11 Dec

Collen Makumbirofa to be charged for consipiracy in the attempted plot murder of this ex-soldier now a human rights activist.. if the SAPS finishes compiling it’s evidences

Collen Makumbirofa

see this in the

”Asylum seeker arrested, handed back to Zimbabwe CIO BY PETER NYONI THE ZIMDIASPORA.COM. GIVEMORE Nhidza walks with a limp and carries scars from Zimbabwe’s torture chambers. Nhidza managed.”..

Gift  Nhidza’s  own words; and other  witnesses

             Givemore Nhidza
  • makumbirofa is a true infomer for zanupf and cio when we assist the saps to arrest him for his cases with chihota justice he was issued with a zim passport and renounce his refugee status and he was paid for the infomation more information to be suplied.


    • Cde the person you fighting with I know him he is a tipcal informer I wants stay with him in same room & he end up give fales allgation and report me to the SA police after we fire him as the secretary of Zimyouthwing when we discover that he was trading our information to CIO I know a lot he claim to be an independat writer @ the same time to be MDC T now we so him moving around with Job Sikhala claiming to be Mdc 99 if you need evedance I can provide

Collen have the bussiness of  targeting powerfull  ant-zanu pf  activists  and  make  a false plot  for them to be  handed back to the hands of the c10.  Recently  he  has been doing  an  email campaign  and internet  campaign to make  the  Revolutionalist  Martin Chinyanga Da Wiliam  to be  exrtradeted  to  zimbabwe.  Mr  Chinyanga  truth fully  said  that Prime Minister  Tsvangirai must  face  the party discipline  for  his miscellenous  behaviours  of  impregnating  zimbabwean  woman  and leaving  them to  rot. Chinyanga  argued  that  the primeminster  must  mary  all  his  concubines  to lead  by  example. This  gave a big  tension  amongest  the  MDC back benchers likes of  Gutu MP, Perez Hamandishe Maramwidze issuing the announcement: “Martin Chinyanga Da William, I have fired you from MDC from onwards you are no longer a member of MDCT have nothing to do with us. You can go and petition anywhere you want…I am an MP. I HAVE FIRED YOU”

Hamandishe is  trying to impress  Morgan  Tsvangirai  so that  they  might be  elevated  to a ministerial  position  in the cabinet  see  article  in the Zimeye tabloid..



by Collen ”I hereby call the UK authorities: M16, M15 and UK Homeland Security to
investigate a Zimbabwean national in UK Martin Chinyanga and deport him
back to Zimbabwe. Chinyanga is the  leader of Zimbabwe Exiles Government
based in UK. Martin is a ZANU PF agent working for ZANU PF (under cover) in the UK.  His target  of attack are MDC activist, independent human rights activists who are radically opposed to atrocities of ZANU PF regime in Zimbabwe. Its illegal for an individual to practice espionage in UK soil or any other country. I call upon UK authorities to investigate Mr. Martin Chinyanga Da William. Martin was sponsored by ZANU PF government to study in Cuba and he is related to the late ZANU PF minister Mahachi. Thank you all people who have send me information about Martin. The Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC) is under siege from  ZANU PF. Its not correct time for us to destroy Tsvangarai who is a hardened enemy of Mugabe’s atrocities. ZANU is using military tactics to destroy MDC and any effective opposition in Zimbabwe. The struggle in Zimbabwe is the difference between death and life. ZANU PF uses propaganda, psychological  warfare,  lies and half truth to destroy any effective opposition. The battle is for the soul of Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

