why celebrating Africa day yet we are traumatized by autocrats and dictators

25 May

File:Flag of Ethiopia (1897).svg

why should we celebrate Africa day on the 25th of May , whilst the same leaders of ours are more than slave masters.. we have been put into a type of life by the autocrats of Africa. in deed they are the onces who used to sell us to slave masters, and now they are also the ones who sold the country to colonialists, yet again they are the ones encouraging dictatorship through their autocratic rule. Mr Mugadafi, Mr mugbegba are all names which are in africans’ tongues. n’yet at present moment they are starting another wave of inviting chines traders to exploit our resources for the trade of guns and ammunition ,, not different the old days , when trade was also for guns and ivory.

i advice all technocrats of Africa to see what the roots of civilization is doing , in Mesopotamia and tigeres valleys down to the Nile river.. yes see thus the Egyptian way today, Tunisian style. this is not an Arab wave , but look at the history of civilization , then you will see Alexandra the great ,you will see Socrates in this area.. you will see the Greek in this area.. please southern Africa , why do we want to be behind times of civilization all the time,hope our grand children won’t spit at our graves.
iwe neni tine basa, basa reku vaka Afrika

by Martin C  DaWilliam


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