petition of the nation to demanding an end to the negotiations involving GNU parties and resort to a different transitional arrangement.

29 Aug

Below is a petition sent to GNU leaders by MDC99 President, Job Sikhala.

August 24, 2011

Robert Mugabe

Zanu PF President

Munhumutapa Building


Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T President

Munhumutapa Building


Arthur Mutambara

Of no fixed aboard

Munhumutapa Building


Prof Welshman Ncube

MDC-N President

Mukwati Building


Dear Sirs,


The failure by your political parties to find a solution to the political crisis affecting Zimbabwe for over four years now places an urgent need for the nation to demand an end to the negotiations involving your parties and resort to a different transitional arrangement.

Since 2008, your political parties, Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC-M have been engaged in endless negotiations and purported to have established a transitional arrangement that would pave way for a new political dispensation by way of comprehensive processes of reformation towards holding free and fair elections. It was also expected that the formation of a coalition government by your political parties, entitled the Government of National Unity (GNU), would result in the implementation of policies towards economic revival, service delivery improvement, national healing and reconciliation as well as mending foreign relations.

You know as much as we do that your coalition has spent much of the time squabbling and recording very little progress on the above-mentioned objectives and a fundamental question now demands an honest answer. For how long can the nation suffer the effects of political tension and uncertainty, economic challenges, high levels of unemployment and unacceptable poor service delivery levels?

Be advised that Zimbabweans cannot allow you and your parties to any longer play the godfathers and also the referees as well as players on the nation as you have done for a long time without caring about the suffering of the masses.

The leadership of MDC99 has thoroughly reviewed the situation and gone to the people to gauge the sentiments and aspirations for us to hereby unequivocally make these demands to your persons and the political parties you lead.

a) There must be admittance by everyone that the GNU has run its course and proved to be a huge failure as often acknowledged by all of you at some occasions. For that reasons, the coalition must be disbanded now and be replaced by a transitional administration involving all the political parties in Zimbabwe, civil society, religious groups, as well as other stakeholders. The transitional arrangement would be led by a cleric or civic leader endorsed by all stakeholders.

b) That therefore also means there must an immediate end to the chaotic and controversial efforts by your political parties to create the so-called election “roadmap” under, and along, the same framework that was used in the first place to take us to the current problems. An acceptable and sustainable roadmap towards elections should have to involve all other political parties in Zimbabwe and negotiated as well as adopted under the leadership of the transitional administration proposed above.

c) There is an unequivocal position within our party, which we find to be shared by other political parties in Zimbabwe that any election organised out of the processes involving your three parties would be a farce and we will not participate in it. Zimbabwe will only hold a legitimate election after the proposed transitional administration would have worked on “roadmaps” or creating conditions that guarantee it to be free and fair.

d) All the political parties involved in the GNU must communicate to the leadership of Sadc about the position to bring an end to the current arrangement in order for the proposed transitional administration to be established.

We take this opportunity to advise you that MDC99 has resolved to embark on a national campaign of mobilising people to protest and demand an end to the failed coalition involving your political parties. We therefore give a period of two weeks for you and your parties to positively respond to this petition or we embark on mobilising the people to protest.

Also be advised that the MDC99 is communicating to the Sadc leadership about these demands and the alternative we now seriously believe to be necessary of mobilising Zimbabweans to stand up against the abuse of their rights and waste of time by yourselves and the political parties you represent.

Yours Sincerely

Job Sikhala

MDC99 President


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