UK Census 2011 Shona helpline, WHERE IS THE NDEBELE HELPLINE

14 Apr

by Martin Chinyanga Da William on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 1:18pm

 THE EXILE GOVERNMENT OF ZIMBABWE welcomes and commends the recognition and inclusion of Zimbabwe language by the UK government as reflected by the Official documents of the UK Census 2011. In recognition of one of Zimbabwe’s major languages, the Census document has a helpline which reads: ,””Rubatsiro Runhare 0300 0201152”. This is a very encouraging milestone development which a lot of our people in Exile never thought they could witness in their lifetime and it also speaks to the UK Government’s commitment to multiculturalism.

However, whilst we welcome the commendable efforts by the British Gvnt to include the Shona language in the Census, it is our view that more can be done to include the Ndebele language as well which is a major language spoken by more than 100 000 exiled Zimbabweans in the U.K and to help towards addressing this request, we, as the Zimbabwe Exile Government are prepared to provide a Ndebele speaker to help with the inclusion of this language.

We look forward to hear from the U.K Government about this proposal.

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Postal address:

Census Customer Services

Office for National Statistics

Segensworth Road




PO15 5RR


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