another ant- zanu-pf movement formed

02 Jun

 NOW IF ZIMBABWEANS REALIZE THAT A CHANGE IS NEEDED THEN LETS FIGHT ZANU-PF. THE  Zimbabwe Electoral Commission will be having a long voters roll. The zimbabwe exile govt an ant-zanu-pf movement welcomes aboard the other new ant-zanu-pf movement , yes the ku klux klan must go, mugabe must go!!!


Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front


By Admore Tshuma   ZIMDIASPORA 

WINDS of political change are sweeping across Zimbabwe following confirmed reports that a massive global anti-dictatorship movement that would soon translate into a powerful political party has been formed in the United Kingdom.

The movement came into life last week in London when some of Zimbabwe’s most influential people met and decided to form an anti-ZANU-PF global movement…CLICK FOR MORE …


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