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once upon a time


one day in february of 2010 Robert Mugabe was aproached by a salesman of NIKUV, he displayed his goods to mugabe.  the scientist demonstrated how his weapons of mass destruction works. He approved that this also worked in kenya, zambia for sata and zuma was going to use us as well he already paid deposit. This was a good-news welcome by president Mugabe , who immediately picked a call and talked to grace Mugabe  laughing ” hun, God gave the country diamonds for a reason , darling wow we are inn, we are bond for state house for life heheh hehehe hehehe , darling it looks like a dream. After the amaizing call Bob called munangagwa, mai mujuru, chiwenga , kasukuwere, mutasa, chinamasa, mudede and chombo. He set on the normal table of the chimurenga dare guru table.

immediatly mugabe pulled out the weapon of mass destruction and presented this below picture ballot paper to everyone who was in the room. i remember mugabe with a smile that reached his back-head.

he asked every one to vote and told them not to put an X on mugabe box, SMILING AS EVER BE4 THE PRESIDENT HOLDING HIS BOTH HANDS AND HIS TIE HANGING ON HIS FRONT.heeey

the delegation casted votes , he ephasised that they must cast on tsvangirayi’s box. heheheheh  hehheheh Kasukuwere said president your worship i cant cast on tsvangirayi as well chombo, and Bob said hey do as i say.
after a while bob collected the ballot papers, and sealed them.
as they opened the ballots after 1hour , to count, ROBERT MUGABE HAD 100% VOTES, HEY

i remember the joy which came into the room. i remember chinamsa hugging the agent from NIKUV, thank you very much for saving zimbabwe from democracy, hey you deserve all the diamonds of this country.
zimbabwe was surprised why zanu-pf had such a u-turn, and where their confidence was coming from.

MDC-T resisted the elections, that year, saying they wanted to amend the constitution. THE MILITARY ACADEMY WAS BUILT, and zanu-pf insisted on elections  in 2012, and finally in 2013.

SHAME MDC-T needs intelligence agents to operate with them not legal lawyers, tsvangirai was supposed to sent observers to kenya .. to find out why Ordinga lost unfairly, how kenyans where robbed.


this is the video of how it works..

please also  check,  the  statisticians  from  sokwanele..

I remember i passed this commend when i saw Mugabe inaugurating the military academy.
SILLY IDEA, WHAT THIS BUILDINGS FOR RATHER A HOSPITAL FOR HEART SPECIALIST OR CANCER SPECIALIST OR ETC.. the newly zanu-pf defense college by Chinese gvt.. last time Koreans supplied gukurahundi.. who is Zimbabwe’s enemies then



”Diasporah feels it” REBECCA MAFUKENI , London

”Diasporah feels it” REBECCA MAFUKENI , London 


Activist Martin Chinyanga and suppoters at the Zimbabwe vigil, ROHR and Zim yes we can, laid flowers on the Embassy doorstep in tribute to 29-year-old Rebecca Mafukeni, an MDC activist who was arrested along with about 30 others over the alleged murder of a policeman and died recently in prison. He posted the following notice on the Embassy wall. ‘RIP Rebecca Mafukeni. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Arrested for a crime she never committed. Remanded in prison for two years as the state fails to determine her and her co-accused’s fate. In their innocence they lost out nearly three years of their freedom. Is this what the people of Zimbabwe voted for? Is this what the people of Zimbabwe deserve? We are deeply pained by the young people whose hopes, dreams and aspirations are dashed because old people do not want to give the way to the young to also learn and grow in wisdom, knowledge and experience. Your fight, Rebecca, remains our fight.’ Ephraim Tapa commented that this death was the fault of the whole of the inclusive government.
Rebecca is believed to have gone blind while in prison due to the inhuman treatment she received that later resulted in her death 3 other mdc officials inlcuding Last Maingehama remain incarcerated on the same charge The uk diaspora led by Martin Chinyanga  dismissed the murder allegations as mere persecution for being demoracy  advocates. Chinyanga said it was a travesty that a single political faction continued to monopolize state institutions, undermine the rule of law,, disregard court orders, harass and prosecute political opponents, and restrict the media and freedom of opinion and expression. The UK diaspora called for an immediate review of the status of detainees and political prisoners and the release of all persons found to have not been involved in acts of criminal violence as defined by law.

diaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life

In the continuing work so far, i also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday. Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in Britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..
Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. ”
—Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights




British GOVT is allowing white supremacists and apartheid in their streets, by not understanding the meaning of racism… the police simply think racism attack is in the form of verbal and physical attack

27/01/13..   i need justice  by   MARTIN WILLIAM CHINYANGA

British GOVT is allowing white supremacists and apartheid in their streets, by not understanding the meaning of racism… the police simply think racism attack is in the form of verbal and physical attack..hence neglecting the nature of prejudice and bigotry done by some merchandisers in their high streets. These un educated merchandisers harasses mostly black young boys, and many have lost their lives and this includes the late guy shoot in northLondon causing riots in 2012. i really do not know what the human rights watchdog is doing to prevent this.

thus the video below.. and this is a summary of what happened… we went/passed to yates club, me and a friend ”male”  k.k,, his phone number 0777……
yes we asked for the entrance fare, we were told it was 5pounds, then as we tried to hand over the cash, we were not allowed, we were told, we need to have pairs to get in..we thought of a plan …. instead we said to the bouncer we are a pair ” as in gay pair” lol, the bouncer refused us entry neither again.. as we were about to leave the place, then we found a white guy paid and went in, we thought maybe his wife is in, we saw another , and another and another all white guyz being allowed entry…. i switched on my camera iphone, and told the bouncers that i am filming the incident,, i asked again entry and i was not allowed , and i asked why is it that white guyz are just being allowed to enter without asked questions or searched or just harassed, instead white guyz were being saluted by the bouncers … well i asked for the manager , the manager refused to comment and refused me entry… instead the manager instructed for me to be attacked by his bulldogs. i was not in their premises… now they come and took my camera phone by force, forcing me to follow my phone in them, hence they held me again and strangled me saying , shut-up niger, shut-up black ugly” i passed out, and i just remember being dragged in the police van, me and k.k in the prison van… we were taken by police , and the police never bothered to listen to us, and even never allowed me to see a doctor to scan my head and squashed trachea… i remember i even wet my paints in an automatic ejaculation because of my carotid artery which was being compressed. .. they took the camera and deleted all the incidents when the harshly assaulted me, when they pushed me on the ground very hard.. so the above clip is when i had woken up from the ground and the manager was was refusing to comment. ALSO if you see clearly on the video, the bouncers had told me that you need to enter in the pub with a pair… hence you see white guyz just popped in single with no hustle

i was not allowed to enter a pub, just because of my skin color,, hence i was dragged, pushed hard with my head on the floor, also suffocated, and touched death for some minutes.. the bouncers have killed a lot of blackman in london pubs and and the invert to have police support. all this goes under the carpet, my sister just told me her friend’s child was killed by racist door bouncers some month ago, and it all went under the carpet, also another neighbor of mine told me his two sons where just beaten by racist bouncers and the police justified it.. hey .. the mayor of London must stop this as possible .. i ask you Lord Mayor Sir Boris Johnson to act on this .to make London a safer city.

i am afraid to go in the streets of London to enjoy after paying hard taxes to the council, and i am not allowed to buy in some department stores, pub/ clubs in central London just because of my black mask or skin  MARTIN WILLIAM CHINYANGA




Diaspora feels it UK, held 22 December 2012 in memory of Agnes Nemakonde

 DIASPORA FEELS IT 22/12/12    by Martin W Chinyanga
Diaspora  feels it UK was  held on Saturday  22 December  2012  in memory of  Agnes  Nemakonde who was forcefully  deported  by UK Govt to Kenya without  proved  documents  and this  lead to her death.
A petition was  signed  and more  petitions are still being  signed  to be  sent to UK  and  Kenya Govt. 
 the contents of the petitions as written

To  Prime Minister David Cameron

Attn:  foreign commonwealth  office  and  The Home  Office

Petition to  stop the dumping  of  stateless  citizens

The Zimbabweans in exile have  found  out  that  some  of  their  community have  fallen victims of an opaque system of  deportation to  stateless  citizens, and are found  being  dumped  in uncivilized  states.

 We need  answers  as to why Agness  Nemakonde  was forcefully  deported  to Kenya without  proved  documents  and leading to her death.

 To.  Kenya high commission

Zimbabwens in exile need  answers to why AGNES NEMAKONDE WAS KILLED

The Zimbabweans in exile have  found  out  that  some  of  their  community have  fallen victims of a brutal and an unlawful handling of stateless deported  Zimbabwean  asylums seekers from UNITED Kingdom.   We need  answers  as to why Agness  Nemakonde  was accepted to land  in Kenya without  proved  documents  and why you did  not  deport her back to Britain. As a result Agness  later  died  in your  ruthless  handling  of foreign citizens. We ask your Government to stop accepting Zimbabwean asylum seekers  from UK, because of this.

please find  the  story  of Agnes Nemakonde WHO DIED  AS   RESULT  OF FALSE  IMPRISONMENT  AND UNFAIR   DEPORTATION of life  without citizenship

diaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life

Updated about 3 weeks ago
”Diaspora feels it’
In the continuing work so far, i also invite every Zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their Zimbabwean embassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now on-wards any violence that involves the taking of life in Zimbabwe  the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their Zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every Saturday, starting on this coming Saturday  Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the BBC sky and other media in Britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..

the video footage of the doiaspora feels it

Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. ”
—Article 6.1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


Diaspora feels it, for Sekuru Cephas Magura, the MDC-T was held last Saturday 02/06/2012

genocide in Rwanda started when people who think they are Superior than others took machetes and exes to kill the opposition. UN was there,
as in zim we have SADC ….. suffering Zimbabweans needs arms to come out of this mess, No one will come to fight for our peace, i will take away the idea of brothers fighting against each other, yea when we are holding guns we are soldiers and when we come home we are cousins, does a policeman not arrest his father who is committing a crime.
said martin chinyaga

see  more pictures  of  the event attached blow
Diaspora feels it, for Sekuru Cephas Magura, the MDC-T chairman for Ward One Mudzi North was held  satuday 02/06/2012 at Zimbabwe embassies around the globe..please lets fight for our human rights.. In the UK people including zimvigil meet @ ZIMBAWE EMBASSY LondonDiaspora feels it ….Every human being has the right to life
”Diaspora feels it’
In the continuing work so far,we also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage to the victims who died of violence in our country.
From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names of the killed victims and burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday. Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it” ..

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to us..  sent the picture via this email..….

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A demonstration to have UNITED  NATIONS PEACEKEEPERS IN ZIMBABWE’S  NEXT  GENERAL ELECTIONS was held on Tuesday in central  London by THE  ZIMBABWE EXILE  MOVEMENT, documents were  handed  to  South Africa  and  British  governments. The  ZIMBABWE EXILE MOVEMENT  were demanding their  voices to be  amplified, demanding human rights  process  in  Zimbabwe,  asking  the  UN secretary general and UN security  council  to consider the  implementation of  peacekeepers in  Zimbabwe  during  the  next  elections.

Some of  the  documents sent  read

To The Prime Ministe
His Excellence Hon David Cameron

on behalf  of Zimbabweans  in Uk , we  forward this letter  to you so that  you can help  to  amplify  our  voice  to have  peaceful  elections  and  human rights  in Zimbabwe within  your  Government.  Please help us to forward the letter to the United Secretary General Rt Hon Ban Ki-moon.

thank you

The Zimbabwe Exile Movement

Chief secretariat

Martin W Chinyanga



As the UN human-rights commission is in Zimbabwe may 2012 lead by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, I am having faith that their fact finding of 2005 murambatsvina by ‘UN Special Envoy on Human Settlements Issues in Zimbabwe’ by Mrs. Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka and the one  they are  making, will definitely help us to have peace keepers for the next general election, otherwise it must be worship regime forever and no more elections in Zimbabwe, one party state declared and ban MDCs for they make people to be killed. My statement is actually saying no elections in Zimbabwe, because they cause a blood river source. ….yes i mean if such elections are held thy must be very peaceful, hence international monitoring with a solution to stop blood rivers. else MDCs and the people must just sit back and be killed like domestic goats.

It  is obvious Mugabe  will never  improve,  he is not  following the  GPA mandate,  The GNU government  is  just there  as  a club house. We still have violence since it was formed.  People were  killed recently  in the  Marange  diamond  fields, and with the  diamonds  in the regime’s  eyes, they have  decided to build  another  military  academy with the help of Chinese Govt and this  is a very  big  indication  that  the  next  elections  will be more  violent than the  2008  ones. I can  re direct you  to this  website, which have  all the  records  of  political violence  in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch (ZIG Watch) is tracking media articles and reports which provide examples of violations of the agreement between the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) and the two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations. The Global Political Agreement(GPA), signed by Zimbabwe’s three main parties in Harare on 15th September 2008, is intended to “create a genuine, viable, permanent, sustainable and nationally acceptable solution to the Zimbabwe situation”.                                                                                                                    As   graphically  illustrated,  no peace  is  reached zanu-pf 92%, MDC-T  4,9%, MDC-M 3%  , and  it shows  ZANU-PF is ignoring regional  observers  like  SADC  and OAU.  Civilians are in careless hands, we need peacekeepers to help Zimbabweans restore their Human rights

Blood rivers flows in Zimbabwe, Blood dams in Zimbabwe….. What was the cause of typhoid in Harare, what was the cause of cholera in Zimbabwe…definitely our dams and rivers are flowing blood, get my x-ray spectacles and u will see better. ….all the bodies of Gukurahundi 1982, of the 2008 blood elections, Marange  diamond fields  massacres were thrown in those rivers, so what do you expect if your state automatically made u cannibalistic, you drank, you ate the fish from these rivers daily… Yes you will be eating your disappeared friend, relative ………VIVA DEMOCRACY AND THE FREEWILL OF THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE.ALUTA!!
Yes I know I might be uttering no sense to many living in the  comfort of the  ZANU-PF  regime but I have many friends who are not on this earth because they where swallowed by this blood river…sure I talk of the same version of strange fruits hanging in a tree in America. Hope you no the story goggle strange fruits in a tree. You will get my meaning. We need no elections as long there is no peacekeepers in Zimbabwe.

