tribute to heroes of democracy in zimbabwe

13 May

tribute to heroes of democracy in zimbabwe

by Martin Chinyanga Da William on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 3:16pm

i would like to take this time to salute all the comrades who are lying down because they died in the trenches fighting for democracy. Mr Shephard Yuda, i thank you and i promise you will receive your highest medal of honor , with the work you did to devulge the important information, you showed how thes zanu-pf , rigged the elections, you did it, that was same as fighting smith in the chimurenga war,,, you will be honored. Now to say to the diaspora community, please we need you to support the exile gvt, it is now the only way forward to take powers from the zanupf regime. I have experience of politics in different states, including , Chile, Burma, Djibouti, Israel..etc.. the exile gvt really works in the event to remove the regime…we need to crush these eggs of zanu-pf which want to hatch in diaspora. I will answer partilly the land issue, Mr mapiye, when we go on power, we will retake the land from all thse invaders, we will relocate the land accordingly with sound leases, the land will be given to professionals in order to out burst the country to be the bread basket again, the other land will be given to Zimbabwean citizens to practice there family substance farming which will not be monitored by the state… the land to be given to professionals will,be monitored by the state, and the lease will not be for inheritance, the lease will be only for proffesional in agriculture and farming, such as madumeni , this will be regardless of race, tribe or creed. … we intend to dived the country into 5 states, mashona state, manica state, gaza state, masvingo state and finally matebele state.. there will be devolution of power.. we need to cut governers to compensate for our economy, we have a lot in place,,, we need to rebuild the infrastructure, we need to expand industrialization, we need motorways.. we need , need to improve the GDP, WE NEED TO TAKE THE COUNTRY FROM THIRD WORLD… in the exile or diaspora we are looking at empowering all the Zimbabwean citizens, to participate in olympics , to be trained in highly skilled professions which will help us rebuild our country, we need to protect our citizens from political bureaucracy in the countries which they are ethnic minorities…. we have a lot.

Simply the New Zimbabwe Exile Government. The Zimbabwe bird is now free, it is out of the cage, we are now free from thirty years of captivity. The red star symbolic of ZANU PF is gone.

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    • Maureen Khumalo viva devolution of power ,viva!!! Viva repossession of land frm the invaders viva!!!

      March 27 at 3:24pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Bernard Dube viva cde this is the time to be free from 30 years of suffering

      March 27 at 3:37pm ·  ·  1 person
    • M Jordan Nleya LT Purematics – respect…♥

      March 27 at 3:57pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Dave Ushe

      A Government is a legal guardian of citizens of the republic in Which it governs. It stand in loco parentis and has the fiduciary duty to ensure welfare provision, defend and protect its citizens. The government of Zimbabwe is like a guardi…See More
      March 27 at 7:34pm ·  ·  2 people

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