bring the culprits to book,” said Shuro.

He said the timing of the attack could reflect political implications.

“We would not rush into saying there are political connotations behind the attack but the timing of the attack leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The manner in which the attack was executed indicates the people behind the move could be experienced gunmen. We are worried because our official was injured in a gun attack. If they were robbers, they could have stolen something from him.

“We, however, hope the police will complete their investigations soon since we are anxious to establish the cause of the attack,” said Shuro.

Police officers at the Masvingo provincial public relations desk said they had not yet received details from Renco police camp. (ZimEye)


as it is still that political violence is within the state, now the exile govt is to take action… NATO YOU ARE WELCOME.,   ZPF ARE FEACES they do not deserve the title humans.


I hear people talking of Zimbabwe political violence yet they do not rely understand it, what they talk of is hooliganism and confusing it with political violence, thus why most of zimbabwe still supports zanu-pf , it is because of ignorence.. they think violence is when people fight at rallies with chipangano and when drunken boys beat people in the market place.. thus not political violence it’s just hooliganism. Political violence is an organised tack tic caused by the state to kill opposition political leaders and assasination by night , they way they killed Tonderai Ndira, the way the killed joshua baka jeza, the way the killed Kauzani, the way the killed more than 2000 mdc suppoters, you can see some of the stories in this tube pa 1-6 videos

zimbabwe GENOCIDES IN 2008 part 1