 Zimbabwe Exile Movement






by M.W. Chinyanga

This is the most dangerous and sophisticated method used to keep  fear to opponents by the  regimes, it is a tsotsi method or mafia method of making peple to disappear in the midst of no where. The tac -tick is used to disguise political involvement, into a natural criminal eg like false armed robbery, like false violence say  fighting in a false dispute whislt the objective will be political. Also victims are abducted at night before they reach their dstination eg home or work place, this will be the victim’s routine way and well known movements, robery will be displayed inorder to destroy politcal violence. This is how Tonderayi Ndira was killed, this is how Godfrey kahuzani and friends were killed. Even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way. vanhu vachabayiwa ne ma bicycle spikes. These murders are also well known and planned by ZANU-PF. THIS IS ALSO SIMILAR O GUEERILLIA WARFARE TAC TICS thou this one is moreless mafiaism. ESPIONAGE IS PART OF MORDEN WARFARE-UNSUSPECTING ENEMIES ARE SPIED AND SOBOTEGED. Most of this operation is going to be performed by marijuana dosed barbarians who are brain washed eg chipangano group in mbare areas of harare. Expects like c10 and ZANU-PF ministers involved in the planning, naming EMASON MUNANGAGWA, SAVIOUR KATSUKUVERE AND SYDNEY SEKERAMAYI being the strategists. Ring leaders will be cherry picked to install fear in people and force them into total submission. Therefore people will be forced to obey and no to challenge the regime .. this is a form of suppression, opression and torture eg when they here footsteps at night people will hide thinking its ZANU-PF…THUS RESULTS IN PERMANENT TRUMA.

.HOW MUST WE PROTECT VOTERS IN ZIMBABWE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS….. we really know that zanu-pf is going to do violence in a huruwork way.. even if the UN is present, the people will just disappear in a mysterious way..  see  movie  called  Tsotsi  ref 9 see the  first  4 mins.

This  operation  was  like  the  one  used  in Libya  by Qaddafi loyalists

the rest of the world including THE ZIMBABWE  EXILE GOVT can easily see that the zanu-pf lead govt have lost legitcimacy. Recently the USA and UK govts  HAVE RESPONDED TO THE ZIMBABWE EXILE GVT and have agreedy  that there is no legitcimacy of zanu-pf even within the GNU..

..USA not happy with ZANU-PF in the  GNU

.a  zanu-pf  loyalist  and  thug going  to murder people ..weapon  an  ax

see the  first  4 mins. TSOTSI.

PLEASE ALWAYS  REFER  TO  ”Guerrilla politricks in Zimbabwe”  ARTICLE


Chinyanga calls for the eradication of Zimbabwe’s 2008 election murderers by jail sentences.

Speech  by Martin W.  Chinyanga   at  the ‘’Diaspora  feels it’’  ZIMBABWE  EMBASSY  UK  182\2012


We  are  getting  finished  one  by one ,  by   the  violence   caused  by zanu-pf  leaders..  we  thought  that   we  are not  going  to   hear  any  killings  related  to  political  violence after  wasting  money  on national  healing  process  …  Now  that  we  are  having too much and  serious political violence and we are also waiting  for  elections,  it  shows we  have  a  time  bomb  waiting to  explode  as  we  experience these   sporadic  violence’s  around  the country.  I ask  the members  of  the  MDC to  group  up  and  act  in  an  active  manner,  from  today  on wards  we  do  not  want  to  hear  this  violence  or else immediate  action to ask  peacekeepers to  come  and  monitor the   government  of  Zimbabwe  and help  to  be  paralyse it  before   elections .We  ask  the  UN, SADC, AU and  the  world  to  now  put  an  eye  in to  Zimbabwe  as  a country  in crisis   like  Sudan and  Congo.  When   funerals  like  this  happen  we  ask  for  the  people  of  Zimbabwe  to  be  very  patriotic  towards  country hood  love not  love  of  the  country  but  love  of  ubuntu  and love  amongst  Zimbabweans. We ask  every one  to  attend  such  funerals  as  we  see  in  Syria,  Egypt,  Libya  etc..   and that shows one hood and one  objective,  that  we  are not  accepting  to  die , we  are  not  accepting  to  die  like  animals  being  hunted  by  lions..   ‘’in a  game  lions  look for  a  divide  and  rule  strategy, hence  they  separate  one  bull  from  the  rest  of  the  crowd and  goes  after  it  hence  the  rest  just  looks  and  observing  without  doing  anything’’.    I  ask  to  all  Zimbabweans  to  stop  the  game  of  killing  each  other , we  must  understand  that  there  is  Ngozi  and  this will  be  blood  on top  of  our  children,  please  whether  you  are  MDC  or  ZANU-PF   stop the  spirit of murdering.  All Zimbabweans  abroad  must  go  to their  respective  Zimbabwe  embassies  and  lay  these  flowers  in  paying  homage  of  expressing  their  feelings  towards  the  brutality  which  happened  to  the victims and their  families. THE POLICE  SERVICES  OF  ZIMBABWE  must  detain  all suspects of 2008  political violence  and  all  members  of  CHIPANGANO GROUP, they  have  not  repented  dispite  all  the  efforts  done  by  the  national  healing  organ in the  country.  I edge  our  police force  to  do their work in a  professional  way not  to put  a blind  eye on these  murderers. God  bless  Zimbabwe and  may  we  be  opened  our  eyes  from  the suppression of  our  internal  enemies.



Diaspora Feels It protest on Saturday

by  zimeye editor.

Diaspora Feels it combined with Zim Vigil members marched to the Zimbabwe embassy in London to lay their condolences for those who have been killed through political violence.

Their efforts come just as two members of the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai were murdered in less than a week, amid fears that politically motivated violence is once again on the rise. The murdered include:

Sharukai Mukwena whose hands were reportedly chopped off in the attack, which the MDC has called “a truly gruesome murder incident.” “He was murdered apparently for showing the MDC party symbol which is an open palm. ZANU-PF severed both palms from his body before they murdered him in Masvingo.

Shepherd Bandau, the party’s branch treasurer in Mbare, Harare, was according to the MDC party murdered by members of the notorious Chipangano gang, a ZANU PF loyal youth gang. The MDC-T said that Bandau had been on his way home on Friday when 10 Chipangano members approached and started assaulting him leading to his death.

Speaking to ZimEye, Chinyanga who leads the Mega Zimbabwe convention said that those who feel compelled should join the effort.

“These things we do them whenever there is a murder in Zimbabwe. If it happens every day, we will do it everyday,” he said.

Chinyanga who asked that the national police should  assist the public professionally, pleaded with Diasporans to join the effort: “Who knows tomorrow it could be you; These people did not chose to be killed,” he said.

“Despite the national healing process currently underway, the 2008 election murderers have not repented from their actions,” Chinyanga added.

The organisation calls for members of the Zimbabwean community to join others living outside the country of their birth to conduct occasional visits to embassy entrances and lay flowers in honour of Zimbabwe’s victims of violence, whenever a murder incident is reported from within Zimbabwe.


ZAKA 10 FEB 2012: Another MDC activist has been murdered by suspected ZANU PF militants,

Diasopra feels it, will pass it’s condolences to the familly of Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo, who was on Tuesday 7 FEB 2011 grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,MHSRIP

Another MDC activist murderedAnother MDC activist murdered

Sharukai Mukwena, an MDC activist of Ward 22, Zaka East in Masvingo was on Tuesday grisly murdered by Zanu PF thugs at his home,

The MDC has expressed shock at the gruesome “murder”.

Confirming the incident, the MDC provincial spokesperson, Hon. Harrison Mudzuri said, the party activist was murdered by Zanu PF supporters and this has left the entire community shell shocked.

“I can confirm that our supporter Sharukai Mukwena was killed on Tuesday night after an attack by Zanu PF supporters.  Mukwena woke up to discover that his granary had been set ablaze and in trying to  investigate what was transpiring, he was confronted by Zanu PF youths who attacked him,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“They chopped off Mukwena’s hands and it was a truly gruesome murder incident,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

Hon. Mudzuri said the MDC was shocked at the gruesome murder of its party activist.

He said the escalating incidents of political violence against MDC members by Zanu PF supporters in the province was a cause for concern since it could point to yet another violent campaign trail ahead of both the referendum and the national polls.

“We are worried about the reports of fresh cases of political violence across the province. The latest murder incident is atrocious and shocking,” said Hon. Mudzuri.

“Mukwena was a strong party supporter and he was killed following several altercations with known Zanu PF supporters in the area. Another worrying factor is that the police are deeply reluctant to speed up investigations into the murder,” he said.

Hon. Mudzuri, however, urged party supporters to remain calm in the face of continued persecution by Zanu PF.

“We have to remain calm and patient because Zanu PF is trying to destabilise our party ahead of the referendum. We know that it is painful and disheartening to lose a party member in a callous act but we have to be vigilant.  Zanu PF is trying to intimidate the people ahead of anticipated polls. That is the typical Zanu PF mentality,” said Hon. Mudzuri. (MDC Information Department)


MDC official shot, injured in Masvingo 9 FEB 2012

By the MDC Informatio​n Department

Zororai Mashuma Murega, a senior MDC official was shot and seriously injured by unknown gunmen at the Renco Mine turn off in Masvingo at around 9pm last night.

CLICK MAP: renco mine 60 miles  from great  zimbabwe  ruins

Murega, the MDC chairperson for Ward 30, Masvingo South district, was shot on the right arm at the turn off. The official is currently receiving treatment at a Masvingo hospital.

According to Benson Shuro who is Masvingo South district chairperson, Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at Renco Mine turn off in order to proceed to his rural home. While at the turn-off, he some heard rustling sounds and was shot on the right arm.MDC logo

“Murega disembarked from a haulage truck at the turn off at around 9 pm last night. He was later attacked by unidentified assailants who shot him on his right arm. Nobody is aware of the motive of the attack. The police were called and did some investigations and a report was compiled,” Shuro said.

Murega was rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. The police say they are still carrying out investigations.

“When MDC officials went to Renco Mine Police Station to check on the progress of the matter, we were informed the police are still going through the case to come up with possible suspects behind the attack. It is my hope that the police will act swiftly to bring the culprits to book,” said Shuro.

He said the timing of the attack could reflect political implications.

“We would not rush into saying there are political connotations behind the attack but the timing of the attack leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The manner in which the attack was executed indicates the people behind the move could be experienced gunmen. We are worried because our official was injured in a gun attack. If they were robbers, they could have stolen something from him.

“We, however, hope the police will complete their investigations soon since we are anxious to establish the cause of the attack,” said Shuro.

Police officers at the Masvingo provincial public relations desk said they had not yet received details from Renco police camp. (ZimEye)


as it is still that political violence is within the state, now the exile govt is to take action… NATO YOU ARE WELCOME.,   ZPF ARE FEACES they do not deserve the title humans.


I hear people talking of Zimbabwe political violence yet they do not rely understand it, what they talk of is hooliganism and confusing it with political violence, thus why most of zimbabwe still supports zanu-pf , it is because of ignorence.. they think violence is when people fight at rallies with chipangano and when drunken boys beat people in the market place.. thus not political violence it’s just hooliganism. Political violence is an organised tack tic caused by the state to kill opposition political leaders and assasination by night , they way they killed Tonderai Ndira, the way the killed joshua baka jeza, the way the killed Kauzani, the way the killed more than 2000 mdc suppoters, you can see some of the stories in this tube pa 1-6 videos

zimbabwe GENOCIDES IN 2008 part 1





Chinyanga interviews zanu-pf’s chipangano on FACEBOOK , most of them are innocent youth who have been misled

zanu-pf’s chipangano  on FACEBOOK ,  most  of them are innocent youth who  have been misled

by martin w chinyanga

Well it  is  a very  good  opportunity   that  this  barbaric  lost  generation  is  now  lost  on face book,  a good platform  for   human activists  to  educate  them and  show them  what life  is  like,  and  show  them  the  consequences  of  the work which they  are  doing.

As you can see  some  of  the  facts  he  illustrates  in himself,  showing  high  percentage  of  brain drain  by the  zanu-pf  thugs , who  have  a history  of  murdering  since  the  gukurahundi.

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The  young  boy  believed  to be the  chairman of  chipangano  JIM KUNAKA. picture

Varaidzo Mupunga, doing the Adminstartion for Chipangano

you  can see  how  wasted the  education  on VARAIDZO MUPUNGA,  she went to university  of  zimbabwe  to  have  masters  in politics.  CAN WE ASK  THE UNIVERSITY  OF ZIMBABWE  TO REMOVE  THIS  GIRL  FROM THE  GRADUATES  OF  2010  REGISTER.  On the picture  above  you can see  some of here  comments  and her  pic during  training  at night.

rest of the interview


Chitungwiza rally violently disrupted by Zanu PF thugs


There are 5 people in Zimbabwe: politician, human-right activist, human murderers, public and journalist please do not mistaken them,they are all different.

There are 5 people in Zimbabwe: politician, human-right activist, human murderers, public and journalist please do not mistaken them,they are all different.

Peace - world-peace photosign of  world peace

Human rights activist does not belong to a political party but can favor and like the party which supports human rights, they usual preach against any silly behaviors done by politicians, journalist and human murderers. A human murder is a political party supporter who is very much brain washed and extremist, he goes about killing both human rights activists and supporters of opponent political parties. The murderer thinks he owns the soil and none who does not support his political party is allowed to live but rather to die. Politician use the human murderers as weapons and as their shield in staying on power. in Zimbabwe there are two groups of murderers for MDC-T namely Tsvangirai fanatics(they believe tsvangirai is a Godfather) and ZANU-PF have chipangano who are Mugabe loyalists, they are given all directions to kill by Mugabe himself.. also they are former 5th brigdes\gukurahundists).

journalist and public are wave goers or wind blown brains, they support where there is a will and a change. The human rights activist tries by all means to protect this vulnerable society which is exposed to the evil of politicians, hence Human rights activists are the biggest targets of Zimbabwe politicians .. the govt directly attack human-rights activist and the human murderers mostly attacks the public and journalists and to the extremes they stretch their hands to the human-rights activists.

MARTIN DA WILLIAM IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST and politely asks the MDC-T to follow true democracy before human rights activists loss confidence in them.



