UK stopped the deportation of Josephine Chari as she was to face an automatic death penalty in Zimbabwe

21 Jul

London(ZimEye)A London based female Zimbabwean activist was saved at the last minute just before being hauled into a Kenyan Airways plane, for deportation to Zimbabwe.

This followed a fierce campaign involving UK lawmakers launched by London activist Martin Chinyanga together with the Zim Vigil charity organisation.

It is not yet clear the full reason for the miraculous reversal of deportation but Josephine Chari will not be deported and it was claimed her lawyer late Thursday had began proceedings to challenge any other future deportation by the United Kingdom Border Agency.

source flickr  zimvigil
Holding a placard reading’87 and standing for re-election’ … Josephine Chari (left in white)

“She is no longer going now, and she is happy. Her ticket has been cancelled,” announced Chinyanga.

Earlier on Zimbabweans had held their breaths Thursday all afternoon, as they bombarded Kenyan airways’ telephone lines campaigning for the airline to cancel her ticket. An email sent out at 3Pm Thursday titled –Josephine Chari  to face  automatic death penalty in Zimbabwe, read:

“We have just heard that Josephine Chari is at  Heathrow to catch Kenyan Airways Flight KQ101 to Nairobi leaving Heathrow at 20.00 tonight. UKBA has refused her lawyer’s representation. The lawyer is now working on a judicial review. She says there is not time to lodge the review in person and the court won’t accept it by fax so she is calling the judge at 5pm to ask for an emergency injunction to stop the removal but she is not hopeful,”

However Chari’s fate was miraculously reversed as it was announced she would not be travelling anymore. She was said to be preparing her papers before leaving the airport at the time of writing.


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