“March Against C10 in Harare on Tuesday” 13/09/2011

11 Sep

yes it was then yesterday Saturday 10/09/11 when members of the zimvigil family including cde Ephram Tapa the founder.. and also in the leadership of YES WE CAN MOVEMENT. He also said the movement is an umbrella of all activism movements of Zimbabwe, to make it possible to work together in a co-coordinated fashion , so that we will be able to cut down our enemy. Rt Martin DaWilliam also said it is now time to do it.. the revolutionalit Da William aslo spread the message of the ant-c10 march to be done on Tuesday 13/09/11 in both Zimbabwe and diaspora.. most people welcome the idea and everyone was in a 100% satisfaction and in agreement.

some of the agenda on the tuesday 13/09/11 securocrat march to abolish c10 is please write on placards 1: CHOMBO TO RESIGN ,if NYAGUMBO resigned on corruption why not Chombo a mere teacher, 2: GNU is not a govt until Mutambara resigns because he does not represent any political party in.

“March Against C10 in Harare on Tuesday”
Written by Dry Run One
Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Zimbabwean who goes by the online name Martin Chinyanga DaWilliam is trying to use social network Facebook, to organise a demonstration against the CIO in Harare and at Zimbabwean Embassies in the diaspora.

DaWilliam said in his latest post that he was remininding Zimbabweans to rise against the institution cal C10 in Zimbabwe.

“This organisation is a threat to the ordinary people of zimbabwe, the Central Intelligence Organisation is being used by the Govenment of Zimbabwe to terrorise Zimbabweans.

“It must be abolished in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He asked all Zimbabweans to ask their friends and relatives to march towards Chaminuka Building in a peacefull way on the 13/09/2011 or Tuesday 13th of September 2011 at 10:00am or ealier, till late.

The march would start in any direction towards the Chaminuka Building..

People in other towns, like Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Marondera, Masvingo etc, he said, should march towards the police headoffice of that district or if they know the C10 Buildings then they should go there,

“I also ask members of the Diaspora tp do the same by marching towards their Embassies to asl for all those C10s working in the Embassy to be returned home.

“Please make more people to join and let this spread to all Blackerrys and twitter, the march does not have a leader, but it has people peacefully marching towards these primises.

The primeminister and the gvt of zimbabwe would be advised of this action, he said and urged Zimbabweans to print sensible placards.

“We can not be afraid of our country. Zimbabwe is now independent. Why must we be afraid in our country. It’s not a political march and it does not have a leader, and it is a march to practise healthy and safety, to protect ourselves from poison.

“This is not politics but it’ s a togetherness fight like voting. .. this is same as voting my brothers and sisters.. lets protect each other.. Zanu-pf, or opposition are at risk with c10… even Mujuru was mysteriously killed recently.



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