Declaration for Zimbabwe’s National Transitional Governing Council: 28 July 2011

29 Jul


Following the total loss of legitimacy of President Mugabe, AND

Following President Mugabe’s numerous transgressions and continuous violation of the Constitution and basic human rights AND

Following President Mugabe’s failure to shape up in line with the popular and legitimate demands and expectations of the largest majority people of Zimbabwe AND

Following the unending political circus, chaos, hostility, anarchy and dysfunctionality of the current Coalition Government

And at the peremptory request of the largest majority of our people for the immediate and effective end of dictatorship, basic human rights violations, corruption, unemployment and deprivation,

And in order to prevent the further decline of Zimbabwe and in pursuit of a Fresh start desired by the largest majority of our people,

a new Zimbabwe National Transitional Governing Council is hereby declared and proclaimed for Zimbabwe. The Transitional Governing Council shall be taking over the governing of the country with immediate effect until such a time when free and fair General Elections have been held in Zimbabwe to choose a new democratic, stable and functional Government of the people of Zimbabwe’s free and uncoerced choice.

More details about this new Transitional Governing Authority of Zimbabwe shall be made available shortly.

Thank you


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