Collen Makumbirofa to be charged for consipiracy in the attempted plot murder of this ex-soldier now a human rights activist.. if the SAPS finishes compiling it’s evidences

Collen Makumbirofa

see this in the

”Asylum seeker arrested, handed back to Zimbabwe CIO BY PETER NYONI THE ZIMDIASPORA.COM. GIVEMORE Nhidza walks with a limp and carries scars from Zimbabwe’s torture chambers. Nhidza managed.”..

Gift  Nhidza’s  own words; and other  witnesses

             Givemore Nhidza
  • makumbirofa is a true infomer for zanupf and cio when we assist the saps to arrest him for his cases with chihota justice he was issued with a zim passport and renounce his refugee status and he was paid for the infomation more information to be suplied.


    • Cde the person you fighting with I know him he is a tipcal informer I wants stay with him in same room & he end up give fales allgation and report me to the SA police after we fire him as the secretary of Zimyouthwing when we discover that he was trading our information to CIO I know a lot he claim to be an independat writer @ the same time to be MDC T now we so him moving around with Job Sikhala claiming to be Mdc 99 if you need evedance I can provide

Collen have the bussiness of  targeting powerfull  ant-zanu pf  activists  and  make  a false plot  for them to be  handed back to the hands of the c10.  Recently  he  has been doing  an  email campaign  and internet  campaign to make  the  Revolutionalist  Martin Chinyanga Da Wiliam  to be  exrtradeted  to  zimbabwe.  Mr  Chinyanga  truth fully  said  that Prime Minister  Tsvangirai must  face  the party discipline  for  his miscellenous  behaviours  of  impregnating  zimbabwean  woman  and leaving  them to  rot. Chinyanga  argued  that  the primeminster  must  mary  all  his  concubines  to lead  by  example. This  gave a big  tension  amongest  the  MDC back benchers likes of  Gutu MP, Perez Hamandishe Maramwidze issuing the announcement: “Martin Chinyanga Da William, I have fired you from MDC from onwards you are no longer a member of MDCT have nothing to do with us. You can go and petition anywhere you want…I am an MP. I HAVE FIRED YOU”

Hamandishe is  trying to impress  Morgan  Tsvangirai  so that  they  might be  elevated  to a ministerial  position  in the cabinet  see  article  in the Zimeye tabloid..



by Collen ”I hereby call the UK authorities: M16, M15 and UK Homeland Security to
investigate a Zimbabwean national in UK Martin Chinyanga and deport him
back to Zimbabwe. Chinyanga is the  leader of Zimbabwe Exiles Government
based in UK. Martin is a ZANU PF agent working for ZANU PF (under cover) in the UK.  His target  of attack are MDC activist, independent human rights activists who are radically opposed to atrocities of ZANU PF regime in Zimbabwe. Its illegal for an individual to practice espionage in UK soil or any other country. I call upon UK authorities to investigate Mr. Martin Chinyanga Da William. Martin was sponsored by ZANU PF government to study in Cuba and he is related to the late ZANU PF minister Mahachi. Thank you all people who have send me information about Martin. The Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC) is under siege from  ZANU PF. Its not correct time for us to destroy Tsvangarai who is a hardened enemy of Mugabe’s atrocities. ZANU is using military tactics to destroy MDC and any effective opposition in Zimbabwe. The struggle in Zimbabwe is the difference between death and life. ZANU PF uses propaganda, psychological  warfare,  lies and half truth to destroy any effective opposition. The battle is for the soul of Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

  • Collen Makumbirofa why did you renounce your refugee status in south africa???? i need this answer now be4 i will spoil every press and tell them who you are.. we got files and evidence … now!!!!!!!
    • Martin Chinyanga Da William ‎@ collen Jesus asked the pharieees how can satan cust ot satan. If I renounce violence in my activism and you do the same … why are u accusing me of your partener in the campaigning against political violence.I asked you about the chihota justice …what happened with the SAPS. why did you renounce your refugee status, ..who have u the zimbabwe pasport. Who gave u the money for spying against refugees at the methodist centre in Gueteng. Did you know that at moment you do not support MDC-T but MDC-99. Did u know that you have about 3 published articles you damanging MDC-T . I will put all thr evidencd for people to see. Yes you might be a fake activist on white paper ,,have been or been on an activism campaign be4. give me my answers first be4 doing your smear campaigns on me. You are an Informant for C10 @collen every refugeee at the methodist centre in s.a knows about you. They demoted you from their activities after finding out you..were spying on everybody. They took u to thr SAPS..south african police services. … And tell me what did u do.

    • Martin Chinyanga Da William To be honesty with u,, you are the person on the real watch list, not this smear campaign you. Start on me. The actual south africa inteligence are after u. Remember in one of your articles you wrote some one following you. You thought they are criminals after u. Nxaaaaaaa they are authorities my friend. I am now..going to give u your life history wait.. Watch this space…you c10…you worked to help givrmore Nhidza to be deported secretly at night in the hands of C10 in s.a. The ex soldier is lucky to be alive. We will deport u soon. You murder.
  • Martin Chinyanga Da William i will start it this way…. do you know anything about the chihota justice Collen Makumbirofa .for those who does not know the case.. i will explain the deal behind after collen comes to answer..

    GUARDS SHOT 18/10/2003

    Three MDC security guards were today shot by Ronnie Chihota, the President of Zimbabwe Progressive Party, a local fringe Zimbabwean political party.

    At 11 am today, Mr. Chihota arrived at Harvest House, the office of the Movement for Democratic Change, on Nelson Mandela Ave in Harare.

    Mr. Chihota parked his vehicle, a maroon BMW, number plate CHIHOTA GP, and then rushed into Harvest House. He attempted to bypass the security guards at the desk, to avoid being searched. The security guards gave pursuit, and realized that he had a firearm.

    By the time Mr. Chihota had reached the third floor, these security guards had caught up, and a struggle over the possession of the firearm ensured. During the struggle, one of the security guard, Wellington Kanyanga was shot in the chest. Two other security guards, Ambitious Muzuva and Milton Mberengwa also received firearm wounds to their legs.

    During the struggle, Mr. Chihota shot himself in the hand. Finally, Mr. Chihota was disarmed, and Wellington Kanyanga was rushed to Avenues Clinic in a taxi.

    The police then arrived, and proceeded to arrest Mr. Chihota. They did not handcuff Mr. Chihota, but instead asked him to accompany them. They also allowed him to check on his vehicle before leaving with them.

    At the time of Mr. Chihota’s arrival, an MDC National Organizing meeting was taking place. Upon hearing shots inside the building, there was widespread panic, and people fled from the building leaving their belongings.

    After arresting Mr. Chihota, police officers proceeded to illegally raid Harvest House, taking with them papers and moneys belonging to the MDC and MDC members that had fled the scene.

    Mr. Chihota, as the president of the Zimbabwe Progress Party, has an office in Harvest House. However, both Mr. Ronnie Chihota and his father, Mr. Chihota Snr, have strong business links to Zanu-Pf.

    The three security guards and Mr. Chihota were taken to Avenues clinic where they received treatment. ..

  • Collen Makumbirofa Martin you are a liar. Listen to what you say. Give me proof that l support the MDC 99? Supporting the MDC 99 how and in what way? Can you prove that? Tell me more about this refugee thing you are talking about? If you are not joking l think you are mad. l have never been blocked from the Methodist Church. l always go there. Shame on you. “you are an informant” informing who? About what? Can you give evidence.Your smear campaign is not going to work. ZANU PF is cunning and you are cunning as well but lam going to prove you wrong. You are lying -the Methodist has accommodated more than 700 Zimbabweans few are refugees and asylum seekers and most of them are economic immigrants. And most of them don’t even know me. After you finish your lies l will publish some more evidence to prove you a scheme you are. l was never been involved in any activist at Methodist Church. You are misinformed. Ask your ZANU PF spy ring in South Africa to give you correct information.l was never been to South African police services, for being accused by anyone. lam clean. Instead l have been to South African police service to report theft of my documents, attack by ZANU PF thug who was sentenced by Johannesburg Hilbrow Magistrate Court to 18months in prison for attacking me, to report death threats to my mobile phone. To report my laptop which was stolen in house breaking by ZANU PF Agents in South Africa. You are a liar. Shame on you. l will soon stop replying to your fairy stories and lies you are formulating. Your heart is skilled at lying and doing evil. You are a grown up person you must be ashamed of what you are doing. If you Google my name you will see that my persecutions in South Africa are well documented by respected

    13 hours ago · Like
  • Martin Chinyanga Da William A good human right activist saves innocent people from being jailed ….i mean innocent peolle because they did not murder or kill or commit violence. How can you ne happy to put your brother to prison just because you are not in agreement of some small issues. The brother you made to be put to prison for document, what documents do u have , are u a govt agents, how can u make some one to go to prison just because he looked your school certificates ..shame on you. Thus why we are different, look me I campaign against people being put to prisons for pet issues, look right now to show how evil you are, you are advocting me to be extradited to zim and face the gallows of mugabe just because I said Tsvangirai must go for a displinary for what he did. Is tsvangirai a godfather, is he like mugabe a dictator again. So if we are in democracy why can’t he face concequences of his wrong doing. Collen you are person who goes by a wave, you just follow the wind. You heard this MP ..hamandishe who is trying to impress tsvangirai so that he be made minister one day..the smililarities kf chindori chininga in zanu-pf. They kneel for robert mugabe..nxaaaaaaaaa ….i will teach u the principals of democracy collen. You must go for a full training in this informant job of yours. Because u do not even know the principals of inteligence…..u being used and destroyed…Zanu-pf ndeyeropa .

  • Martin Chinyanga Da William

    collen wrote this advicing MDC-T on the 10\10\2011,, the same way chinyanga did…. so collen what is your intentions if you warn mdc-t and if other people warn them you call them c10by collen ”The good news is that Robert Mugabe is not a legitimate president of
    Zimbabwe. He was rejected by the people on 29 March 2008 elections.
    The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) T, should pull out of the
    useless government of national unity with ZANU PF.

    Mugabe did not commit atrocities in Matabeleland alone. Mugabe worked
    together with his fellows in ZANU PF government. This government has
    been murdering innocent people since 1980. Zimbabweans have been
    subjected to oppression, starvation, and serious persecutions by all
    ZANU PF leaders.

    The people voted for MDC because they no longer want corrupt and
    wicked leaders in ZANU. For the MDC to continue considering unity with
    ZANU PF will be an act of cowardice and serious pervasion. It will be
    betrayal of the will of the people.

    If the MDC continue with ZANU PF leaders in unity government it means that:

    1. It does not want to get rid of corruption that is now present in
    every area of ZANU government. All ZANU PF leaders are corrupted and
    must be rooted out completely like cancer.

    2. It does not want to pursue justice by prosecuting these ZANU
    criminals who are torturing, starving, murdering, and despising

    “When justice is done it brings joy to the righteous, but terror to
    evil doers.” Proverbs 21:15

    Tens of thousands of innocent people have died in the hands of ZANU PF
    between 1980 and 1990. Thousands have been murdered since 2000 for
    supporting the MDC T. Uniting with ZANU or including some of its
    members in the new government will be an insult to all patriotic
    Zimbabweans including the dead.

    No short cuts to our freedom or liberation. ZANU PF has been defeated
    over polls, therefore, must go. Zimbabwe must be free. I call for
    unity among all Zimbabweans of all colors and tribes. Mugabe must not
    be allowed to continue with his misrule without any resistance. I’m
    not optimistic of support coming from the SADC. Behind scenes many
    SADC leaders sympathies with Mugabe, therefore, will not condemn his
    atrocities or help stop genocide and suffering in Zimbabwe.

    The MDC T must also be reminded that it is going to be rejected by the
    people if it continues prolonging ZANU PF’s stay in power. Zimbabweans
    want freedom and liberation of the country. Please support us
    financial for real change in Zimbabwe. Foundation of Reason & Justice
    will work for liberation of Zimbabwe.

    Collen Makumbirofa
    Foundation of Reason & Justice .. ..

  • Martin Chinyanga Da William

    collen supports mdc -99 but now he pretends on tsvangirai…by collen ”Foundation of Reason & Justice
    Dear All,

    You are being invited to send your crew to a press conference organised by
    the MDC99 party in Zimbabwe. MDC99 President Job Sikhala has been leading a
    delegation on a diplomatic mission in South Africa and that has submitted a
    petition to President Jacob Zuma about the political situation in Zimbabwe.
    The MDC99 has embarked on a new agenda for the Zimbabwean political crisis
    and President Sikhala will reveal details at the press conference.

    DATE: Friday, October 28, 2011

    TIME: 10:00 HRS

    VENUE: The Victoria Hotel, 200 Scheiding Street, Pretoria

    kind regards

    Peter Chimutsa
    Director MDC99 President’s Office
    084 3913 357

    Send out by

    Foundation of Reason & Justice .. ..

Is this worth for Da William to be taken advantage by this C10 called Collen Makumbirofa and drags him to his dangeon.. .. ACCORDING TO KING SOLOMON’S WISDOM.. he new the mother of the child, when he asked the two woman to slush the child by half… so people of zimbabwe put your wisdom into this …. is this man making a genuine call.. he really knows if i get to zim soils i will be slaughtered by his friends… i think collen you are exposing your self to the world and showing who you are


Aftershocks of Zim’s derailed economy will be felt in10-15yrs,why? ”energy levels’ working class(energy) fled to diaspora,returning back as geriatrics

byMartin Chinyanga Da William 15/11/11

    • YES we talk of energy flow in this pyramid of biomas and population of zim and it’s econmy in the near future, the tebelance of 2007 sanctions and regime’s violence will have an after effect which can not be seen by ordenary people but by concerned people who want to develop zimbabwe. all the working class fleed to green pastures, Zimbabwe is at a freezing moment in terms of development. The working class will return to zimbabwe when they are geatrics or when they are pensioners, and they will be straight be  from old people’s homes in the diaspora. l would like to thank all those working hard in helping our young generation to get as much eduction as possible.. thanks the present US ambassador  to  zimbabwe Charles Ray and other members of the diplomatic core in Zimbabwe for doing work towards this model.


