TWO (ZimRights) officials arrested have gone missing in Mugabe’s prison.

27 May
Activism is my rent on Earth

TWO Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) officials arrested for planning a public meeting on torture have gone missing in Mugabe’s prison.

Walter Dube, a paralegal officer and Florence Ndlovu, the regional coordinator for Matabeleland were arrested at Tshino business centre in Tsholotsho after police stopped the meeting on torture on Monday.

Tsholotsho is one of the hardest hit places in Matabeleland that saw thousands being murdered by Mugabe’s North Korean trained 5th Brigade in the 1980s.

The meeting was in defiance of a ruling by Bulawayo magistrate Ntombizodwa Mazhandu allowing the meeting by the grassroots based organisation to proceed without police interference.

Lawyers and ZimRights officials yesterday said police were frustrating efforts to locate the two.

“We do not know where the two are being detained and what their charge is.

We are now worried because we do not know if they are safe of not,” said ZimRights national director Okay Machisa.

The two are being represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) member lawyers Charles Moyo and Jonathan Tsvangirai.

Machisa expressed worry that security agents could be torturing the officials, given their history of kidnapping and torturing human rights defenders and political activists.

ZLHR spokesman Kumbirai Mafunda said Tsvangirai and Moyo were denied access to their clients when they went to Nyamandlovu police station.

“The lawyers representing Dube and Ndlovu were denied access by a rifle wielding police officer at Nyamandlovu on Tuesday. The lawyers believe their clients are still at Nyamandlovu despite the police claiming the two officials have been transferred to Sipepa police station,” Mafunda said.

He said officers at Sipepa police station had denied holding the two ZimRights officials.

Mafunda said lawyers had observed that the vehicle used by the two missing officials had been removed from Nyamandlovu police where it was initially parked after the arrest.

“Police have refused to divulge where the car and the officials are,” said Mafunda.

Police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena professed ignorance on the case.

State security agents in 2008 abducted several human rights and political activists, including a journalist and held them incommunicado at secret locations while torturing them to induce confessions of insurgency…please see more on the original press


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