  • Collen Makumbirofa why did you renounce your refugee status in south africa???? i need this answer now be4 i will spoil every press and tell them who you are.. we got files and evidence … now!!!!!!!
    • Martin Chinyanga Da William ‎@ collen Jesus asked the pharieees how can satan cust ot satan. If I renounce violence in my activism and you do the same … why are u accusing me of your partener in the campaigning against political violence.I asked you about the chihota justice …what happened with the SAPS. why did you renounce your refugee status, ..who have u the zimbabwe pasport. Who gave u the money for spying against refugees at the methodist centre in Gueteng. Did you know that at moment you do not support MDC-T but MDC-99. Did u know that you have about 3 published articles you damanging MDC-T . I will put all thr evidencd for people to see. Yes you might be a fake activist on white paper ,,have been or been on an activism campaign be4. give me my answers first be4 doing your smear campaigns on me. You are an Informant for C10 @collen every refugeee at the methodist centre in s.a knows about you. They demoted you from their activities after finding out you..were spying on everybody. They took u to thr SAPS..south african police services. … And tell me what did u do.

    • Martin Chinyanga Da William To be honesty with u,, you are the person on the real watch list, not this smear campaign you. Start on me. The actual south africa inteligence are after u. Remember in one of your articles you wrote some one following you. You thought they are criminals after u. Nxaaaaaaa they are authorities my friend. I am now..going to give u your life history wait.. Watch this space…you c10…you worked to help givrmore Nhidza to be deported secretly at night in the hands of C10 in s.a. The ex soldier is lucky to be alive. We will deport u soon. You murder.
  • Martin Chinyanga Da William i will start it this way…. do you know anything about the chihota justice Collen Makumbirofa .for those who does not know the case.. i will explain the deal behind after collen comes to answer..

    GUARDS SHOT 18/10/2003

    Three MDC security guards were today shot by Ronnie Chihota, the President of Zimbabwe Progressive Party, a local fringe Zimbabwean political party.

    At 11 am today, Mr. Chihota arrived at Harvest House, the office of the Movement for Democratic Change, on Nelson Mandela Ave in Harare.

    Mr. Chihota parked his vehicle, a maroon BMW, number plate CHIHOTA GP, and then rushed into Harvest House. He attempted to bypass the security guards at the desk, to avoid being searched. The security guards gave pursuit, and realized that he had a firearm.

    By the time Mr. Chihota had reached the third floor, these security guards had caught up, and a struggle over the possession of the firearm ensured. During the struggle, one of the security guard, Wellington Kanyanga was shot in the chest. Two other security guards, Ambitious Muzuva and Milton Mberengwa also received firearm wounds to their legs.

    During the struggle, Mr. Chihota shot himself in the hand. Finally, Mr. Chihota was disarmed, and Wellington Kanyanga was rushed to Avenues Clinic in a taxi.

    The police then arrived, and proceeded to arrest Mr. Chihota. They did not handcuff Mr. Chihota, but instead asked him to accompany them. They also allowed him to check on his vehicle before leaving with them.

    At the time of Mr. Chihota’s arrival, an MDC National Organizing meeting was taking place. Upon hearing shots inside the building, there was widespread panic, and people fled from the building leaving their belongings.

    After arresting Mr. Chihota, police officers proceeded to illegally raid Harvest House, taking with them papers and moneys belonging to the MDC and MDC members that had fled the scene.

    Mr. Chihota, as the president of the Zimbabwe Progress Party, has an office in Harvest House. However, both Mr. Ronnie Chihota and his father, Mr. Chihota Snr, have strong business links to Zanu-Pf.

    The three security guards and Mr. Chihota were taken to Avenues clinic where they received treatment. ..

