Zimbabwe convention procedures conference forum

17 Jun

As we are aware that violence can never end in our country, The Zimbabwe Exile Govt an ant zanu-pf movement would like to hold a conference forum on how to change the parliament system of Zimbabwe. we have already contacted the Zimbabwe ambassador regarding the issue and the venue will be the Zimbabwe house London.

We are also going to hold such similar conferences global,s.a, usa, canada, aussie   etc. Just to give a brief account, yes Dabengwa said even a donkey was going to be voted for during all the elections when MDC raised it’s log. …looking carefully to this statement it shows to a determined Zimbabwean who wants his country to develop economically , that we are submerged with illiteracy in the govt. for example the zimeye paper recently have quoted that the Zimbabwe ambassador to Australia does not even have o’ levels. What we are trying to highlight is to make a change a change of purpose, we need Zimbabwean people to vote for proper people not that they are voting just because they do not want zanu-pf.. yes the zanu-pf mp might be well better than the mdc mp.. but people will still vote for an mdc mp because they want democratic change.. yet the actual change needed by Zimbabwe is economical, and this change can only be brought by technocrats etc. Also just because for us to archieve a drustic change in our lives , then violence have to be stopped. so to solve this chase of our country we need a convention,, we need to agree that yes those big fishes in the zanu-pf seats are liberators of zimbawe..quoting mutambara j mutamba ” that failure to recognise Zanu PF as architects of the state called The Republic of Zimbabwe by equating it with other political parties will always be resisted. The liberation movements represent patriachies of the State of Zimbabwe. They are special interest groups whose shareholding in state management cannot be wished away. The halmarks of the previous revolution cannot be wiped out with humiliation of the jaws of Law.” yes to decide on a convention it does not mean we have failed democracy but we want to save lives, yes we are safe when we are in harare and the diaspora, what about our rural duwellars who are facing terror dailly.

the convention will work because it have worked for chile and why not zimbawe.. please give us youer suggestion, because we need this to be a success for zimbawe.. in this process the old top 20 zanu-pf members who are on targeted sanctions will be automatically be put permanent in the government and they will no longer participate in the parliamentary affairs, yet the president will be a ceremonial process for cde mugabe or his predecessor in the group given auto senate.. the senate will also be formed with other governors chosen by people. meaning we have to demolish zanu-pf.. in the assuming that zanu-pf is the mother party of the revolution, the party that combines zapu nkomo and zanu.. so zanu-pf is unity of all the political parties of independence Zimbabwe. now the remaining zanu-pf partriots will have to form another new name of the party and will contest in the first past the post elections.. any party which will do violence will be taken out of the election voters roll by the ZEC.. WE NEED TO PRESENT THIS PROPOSAL TO THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE TO END VIOLENCE.. YES EVEN THE US AMBASSADOR HAVE SAID THIS RECENTLY.

convention/chibvumirano is a or a selection from among two or more alternatives, where the rule or alternative is agreed upon among participants.

In governmentconvention is a set of unwritten rules that participants in the government must follow. These rules can be ignored only if justification is clear, or can be provided. Otherwise, consequences follow. Consequences may include ignoring some other convention that has until now been followed. According to the traditional doctrine conventions cannot be enforced in courts, because they are non-legal sets of rules. Convention is particularly important in the Commonwealth realms and other governments using theWestminster System of government, where many of the rules of government are unwritten.


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