      WHY IS ZESA zimbawe electric  suply authority HAVING PROBLEMS… because all the electricians and engineers went search for green pastures , they all went to Australia a demanding country for this trade.
      All the politics of empowerment is a theory of lying politicians who does not have a vision of the country, and they are  politician who wants power by smearing people with oil on the mouth.

      empowerment is an automatic system, that ignites like fire, you can’t have fire without firewood(fuel), oxygen and heat, hence economy of the country is the fuel, oxygen and heat(or we say resources) fire is the empowerment. So politicians in Africa cheat their people, when they talk about the word empowerment or indeginisation, yet we do not  have  enough  resources,such as more  industries and very high skilled institutes for learning  empowerment, all we have are theological colleges and business institutes. How can it be without resources, without , industrialization, without improving the GDP(.Gross domestic product), for example we look at the model  of  AAG.

      AFFIRMATIVE Action Group (AAG) is used by the dragon’s dens of ZANU-PF, mugabe and Grace will be waiting in a room with packets of money and lying to Zimbabweans about empowerment yet , they will be doing the highest form of capitalism behind… this is how it works, They will ask you to do a bussiness proposal and hence they will tell you they want 160% of share of the profits from the capital  they give you, but looking under the birds eye ‘s view, It’s mugabe owing such properties, it’s ZANU-PF owing such, and ZANU-PF will be eating whist we zimbabweans will be working , hence the program empowerment and indeginisation being  introduced…. Phillip Chiyangwa IS THE PATRON OF THE ASSETS…

      MEGA  ZIMBABWE: facebook .

      MEGA ZIMBABWE blogsport:


who is an imperialists?, Zimbabwe will gain it’s good living if she accept support from the WEST, G20, and E.U


why did people went to vote for MDC in 2001, yet they never did it with zum of tekere, with dongo and dumbushena.. why was it possible with tsvangirai, why?.. was tsvangirai so special.. no but he stood for the economic wing of zim.. he represented the breadbasket winner in famillies, the workers union. workers found that they were eating nuts shells in the GVT of mugabe and regime…. WE STILL NEED THIS MANDATE.. .looking at this uprising which was shown in the ballots IN 2001  AND  2008 .. mugabe lost to MDC. WHAT DID HE DO? mugabe and regime, went back to history and copied the smith tactics of running away from democracy which he used when  declared independence from Britain. Mugabe was now found in need of the FORMER COLONIAL captain DYKE AND THE C10, can you see the rhythm , mugabe tortures, he is a dictator, he was put in sanctions, he is more than smith gvt of colonial era.

FLORINA DUBE and other  human rights activists on the picture above.. one on the right side describes the first phase of mdc , now the left side poster describes the 2nd phase of democracy.. we need to complete the cycle back to first phase,,, to win good living and democracy


HOW CAN WE COME OUT? mugabe was helped by britain to come out of smith regime in 1980, now who will help tsvangirai to come out, it is going to be the people of zimbbwe, like what the lybians and egyptians did. These are wise words take them and think…ALUTA MARTIN DA WILLIAM!!!!!!!..

Martin da william presidential candidate of zimbabwe 2021 ANNOUNCEMENT!!! of leadership. 27/10/2011 i am announcing my aspiration to lead Zimbabwe, i would like to ask the nation of Zimbabwe to give me this opportunity. MAJOR PRINCIPAL my first principle is empowerment of the future of my country to be a MEGA ZIMBABWE, l say ECONOMIC CRITERION IS INDUSTRIALIZATION” and the achievement is (GDP) per capita. GOALS #1: to fight for human rights, the injustice and support of democracy whilst in membership of mdc/ zapu. #2: fight for a MEGA ZIMBABWE within any govt chosen by people of Zimbabwe #3: to start my campaign immediately after the next forthcoming elections #4:looking for a campaigning manager and editor. TARGET #this dream to be fulfilled within the next 10 years .. that is by 2021 i pray, God thank you for fulfilling the future in Jesus name Amen. more of my resolution will be displayed , but first i will let you read about MEGA ZIMBABWE…



Asylum seeker arrested, handed back to Zimbabwe CIO


GIVEMORE Nhidza walks with a limp and carries scars from Zimbabwe’s torture chambers. Nhidza managed to flee to South Africa, but was then arrested and sent back to Zimbabwe in an illegal rendition


In a harrowing statement Nhidza made to law firm Eversheds in Johannesburg in 2009, he said he spent 18 months without being charged in Chikurubi prison near Harare after his arrest during an anti-government demonstration in 2006.The former soldier and Movement for Democratic Change activist said he was tortured almost daily.His legs and hands were broken, he was beaten with metal bars on his feet, and was subjected to electric shock treatment.In August 2007 he was granted bail for medical reasons and fled to South Africa, where the Department of Home Affairs granted him asylum-seeker status.But, two months later, at a service station in Polokwane, he found himself surrounded by six soldiers – three in SA National Defence Force uniforms and three in Zimbabwean army gear.He was driven to an SANDF army base near Musina and interrogated for a day about a recent spate of bombings of police stations in Zimbabwe.Among other things, he was accused of running terror training camps in South Africa and supplying bombs to activists intent on overthrowing the Zimbabwean government – charges he denies.”The next day the same South African and Zimbabwean soldiers took me to a border crossing in the bush and handed me to some security agents in plain clothes in two twin-cab bakkies,” he said.Nhidza was taken to a torture camp on a farm near Mutare where he was beaten and left for dead on the road side. A fellow activist took him to a nearby clinic.A doctor’s affidavit shows his limbs were broken again after a “severe” beating with a high likelihood of “permanent injuries”. Nhidza was eventually smuggled back to South Africa.SANDF spokesman Lieutenant Romeo Mabote did not deny the incident took place.He urged Nhidza to “make a legitimate complaint to the police”, saying the SANDF “has no arrangement with its Zimbabwean counterparts in terms of which, joint processing of suspected illegal foreigners is done”.But Nhidza said this would be futile.”They know the police are not going to investigate a case against the military and we are afraid to report it to the police – I might get deported again.”

SA Justice Minister calls for probe into Zim ‘renditions’ by Alex Bell on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 in South Africa . sw radio

South Africa’s Justice Minister has called for an investigation into reports that the country’s priority crimes unit and the police are involved in an illegal ‘renditions’ deal with Zimbabwe.

Minister Jeff Radebe is reportedly on a “collision course” with his colleague, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, after demanding answers over the report. Radebe told South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper that the rendition claims were “very worrying,” especially considering the allegations “were levelled not only against organs of state, but one that is responsible for law enforcement and security.”

Mthethwa on the other hand dismissed the claims, made in a report by the Sunday Times late last month. The report accuses the priority crimes unit, the Hawks and senior police officials of being part of a renditions deal with their Zimbabwean counterparts. The Sunday Times reported that this deal has resulted in a number of Zimbabwean ‘suspects’ being killed, after they were picked up in South Africa and illegally transferred to Zimbabwean authorities.

The newspaper also reported that Police Minister Mthethwa is sitting on explosive reports, listing at least three deaths allegedly as the result of a ‘renditions’ operation led by officers reporting to Hawks boss Anwa Dramat and Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant-General Mzwandile Petros. But Mthethwa told the Sunday Times last week that “there is nothing in front of (me)” to warrant an investigation. He said the claims of rendition involving the Hawks were “baseless and imaginative.”

The Sunday Times said it has evidence that Zimbabwean Witness Ndeya, who was suspected of shooting a policeman in his country, was “renditioned” by the Hawks and then murdered, apparently by Zimbabwean police. The newspaper has also quoted one Gift Nhadzi, a former MDC organiser, who detailed how he was arrested by members of the South Africa police, who then handed him over to Zimbabwean police officers in plain clothes. He was then tortured in front of villagers.
“While they were torturing me they said: ‘This is how a sell-out and a terrorist is treated’,” he said. “My wife was four months pregnant. They said they wanted to skin her alive because there is a sellout in her womb.”

Nhadzi reportedly said that after begging for mercy, they beat her belly, and she then suffered a miscarriage. Nhadzi has since fled back to South Africa. ..

comments from The  Exile Govt  movement
CDE Nhidza  is  also  a  full member  of the  ZIMBABWE  EXILE GOVT AN  ANT  ZANU-PF  MOVEMENT  and  it  is  so  pain full  to see  another  Govt  in the SADC,  pushing  for  people  to be  killed.  We  now remove  the  credibility  of  S.A  in the  formation  of  Zimbabwean  democracy,  and this  sound  very  well  that  these  are the activities  of  Malema a suspect in the activities of  ant-democracy and an agent of  Mugabe  down south. The exile govt  will push  for  an  explanation from the  D.S  authorities , be4  handing  this  case  to SADC and  UN.



Police try to force one-man protester to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’

Aaron Muzungu
TRUE HEROES ON THE GROUND… MDC99… DOES IT WITH NO FEAR.. WEL DONE MUKOMA Aaron Muzungu .. big work , if i was there i was going to be doing it with you.. well done , thank you for standing for true political mandete.. thank you again Job Wiwa Sikhala

Police try to force one-man protester to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’
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Lone protester Aaron Muzungu with the message he took to state house
By Lance Guma
04 November 2011

The spokesman for the splinter MDC-99 formation was finally released from police custody on Thursday after being arrested Monday for staging a one-man demonstration at the Munhumutapa offices in central Harare.

Aaron Muzungu told SW Radio Africa he went to the offices which house Robert Mugabe, holding up his placard written “Mugabe and his GNU must go”. He said he was almost immediately apprehended by a number of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents and members of the police support unit.

Muzungu said they took him behind the Munhumutapa building and started torturing him there. Once they got him into police custody he said they brought a glass of urine and some faeces and said: “These faeces are Mugabe’s faeces, so if you want to rule this country you have to eat Mugabe’s faeces.”

Although Muzungu said he managed to avoid eating the faeces he said he had no choice but to take ‘one or two gulps of urine.” Asked why he felt motivated to demonstrate against Mugabe, Mazungu said: “We need Mugabe to understand our true feelings cause it seems he is very much confused and is too old to run this country.”

Muzungu said because he demonstrated alone the police struggled for days to come up with charges against him. He said repressive legislation which was in place, like POSA, mainly dealt with groups of more than 5 people and since he was alone, ‘they failed to get a charge that would suit my activities.”

Police later charged Muzungu with ‘disorderly conduct.”


“The CIO hailed insults at me as they warned that I was wasting my time and energy since Mugabe would never be deposed the Tunisian or Libyan way,” said Muzungu from the Harare holding cells. “Later one of the CIO brought an old aluminium plate with human waste and a can of urine for me to take as breakfast.”

One man demonstrator…Aaron Muzungu

Police sources said they were struggling to find a reason to charge the protester.

“The Law and Order Section of the police was at pains to find a suitable chapter under which to charge Muzungu. The notorious POSA was out of question as the protest was a one man operation. They also struggled to bar him from going to court as the accused said he wanted his arrest clarified before the courts as he did not commit an offence. He simply wanted to send the message to Mugabe that he had spoiled the country and should step down in the interest of the people’s welfare,” said a police spokesperson.

Human Rights Lawyers representing Muzungu also indicated that their client should be taken to court since his rights were violated and the CIO abused him. He was later released after paying a $20 fine for a flimsy disorderly conduct charge.

When The Zimbabwean visited the Police Station, members of the force could be heard pleading with Muzungu to ‘simply pay the little fine and go home’ as they were under instructions not to let the event draw public attention through the media. Muzungu said he decided to embark on the one man protest as he realised Zimbabweans were hesitant to spearhead revolts.

“I want to give my life to the people’s revolution and others can take up the struggle from where I left off.”

The outspoken MDC99 activist went down in history as the first ever Zimbabwean to march to Mugabe’s Munhumutapa offices, put his head on the cutting block and challenge Mugabe out of office. Eye witnesses were inspired and even the security forces admired him.

“I wonder what would have happened if Zimbabwe had several men of this calibre. Maybe one Muzungu is not enough for the task at hand,” a police officer could be heard whispering to his colleague at the Central Police Station.

on his  face book  profile

  • We are sick and tired of these african propagandists who blame the west for their wrong approach to word affairs. The dispensation of continental segregation is long gone. Every human being is important being african, american or asian .We all stand human
  • Lets support the one man hunger strike due on wednesday at munhumutapa building if he is shot i believe you are there for him. Call for democracy!!
  • Robert Mugabe its now your turn even if you run to Zvimba we wil capture you there


l will  initiate ,  a legal  action  to ZANU-PF,  so  that  they  must  compensate  all  their  victims… SO  IF  OUT  THERE , IF  YOU HAVE  YOUR  RELATIVE  MURDERED  OR  YOUR HOUSE  AND  PROPERTY  DESTROYED,   GO  TO ANY MAGISTRATE  COURT  AND  OPEN YOUR CASE, GET  THE  SUMMONS  TO SUE  ZANU-PF , PLEASE  I ADVICE ALL  VICTIMS TO DO IT  AS POSSIBLE , IT’S  YOUR  RIGHT. IF  YOU  ARE  IN  DIASPORA , JUST  DO THE SAME  PROCEDURE, SUE  THE  ZIM EMBASSY IN THAT  COUNTRY,  BY  TAKING  THEM TO  COURT   WEATHER  IN S.A, UK, US,  AUSSIE  ETC.   if  you  are in  zimbabwe MDC-T and  MDC-N will give  you help  with  legal  advice and  legal  representation,  they have  to.

m.w chinyanga  head  of  the zimbabwe exile  govt  an  ant-zanu-pf  movment

click to see some  legal  documents  about  Zimbabwe  court  services. Zimbabwe

Chapter III – The Declaration of Rights


Zimbabwe’s Declaration of Rights protects the following rights:

          Protection of the  right to life Section 12
        Protection of the  right to personal liberty Section 13
           Protection from slavery and forced labor Section 14
            Protection from inhuman treatment Section 15
            Protection from deprivation of property Section 16
          Protection form arbitrary search or entry Section 17
            Provisions to secure protection of law Section 18
            Protection of freedom of conscience Section 19
            Protection of freedom of expression Section 20
            Protection of freedom of assembly and association Section 21
            Protection of freedom of movement Section 22
            Protection from discrimination on the grounds of race, etc. Section 23 Zimbabwe



justice  must prevail  in Zimbabwe,  ALL  THE FIFTH  BRIGADE ,  who were deployed to  matebeland  in 1980-83  must be imprisoned for  proffessional  miscuduct,  all the soldiers  who  were send  to chiyadzwa  diamond  fields  must  face  the consequence  of the law..  we can not  leave  murderers  to walk free in our  soils.   FROM  NOW  ONWARDS  I ADVISE  POLICE ND  SOLDIERS  TO ACT  WITH  THE  CODE OF CONDUCT  OF THE SECUROCRAT. in new zimbabwe  will wil not  reconcile  military / police  but  civilians. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE


Wilfred Mhanda whose war name is Dzinashe Machingura, a war-vet with (ZANLA) said Mnangagwa was just a bodyguard of Mugabe.

