WAR: MDC-T youth calls for “eye for an eye”

18 May

AS political violence escalates in Zimbabwe the Tsvangirai-led Movement for Democratic Change youth assembly has called for an eye for an eye.

The said this when they commemorated the death of one of their most prominent slain activists, Tonderai Ndira.

They declared it was time for the Biblical “eye for an eye” should Zanu PF continue tormenting their members.

Alluding to harmonised elections that Zanu PF wants held this year at any cost, the former opposition youth assembly urged its members to defend their parents, party and themselves against likely attacks from those against dissent.

MDC-T youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi said the youth of Zimbabwe were geared to defend themselves against attacks they claimed were perpetrated by Zanu PF.

“Prepare yourselves to defend our parents, party and election victory,” said Mkwananzi.

Solomon Madzore, the MDC-T youth assembly chairperson, sang the same tune, challenging the party’s youths to stand up in …….

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One response to “WAR: MDC-T youth calls for “eye for an eye”

  1. Reason paraffin

    June 27, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    I wld lk t sy t my flw mdc yth tht nmtr tht thy tk our prsndnt wl keep on fghtng fr th rl chnge.t our prsndnt we keep pry fr u 1 dy god wl answr our pryz as chtwon ward23 w lv u leader and u remain n our mind


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