The ideologies are killing the people of Zimbabwe’s liberty..MDC believes in…and zanu-pf believes in

13 May

The ideologies are killing the people of Zimbabwe’s liberty..MDC believes in no violence… yet they do not understand the meaning of violence, zanu-pf have ideologies that mdc must not rule because it will hand over the country to the imperialist. MDC people are attacked day and night some up to losing life.. and Chamatama is saying chill, Zimbabwe will come… Chamatama will continue to refuses elections until 2020, we will be still in the capitivity of zanu-pf and we will be finished one by one, the way generations perish with time.

THE FACT THAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF VIOLENCE , IS A STRUGGLE IN THE MDC ARENA,,, they are putting people of zimbabwe at risk.. now they are ever extending elections , up to when, up to 2020… so mdc is just in the tune of zanu-pf… they must not decide for people , let those elections be done as possible.. or they have to fit other political parties on the ground , includes zapu, mlf, and many more to be in the waiting gvt… the mdc do not decide when to do eletions , cause the gnu gvt term is finished…. defending your self is not violence… this shows how mdc people have already been brain-drained like zanu-pf people.. the ideologies are killing people of Zimbabwe’s liberty..

Comparing Zimbabweans and S.A the S.A got her independence because the masses marched, did strikes and made life impossible for the apathierd regime… the S.A are people who can practise the Egypt way in any moment things go wrong.. see the xenophoia attacks , which were almost in the years b4… now if the S.A gvt acts in the manner like zanu-pf , they will easily be pushed out by the masses… yet in Zimbabwe, zanu-pf thinks it got power because of the gun, and that they are the only ones who did so without the rest of the Zimbabweans… sic,,, To remove zanu-pf from power we need extra force not just marching of masses, but we need co-ordinated encouragement from the promising leaders .. or else lets not didsturb zanu-pf and live it alone.. otherwise if the snake charmers are learners, then all people will fall victims of the rettle snakes. ..see how houses are burnt dailly , see how people are robbed of their human rights… their is no nja ni nja ni in this affair.. MDC IS MESSING OUR COUNTRY, BY TRYING TO BE AN EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT OF THE UN AND THE WEST.

what is violence… do you know the meaning of violence…. thus what mdc , must state, in it’s policies.. becuase  people must defend their borders,, same  as a country , each one has the defense force,, for either to attck or defend… only word  needed ”is the attck justified”.. see libya, see ivory coast… if the world and the UN finds it appropriate , then we call it legalised. and thus the problem with MDC .. the party does not know that it needs a defence mechanism, to prevent it’s self from attacks.. attacks can be direct or indirect… thus what i am saying ..mdc must learn to be a political party rather than a movement or action group.

Violence is the use of physical force to cause injury, damage or death. Worldwide, violence is used as a tool of manipulation and also is an area of concern for law and culture which take attempts to suppress and stop it. The word violence covers a broad spectrum. It can vary from between a physical altercation between two beings to war and genocide where millions may die as a result.In zimbabwe this is happening because the zanu-pf political party is causing such and the mdc must stop this violence by reacting in stopping it not to happen.

if the idiots, zanu-pf thugs are continuing the killings, then what do we do, we retreat… leave the place, we tell the people causing such to stop, we  declare a war  with there millitary wing, so we all die together  sic.  i am hate with mdc’s approach towards the people being abused everyday… immediate solutions are needed, not to sleep. mdc must start to ask the UN or the world to build refugee camps to protect people in rural areas..enough is enough. their is nothing to think about when people’s houses are burnt daily,, zanu-pf must be banned  with immediate effect.

so i respect the work which was done in s.a recenty to stop, zanu-pf from politing political violence in s.a.

refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision CAN WE SAY MDC and ZANU-PF are PROCRASTINATORS. both parties are now suffering from Psychological problems. As we se above, the ideologies re making these political parties to drag the voting system , and hence , making zimbaweans to suffer.

MDC policies are a hinderance to the fall of zanu-pf since 2000,,,,,The solution to stop violence and zimbabwe enjoys it’s country is for mdc to resign and colaborate with zanu-pf, or that zanu must be banned.

Which one is the best solution for zimbabweans….. Mdc’s frigile policies are causing the country to be on an unstable stature. If mdc policies were so good and if mdc was a political party then Zanu would have left office a long way back. Zanu-pf have proved to be violence and it is now existing as a cult group. This practise must be banned the country. As I said b4 mdc must correct it’s values of unindependences ideologies of asking decision from the west and act as pupet of peace keepers model experiment of UN. The solution is right on the door steps ..a sword to a sword ……mdc was the party which must trigger the egypt way. If they do not like better they come out and tell people that they are a Z-project…

even the third law of motion called action reaction …it states that forces always occur in pairs. Every action is accompanied by a reaction of equal magnitude but opposite direction. This principle is commonly known in the Latin language as actio et reactio. The attribution of which of the two forces is action or reaction is arbitrary. Each of the two forces can be considered the action, the other force is its associated reaction.

open your eyes and see the real world… kudai uriiwe , waka iswa mugomba re ku mt dawin uri mupenyu, then grenade rokandwa , you would love it… so yhus what we are highlighting here… Mdc must be serious and not to play with the people’s lives..

The ideologies are killing the people of Zimbabwe\’s liberty..MDC believes in…and zanu-pf believes in


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