  • commenders of the war, leads the army to protect people.. they do not go in to gvt.. because gvt is for civilians… we are not welcoming the idea of military interccepts in the gvt.. this causes junta state.

    • Harare,- Zimbabwe’s most feared Zanu (PF) official and Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa did not play any defining or important role in the liberation struggle, although he seems to suggest to have played a bigger role, a senior commander during the war of liberation has said.


      Wilfred Mhanda whose war name is Dzinashe Machingura, a former Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) said Mnangagwa did not play a prominent role in the liberation of the country. The former war fighter made the revelations at a symposium in Harare in a discussion to remember and honour Mozambique’s late President Samora Machel.

      Mhanda wrote his book titled “Dzino–Memories of a freedom fighter” which gives accounts of the liberation struggle. Responding to questions from journalists why Mnangagwa’s name was never mentioned in his book, Mhanda said: “If his (Mnangagwa’s) name is left out that means he did not play a prominent part during the liberation struggle,” Mhanda said.

      Mnangagwa was President Robert Mugabe’s personal body-guard and secretary during the liberation war. He was appointed Minister of State security at independence and blamed for the Matebeleland Gukurahundi massacres which saw more than 20 000 civilians being killed after disturbances in the early 80s.

      Mnangagwa joined the war of liberation in the mid-1960s and was arrested for bombing a train in Masvingo and sentenced to death but he survived the hangman’s noose and was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

      He commands a faction in Zanu (PF) which was rival to the one that was led by the late army General Solomon Mujuru who was killed in a mysterious fire at his farm in Beatrice. His family has demanded that police investigate what led to Zimbabwe’s first army General’s death.

      Meanwhile, Mhanda said commanders during the war made a mistake by convincing Machel that Mugabe be regarded as their leader. He said Mugabe had not been properly nominated at a congress to lead Zanu (PF).

      “We ourselves as ZIPA (Zimbabwe People’s Army) commanders had made an error by convincing President Samora Machel to accept Robert Mugabe as our leader. We later regretted it,” Mhanda said.

      Mhanda said Zimbabweans must not wait for war veterans or Zanu (PF) officials to solve the country’s problems but everybody must be involved in defining the destiny of the country.

      “The struggle to liberate Zimbabwe was not to liberate the war veterans or the Zanu (PF) leadership, it was to liberate everybody. It is everybody’s responsibility to participate in shaping the course of development of their country. It is everybody’s responsibility in shaping the course of development of their country; we cannot abdicate that responsibility to Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF) or Robert Mugabe do not have title deeds over Zimbabwe, we all Zimbabweans it is our responsibility,” Mhanda said.

      “Books must be reviewed by people, who give their honest opinions and not necessarily those who support even those who oppose. That is the basis of subsequent editions of the book.”

    •  martin chinyanga’s  opinion
    • Mhanda said Zimbabweans must not wait for war veterans or Zanu (PF) officials to solve the country’s problems but everybody must be involved in defining the destiny of the country.
    • “The struggle to liberate Zimbabwe was not to liberate the war veterans or the Zanu (PF) leadership, it was to liberate everybody. It is everybody’s responsibility to participate in shaping the course of development of their country. It is everybody’s responsibility in shaping the course of development of their country; we cannot abdicate that responsibility to Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF) or Robert Mugabe do not have title deeds over Zimbabwe, we all Zimbabweans it is our responsibility,” Mhanda said…i welcome cde manda, this is my commender speaking, this is a great book, and if you see .. he is almost in the same boat with nkala who recently said the same thing.. nkala brought out guerrilla politricks, tack ticks of killing true leadrs , by the fake , corrupt leaders, likes of munangangwa and mugabe.. pamberi nana rex, na teurayi ropa nhongo.. pamberi na magret dongo.. thus my true leaders,, i will work them up , to have a true national party.. yes thanks again to cde manda , for highlighting the truth. ..
  • Phillip ChabataMupfana chinyanga, what do you mean? waguta manje, are commanders not zimbabweans as anyone? I will agree with you that when in uniform, they should desist to make political or party comments but they should stand up to anyone trying to undermine the gains of our independence period.
  • Chido Dhliwayo

    ‎@Mukoma Phillip, soldiers should remain in the barracks and submit to civilian rule. Their role is to protect the physical territory from foreign invasion. They should live state craft to civilians. If a soldiers wants to go into politics they should first resign and be truly civilian with no access to military resources. A soldier who threatens civilian rule should be court marshalled. Idzi ndidzo nzira dzamasoja.
  • more helpful source  can be  found  in the  journals of AFSAAP i would like you to see this academic journal, which is basically made for the zimbabweans, and the process of democracy in zimbabwe.. this journals , tells the truth as it is… please you might go straight to page 28,, to see things of Manda and munangagwa.. thnaks.. enjoy the lecture….
  • ZIPA’s nominal head was Rex Nhongo (later known as Solomon Mujuru he
    would become Mugabe’s Army chief), but strategic and tactical leadership
    came to be held by his young deputy, Wilfred Mhanda. Mhanda had been
    typical of the new recruits to ZANU. At high school he had organised protests
    as part of a ZANU support group and in 1971, with the special branch in
    pursuit, his group skipped the border into Botswana. Mhanda joined ZANU’s
    Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and took the war name of
    Dzinashe Machingura. Like a number of recruits who were to form ZIPA, he
    was later sent for training in China. He rapidly progressed through the ranks to
    become a military instructor, political commissar, commander of the Mgagao
    camp in Tanzania and then member of the High Command.3 Such high level
    training was to have an influence on the tactics later adopted when the young
    leaders took over the direction of the military struggle. Their strategic
    conception went beyond the aims of the old-guard which tended to be limited
    to ending minority rule through an agreement to hold elections in Zimbabwe
    based on the principle of one person one vote.
    ZIPA stood for no less than bringing about a revolutionary change in the
    country’s social and economic relations and achieving the “total transformation
    of the Zimbabwean society”.4 This conception regarded the nationalist struggle
    as a combined political military movement with close connections between the
    soldiers and the people’s aspirations for social and economic justice. As a
    consequence their military strategy emphasised securing lines of retreat and
    supply, anticipating counter-offensives, creating strategic reserves and
    preparing to establish liberated zones. Military commanders and political
    officers based themselves in, or visited, the war front.
    According to Saul the ZIPA officers had the “political clarity necessary to
    underwrite effective guerrilla struggle” which both ZANU and ZAPU lacked.5
    The old guard had turned away from non violent methods when attempts to
    persuade the white minority to reform had failed in the late 1950s and early
    1960s. They tended to perceive military action as a way of applying pressure to
    achieve reform. The combatants were regarded as subservient to their own
    political aims and ambitions, and therefore expendable. ZIPA did not see itself
    or its troops as expendable.
    ZIPA mobilised rapidly after its formation. In December 1975, troops started to
    relocate from Tanzania to Mozambique and in January 1976, one thousand
    guerrillas crossed the border.
    ARAS 28 Vol.30 No. 1 June 2009

    Dzino — A self-serving narrative – Lovemore Ranga Mataire

    by Lloyd Msipa on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 10:23pm

    Dzino-Memories of a Freedom Fighter, is a self-serving narrative of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle that fails to illuminate in a broader perspective the intricate dynamics within Zanla and Zipra liberation movements. Written by Wilfred Mhanda, whose nom de guerre was Dzinashe Machingura (Dzino); the book is a disservice to all seeking a better understanding of the liberation struggle, given its portrayal of the chief protagonist as unblemished.

    Although it is true that Dzino and others played a crucial part in re-igniting the war after the arrests of most nationalists and during the detente period (1974), it is also an incontestable fact that he failed when it mattered most to subordinate himself to the political leadership upon its release around 1976.


    In military, and indeed as per the natural detects of any war, soldiers are expected to be subordinate not just to the military hierarchy, but also to the political leadership. It is this leadership which, in turn, gives the command, policy and ideological direction to the war effort. Any failure to adhere to this basic principle of warfare is naturally viewed as not just insubordination, but an act of rebellion.

    It appears Dzino suffers from a degree of amnesia, owing perhaps to the period when he was in banishment, as he conveniently glosses over certain shortcomings in his actions that, with the benefit of hindsight, he himself would want to have done differently.


    Dzino is clearly bitter at having been a bystander in the making of a new state in the formative years of our independence, and this bitterness plainly manifests itself throughout the book, leaving it as a narrow narrative.

    On page 198, he writes: “I was in a very confused state of mind. My friends and I had spent years fighting to liberate our country but had now been reduced to footnotes of this momentous time. We had become outsiders, distanced from the contagious euphoria gripping the country.”


    This bitterness threads through the pages of the book, wailing and groaning for recognition like a jilted lover.

    Out of this wailing and bitterness, the two main purposes of this book cry out loud: To besmirch various nationalists’ contribution during the struggle and to justify the continued existence of the ill-fated and short-lived Zimbabwe People’s Army (ZIPA), of which Dzino claims to have been the chief protagonist.


    The fact that the book is a personal account of the war is not an excuse for Dzino to present his version as the noblest and would want the reader to believe that he was the impeccable and central figure.

    A case in point is his claim that he was the brains behind the Wampoa Ideological College, which churned out such cadres as Sobusa Gula Ndebele and Happison Muchechetere.

    The truth is that Wampoa was the brainchild of David Todhlana (Chrispen Mataire), who also came up with the name Wampoa, which is derived from a similar college in the then Soviet Union where Todhlana had his military training together with the late General Solomon Mujuru. It was Todhlana who became the founding director of this college.


    Throughout the book, President Mugabe is negatively portrayed as an opportunist not in tune with military matters, while the late liberation icon Josiah Tongogara is cast as rabidly ruthless.

    Nothing can be further from the truth. Everyone knows that by the time Cdes Mugabe and the late Tekere crossed into Mozambique, the war was in a state of limbo. Combatants, eager to learn of the state of internal negotiations, were desperate for fresh leadership and a new impetus to carry the struggle forward.


    In crossing to Mozambique, Cdes Mugabe and Tekere were not seeking personal glory, but carried with them a Zanu mandate to stabilise Zanla, which was at the time dogged by internal conflict.

    Even Dzino attests to the unstable state of affairs in the camps before the arrival of Cdes Mugabe and Tekere, describing it as “a taxing and intense period.

    “President Mugabe listened very intensely throughout but did not make notes and asked very few questions”. It is not merely off the mark, but scandalous to portray President Mugabe as an opportunist given the fact that the man left the relative comfort of a stable job in Ghana and came back to Zimbabwe to commit himself to the struggle. In trying to embellish his record, Dzino forgets that unlike President Mugabe, he had to be persuaded by some nationalists in Zambia to abandon his dream of pursuing his studies in England. The nationalists convinced him to undergo military training so as to equip him with the task of being an underground Zanu activist in the then Rhodesia.

    “Members of the Dare, Simpson Mutambanengwe, the Secretary for Political Affairs, and Henry Hamadziripi, the Party Treasurer, came to meet and debrief us. We discussed our plans to go to England for further studies but they asked us to consider the possibility of working for the party in Rhodesia after undertaking military training. They said they would get us lawyers to defend us in Salisbury so that we could resume our studies at the (Rhodesia) university. We agreed to their proposal and voluntarily abandoned our plans to go to England,” writes Dzino.


    So was he a conscript? I guess he was a voluntary conscript who upon the promise of resuming his studies back in Rhodesia, he agreed to undergo military training. The fact that Dzino was among the first group of University of Rhodesia students to undergo military training did not in any way make him or his group a special breed.

    There were many other individuals who left the relative comfort of foreign lands to come and join their brothers and sisters in the fight against colonial repression. It is indeed this inflated view of his self-worth that eventually became the prime catalysts for his downfall when he fell out of favour with both the political and the military hierarchy.

    I have always had fierce discussions with my father, who was part of Dzino’s group, over the latter’s insistence on the continued existence of ZIPA even when it had become apparent to everyone that its usefulness had expired. For the record, ZIPA was the brainchild of the Frontline States leadership, comprising the late Samora Machel of Mozambique, Dr Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and the late Julius Nyerere of Tanzania. The body came as a result of the need to present a united military front of both Zanla and Zipra forces.


    Although the leadership of both Zanu and Zapu assented to this arrangement it was clear that it had been forced down their throats despite the apparent differences in military strategy and ideological grounding of the two parties.

    However, frontline states were the conduits through which the liberation movements sourced funds, military equipment and other logistical help needed in the war. It was therefore strategic for both movements to give a nod to the alliance, despite their reservations, as refusal would have offended the frontline leaders.

    It is also true, as Dzino writes that the fact that Zanu had more recruits and that it had bases in Mozambique naturally meant that ZIPA was to be based in Mozambique. This meant that some Zapu personnel, most of whom had been based in Zambia, had to join their colleagues.


    Samora pushed hard to have the ZIPA secretariat constituted, and it comprised an equal number of senior cadres from both Zipra and Zanla forces.

    Dzino admits that this arrangement was unworkable from inception given the attitude of the host country, which seemed to favour Zanla over Zipra, just as Zambia’s Kaunda backed Zapu.

    As a result, none of the fighters, except probably Dzino himself, ever took the arrangement with the seriousness it deserved. No wonder the Zapu leadership of Dumiso Dabengwa simply instructed their cadres to go back to Zambia, without even consulting their Zanla colleagues. That signalled the death of ZIPA. By the time Cdes Mugabe and Tekere arrived, ZIPA was already as good as defunct, because it needed the Zapu element to survive. Without the Zapu element, it would have been irrational for Dzino and others to expect the leadership to recognise and respect ZIPA.

