Arrest of MDC President for youth Solomon Madzore by Zanu-pf, is same as suffocating the people of Zimbabwe a tactic to make people a forced support of’s a Stockholm syndrome

05 Oct

THE EXILE GOVT AN ANT-ZANU-PF MOVEMENT URGE ZANU-PF TO RELEASE AN INNOCENT MAN solomon madozre AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,, WE URGE MORGAN TSVANGIRAI TO ARREST MUGABE, MUNANGAGWA, KASUKUVERE, BONYONGWE AND CHIHURI FOR THERE PARTAKING IN MASSACRES CONSPIRACY.. THEY MUST BE CHARGED NOW . this is the time ….What about those who murdered more than 20000 in Matabeleland, what about those who have killed more than 3000 people during recent elections. What about those responsible for more than 4000 death due to Cholera, what about those responsible for deaths associated with poverty, Hiv, mismanagement, poor service delivery. Martin you are technicaly correct when you suggest a war.

MDC President for youth Solomon Madzore is being charged for murdering police inspector, Petros Mutedza in Glenview. He is still locked at harare central zrp, and is expected in court tommorrow., we know this murder was done by c10 in disguise , it was done by chipangano group,, why are they not arrested all those people who are doing murder in broad day light. Solomon Madzore, did not do the silly crime, it’s an zanu-pf tactic of destroying mdc leadership.

Zanu-pf is suffocating the people of zimbabwe, they give oxygen tanks to those supporting them…hence they think zanu is good, it’s just called stockholm syndrome you have.. Come on zimbabwe needs to breathe air from the atmosphere, zanu-pf stop suffocating us stop it……. Zimbabweans needs their freedom ..

some of the appeals done by differrent organisations of democracy in zim..

Platform for Youth Development (PYD

has learnt with shock the arrest of Solomon Madzore, MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson at his house this afternoon. We are concerned on the reports that he was taken by armed police which is suggestive of a high level criminal. As far as we know Madzore, he is an astute and peace loving leader and we firmly believe it is only Zanu PF politics at play.Since his election to the Youth Assembly helm, we have seen an organised, visionary and committed youth assembly that is working towards the emancipation of young people in Zimbabwe. As a youth organisation we have been working with Madzore and his team in raising political consciousness in young people as well as educating them to refrain from retrogressive and old fashioned culture of political violence. The actions of the security forces are typical of the repressive and colonialist era and should cease forthwith in the independent Zimbabwe.PYD demands justice and appeal to the security forces to ensure that their conduct is guided by principles of professionalism as they deal with Madzore’s case. We also demand to know why Madzore has been arrested and that he is urgently brought to court within the stipulated 24 hours time according to the law.Meanwhile, PYD urges the Youth Assembly and the MDC-T family to remain calm because this behaviour by the police is to the best of our reading provocative.

Daniel Muzenda

Free the youth president he has committed no crime these are zanu pf intimidatory tactics. We wont budge there are pple who killed chiminya, mabika, ndira, chokururama and many more an why arresting madzore for trumped up charges..madzore we will stand by an the good will triumph over evil. Chisa mayouth chisa’ the darkest hr is b4 dawn’

Mdc Youths Western Cape

‎…….in solidarity with our National Chairman Solo Madzore-our hearts are aggrieved on the event of his arbitrary arrest and torture…….MUGABE CAN BEAT HIM ALL HE WANTS BUT HE WILL NEVER BREAK HIS SPIRIT neither will he diminish our resolve to have a new and democratic Zimbabwe!

Juice Card
‎”An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. True, but I think I wld rather have a blind world than a country full of people with permanent disabilities and injuries, and piles of dead bodies – all victims of state sponsored, unlawful arrests, torture, and murder of defenceless innocent citizens whose only crime is to demand their freedom and right to live. It’s high time we revised our strategies against this inhumane dictator-led regime. This quiet diplomacy with the enemy is moving us at too slow a pace. Vakutotijairiraka. Saka kana tati ngachitsve………

Samuel Mahachi
It’s time we set the pace for our future and the future of our children, we have allowed the old guard to experiment with our lives for far too long

Nominate White
the problem is we are taking long to act we dont need solo to be brought to court because this is not a criminal case but a political one!we have to start the fight to get him out many people they can arrest per day?i am sure we can put 10 000 youth in the streets of harare wht 2days of planing! CHANGE DEMANDS ACTION!!!

Isabel Mkhosi
those who are in zim please keep us posted. wats happening nw, im leaving SA to zim, those who want to join me. plz col

Elias Senthufe
Please Baba Chatungwa, release MDC youth leader. To all Mdc suppoters, in setswana language we say “KE NAKO” ITS TIME TO ACT SO FAST BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Remember what happened to ur Comrade Judah Jongwe. Its time for demostrations. Its now or never!

Shelton Chiyangwa
Ngachichitongobvondoka.lets flood the streets nw.nw.nw.nw.nw.

Itai Mautu
mhuri yeMDC vese vasingatye inbox me tironge zimarch

a facebok campaign for his release has been open see link
Mugabe Free our Chairman Solo Madzore


5 responses to “Arrest of MDC President for youth Solomon Madzore by Zanu-pf, is same as suffocating the people of Zimbabwe a tactic to make people a forced support of’s a Stockholm syndrome

  1. Alois Matongo

    October 5, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    There is a serious lack of organizational capacity for action against high-handedness by ZPF. The mafia party is testing the readiness of the MDC Youth Wing for a bruising electoral battle. Mwale and Kitsiyatota who killed Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika in cold blood over 10 years ago have not been arrested but an MDC youth leader with a probability close to zero that he murdered the policeman is quickly arrested so that he can be tortured! We have had too many of these cases of “arrest, detain, torture and release without charges” and the MDC has remained silent, waiting for the next victim like goats watching one of theirs being eaten up by a leopard. What is the party’s strategy in the face of provocative action like this? I hope all the people who have died at the hands of ZPF are not dying in vain! Are our leaders afraid of losing their trappings of power? Can you see this ever happening with Chinotimba behind bars and Chipangano sleeping in their homes? This is partly a game of psychology and ZPF youth are hogging the limelight more than their MDC counterparts!

  2. Sadzala mugwax

    October 26, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Let are leader free munosungirei vanhu vasina mhaka

  3. Sadzala mugwax

    October 26, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Let him free

  4. Sikalazo Ncube

    January 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Mugabe and his Hench man must free all the innocent people in their prisons. Madzore is innocent so he must be set free. We as people of Zimbabwe will have to revenge to the treatment we are getting from this tyrant. In fact I believe that it is nor Mugabe who is responsible but people like Chihuri who are hiding behind Mugabe.


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