28 May
    it is a Transitional Authority to serve all the people of Zimbabwe at home and abroad and advancing the people’s democratic revolution to push to oversee the conduct of free and fair elections which must lead to Zimbabwe’s full transition to democracy and a new democratically elected Government of the people’s choice to whom the Exile Government will formally hand over power.The exile GOVT operates with various departments and is also involved in an position of putting democracy in zimbabwe, either be diplomatic ,be an uprising or be a military campaign.
     And who are they martin?
L MTruthfulness is next to Godliness. Martin C Da William is overcome with sadness and all that he wants and desires is for a truly democratic despensation to prevail in Zimbabwe. As you, J  K, and I including nearly everybody else who respects the sanctity of the human race knows, the situation is currently obtaining in Zimbabwe defies logic. Zanu-PF and its charlatans have created a laager of a selected few who have mustered the art of enriching themselves while creating an atmosphere of massive intimidation that has rendered every Zimbabwean fearful for their lives. Although you and I are at pains to understand the concept behind Martin’s idea of a Government in Exile, I think the fact that it is almost next to imposible to defy Zanu-PF while one is within the country, Martin sees it most appropriate to launch an onslught from outside. The little that I understand is that Martin wants various host governments that play host to the Zimbabwean diaspora to understand beyond doubt that indeed the situation under Zanu-PF is definitely unattainable in Zimbabwe. And that, amongst other things, there are also people like Martin who are trying to make a difference albeit in a perculiar fashion. We need to get Zanu-PF out of the reigns of power by hook or crook, the damage they did to our country, morally and materially, is beyond reproach

.Now to say to the diaspora community, please we need you to support the exile gvt, it is now the only way forward to take powers from the zanupf regime. I have experience of politics in different states, including , Chile, Burma, Djibouti, Israel..etc.. the exile gvt really works in the event to remove the regime…we need to crush these eggs of zanu-pf which want to hatch in diaspora. I will answer partilly the land issue, Mr mapiye, when we go on power, we will retake the land from all thse invaders, we will relocate the land accordingly with sound leases, the land will be given to professionals in order to out burst the country to be the bread basket again, the other land will be given to Zimbabwean citizens to practice there family substance farming which will not be monitored by the state… the land to be given to professionals will,be monitored by the state, and the lease will not be for inheritance, the lease will be only for proffesional in agriculture and farming, such as madumeni , this will be regardless of race, tribe or creed. … we intend to dived the country into 5 states, mashona state, manica state, gaza state, masvingo state and finally matebele state.. there will be devolution of power.. we need to cut governers to compensate for our economy, we have a lot in place,,, we need to rebuild the infrastructure, we need to expand industrialization, we need motorways.. we need , need to improve the GDP, WE NEED TO TAKE THE COUNTRY FROM THIRD WORLD… in the exile or diaspora we are looking at empowering all the Zimbabwean citizens, to participate in olympics , to be trained in highly skilled professions which will help us rebuild our country, we need to protect our citizens from political bureaucracy in the countries which they are ethnic minorities…. we have a lot.


we expect to do more, EXILE GVT REPRESENTATIVES IN S.A, AUSTRALIA, USA, NIGERIA,CANADA, BOTSWANA and other countries presented the same document to their host gvt, we had a speech about the exile gvt, at the zimvigil some minutes b4 submission in 10 downing street UK. THE NEXT STEPS ,TO BE TAKEN BY THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GOVERNMENT, is to include the exile people and the people on ground , to selected there MPs , this process will include some elections done by zimbabweans in disapora, each country will sent 10 representatives but propotion will be taken into consideration. The elected people will form the excutive exile govenrment , which will include the prime minister, vice prime minister and the ministers which will work together with the secretariat. the secretariat include myself and the other 12 Rt Hon who are pioneering this project. NB every individual from deferent politcal background is welcome to participate, The aim of the exile gvt is to eliminate and take power from the mugabe regime.As we said before the exile gvt will collapse , when a democratically elected gvt in zimbabwe is installed. We also welcome the Opposition ministers in the present gvt of GNU to join the exile gvt if they fall prey to any threat, these ministers and MPs will automatically be part of the executive  Government.

  • we are interim leaders/ facilitators of the zimbabwe gvt in exile till the first elections have been held to choose or vote for leaders . in the mean time we are working 24/7 to put a referendum to find out the need of people in dispora, how the exile gvt can support them , and accommodate their dreams, hope and aspiration till we get home. i might not the best person to lead this gvt in exile, but at least i initiated the project knowing that once it’s established my life is in danger and i know and believe that this is the right think to do. i am hoping among the 5 million Zimbabweans in exile will support this project….
  • Actions of governments in exileInternational law recognizes that governments in exile may undertake many types of actions in the conduct of their daily affairs. These actions include:

    becoming a party to a bilateral or international treaty

    amending or revising its own constitution

    maintaining military forces

    retaining (or “newly obtaining”) diplomatic recognition by sovereign states

    issuing identity cards

    allowing the formation of new political parties

    instituting democratic reforms

    holding elections

    allowing for direct (or more broadly-based) elections of its government officers, etc.

  • i age all zimbabweans to take action , and be serious , we need to work for our people who are oppresed…see some of  preachings on this video…
  • the other video on 1st march.. please click the london hangs mugabe . passion for zimbabwe,see,CHINYANGA in ZAPU..
  • Governments in exile frequently occur during wartime occupation, and sometimes also in the aftermath of a civil war, revolution, military coup, or widespread belief in the illegitimacy of a ruling government. For example, during the German expansion of the Second World War, some European governments sought refuge in the United Kingdom rather than face destruction at the hands of Nazi Germany. The effectiveness of a government in exile depends mainly on the support it can get from foreign governments on the one hand and from the population of its own country on the other. Some governments in exile can develop into a formidable force, posing a serious challenge to the rival in actual possession of the country, while others are mainly maintained as a symbolic gesture with little effect on the actual situation but in this occasion it’s a negative feedback, where the regime has failed to perform its basic roles, it has consequently lost all form of legitimacy and we are the new legitimate government to rescue and help push the regime out of power by the means of a revolution or any other means necessary . THE THINKS WHICH HAVE BEEN LOOKED IN TO AT ARE ILLEGITIMACY OF A RULING GOVERNMENT, GNU IS NO LONGER FUNCTIONING, PEOPLE ARE KILLED, ABDUCTED AND VIOLENCE IS COMMITTED EVERY DAY…MUGABE AND REGIME HAVE LOST LEGITIMACY ,SO THIS GOVERNMENT IS FORMED UNDER SUCH..IN THE HOPE TO PATRONAGE A REVOLUTION……..READ MORE on the DECLARATION WINDOW.



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