tsvangirai is a barrier to the EGYPT WAY/ revolution in ZIMBABWE

16 Jul

In radioactivity.. where particles are radiated as x-rays because of in balance of the masses in the atom, is a spontaneous process ..and i know that a spontaneous process is unstoppable…… now you can see in Zimbabwe , radioactivity is just at low doses because of the generals and tyranny are using tsvangirai as a lead(Pd)/ congreate barrier thereby stopping the presence of radioactive contamination in them…i mean tsvangirai is used as an instrument by the present regime to protect them.. yet the spontaneous reactions of the nucleus is already in progress.. if we remove the shielding of tsvangirai.. egypt way will just erupt like volcano. .. so we need to ignite the people of zimbabwe and we make natural nuclear reactors which will be uncontrollable like the Chernobyl disaster

Zimbaweans are waiting to hear the go ahead from their leader  cde Tsvangirai to empower themselves with democracy. It is well understood that the election system won’t solve anything in Zimbabwe, only the Egypt way  revolution style can now only save Zimbabwens from the dark nights of vimpires called c10. We are blaming Tsvangirai because he is the one with the people ‘s trust and he is the one who can lead people in to this system. Yes we can see the GNU gvt is just a name and all the mdc ministers are used as puppets, they do not have a voice in the govrnment, the Mugabe regime just do things and even arrest mdc ministers, upto even nowadays they are also intimidating it’s on ministers who wants to defect to mdc. We have cases of police being arrested because they are supporting mdc, we have a marondera zanu-pf MP who is facing the terror becuase she is now supporting tsvangirai. IT’S TIME NOW ZIMBABWEANS NEED TO MARCH FOR THEIR OWN REVOLUTION, THEY NEED TO GO TO THE STREETS WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. A former  mdc MP Job Wiwa Sikhala has seen that zimbabwe is now burning.  ‘Marching towards the PEOPLES REVOLUTION. Time approaching fast!!!!!!!!!!!”
August has been set to be the time line of the Egypt way by most revolutionalists FOR ZIMBABWE. says Job.

mdc-t in the GNU govt is just like any other civil institute like the police, army, ministry of education, healthy.. the govt on the throne is the regime faction. they control everything.. and thy arrest any civil servant at and leave ministers of zanu-pf because they are the real ministers. Ngachitsve must start now…. mdc-t is ministry of democracy.


IF ANIMALS IN THE GAME …”the unit of purpose in kruger park” WHAT ABOUT US HUMANS



2 responses to “tsvangirai is a barrier to the EGYPT WAY/ revolution in ZIMBABWE


    July 16, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    some of my friends can not understand the principal of lead(Pd)metal or concrete in radiotherapy. These materials are the most suitable to stop the very smallest and big radioactive particles from escaping in a container to be able to contaminate the environment,… in hospitals they use aprons made of lead to cover their chest and body from scatter radiation during x-ray scanning and tomography, and the room is made of a think concrete wall… so when i made the statement above you can see the effectiveness and in relationship to the people who are already whispering to do the Egypt way revolution .. rather tsvangirai is a concrete / pd to the spontaneous reaction.

    yes i will say the minister of democracy is Morgan Tsvangirai, the permanant secretary of democracy is Tendai Biti, the deputy minister of democracy is Thokozani Khupe, and the list goes on… please people of zimbabwe can’t you see..


    July 18, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    i am now armed with an AK47, i would like to give it to the people on the ground as well. ………………. hey the freedom i have in diaspora, can make us liberate the ground by empowering them with truth and Geo- satellite to navigate their position and big direction which they can not see, when in the lower ground… thus a very powerfull machine gun ak 47.. i have at moment ..


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