what is your position in exile

14 Apr

MDC and ZAPU leaders come to diaspora to address their party funders, yet the funders are not given the right to vote in Zimbabwe,they are used only as donkeys, please Diaspora can’t we open eyes to stand for our rights. we need a Zimbabwe consular in Diaspora to represent exile Zimbabweans in social problems and other problems like prison sentences etc..look at the British consular all over the world

this must be taken serious, and these are some of the basics of trying to fomulate an exile gvt… all diaspora we need to come together to make constructive solution for our future and future for zimbabwe. we need to see what other countries are doing , not just to fill theaters on mdc and ZAPU MEETINGS , WHICH DO NOT GIVE HELP TO OUR NEEDS AND OUR FUTURE,, please all you should put your mind together and think in my direction, Zimbabwe very soon will be given money by Britain and USA worth 100million to reverb it’s economic structure and raise the standared of all zimbabweans in need.. what about us.. PLEASE DIASPORA LETS COME TOGETHER AND MAKE OUR FUTRE A SUCCESS.. i know some collegues will say hey i go to church , i am not a thief, i have papers etc, yet you do not have a britsh passport,or canadian or usa green card …incident, if you travel to thailand and by accident a drug smugglers uses your bag to put cocaine , it might be a cabin crew.. on chech, you will be cought with this staff, who will represent you.. zimbabwe mafias,, zanu gvt does not carter for such… please diaspora work up.



One response to “what is your position in exile


    April 15, 2011 at 1:52 am

    because if you are disapora, then we have an issue to solve, hatisikuda kurova imbwa takaviga mupini… the politicians are using us, we diaspora , we like politics so much but we are also not strong enough to hold the ground situation we are waiting to go when everything is kool, .. how will we help if we do not form and connguer pressure to blow the regime away, the people on ground can not do this, ..the regime will use the gun and bazuca al the time.. look at what happened to this mp who voted against the team in the recent speaaker of paliament. they have taken his farm already… so lets think.. what are the politicians doing for us.. we are now like israelites , or jews.. we must come together .. we must leave these things of partisan, heee jani jani..mdc, zapu.. and make one big team to fight the regime , in the diasporan way.. that the only help we can do…the help is done by our hands and bodies together not our monies.

    i just want you to see this video if you tune on 04:11 and 09:06 then you can see me clearly saying , i will contest elections for makoni west constituents in the ground.. not to participate in diaspora party activities, yet some of my diaspora they do not contribute in the out come of the rebuild of zimbabwe..LETS UNITE GUYZ AND WE DO SOMETHING FOR BOTH US AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE.LETS REMOVE THE PARTISIAN THINGS IN DIASPORA , AND JOIN HABDS TO WORK FOR ONE THING…. LIBERATE ZIMBABWE, BY MAKING OUR VOICES TO BE HEARD THROUGH CASTING OUR VOTES OR LETS BE IN THE STATE TO MAKE OUR EXILE GVT, WITH THE MANDATE TO ABIDE FOR OUR WELL BEING AND FORCE THE REGIME TO ACCEPT THE IMMIGRATION CHANGE. VIVA DUAL CITIZEN SHIP AND VIVA DIASPORA VOTE., LASTLY VIVA DIASPORA REPRESENTATION …OR ZIMBABWE CONSULATE.


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