05 Nov

Police try to force one-man protester to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’

Aaron Muzungu
TRUE HEROES ON THE GROUND… MDC99… DOES IT WITH NO FEAR.. WEL DONE MUKOMA Aaron Muzungu .. big work , if i was there i was going to be doing it with you.. well done , thank you for standing for true political mandete.. thank you again Job Wiwa Sikhala

Police try to force one-man protester to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’
Posted by Lance Guma on Friday, November 4, 2011 in Mugabe | 0 comments

Lone protester Aaron Muzungu with the message he took to state house
By Lance Guma
04 November 2011

The spokesman for the splinter MDC-99 formation was finally released from police custody on Thursday after being arrested Monday for staging a one-man demonstration at the Munhumutapa offices in central Harare.

Aaron Muzungu told SW Radio Africa he went to the offices which house Robert Mugabe, holding up his placard written “Mugabe and his GNU must go”. He said he was almost immediately apprehended by a number of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents and members of the police support unit.

Muzungu said they took him behind the Munhumutapa building and started torturing him there. Once they got him into police custody he said they brought a glass of urine and some faeces and said: “These faeces are Mugabe’s faeces, so if you want to rule this country you have to eat Mugabe’s faeces.”

Although Muzungu said he managed to avoid eating the faeces he said he had no choice but to take ‘one or two gulps of urine.” Asked why he felt motivated to demonstrate against Mugabe, Mazungu said: “We need Mugabe to understand our true feelings cause it seems he is very much confused and is too old to run this country.”

Muzungu said because he demonstrated alone the police struggled for days to come up with charges against him. He said repressive legislation which was in place, like POSA, mainly dealt with groups of more than 5 people and since he was alone, ‘they failed to get a charge that would suit my activities.”

Police later charged Muzungu with ‘disorderly conduct.”


“The CIO hailed insults at me as they warned that I was wasting my time and energy since Mugabe would never be deposed the Tunisian or Libyan way,” said Muzungu from the Harare holding cells. “Later one of the CIO brought an old aluminium plate with human waste and a can of urine for me to take as breakfast.”

One man demonstrator…Aaron Muzungu

Police sources said they were struggling to find a reason to charge the protester.

“The Law and Order Section of the police was at pains to find a suitable chapter under which to charge Muzungu. The notorious POSA was out of question as the protest was a one man operation. They also struggled to bar him from going to court as the accused said he wanted his arrest clarified before the courts as he did not commit an offence. He simply wanted to send the message to Mugabe that he had spoiled the country and should step down in the interest of the people’s welfare,” said a police spokesperson.

Human Rights Lawyers representing Muzungu also indicated that their client should be taken to court since his rights were violated and the CIO abused him. He was later released after paying a $20 fine for a flimsy disorderly conduct charge.

When The Zimbabwean visited the Police Station, members of the force could be heard pleading with Muzungu to ‘simply pay the little fine and go home’ as they were under instructions not to let the event draw public attention through the media. Muzungu said he decided to embark on the one man protest as he realised Zimbabweans were hesitant to spearhead revolts.

“I want to give my life to the people’s revolution and others can take up the struggle from where I left off.”

The outspoken MDC99 activist went down in history as the first ever Zimbabwean to march to Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices, put his head on the cutting block and challenge Mugabe out of office. Eye witnesses were inspired and even the security forces admired him.

“I wonder what would have happened if Zimbabwe had several men of this calibre. Maybe one Muzungu is not enough for the task at hand,” a police officer could be heard whispering to his colleague at the Central Police Station.

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  • We are sick and tired of these african propagandists who blame the west for their wrong approach to word affairs. The dispensation of continental segregation is long gone. Every human being is important being african, american or asian .We all stand human
  • Lets support the one man hunger strike due on wednesday at munhumutapa building if he is shot i believe you are there for him. Call for democracy!!
  • Robert Mugabe its now your turn even if you run to Zvimba we wil capture you there


  1. Chingosho Edmore T

    November 7, 2011 at 5:32 am

    Iwe mazungu uri dofo remunhu,chikoro chako wakaenderepi…if you want to remove president Mugabe in that manner,’unofanirwa kudya tsvina,kwete urine its not can you devalue the nation like that,asi waisationa isu vana vezimbabwe tichino ngwarai,otherwise muchatozorowa nenyika yese coz vaMUGABE havana kuzvisa vega kana kungomuka vapresident..’respect human rights because we voted for president!!


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