  • Collen Makumbirofa Martin you are a liar. Listen to what you say. Give me proof that l support the MDC 99? Supporting the MDC 99 how and in what way? Can you prove that? Tell me more about this refugee thing you are talking about? If you are not joking l think you are mad. l have never been blocked from the Methodist Church. l always go there. Shame on you. “you are an informant” informing who? About what? Can you give evidence.Your smear campaign is not going to work. ZANU PF is cunning and you are cunning as well but lam going to prove you wrong. You are lying -the Methodist has accommodated more than 700 Zimbabweans few are refugees and asylum seekers and most of them are economic immigrants. And most of them don’t even know me. After you finish your lies l will publish some more evidence to prove you a scheme you are. l was never been involved in any activist at Methodist Church. You are misinformed. Ask your ZANU PF spy ring in South Africa to give you correct information.l was never been to South African police services, for being accused by anyone. lam clean. Instead l have been to South African police service to report theft of my documents, attack by ZANU PF thug who was sentenced by Johannesburg Hilbrow Magistrate Court to 18months in prison for attacking me, to report death threats to my mobile phone. To report my laptop which was stolen in house breaking by ZANU PF Agents in South Africa. You are a liar. Shame on you. l will soon stop replying to your fairy stories and lies you are formulating. Your heart is skilled at lying and doing evil. You are a grown up person you must be ashamed of what you are doing. If you Google my name you will see that my persecutions in South Africa are well documented by respected

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William A good human right activist saves innocent people from being jailed ….i mean innocent peolle because they did not murder or kill or commit violence. How can you ne happy to put your brother to prison just because you are not in agreement of some small issues. The brother you made to be put to prison for document, what documents do u have , are u a govt agents, how can u make some one to go to prison just because he looked your school certificates ..shame on you. Thus why we are different, look me I campaign against people being put to prisons for pet issues, look right now to show how evil you are, you are advocting me to be extradited to zim and face the gallows of mugabe just because I said Tsvangirai must go for a displinary for what he did. Is tsvangirai a godfather, is he like mugabe a dictator again. So if we are in democracy why can’t he face concequences of his wrong doing. Collen you are person who goes by a wave, you just follow the wind. You heard this MP ..hamandishe who is trying to impress tsvangirai so that he be made minister one day..the smililarities kf chindori chininga in zanu-pf. They kneel for robert mugabe..nxaaaaaaaaa ….i will teach u the principals of democracy collen. You must go for a full training in this informant job of yours. Because u do not even know the principals of inteligence…..u being used and destroyed…Zanu-pf ndeyeropa .

  • Martin Chinyanga Da William

    collen wrote this advicing MDC-T on the 10\10\2011,, the same way chinyanga did…. so collen what is your intentions if you warn mdc-t and if other people warn them you call them c10by collen ”The good news is that Robert Mugabe is not a legitimate president of
    Zimbabwe. He was rejected by the people on 29 March 2008 elections.
    The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) T, should pull out of the
    useless government of national unity with ZANU PF.

    Mugabe did not commit atrocities in Matabeleland alone. Mugabe worked
    together with his fellows in ZANU PF government. This government has
    been murdering innocent people since 1980. Zimbabweans have been
    subjected to oppression, starvation, and serious persecutions by all
    ZANU PF leaders.

    The people voted for MDC because they no longer want corrupt and
    wicked leaders in ZANU. For the MDC to continue considering unity with
    ZANU PF will be an act of cowardice and serious pervasion. It will be
    betrayal of the will of the people.

    If the MDC continue with ZANU PF leaders in unity government it means that:

    1. It does not want to get rid of corruption that is now present in
    every area of ZANU government. All ZANU PF leaders are corrupted and
    must be rooted out completely like cancer.

    2. It does not want to pursue justice by prosecuting these ZANU
    criminals who are torturing, starving, murdering, and despising

    “When justice is done it brings joy to the righteous, but terror to
    evil doers.” Proverbs 21:15

    Tens of thousands of innocent people have died in the hands of ZANU PF
    between 1980 and 1990. Thousands have been murdered since 2000 for
    supporting the MDC T. Uniting with ZANU or including some of its
    members in the new government will be an insult to all patriotic
    Zimbabweans including the dead.

    No short cuts to our freedom or liberation. ZANU PF has been defeated
    over polls, therefore, must go. Zimbabwe must be free. I call for
    unity among all Zimbabweans of all colors and tribes. Mugabe must not
    be allowed to continue with his misrule without any resistance. I’m
    not optimistic of support coming from the SADC. Behind scenes many
    SADC leaders sympathies with Mugabe, therefore, will not condemn his
    atrocities or help stop genocide and suffering in Zimbabwe.