    It was wrong for Dzino and others to argue for the continued existence of ZIPA instead of metamorphosing it and assimilating it back to Zanla, as was prescribed by both the military and political leadership of Zanu. The difference between the late General Mujuru and Dzino’s group was that the former saw the impracticality of giving life to a dead donkey and even advised some of the ZIPA commanders to fight from within and not from without. According to Dzino, even Tongogara tried to convince him to chart a new course and treat ZIPA as a defunct entity, but self-righteousness overtook him.


    What options were available for both the military and political leadership given the furore and the impasse that ensued? Would it not have set a bad precedence had Dzino and others have had their way?

    There was a danger of the struggle being put in serious jeopardy. Zanu wanted to show the world that it was serious about fighting the colonial regime, instead of being bogged down by positional changes and quarrels on the relevance of the ill-fated ZIPA.

    Attempts to try and embroil Julius Nyerere in that ZIPA fight by claiming he was the brains behind ZIPA and that he was the only one with the mandate to disband it were mischievous and frivolous. Dzino thought involving Nyerere in the whole debate would validate his group’s arguments. But he failed to realise that while the leadership was appreciative of the frontline states’ assistance, this was purely a Zimbabwean struggle, whose course or direction had to be controlled by its leadership.


    The choice was either the leadership continues giving a free hand to ZIPA or reconstitute the struggle according to the dynamics prevailing at that time.

    The seclusion of the group from the cadres and prevention of a serious venomous contagion was the only option available. It was not an easy option given the enormous work that Dzino and others had done but there was no any other way. It can also be argued that the majority of ZIPA commanders could have decided to hang on to the military body in fear of losing their popularity and hold among fighters and probably be relegated to insignificant posts. It is also probable that Dzino and his team could have been contemplating turning ZIPA into a political movement.

    Reading through the book one will come to the inescapable conclusion that Dzino admired Frelimo in that its military leadership later transformed itself into the national political leadership upon that country’s independence, an idea he toyed around with as the Political Commissar of ZIPA.

    Assuming that Dzino is a misunderstood revolutionary, how then does he justify his post-liberation association with the Open Society initiative for Southern Africa, funded by George Soros, a man known all over the world as a destabilising element in many progressive countries? Was that the essence of ZIPA?




by head of movement Martin Chinyanga DaWilliam.

Gaddaffi’s door way to the curve / drain.

On behalf of all Zimbabweans,  we would  like  help celebrate  the Libyan restoration of democracy and we  also welcome the dismiss of colonel Gaddaffi today  the 20th of October  2011.  We give  Sekuru  Mugabe and his regime a very big warning , that we are  having a close look in the territory, we are warning you to stop  violence with immediate effect, we are warning you to  stop  arresting  democratically elected  MP of thew opposition parties.  We are warning you to dismiss the operation of C10  and militia  in the country. Mugabe  we warn you that we will attack  and start invasion of boarder towns of Zimbabwe if we hear killings  of sons of the  soil any day from now. We  warn you that we will not try  you in hague but we will do  it the way you are doing ordinary zimbabweans.. in the militia bases  and c10  compounds. Mugabe  do you know that you sloughtered 30 000 ndebele people in 1983, Mugabe do you know that you massaccred  over 3 000 zimbabweans  recently in the 2008 run off elections, Mugabe do you know that you massacred 800 diamond panniers in the chiyadzwa  diamond fields  recently. Mugabe  do you know that you killed people with starvation  by hunger, by operation  murambatsvina, by cholera diseases,by HIV   diseases and many other  individual  unnoticed  abductions.

Gaddaffi’s footage death  on camera.

the capture of Saddum Hussen ..Iraq.

Mugabe  and regime  , you need to know your fate, by looking in the world, Mugabe remember  your  state house   will  be the ninga of great zimbabwe.. mapako  ama  bushman ( curves) one day. Mugabe  i warn you to address the nation  with immediate and ask for apology,  followed by  resignation,  if  you want  us to forgive you.


also  quoting JOB SIKHLA  MDC 99 LEADER

Warning to Mugabe as world celebrates Gaddafi demise
As sure as all progressive forces and people of the world are that one day tyranny and dictatorship shall be rid from the face of the earth, the MDC99 is convinced the eventual death of Muammar Gaddafi at last sends a clear message to the rest of the remaining dictators in Africa and other regions such as the Middle East and Asia that the time is up.
Gaddafi had for a long time seemed invincible, and notably, after amassing a lot of wealth through massive looting of the national coffers of Libya as well as spending more than four decades in power, he had appeared all powerful like some still remaining dictators believe in their illusions and hallucinations.
The MDC99 congratulates the people of Libya and the progressive forces of the world for finally toppling the evil dictator. However, the MDC99 takes this opportunity to remind the world that among the tyrants still walking the earth and abusing the people is one Robert Mugabe, masquerading as a leader in Zimbabwe despite having long lost the authority to rule the country. Not only has Mugabe been losing elections since 2000 but obstinately clinging to power, the old dictator has also been butchering innocent Zimbabweans into submission to his oppressive rule.
Mugabe must be warned unequivocally that the wind of change and the demand for dictators to pack and go has reached his doorstep. The game is up and not even the stupid and preposterous so-called Government of National Unity of Mugabe and those who sold out to his dictatorship can still hoodwink the masses of Zimbabwe.
Mugabe should heed these last calls by Zimbabweans still offering him an opportunity to simply do the obvious only remaining thing of stepping down and go into exile somewhere in the Far East where he has stashed a lot of looted money because, indeed, the wind has blow all the way from North Africa and is very close to Mugabe’s doorstep.
The MDC99 has entered into top gear on its resolution and position about the political situation and dynamics in Zimbabwe, and the position, for the sake of reiterating, remains thus;
• The failed, stupid and preposterous coalition of Mugabe and his runners, Morgan Tsvangirai and company, must be disbanded NOW, and be replaced by a transitional administration for the major purpose of removing the evil Mugabe system from controlling and influencing Zimbabwe’s political, governance and even electoral systems. There can never be a free and fair election as long as the poor dictator still masquerades as the ruler of Zimbabweans. Only lunatics or poisoned sell-outs can see some hope or possibility in holding elections under the evil spell of the Mugabe system.
• Failure by Mugabe and his runners to heed to this call by Zimbabweans leaves them with one option, which is rebelling and claiming the power to oust the dictatorship, including its surrogates.
• Lastly, but equally important President Jacob Zuma of South Africa must also learn his lessons as he joins Mugabe to mourn Gaddafi. After flattering to deceive in the first place and pretending to have more guts and commitment towards resolving the Zimbabwean crisis following the scandal of Thabo Mbeki, Zuma has degenerated into another farce. Zuma’s endless so-called mediation characterized by summit, after summit, and mediation rounds as well as some nonsensical roadmaps, has become another international joke of politics.
• The MDC99 also reminds Zuma that by continuing with the responsibility of mediating on Zimbabwe’s politics, he is determining the fate of suffering 13 million Zimbabweans, about five million of whom are living in South Africa mostly as destitute refugees. The longer Zuma enjoys Mugabe’s hymns of political madness, deception and chicanery, the longer Zuma connives in perpetuating the genocide in Zimbabwe.
The game is up!
MDC99 President


below MARTIN  DA William



TARGETED SANCTIONS IMPOSED ON ZANU-PF BLOOD SUCKERS MUST STAY FOREVER… THE EXILE govt members will file a document to the EU, UK, AUSTRALIA, AMERICA … the contents include the un-returnable lives of those people killed in 2008, violence is still in Zimbabwe .. SANCTIONS FOREVER, how man whites have been murdered in farms 2008.. why did Mugabe signed a reconciliation be4 in 1980.. if he did not want them he would have told them to march in peace.

    • The entities listed below are subject to U.S. targeted sanctions related to Zimbabwe. U.S. nationals may not do business with these designated entities or with other entities they control. Additional entities related to those on this condensed list are also subject to sanctions. For complete and authoritative information on U.S. sanctions, refer to the website of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control :
      AL-SHANFARI, Thamer Bin Saeed Ahmed
      BONYONGWE, Happyton Mabhuya
      BREDENKAMP, John Arnold
      BUKA, Flora
      CHAPFIKA, Abina
      CHAPFIKA, David
      CHARAMBA, George
      CHARAMBA, Rudo Grace
      CHARUMBIRA, Fortune Zefanaya
      CHIGUDU, Tinaye Elisha Nzirasha
      CHIGWEDERE, Aeneas Soko
      CHIHOTA, Phineas
      CHIHURI, Augustine
      CHIMUTENGWENDE, Chenhamo Chakezha Chen
      CHINAMASA, Gamuchirai
      CHINAMASA, Monica
      CHINAMASA, Patrick
      CHITEPO, Victoria
      CHIWENGA, Constantine Gureya
      CHIWENGA, Jocelyn Mauchaza
      CHIWESHE, George
      CHIWEWE, Willard
      CHOMBO, Ever
      CHOMBO, Ignatius Morgan
      CHOMBO, Marian
      DAMASANE, Abigail
      GAMBE, Theophilus Pharaoh
      GOCHE, Nicholas Tasunungurwa
      GONO, Gideon
      GONO, Hellin Mushanyuri
      GUMBO, Aleck Rugare Ngidi
      KANGAI, Kumbirai
      KARIMANZIRA, David
      KASUKUWERE, Savior
      KAUKONDE, Ray Joseph
      KECHIK, Mahmood Awang
      LANGA, Andrew
      MACHAYA, Jaison Max Kokerai
      MADE, Joseph Mtakwese
      MADZONGWE, Edna
      MAHOFA, Shuvai Ben
      MALINGA, Joshua
      MANGWANA, Munyaradzi Paul
      MANYONDA, Kenneth
      MARUMAHOKO, Rueben
      MASUKU, Angeline
      MATANGA, Godwin
      MATHEMA, Cain
      MATHUTHU, Sithokozile
      MATIBIRI, Innocent Tonderai
      MATIZA, Biggie Joel
      MATONGA, Bright
      MATSHALAGA, Obert
      MIDZI, Amos Bernard Muvenga
      MNANGAGWA, Emmerson Dambudzo
      MOHADI, Kembo Campbell Dugishi
      MOYO, Jonathan Nathaniel
      MOYO, Simon Khaya
      MPOFU, Obert Moses
      MSIPA, Cephas George
      MSIPA, Sharlottie
      MUCHENA, Olivia Nyembezi
      MUCHINGURI, Natasha
      MUCHINGURI, Oppah Chamu Zvipange
      MUCHINGURI, Tanya
      MUDENGE, Isack Stan Gorerazvo
      MUGABE, Grace
      MUGABE, Leo
      MUGABE, Robert Gabriel
      MUGUTI, Edwin
      MUJURU, Joyce Teurai Ropa
      MUJURU, Solomon Tapfumaneyi Ruzambo
      MUMBENGEGWI, Samuel Simbarashe Simbanenduku
      MURERWA, Herbert Muchemwa
      MURERWA, Ruth Chipo
      MUSHOHWE, Christopher Chindoti
      MUTASA, Didymus Noel Edwin
      MUTEZO, Munacho Thomas Alvar
      MUTINHIRI, Ambrose
      MUTIWEKUZIVA, Kenneth Keparadza
      MUZENDA, Tsitsi
      MUZONZINI, Elisha
      NCUBE, Abedinico
      NDLOVU, Naison K.
      NDLOVU, Richard
      NDLOVU, Rose Jaele
      NDLOVU, Sikhanyiso Duke
      NGUNI, Sylvester Robert
      NHEMA, Chenayaimoyo Dunstan Francis
      NHEMA, Louise Sehulle
      NKOMO, Georgina Ngwenya
      NKOMO, John Landa
      NYAMBUYA, Michael Rueben
      NYONI, Peter Baka
      NYONI, Sithembiso
      PARIRENYATWA, David Pagwese
      PATEL, Khantibhal
      POTE, Selina
      RAUTENBACH, Billy
      SAKABUYA, Morris
      SAKUPWANYA, Stanley
      SAVANHU, Tendai
      SEKERAMAYI, Lovemore
      SEKERAMAYI, Sidney Tigere
      SEKERAMAYI, Tsitsi Chihuri
      SHAMU, Webster Kotiwani
      SHAMUYARIRA, Nathan Marwirakuwa
      SHIRI, Perence
      SHUMBA, Isaiah Masvayamwanda
      SIBANDA, Levy
      SIKOSANA, Absolom
      TAVEESIN, Nalinee Joy
      TAWENGWA, Solomon
      TOMANA, Johannes
      UTETE, Charles Manhamu
      ZHUWAO, Beauty Lily
      ZHUWAO, Patrick
      ZIMONDI, Paradzai …


by Fanuel Jongwe I

“I came to Zimbabwe a few days ago with the hope of negotiating with the president the concerns facing the Anglican Church,” Williams told reporters in brief remarks as he left the meeting.

He added: “I am standing in solidarity to show those concerns this afternoon and to show His Excellency a dossier of those concerns. He (Mugabe) expressed concern and said he will speak with Kunonga.”

.”He’s on top of things intellectually,” Williams commented after the discussions

THE Archbishop of Canterbury said he backed Zimbabwe’s embattled Anglicans during a two-hour meeting with President Robert Mugabe on Monday.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe has been divided since breakaway bishop Nolbert Kunonga was excommunicated in 2007 for allegedly inciting violence in sermons supporting Mugabe’s party. But Kunonga says he left the Anglican Church because of its position on same sex marriages.

‎”Anglicans must be allowed to carry out their mission in peace.”
Kunonga led demonstrations against Williams’ visit on Sunday, saying the trip to Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe was a “crusade for gays”.”Rowan Williams erred by accepting homosexuality and that has broken up the Church all over,” Kunonga said on Monday, a day after his supporters held demonstrations denouncing the Englishman.”It’s sad, they should repent, it needs Williams himself to repent. He is the one who has divided the Church.”
Williams said Kunonga’s accusations are “fictitious” and a “distracting tactic to take people’s attention from the real problem.””The Anglican Church doesn’t allow homosexuality, but places like the U.S. and Canada have a more relaxed atmosphere. But we regard homosexuals as human beings deserving of love,” Williams said.The Archbishop later met with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. He is scheduled to leave for Zambia on Tuesday.
Williams, the spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, used a sermon on Sunday to denounce “godless” attacks by Kunonga’s followers against the Church faithful in Zimbabwe, where they have been chased from cathedrals, schools and orphanages.”


