20 Oct


by head of movement Martin Chinyanga DaWilliam.

Gaddaffi’s door way to the curve / drain.

On behalf of all Zimbabweans,  we would  like  help celebrate  the Libyan restoration of democracy and we  also welcome the dismiss of colonel Gaddaffi today  the 20th of October  2011.  We give  Sekuru  Mugabe and his regime a very big warning , that we are  having a close look in the territory, we are warning you to stop  violence with immediate effect, we are warning you to  stop  arresting  democratically elected  MP of thew opposition parties.  We are warning you to dismiss the operation of C10  and militia  in the country. Mugabe  we warn you that we will attack  and start invasion of boarder towns of Zimbabwe if we hear killings  of sons of the  soil any day from now. We  warn you that we will not try  you in hague but we will do  it the way you are doing ordinary zimbabweans.. in the militia bases  and c10  compounds. Mugabe  do you know that you sloughtered 30 000 ndebele people in 1983, Mugabe do you know that you massaccred  over 3 000 zimbabweans  recently in the 2008 run off elections, Mugabe do you know that you massacred 800 diamond panniers in the chiyadzwa  diamond fields  recently. Mugabe  do you know that you killed people with starvation  by hunger, by operation  murambatsvina, by cholera diseases,by HIV   diseases and many other  individual  unnoticed  abductions.

Gaddaffi’s footage death  on camera.

the capture of Saddum Hussen ..Iraq.

Mugabe  and regime  , you need to know your fate, by looking in the world, Mugabe remember  your  state house   will  be the ninga of great zimbabwe.. mapako  ama  bushman ( curves) one day. Mugabe  i warn you to address the nation  with immediate and ask for apology,  followed by  resignation,  if  you want  us to forgive you.


also  quoting JOB SIKHLA  MDC 99 LEADER

Warning to Mugabe as world celebrates Gaddafi demise
As sure as all progressive forces and people of the world are that one day tyranny and dictatorship shall be rid from the face of the earth, the MDC99 is convinced the eventual death of Muammar Gaddafi at last sends a clear message to the rest of the remaining dictators in Africa and other regions such as the Middle East and Asia that the time is up.
Gaddafi had for a long time seemed invincible, and notably, after amassing a lot of wealth through massive looting of the national coffers of Libya as well as spending more than four decades in power, he had appeared all powerful like some still remaining dictators believe in their illusions and hallucinations.
The MDC99 congratulates the people of Libya and the progressive forces of the world for finally toppling the evil dictator. However, the MDC99 takes this opportunity to remind the world that among the tyrants still walking the earth and abusing the people is one Robert Mugabe, masquerading as a leader in Zimbabwe despite having long lost the authority to rule the country. Not only has Mugabe been losing elections since 2000 but obstinately clinging to power, the old dictator has also been butchering innocent Zimbabweans into submission to his oppressive rule.
Mugabe must be warned unequivocally that the wind of change and the demand for dictators to pack and go has reached his doorstep. The game is up and not even the stupid and preposterous so-called Government of National Unity of Mugabe and those who sold out to his dictatorship can still hoodwink the masses of Zimbabwe.
Mugabe should heed these last calls by Zimbabweans still offering him an opportunity to simply do the obvious only remaining thing of stepping down and go into exile somewhere in the Far East where he has stashed a lot of looted money because, indeed, the wind has blow all the way from North Africa and is very close to Mugabe’s doorstep.
The MDC99 has entered into top gear on its resolution and position about the political situation and dynamics in Zimbabwe, and the position, for the sake of reiterating, remains thus;
• The failed, stupid and preposterous coalition of Mugabe and his runners, Morgan Tsvangirai and company, must be disbanded NOW, and be replaced by a transitional administration for the major purpose of removing the evil Mugabe system from controlling and influencing Zimbabwe’s political, governance and even electoral systems. There can never be a free and fair election as long as the poor dictator still masquerades as the ruler of Zimbabweans. Only lunatics or poisoned sell-outs can see some hope or possibility in holding elections under the evil spell of the Mugabe system.
• Failure by Mugabe and his runners to heed to this call by Zimbabweans leaves them with one option, which is rebelling and claiming the power to oust the dictatorship, including its surrogates.
• Lastly, but equally important President Jacob Zuma of South Africa must also learn his lessons as he joins Mugabe to mourn Gaddafi. After flattering to deceive in the first place and pretending to have more guts and commitment towards resolving the Zimbabwean crisis following the scandal of Thabo Mbeki, Zuma has degenerated into another farce. Zuma’s endless so-called mediation characterized by summit, after summit, and mediation rounds as well as some nonsensical roadmaps, has become another international joke of politics.
• The MDC99 also reminds Zuma that by continuing with the responsibility of mediating on Zimbabwe’s politics, he is determining the fate of suffering 13 million Zimbabweans, about five million of whom are living in South Africa mostly as destitute refugees. The longer Zuma enjoys Mugabe’s hymns of political madness, deception and chicanery, the longer Zuma connives in perpetuating the genocide in Zimbabwe.
The game is up!
MDC99 President


below MARTIN  DA William



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