    The MDC T must also be reminded that it is going to be rejected by the
    people if it continues prolonging ZANU PF’s stay in power. Zimbabweans
    want freedom and liberation of the country. Please support us
    financial for real change in Zimbabwe. Foundation of Reason & Justice
    will work for liberation of Zimbabwe.

    Collen Makumbirofa
    Foundation of Reason & Justice .. ..

  • Martin Chinyanga Da William

    collen supports mdc -99 but now he pretends on tsvangirai…by collen ”Foundation of Reason & Justice
    Dear All,

    You are being invited to send your crew to a press conference organised by
    the MDC99 party in Zimbabwe. MDC99 President Job Sikhala has been leading a
    delegation on a diplomatic mission in South Africa and that has submitted a
    petition to President Jacob Zuma about the political situation in Zimbabwe.
    The MDC99 has embarked on a new agenda for the Zimbabwean political crisis
    and President Sikhala will reveal details at the press conference.

    DATE: Friday, October 28, 2011

    TIME: 10:00 HRS

    VENUE: The Victoria Hotel, 200 Scheiding Street, Pretoria

    kind regards

    Peter Chimutsa
    Director MDC99 President’s Office
    084 3913 357

    Send out by

    Foundation of Reason & Justice .. ..

Is this worth for Da William to be taken advantage by this C10 called Collen Makumbirofa and drags him to his dangeon.. .. ACCORDING TO KING SOLOMON’S WISDOM.. he new the mother of the child, when he asked the two woman to slush the child by half… so people of zimbabwe put your wisdom into this …. is this man making a genuine call.. he really knows if i get to zim soils i will be slaughtered by his friends… i think collen you are exposing your self to the world and showing who you are



  1. Givemore Gift Nhidza

    December 14, 2011 at 2:29 am

    Comrades we are sick and tired of this CIO man Collen Makumbirofa who uses the zimbabwe youth wing programme concept on his bogus organisation foundation of reason and justice which does not exist all what he said he was lieing and all wat he puts on his web for the foundation is programme he took from youth wing which is a victim constituted organisation in south africa he has never been MDC activist nor humanrights defender but a typical zanupf and CIO informer period. he was working with chihota his boss knowing zim youth wing members as witnesses in court for attempted murder case at harvest house. he was sent by chihota to infiltrate zim youth wing and monitoring our programmes as we advocate for the arrest ofperpetrators of violence and murderer who are in south africa. makumbirofa told chihota about this move and chihota saw Gift Nhidza pushing wellington on a wheel chair at the methodist wellington’s case was to be used as evidence to the south africa gvt. collen makumbirofa had collected everything and plot the arrest of the president of zim youth wing and facilitate the deportation of ishmael kauzani the one collen said is a zanupf agent yet is a victim of torture. I Gift Nhidza organise a lawyer from LRC and public protector’s office. a case of Intimmidation was opened against chihota and collen makumbirofa thats how they failed to make ishmael kauzani deported and makumbirofa and chihota’s case is still pending at JHB central police station he renounce his refugee

    • Rufaro

      February 12, 2012 at 8:03 am

      Attention: Members of the Public

      Gift Nhidza of Zimbabwe Youth Wing and Ishmael Kauzani of Zimbabwe Youth Wing are criminals and liars. Ishmael Kauzani has murdered his brother Godfrey Kauzani. He betrayed his brother Godfrey and Betha to the Zimbabwe CIO and Betha and Godfrey were murdered by ZANU PF in Harare some few years back. Ishmael Kauzani and Gift Nhidza were paid lots of money by ZANU PF for this. Kauzani managed to buy a car from the money he was getting from ZANU PF.

      Gift Nhidza and Ishmael Kauzani are criminals on run from Zimbabwe from the MDC youth they were murdering write an email and ask the MDC TSVANGIRAI in Harare Zimbabwe. They will tell you about Kauzani and Gift Nhidza.

      Rufaro Masiwa


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