16 Jul

EGYPT WAY OR THE MO-BOUAZIZI EFFECT still premature to happen in Zimbabwe according to statistics carried in social networks unless mobilization is commanded.

It shows that people of Zimbabwe are not ready for a true revolution, as I asked a lot on, Face book and Twitter. It showed that people are still reluctant to stage this stamina, so called MO-BOUAZIZI EFFECT– named after Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire when police seized his grocery cart – sparking the Tunisian riots.  This system proves to be the right way for Africans to conquer democracy, rather than the electoral system practiced by the westerners and Europeans.
As Munyaradzi Gwisai former MP for High field in Harare was arrested, the people would also have reacted with anger doing a follow up into inciting the demonstrations against human rights violent in Zimbabwe. Sources say even the MDC leaders are not taking action into this unwanted arrest of Gwisai. It is found that Gwisai was going to or is going be the centre of this initiation, as it triggered, internet mails calling up for a mass demonstration.
The campaigns launched over email and through the social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, encourage Zimbabweans to hold peaceful marches calling for Mugabe to step down. Some people on face book were surprised by the NEGATIVE reaction of Zimbabweans towards this national demonstration and others were passing negative comments
1.      T. Mdziva ‘’Wat is surprising me is even the ones we thought were on our side are behaving the zanu way. Looks like Makone has been absorbed into this egocentric and corrupt system. Beware of these goons makone they will swallow u and when it happens we the people who put u their wont be on your side!’’
2.      Clement Museka’’ Bcoz pple in Zimbabwe are realists nd knw tht messing w Bob is not worth it. They r nt as vibrant as the foreign media portrays them to b cz they tried it b4 nd it was a bloodbath…’’
3.      Patience Mushunje ‘’@clement,u vry right,taurai zvimwe zvese asi mosiya zvaMUGABE kana muchda kuchembera zvakanaka.’’
4.      Terrence Mhlope ‘’I don’t appreciate being directed by armchair strategists, who signal commands from afar, what do you know about whats really happening in Zimbabwe. You possess limited understanding of the environment we are living in, frankly no one really wants to go through the run off experiences again, this is actually setting back a national healing process that was gradually gaining momentum. We all know that civil wars are preceded by such upraises, we have an atmosphere thats really ripe for that. With plenty plus parties that have plenty plus faction, it’s a sure receipe for disastor I tell you…’’
The cases above shows that most Zimbabweans are afraid of the action which can be taken by Mugabe, believed to be more than what Gaddafi is doing. Tunisians and Egyptians are people who have shown unity towards the removal of democracy in the Egyptian way because they believe in JIHAD and are more patriotic than the southern Africa people.  I have also received personal threats in the form of advices on why l point Mugabe as the destroyer of democracy in Zimbabwe, and to why I give speeches at the Zimvigil LONDON in some occasions.  I was told that this creates enemies with many and that it will be difficult WHEN I want to go to Zimbabwe.
Recently l attended an exhibition with the Amnesty international London 0n 21st February 2011, where the Zimbabwean human rights NGO forum was showing pictures of tortured victims in 2008 elections runoff.  The turn out of the Zimbabwean community was very low and Okay Machisa director of this organisation was so surprised on why Zimbabweans lake the patriotic stamina to participate on such events, although a campaign had been launched at the Zimvigil London to do demonstrations on the birth day of Robert Mugabe.  l was so touched and hate with these images and most of the human rights activists were talking on possible ways of how this torture and violence can end. Many people were in agreeing to the removal of the regime but knew that a valued care was needed to avoid blood shed.
How the mission is going to be a success
It shows that Zimbabweans are still 1000light years away from the Egypt way, unless a powerful campaign is launched.  Zimbabweans still needs more mobilizations, to remove the stigma caused by traumas of the liberation struggles wars in 1975-1980 and violence of 2008.