THE archbishop of Canterbury has risked angering President Robert Mugabe, ahead of a crucial meeting with him, by attacking the country’s lawlessness and comparing it with the “greed of colonialists and imperalists”.

In a brave and possibly career-defining appearance at Harare’s City Sports Centre, Rowan Williams told a crowd of more than 15,000 that it was tragic that so many lived in daily fear of attack if they failed to comply “with what the powerful require of them”.

His sermon, which frequently drew applause and cheers, comes as a devastating split in Zimbabwe’s Anglican church wreaks increasing havoc on parishioners and clergy.

A power struggle between the Mugabe-supporting, excommunicated bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, and his replacement, Chad Gandiya, has resulted in Anglicans being arrested, beaten and locked out of churches. Police loyal to Mugabe have helped evict people from buildings.

Williams praised Anglicans for their “patience, generosity and endurance” in the face of “injustice and arrogance” and said they did not have to live in “terror, in bloodshed”.

He told them: “You know very well what it means to have doors locked in your faces by those who claim the name of Christians and Anglicans. You know how those who, by their greed and violence have refused the grace of God, try to silence your worship and frustrate your witness in the churches and schools and hospitals of this country.

REBEL Anglican cleric Nolbert Kunonga

nglican cleric Nolbert Kunonga claims the Archbishop of Canterbury is visiting Zimbabwe in October to “lobby for homosexuality” and “represent neo-colonialism”.

Kunonga, who was banished by the main Anglican Province of Central Africa and the worldwide Anglican Church in 2007, charged that Archbishop Rowan Williams was a “civil servant on a mission”.

“The Anglican Church is a political organisation when it is in England,” said Kunonga, who denied he was a Zanu PF “puppet”.

He added: “Rowan William was appointed by the Queen and the Prime Minister and he is a civil servant of Britain. In a political and economic environment, the civil servant represents and symbolises with his State.

“He is a diplomat like Charles Ray (US Ambassador); he is coming to represent neo-colonialism. He is coming to lobby for homosexuality and for him it is a timely move as we are making our constitution.”

.Kunonga followers protest Williams visit

THE Anglican faction led by Bishop Nolbert Kunonga on Sunday demonstrated outside Harare’s main cathedral against a visit to Zimbabwe by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dr Rowan Williams is visiting the country amid a bitter dispute between Kunonga and mainstream Anglican Church worshippers, and he was due to hold mass at a city stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Kunonga was excommunicated in 2007 by the main Anglican Province of Central Africa and the worldwide head of the Church. He was accused of inciting violence in sermons supporting Mugabe’s party.

But Kunonga – seen as a staunch supporter of President Robert Mugabe — insists he split from the Anglican Church because of its position on gay marriage.
Mugabe is a bitter critic of homosexuality.

Leaders of the global Anglican Communion have condemned gay relationships as a violation of scripture.

However, the Anglican Communion is loosely organised without one authoritative leader such as a pope, so some individual provinces have decided on their own that they should move towards accepting same-gender unions.

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe has been divided since Mr Kunonga’s excommunication. He has taken over the main cathedral, schools and the Church’s bank accounts.

The schism in the Church has left mainstream Anglicans without places of worship and they have experienced intimidation and alleged threats of violence.

Kunonga led the demonstrations on Sunday because he said Dr Williams’s visit to Zimbabwe is a “crusade for gays”.

“This is a demonstration against homosexuality. I told people to come and demonstrate if they wanted,” Kunonga said.

“Rowan Williams erred by accepting homosexuality and that has broken up the Church all over.”



supporters belonging to ex-communicated Anglican Bishop Nolbert Kunonga refused to let in visiting Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams into the Anglican Cathedral in the city centre of this eastern Border city.Williams was on a visit to Manicaland where he met Church of the Province of Central Africa worshipers who were kicked out from worshiping in Anglican Church building because they are aligned to the Chad Gandiya faction.Williams met about 5000 worshipers at Mutare show grounds who had come to welcome him to Manicaland.Williams visited St Augustine’s Mission School which is 20 kilometres north of Mutare where Kunonga’s supporters where in hot pursuit again.
The boom gate at the mission school was locked and Williams and his entourage had to leave their cars outside the gate and force their way into the school yard. They again were not allowed into the church at St Augustines. Williams only managed to have a few photos taken outside the church and had a few prayers at the Anglican nun’s premises.


Arrest of MDC President for youth Solomon Madzore by Zanu-pf, is same as suffocating the people of Zimbabwe a tactic to make people a forced support of’s a Stockholm syndrome

THE EXILE GOVT AN ANT-ZANU-PF MOVEMENT URGE ZANU-PF TO RELEASE AN INNOCENT MAN solomon madozre AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,, WE URGE MORGAN TSVANGIRAI TO ARREST MUGABE, MUNANGAGWA, KASUKUVERE, BONYONGWE AND CHIHURI FOR THERE PARTAKING IN MASSACRES CONSPIRACY.. THEY MUST BE CHARGED NOW . this is the time ….What about those who murdered more than 20000 in Matabeleland, what about those who have killed more than 3000 people during recent elections. What about those responsible for more than 4000 death due to Cholera, what about those responsible for deaths associated with poverty, Hiv, mismanagement, poor service delivery. Martin you are technicaly correct when you suggest a war.

MDC President for youth Solomon Madzore is being charged for murdering police inspector, Petros Mutedza in Glenview. He is still locked at harare central zrp, and is expected in court tommorrow., we know this murder was done by c10 in disguise , it was done by chipangano group,, why are they not arrested all those people who are doing murder in broad day light. Solomon Madzore, did not do the silly crime, it’s an zanu-pf tactic of destroying mdc leadership.

Zanu-pf is suffocating the people of zimbabwe, they give oxygen tanks to those supporting them…hence they think zanu is good, it’s just called stockholm syndrome you have.. Come on zimbabwe needs to breathe air from the atmosphere, zanu-pf stop suffocating us stop it……. Zimbabweans needs their freedom ..

some of the appeals done by differrent organisations of democracy in zim..

Platform for Youth Development (PYD

has learnt with shock the arrest of Solomon Madzore, MDC Youth Assembly Chairperson at his house this afternoon. We are concerned on the reports that he was taken by armed police which is suggestive of a high level criminal. As far as we know Madzore, he is an astute and peace loving leader and we firmly believe it is only Zanu PF politics at play.Since his election to the Youth Assembly helm, we have seen an organised, visionary and committed youth assembly that is working towards the emancipation of young people in Zimbabwe. As a youth organisation we have been working with Madzore and his team in raising political consciousness in young people as well as educating them to refrain from retrogressive and old fashioned culture of political violence. The actions of the security forces are typical of the repressive and colonialist era and should cease forthwith in the independent Zimbabwe.PYD demands justice and appeal to the security forces to ensure that their conduct is guided by principles of professionalism as they deal with Madzore’s case. We also demand to know why Madzore has been arrested and that he is urgently brought to court within the stipulated 24 hours time according to the law.Meanwhile, PYD urges the Youth Assembly and the MDC-T family to remain calm because this behaviour by the police is to the best of our reading provocative.

Daniel Muzenda

Free the youth president he has committed no crime these are zanu pf intimidatory tactics. We wont budge there are pple who killed chiminya, mabika, ndira, chokururama and many more an why arresting madzore for trumped up charges..madzore we will stand by an the good will triumph over evil. Chisa mayouth chisa’ the darkest hr is b4 dawn’

Mdc Youths Western Cape

‎…….in solidarity with our National Chairman Solo Madzore-our hearts are aggrieved on the event of his arbitrary arrest and torture…….MUGABE CAN BEAT HIM ALL HE WANTS BUT HE WILL NEVER BREAK HIS SPIRIT neither will he diminish our resolve to have a new and democratic Zimbabwe!

Juice Card
‎”An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. True, but I think I wld rather have a blind world than a country full of people with permanent disabilities and injuries, and piles of dead bodies – all victims of state sponsored, unlawful arrests, torture, and murder of defenceless innocent citizens whose only crime is to demand their freedom and right to live. It’s high time we revised our strategies against this inhumane dictator-led regime. This quiet diplomacy with the enemy is moving us at too slow a pace. Vakutotijairiraka. Saka kana tati ngachitsve………

Samuel Mahachi
It’s time we set the pace for our future and the future of our children, we have allowed the old guard to experiment with our lives for far too long

Nominate White
the problem is we are taking long to act we dont need solo to be brought to court because this is not a criminal case but a political one!we have to start the fight to get him out many people they can arrest per day?i am sure we can put 10 000 youth in the streets of harare wht 2days of planing! CHANGE DEMANDS ACTION!!!

Isabel Mkhosi
those who are in zim please keep us posted. wats happening nw, im leaving SA to zim, those who want to join me. plz col

Elias Senthufe
Please Baba Chatungwa, release MDC youth leader. To all Mdc suppoters, in setswana language we say “KE NAKO” ITS TIME TO ACT SO FAST BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Remember what happened to ur Comrade Judah Jongwe. Its time for demostrations. Its now or never!

Shelton Chiyangwa
Ngachichitongobvondoka.lets flood the streets nw.nw.nw.nw.nw.

Itai Mautu
mhuri yeMDC vese vasingatye inbox me tironge zimarch

a facebok campaign for his release has been open see link
Mugabe Free our Chairman Solo Madzore


Chinyanga condemns Chipangano a brutal band of thugs formed by Zanu (PF) running a brazen murder, violence and extortion racket.

Chipangano terrorises


Nothing that goes on in Mbare escapes the attention of Chipangano, a brutal band of thugs formed by Zanu (PF) in the 1980s and now running a brazen murder, violence and extortion racket.

by John Chimunhu

So powerful has the gang become that even the police and army are afraid of them. They are heavily armed with illegal weapons supplied by President Robert Mugabe’s party. Earlier this year, a magistrate asked a policeman why Chipangano members who attacked the MDC offices and injured scores of party supporters were not arrested and brought to court and was told by the embarrassed cop: “We were overpowered.”Investigations by The Zimbabwean into the ongoing violence in the city’s oldest township led to the doorstep of Chipangano. Several cabinet ministers and Zanu (PF) politburo members were mentioned by present and retired thugs as the masterminds of the gang. These include local government minister Ignatius Chombo, Zanu (PF) Harare province chairman, Amos Midzi, politburo member Tendai Savanhu and retired soldier Boutros Magwaza.A toothless youth guards the entrance to the gang’s NQ in Carter House. He disclosed that a man named Gore was in charge of running the lodge on behalf of the gang but would not be drawn into naming the overall leader of the group.“Gore collects money on behalf of Chipangano,” said the toothless one, who gave his name as Gabriel.“Carter House is our torture base. People brought from Mupedzanhamo market and all over Mbare are beaten here. If we decide not to beat you here, we take you to the Zanu (PF) office behind Musanhi supermarket or to the office at Stodart Hall and thrash you there.”He named one leader as Reuben who lives on Zarango street, next to Marengenya bar and Chiweshe beerhall where MDC supporters are said to be beaten daily.

Other names of Chipangano leaders that kept popping up during our investigations were Sanyanga, Kunta Kinte and one Kedha, who is alleged to have murdered MDC supporters.

Another is Chataika, a losing municipal candidate in 2008 whose house at the corner of Ardbennie and Chatima streets has for long been used as a torture base.

Herded like cattle

Chipangano’s main role remains that of facilitating hits for the army, CIO and police agents of Zanu (PF). During the recent spate of attacks by the party, Chipangano members drove people into the walled grounds of Gwinyai school in the volatile Majubheki section.

“Then the soldiers came and beat us up. Some people suffered broken bones. Women were raped,” said a survivor, who received counselling and treatment with the help of a local NGO.

People living next to Stodart Hall, where Zanu (PF) has an office also used as a torture chamber said they were forced to attend party meetings daily.

“People here are forced to go for daily meetings. Even at the shops people are harassed by gangsters led by Reuben and Chipangano. People are beaten here every weekend by these hooligans, who also steal cellphones and cash. We can’t even call them party youths as they claim to be. They are just thugs,” said a householder who said his daughter had been raped at one of the all-night meetings after she was beaten and accused of supporting MDC.

The continued use of Gwinyai school as a torture base has perturbed teachers and angered the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

Wave of extortion

Traders at Mupedzanhamo market said they were forced to pay varying amounts to Chipangano daily.

“To get a table in the flea market, you’ve got to have a Zanu (PF) card. Chipangano insists that you vote for Zanu (PF). We are often told to stop trading and go to attend the party’s endless meetings. Those who don’t comply are beaten and robbed of money and goods,” said a trader.

A farmer from Mutoko said Chipangano had set the rule that all tomatoes coming to the market had to be boxed before being sold. The farmers are then forced to buy boxes from Chipangano members, who charge $3 per box compared to $1 charged by others. Farmers who refuse to buy Chipangano’s more expensive boxes are beaten and robbed. The gang also routinely goes around the markets demanding donations for Zanu (PF) programmes.

Zanu (PF) has declared that the MDC, which commands a majority of voters in the area, should not be allowed to function there.

Chipangano is the enforcer of that decree, while the police turn a blind eye.

Bulawayo East MP Tabitha Khumalo

Chipangano operating with military precision

By Tichaona Sibanda

26 September 2011The pattern of political violence that is being waged in Harare by the deadly Chipangano group seems to be highly systematic, deliberate and well planned, an MDC-T MP has claimed.Bulawayo East MP Tabitha Khumalo also described how ZANU PF politicians are using violence as a tool to acquire or retain political support.

Tabitha Khumalo

Addressing a party meeting organised by the Luton branch of the MDC-T in the UK on Sunday, the MP described how the Mbare based Chipangano group had virtually taken over Harare.The MP, who is also a member of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) said the violent nature of attacks by the ZANU PF sponsored group do not bode well for peace and security in Zimbabwe.‘There are four branches within Chipangano. There is Chipangano one, two, three and four. Chipangano one identifies MDC activists. Chipangano two carries out surveillance and monitors individuals and structures of the MDC-T.‘Chipangano three approaches our members and verbally warns them of dire consequences of supporting the MDC. Chipangano four is the deadliest of all the groups. This group beats the hell out of you,’ said Khumalo.

