Army general, Nyikayaramba vows not to salute Tsvangirai

30 May
 The Zimbabwean Exile Govt ,calls for the detention and summoning of the army commander to be charged with treason, with the intension to kill the road map to democracy.. by publicly announcing his intention to form a military coup, if any other govt not zanu-pf related comes to power.
Sunday, 29 May 2011 12:04
File:Flag of the Zimbabwe National Army.svg


The ZNA is under the command of Lieutenant General Philip Velario Sibanda, who took over from General Constantine Chiwenga following his elevation to the post of Commander Zimbabwe Defence Forces in December 2003


1 Brigade – Brigadier General Eliah Bandama

2 Brigade – Brigadier-General Francis Noel Mutisi

3 Brigade – Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba

4 Brigade – Brigadier-General Davidson Manyika

5 Brigade – Brigadier General Luke Z Ncube

Artillery Brigade-Brigadier General Etherton Shungu

Mechanized Brigade – Brigadier General Paul Chima

Artillery Brigade – Colonel Morgan Urayai Munawa

Parachute Regiment – Lieutenant Colonel Chosen Mpatiwa

Commando Regiment – Lieutenant Colonel Hwami Vengesai

Special Air Service – Lieutenant Colonel Panga Kufa

Presidential Guards -Colonel Anselem Sanyatwe

Mounted Infantry Regiment – Lieutenant Colonel Bothwell Brian Chigaba

Corps of Engineers – Colonel Jardinious Garira

Corps of Intelligence – Colonel M. Mzilikazi

Tsvangirai (pictured) has said the grim political threats by army generals that they will never salute anyone without liberation war credentials reinforces his oft-repeated call for security sector reforms and the need  to vaccinate State organs from acting like political entities.
Zimbabwe hangs in political limbo after members of President Mugabe’s security Cabinet, the Joint Operations Command, threatened this week to block the political transition if the incumbent veteran President loses the forthcoming presidential poll.
The Commander of 3 Brigade, General Douglas Nyikayaramba told the financial weekly, the Zimbabwe Independent in remarks published in a front-page splash of yesterday’s edition that he will never salute Tsvangirai. He is just the latest General to announce to the world that they would not accept, let alone support or salute, anyone without liberation war credentials.
This statement has been repeated on the eve of every national election since 2002. Tsvangirai said yesterday at the launch of a Panel of Elders —  a distinguished panel of Zimbabwean leaders hoping to use their collective influence to bring political violence to center stage — that the army generals’ routine election time statement was tantamount to intimidation.
Brig Gen Nyikayaramba said the Generals refuse to countenance the prospect of Zimbabwe being ruled by a political party other than Zanu PF – the deliverer of Zimbabwean independence. Drawing from their experience of fighting in the country’s liberation war, some senior army officers see themselves as the guardians of Zimbabwean independence. Nyikayaramba insisted elections must happen this year to end the power-sharing government that has been wrecked by internal wrangling and sharp disagreements on policy. Tsvangirai, far from facing down the military commanders, said the threats reinforce his call for security sector reforms. Tsvangirai has appealed to regional leaders to persuade Mugabe to allow for wide democratic security sector reforms before elections, but political analysts believe he will only concede ground if there is threat of regional isolation.
The matter has been set down for discussion at the Heads of State and Government meeting on the sidelines of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Council and Summit in South Africa on 12th June.
“Statements by service chiefs that they will not respect the expression of the people’s will, as well as statements in the press today in which a senior army officer is trying to determine the date of the election, only serve to confirm the uniqueness of our situation and the importance of vaccinating State organs from acting like political entities,” Tsvangirai said at the launch of the Panel of Elders, headed by Prof Gordon Chavunduka, at a local hotel yesterday.
“Unnecessary election talk leads to dysfunctionality and polarity in the country. It polarizes Cabinet, Parliament and the security sector and leads to unilateral actions and selective application of the law.”
The Generals’ threat to never allow President Mugabe to cede executive powers to Tsvangirai was an ominous sign. The MDC leader alleged the generals were imposing a “war psychosis” on the country.
“Our current situation is being compounded by the war psychosis – the constant reference to Chimurenga and the war language associated with it,” Tsvangirai said. “It puts the country into an unnecessary war mode because any war environment necessitates the suspension of the Constitution and the undermining of the civilian authority. The…… more click


The board of trustees of the Zimbabwe Liberators Platform on Wednesday lobbed a vitriolic verbal grenade at Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, for suggesting Mugabe should rule forever. The group of ex-guerrillas who claim that the struggle’s ideals have been betrayed, described the ‘self-opinionated’ commander of 3 Brigade in Mutare as an ‘arrogant and rotten apple’ within the defence force.

sw radio

By Tichaona Sibanda
1 June 2011

The board of trustees of the Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP) on Wednesday lobbed a vitriolic verbal grenade at Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, for suggesting Robert Mugabe should rule forever.

ZLP, a group of ex-guerrillas who claim that the struggle’s ideals have been betrayed, described the ‘self-opinionated’ commander of 3 Brigade in Mutare as an ‘arrogant and rotten apple’ within the defence force.

ZLP condemned Nyikayaramba’s remarks and demanded that he be reprimanded or dismissed from the army. Wilfred Mhanda, known during the liberation war as Dzinashe Machingura, is a former high-ranking ZANLA commander and is a trustee of ZLP.

He said his organisation would hope Nyikayaramba’s views are not representative of the thinking of the officer corps of the Zimbabwe Defences Forces. Mhanda, who was appointed to the high command in 197, told us most of those who sit on the Joint Operations Command (JOC) went through his hands.

He claimed to have trained ZDF commander Constantine Chiwenga and Air Marshal Perence Shiri during the early years of the war and he also trained Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri later on.

‘I think his remarks are just the ranting and raving of an isolated overzealous ZANU PF zealot, a clear misfit within the ranks of the ZDF,’ Mhanda said in a joint statement co-signed by another trustee, Happyson Nenji, also a former war vet who used his chimurenga name, Webster Gwauya.

ZLP said the Brigadier, who stands accused by the MDC-T of rigging the 2002 Presidential elections in favour of his commander-in-chief, needs to be reminded that the ZDF are a national institution funded and supported by tax payers’ money and not from ZANU PF coffers.

‘The soldiers’ loyalty should lie towards the people of Zimbabwe and not ZANU PF. The defence forces are not a ZANU PF militia as he imagines. The national defence forces and other arms of state security should be rid of unprofessional officers and rotten apples like him,’ ZLP said.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition waded into the Nyikayaramba controversy and said there is no way the people of Zimbabwe can have free and fair elections that are without violence or intimidation, if the army made such reckless utterances.

‘Unless and until we have a truly independent and non-partisan military, and security sector encompassing the police, prisons, and the central intelligence agency, then to hold elections would be to needlessly put the lives of the electorate in harm’s way,’ said Dewa Mavhinga, regional coordinator for Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

In a statement Mavhinga said it is now abundantly clear that the fundamental challenge and the root of the governance crisis in Zimbabwe, is the extremely partisan and politicized security sector.

‘SADC must know now that any road map to Zimbabwe elections that does not ensure a complete separation of the military from political and electoral affairs is a sheer waste of time. All meddling in political and civilian affairs by the military must be stopped.



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