Many activist organisations were launched including Zimbabwe Million Citizen March, which calls for a mass protest next Tuesday on the 1st march 2011 under the theme ‘Power in numbers to remove dictatorship’. At the same time, the ‘Mugabe Must Go’ campaign is also calling for peaceful marches. Dr.Seth Menoi of the ZIMBABWE MILLION CITIZEN MARCH, says ‘’Zimbabweans need to protest to demand the End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted and Corrupt Dictator Robert Mugabe. Zimbabweans will hold mass protests in Harare to demand the end of the 31-year rule of the iron-fisted and corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe. Also a rally has been organised for the 26th of March 2011 in London by the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Human Rights portfolio UK. Other human rights activist groups launched on face book includes Ngachitsve! kayiqale! Movement ” POVO YARAMBA ZVE ZANU-PF’ which is being co-ordinated by Martin Chinyanga also a coordinator with the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Human Rights portfolio UK. His face book group is boosting this campaign giving daily information to interested Zimbabweans. The group is also calling for members of the ZRP, National Army and MPs including Zimbabwe diplomats to step forward and unite with the public in these demonstrations. The group designed some strategies and rules to make the march a success, as the regime is going to be well prepared for this event, thou the people are going to do peaceful demonstrations; the regime will do everything to stop the people.
b. please  lie down take cover when they shoot
c. please bring bandages and first aid kit, 
d. come with wet towels and bottles of water, to cover for teargas.
 e. please wear hard leather cotton ,doubled or tripled  clothing, if you have a bullet-proof , put on.
 f. when some one is being attacked lets go to help, unless it’s genuine arrest by police.
 g. listen to instructions, do not sing when orders are in place. put your phone on, and sent immediate messages to the numbers of BBC,SKY news, Al Jazeera , sw radio etc… Please twitte every 30minutes.
 h. carry  2 bags 1 fill of pebbles and the other with water, and lunch, carry more chocolates.
 i. please no one must go to work , especially those that work for the Gvt.. Only nurses to attended for patience.. 
j. please dismissal of march ,until Mugabe must go!, people will not return to houses, please this is a revolution for all oppressed Zimbabweans….(inga you sleep at makombe building waiting for passports..what about this your life.!)
Regime Strategies.
1. They will attack any 3 people near the meeting points
2. They are going to impose a curfew
3. They will sent polite angels to spread the word, of peace, yet they will be c10 in sheep’s skins, send to spread propaganda of defending the regime. They will speak with sweet tongue, and discourage, and discourage .., you know what l mean.
4.they will sent the army to come as rural areas duellers, who will come in hired buses as rural duellers and loyal supporters of Mugabe, this way the soldiers wearing overalls and tattered clothes will attack , please do not revenge for they will use all their karate, and kick boxers on you. ASLO they will send the youth militia.
5.The Regime media and Munangagwa shall come talking like what GADDAFI  SAID days ago, THAT I WILL DIE A MATRYER, I WILL NOT LEAVE ZIMBAWE, ANY PERSON FOUND WILL BE KILLED. Please do not listen to this, this is total lies… see this UN CONVENTION ACT1977. PART IV: CIVILIAN POPULATION
Section 1: General Protection against Effects of Hostilities
 Article 48: Basic Rule.
 In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives., 
6. ALWAYS RUN WERE THERE IS SAFTY, AVOID STAMPEDE, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM BEATING, USE STONES AND INDOCKU, please buy as much petrol as possible to fabricate petrol bombs,  
please do not sleep in your house, when the event starts, please always listen to instructions and try to sent me your mobile number so up dates are always available, also record any incidents
some thinks will be automatic as , the march will be in place,

Martin Chinyanga a Human Right activist giving a speech  MUGABE MUST GO! at zimvigil  Saturday 19/02/11

7.make as hand made weapons as possible,, eg catapults, petrol bombs, do not  just run away as you will panic for nothing be  fighters of the revolution.

 Mohamed Bouazizi who set himself on fire when police seized his grocery cart  sparking the Tunisian riots  is pictured receiving a visit from former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on December 28 He later died

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