political parties of Zimbabwe are build on a queen bee system.

17 Jul

queen bee

queen bee system

i have discovered that politics of Zimbabwe is build on a queen bee system. When the queen be is dead then thus the collapse of that political party, see with a satellite view. I have seen every party is centrism on a name not principals and values as it is supposed to. Also i have seen that all the people are stereotyped to this system.. until i will go to introduce real democracy and what a politician is. A politician is a servant to the govt and the people whom he is serving.. at moment in Zimbabwe the political parties are just names but the reallity is the names which those parties are bearing.. we had , Muzorewa, Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mutambara/Nncube , Dabengwa, makoni and finally Job Wiwa. Iin each  political partiy if you do not support the name bearer then you will not achieve anything in that political party.  Please Zimbabweans lets make political parties with no name bearers but political parties with principals. These name bearers indicate the autocracy we are fighting for. All Zimbabwean political parties are autocratic orientated at moment, i remember in the split of mdc.. it was an issue of not following a name bearer hence  Mutambara, Wiwa Sikhala, and Tsvangirai. As we need in Zimbabwe we haven’t reached the level of the definition of politics yet hence violence will never stop. This is the case with all African states, the action of heroism and autocracy is the center in the African politics hence killing our cultural values, moral and economical development.  Africa will never come out of third world-ism if this system is not changed and analysed.

by Martin Chinyanga Da William on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 4:07pm

One response to “political parties of Zimbabwe are build on a queen bee system.


    July 17, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    by Viet Congo
    Political parties should not be run like cults.

    by Lameck Mahachi
    An acceptable political party is the one that strives to serve and not be served. Its survival and sustainability is assured if it endeavours to gravitate around universally acceptable ideologies of serving a nation. Should the need arise, its leadership should be open to change hands without qualms. Never ever should a political party be a sole responsibility of a small clique or individual. All members must have equal powers that promote a democratic and majority dispensation. Whoever aspires to lead a particular party must be accorded a chance to convince its members to their satisfaction that he/she is capable and if the majority realises that the incumbent is failing in his/her duties according to the needs of the party, he/she must relinquish the post without qualms and let others so chosen take over and so on and on and on ad infinitum. And the country must also be run on these similar grounds. Period.


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