UK gvt dismisses Zimbabwean-“exile government”

01 Jun

London(ZimEye)The United Kingdom has dismissed a group formation calling itself the exile government of Zimbabwe under a London based refugee Martin Chinyanga who had before the refusal, pressed for a meeting with the British government over the Zimbabwean political crisis.

A UK-gvt representative described the group as counteractive to the current efforts by the UK government and the nation of Zimbabwe.

In a letter to leader Martin Chinyanga (who has before had audience with former Foreign Secretary David Miliband-pictured), an officer from the UK government’s Africa Directorate department at King Charles Street, London said in part:

“We want to do all we can to support the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people for a more democratic, stable and prosperous Zimbabwe. We will work with our international and regional partners in considering how best to work to improve the prospects of reform in Zimbabwe.

“For the reasons I have listed above I think it would be inappropriate to meet with you at this time … more click


One response to “UK gvt dismisses Zimbabwean-“exile government”


    June 1, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    as a spokesman for the Zimbabwe exile interim executive … i just highlight that UK is not the one which determines our credibility, we still in full swing but we are now existing as an ant- zanu-pf movement.. by the name THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVT AN ANT-ZANU PF MOVEMENT. we have been accepted by many board members including the UN civil society. we look foward to ban zanu-pf to participate in the next elections because they have turned to be a ku klux klan society, and this is something which must not be recieved by our ubuntu culture. to those zanu-pf extrimist trained at the boader gezi camp. i urge you to repent, and stop your barbaric actions towards your fellow country man. .. this is the video i have been speaking to man…..


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