Zwambila the Zimbabwean Aussie ambassador is a stripper

28 May


Canberra(ZimEye)Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Australia, Jacqueline Zwambila’s name hit a number of Aussie-computer screens this week after fresh allegations were raised and debated on her for alleged gross misconduct and ill-treatment of staff.

Australian government officials this week began examining allegations against Zwambila  by an employee, for a list of alleged concerns including the ordering of the male staff member to her bedroom late in the night when she was reportedly ‘half naked’. The Zim Envoy is thus being probed for not only abuse of office, but also sexual harassment of the male staff member at her residence. The Zimbabwean envoy was accused of twice calling the residential-worker to her bedroom after 10PM at a time her Butler claims that she was half naked. It was claimed that all she wanted at this time of the night was a glass of coke. Late last year Zwambila was  also accused of stripping her clothes before embassy staff-members.

Felix Machiridza who has now been dismissed from work without a clear explanation said:

‘She was wearing a corset and a bra when she called me’, he said referring to a first incident alleged to have happened in March 2010. Efforts to obtain a information from Zwambila as to the valid reason for Machiridza’s dismissal from work were fruitless as she did not respond to emails and did not answer her phone.

It was claimed that Zwambila soon attempted to force Machiridza to vacate a cottage house he was living in and allegedly ordered him to occupy a bedroom on the same floor as her. After ‘turning down’ the request, Machiridza said he was in retarliation soon ordered to relocate into a motor-vehicle garage where he allegedly lived for nine months, evidence which is being examined.

Machiridza’s case may raise issues of sexual harassment under section 59 of the Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT), an Australian government official said this week.

At the time of writing, Zwambila still had not responded to the reports since Monday. [UPDATE-Friday 02:02am] After a series of repeated calls and emails, an email was later received Friday in which she said she had no comment.:

“Thank you for your email dated 24 May 2011. The Ambassador has no comment,” the email read.


An email acknowledging receipt and promising a reply ‘in due course’ had been received from the Zimbabwe embassy’s official email address on Tuesday but no details had been supplied as to when the reply would be made.

Zwambila is an appointee from prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party, a result of the government of national unity signed in 2009. Machiridza like Zwambila is also an active member of the MDC party and worked for the MDC until he obtained his new job

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ZANU PF officials have demanded the ‘recall’ of Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia, Jacqueline Zwambila(pictured), accusing her of “undimplomatic behaviour” after she allegedly ‘stripped’ in front of embassy staff in Canberra.

Zwambila allegedly bared all in front of three male embassy officials after accusing them of leaking information to the state-run The Herald newspaper.

The ambassador is said to have quizzed staffers Moses Chikanyairo, Givemore T. Nyanzou and Felix Nyamupinga on who had leaked the embassy’s website link to the media.

The website contained claims that contradicted Government policy on sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by western countries.

Chris Mutsvangwa, a former ambassador to China said: “President Mugabe may be forced to recall Ambassador Zwambila.

now the story has been put in detailed…….
the MDC-T Felix Chiridza who was employed as a butler by the ambassor has written a report detailing his ordeal at the hands of the ambassador.

In an email to Zimbabwe Online Press Felix Machiridza explained how he contacted MDC-T President and Zimbabwe Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai to have the matter resolved without involving media but his efforts fell on deaf ears as he experienced threats from the ambassador.

“Contrary to what some analysts are thinking, this has nothing to do with politics because we are from the same political divide, that is why I approached the PM’s office first. Prior to this I had tried for a long time to engage my employer in dialogue and it had resulted in worse treatment.Here in Australia I had approached both govt and private institutions for assistance but because of ambassador Zwambila’s diplomatic immunity they could not help much.” Said Felix…


One response to “Zwambila the Zimbabwean Aussie ambassador is a stripper

  1. naisentertainment

    May 30, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    She should be sacked n lose her diplomatic immunity to pave way for legal or civil proceedings, that behaviour cannot be tolerated especially coming from a member of a party who’ve been opposing that culture for more than a decade, she’s a hypocrite


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