‘They beat me up in parliament and I cracked my denture. This is a group that attacks parliamentarians, journalists and ordinary people whilst their party leader preaches peace and unity.

‘It is so shocking that a group of people can enter parliament where we felt secure and safe and beat up members of parliament. Only a group linked to ZANU PF can do this,’ the MP added.

Khumalo also spent much of her time urging MDC-T activists in the UK to unite, following a major fall out between members soon after the External Assembly’s congress held in April.

‘It pains us as a leadership that you spend much of your energy at each other’s throats. The real enemy is Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF. Stop this infighting and channel your resources in removing Mugabe from power. My message to you all in the diaspora is please unite for the sake of Zimbabweans,’ the MP said.

CHAMISA  The youthful and popular MDC-T leader

‎”Chamisa yesterday said the 87-year-old Zanu PF leader, who has of late taken every opportunity to lambast violence, must put his sincerity to the test by reining in the Chipangano rabble rousers.

The youthful and popular MDC-T leader was addressing a rally in his constituency of Kuwadzana when he challenged President Mugabe’s sincerity.

Chipangano has caused havoc in Harare where it has literally crippled the operations of elected public officials including the mayor and his council who have all but given up on the group’s disruptive and violent activities.

Deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto recently threatened to resign out of frustration while co-Minister of Home Affairs, Theresa Makone told NewsDay last week she has failed to rein in the Mbare hooligans.

Zanu PF leadership also appears to be at sea on how to deal with the group. Some senior party leaders have claimed “ownership” of the group, publicly pledging the party would stand by them to the extent of providing legal counsel if its members were arrested.

Others, like party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, have disowned the group.

The group however, appears immune to arrest because they have not been arrested even though their pictures were splashed in newspapers as they beat up policemen at Parliament building.

Chamisa yesterday dared President Mugabe to “walk the talk” if he is sincere.

“This violence must stop. (President) Mugabe said there should be peace. The call for peace should migrate from your lips and stop contradictions.

Violence must stop and this demon of beating up people should not continue. But for it to stop, we need to pray. Zanu PF believes in Chipangano, but we are on total promise and believe in chirangano (promise),” Chamisa said.

President Mugabe’s “loudest” call for non-violence was made during his speech at Parliament recently.
As he spoke, suspected members of Chipangano were beating up perceived MDC supporters outside the building.

The following day Chipangano was at it again.
They besieged Machipisa Township, seeking to seize market stalls from suspected MDC sympathisers.

They faced resistance and the resultant clashes transformed the township into a battlefield.
Chamisa yesterday described the inclusive government as an untenable donkey and horse- affair.

He said his party would oppose the Human Rights Bill and Electoral Amendment Bill arguing Zanu PF wanted
people to let criminals off the hook.

“We have two Bills that we will oppose in Parliament. We have the Human Rights Bill where Zanu PF is saying let bygones be bygones but you can’t say those who raped, torched people’s houses and killed should be let free. We want a proper truth and national reconciliation process and people have to be asked why they killed, why they stole people’s property.”

“As MDC we are also against the Electoral Amendment Bill because Zanu PF wants registration to be polling station-based, but it’s dangerous because people in rural areas will have a polling station at the headman’s house with chiefs and Zanu PF people,” he said.

Chamisa, who is also the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) said Parliamentary debates should be beamed live on television so that people know how their MPs were performing as some MPs went to sleep in Parliament.”

Chipangano in Renewed Attacks On MDC-T Supporters

Sep 12, 2011 (SW Radio Africa/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) — A number of MDC-T members have been attacked by the notorious Chipangano gang in recent days, according to the party.

In one incident, MDC-T Youth Assembly member and Mbare resident Edwin Machokoto was accosted on Sunday by the Chipangano youth for putting up party posters.

Solomon Madzore, the MDC-T Youth Assembly chairperson, said: “He was taken by the Chipangano people in Mbare for the reason that he was part of the team that was distributing those posters ahead of the anniversary.” “He was beaten, he sustained very serious injuries on his face and all over the body,” Madzore explained.

In a statement the MDC-T Youth Assembly explained that Chipangano is made up of ZANU PF youths, including youth leader Jim Kunaka, and they have unleashed a reign of terror in Mbare. Civic organizations have also complained about Chipangano’s tactics. On Monday Kunaka did not respond to a request to comment on the allegations.

The MDC-T added that two more of their members had been hospitalised after they were abducted and assaulted by ZANU PF hooligans in Kuwadzana and Mbare.

“Mary Pamire is recovering from injuries sustained after she was abducted by three ZANU PF supporters in Kuwadzana and driven to an unknown place. Pamire said she was travelling from the city centre to Kuwadzana at night last Thursday and upon disembarking from a kombi she was abducted by the three hooligans driving in a tinted vehicle.

“They drove her to a secluded place where she was severely assaulted the whole night. She was released the following day and sought treatment at a local hospital where she is still admitted,” an MDC-T statement read.

It added that another activist, Johannes Dehwe, was admitted to hospital after being kidnapped by Chipangano at Mbare Musika on Saturday.

“We want to urge Chipangano and other terror groups that the time has gone, we are responsible children. We are going to defend our party, our parents, our communities, our nation and our economy in our life time. Let’s be peaceful in our undertakings,” the MDC-T Youth Assembly statement read.

Chipangano – a law unto itself

It is now patently clear that the police are unable to contain the violence and criminal activity of the Chipangano Gang in Harare. The Zanu (PF)-supporting police hierarchy has for years instructed junior cops to stand aside while these criminals harassed MDC supporters in the suburb of Mbare.

05.10.1106:47am 1 2

by Editor

The gang has now grown in numbers and widened its criminal activities. It has transformed itself into a real mafia – running protection rackets, extorting money from companies, forcibly taking over businesses and, for good measure, beating up MDC supporters and evicting them from their homes in order to maintain its Zanu (PF) credentials.

The Chipangano mafia has grown so large and become so powerful that the police are unable to control the beast. In fact, Harare policemen have been shown to be afraid of them. Some policemen have actually been assaulted by members of Chipangano. No arrests have been made.

The gang listens to no-one – not even President Robert Mugabe. Recently, while Mugabe was addressing Parliament, saying there should be no violence in Zimbabwe, these thugs were outside the building beating up people – including one policeman. Again, no arrests were made. And this despite photographic evidence, which clearly identifies some of the thugs, being published in various newspapers.

As the police have been shown to be impotent, Zimbabweans are talking about what they can do to protect themselves from these thugs. There have been some suggestions that people should form vigilante groups to protect themselves and their businesses. But this is no solution as the ZRP would undoubtedly swing into action against them. And violence always begets more violence.

The failure by government to stop Chipangano’s outrageous behaviour is a serious dereliction of duty. A time will come when people will feel that they have nothing more to lose and will take the law into their own hands.

Sensing that they have nurtured a monster that could destroy them, Zanu (PF) secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa has disowned the thugs and would like to see them arrested. We wait with bated breath to see whether Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri will obey his master’s voice, and whether indeed he will be able to put a stop to this now widespread criminal behaviour.

07 NOVEMBER 2011..  CHINYANGA ‘S  POINT  IS  PROVED…  that  chipangano  is  not just  ordenary people , but  c10  strategists…

ZBC REPORTER part of Chipangano
By Tinashe Murambanaye

Harare(ZimEye)A Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) reporter has been named among the Chipangano violence strategists at last Sunday’s aborted MDC-T rally in Chitungwiza.

ZBC REPORTER part of Chipangano thumbnail

The overzealous ZBC news reporter Tafara Chikumira according to the MDC was coordinating operations with one of the leaders of the violent Zanu (PF) terror group Jim Kunaka.

“A reporter with ZBC, Tafara Chikumira was part of the team coordinating Zanu PF’s Chipangano terror group. He was heard communicating constantly with Jim Kunaka on what Zanu PF was doing,” said the MDC in statement.

fingered ZBC Journalist…Tafadzwa Chikumira
Chikumira has also been spoted on several occasions in the local pubs bullying MDC supporters and others opposed the Zanu (PF). He has very close links to the Youth Minister Saviour kasukuwere’s young brother Tonderai who was also part of the terror campaign group which caused mayhem at the MDC rally on Sunday.

Members of the deadly Chipangano group were responsible for the violence include “Jim Kunaka, the Zanu PF Harare province youth chairperson, Zanu PF’s Chitungwiza district coordinating committee (DCC) chairperson, Wilfred Gwekwete, Luke Luke of Ward 25, Chitungwiza North and Godknows Muzenda, a Zanu PF Harare youth provincial member.

Others are; Nyasha Dziva, Chitungwiza DCC secretary, Dennis Fisher, Lloyd Bhunu, Tichaona Chapfika and Tonderai Kasukuwere.”

The MDC has experienced a number of skirmishes with political rivals Zanu (PF) where its members have turned out to be the victims at the hands of the police despite having been attacked and injured.

The MDC has since taken the issue of violence to the SADC and other regional and international stakeholders. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)


Hardline Zimbabwe army officials insist on WikiLeaks action

 nehandaradio / Zimbabwe Independent

The Zimbabwean military is deeply divided over what action to take against the two army generals who criticised their commander, General Constantine Chiwenga, describing him as a “political general” with “little practical military experience or expertise”.

General Constantine Chiwenga (pictured) was described as a “political general” with “little practical military experience or expertise” by Major-General Fidelis Satuku and Brigadier-General Herbert Chingono.
General Constantine Chiwenga (pictured) was described as a “political general” with “little practical military experience or expertise” by Major-General Fidelis Satuku and Brigadier-General Herbert Chingono.

Several meetings have been held at Zimbabwe Defence House and other places, with top army officials expressing different views on how the military should deal with Brigadier-Generals Herbert Chingono and Fidelis Satuku, who are currently under investigation for sneering at their boss at secret meetings with top United States diplomats.

According to leaked cables, Chingono and Satuku spoke to US Ambassador Charles Ray last year about Chiwenga’s political ambitions, different views and opinions within the army, conditions of service, sanctions and politics. Whereas the cables refer to Satuku as “Major-General”, the Zimbabwe Independent this week verified that he is actually a Brigadier-General.

Although it is generally accepted among the commanders that it was wrong for Satuku and Chingono to meet with US diplomats, whom Mugabe considers enemies of the state, the two have the backing of some senior army officers who think the issue must be allowed to pass.

Top military sources said while some army commanders like Chiwenga and his clique want action against Chingono and Satuku, there were others who were strongly opposed to that, preferring to be cautious.

Those opposed argue the army must follow President Robert Mugabe’s lead on the issue. Mugabe has reportedly chosen not to act on senior party officials implicated in the WikiLeaks disclosures.

Besides the sympathisers in the military, Chingono and Satuku also have backers in the Zanu PF politburo who strongly believe that they should not be punished for meeting with the diplomats.

A top politburo member questioned why Chiwenga was so quick to institute an investigation when his boss had decided to ignore the cables.

“Why are they investigating the two? We in the party are not doing anything about it and I don’t expect us to discuss the cables in future meetings,” the politburo member said.

“The president is not going to deal with the matter, so why should he? He should leave them alone.”

These views have also been expressed by some commanders at their meetings who have said the military should take a cue from the president so that they are not at variance with politicians.

Sources told the Independent that officials opposed to court-martialling the two generals have pointed out that it was unwise to act now when they did not know to what the extent of the WikiLeaks impact was on the military, their veracity and who else might be implicated.

If after investigation Chingono and Satuku have a case to answer, according to the Defence Act, they will be court-martialled and could face imprisonment if convicted or even a death sentence, although that is unlikely.

Army spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwizi confirmed last week that the two army generals were currently under investigation. Military sources said Chingono and Satuku could be charged with “treason or subversion” for secretly meeting Ray in January last year to discuss Zimbabwe’s “sensitive military issues” and politics in contravention of the Defence Forces Act, their code of conduct and ethics.

In 1999, Chingono, an artillery officer, was the last Zimbabwe National Army commander to train at the United States National Defence University under the International Military Education and Training programme, while Satuku received his military training in Britain



Eagles have been used by many nations as a national symbol.

Copy of the stone bird of Zimbabwe


when colonials like Cecil Rhodes , came to Zimbabwe, they quickly observed the Zimbabwe bird as a national heritage, because the eagle was the symbol of coat of arms all over Europe and america

THE Zimbabwe bird, hungwe  also known as bateleur egale, ..

the real zimbabwe birdFile:Gaukler-01.jpg

File:Terathopius ecaudatus -San Diego Zoo-8a.jpg

the stone-carved Zimbabwe Bird is a national emblem of Zimbabwe, appearing on the national flags and coats of arms of both Zimbabwe and Rhodesia, as well as on banknotes and coins (first on Rhodesian pound and then Rhodesian dollar). It probably represents the bateleureagle.Citation Required The famous soapstone bird carvings stood on walls and monoliths of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe built starting in the 11th century and continuing for over 300 years by ancestors of the Shona. The ruins, which gave their name to modern Zimbabwe, cover some 1,800 acres (7.3 km²) and are the largest ancient stone construction in Zimbabwe.

When the ruins of Great Zimbabwe were discovered by modern civilization in the late nineteenth century, five of the carved birds they found were taken to South Africa by Cecil Rhodes. Four of the statues were given to Zimbabwe by the South African government at independence, while the fifth remains at Groote Schuur, Rhodes’ former home in Cape Town.

The iconic stone carved Zimbabwe Bird is an emblem of Zimbabwe. It has appeared on the national flags and coats of arms for Zimbabwe and previously Rhodesia as well as on banknotes, coins and stamps. The bird is used by the national sports teams and is part of numerous badges and logos of various Zimbabwean institutions and organisations.

Zimbabwe BirdThe original birds, carved from soapstone in a unique and distinctive style once stood proudly on guard atop the walls and monoliths of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe. The exact origins of this stone city are shrouded in mystery but it is believed to have been built sometime between the 12th and 15th centuries byancestors of the Shona. The word Zimbabwe is derived from the Shona words dzimba dza mabwe and means “house of stone”.

When the ruins of Great Zimbabwe were excavated by treasure-hunters in the late nineteenth century eight carvings of soapstone birds were unearthed. One bird was sent to Cecil Rhodes at his Groot Schuur home in Cape Town and, somewhat controversially, still remains there. This is the only bird not currently in Zimbabwe.

Four complete birds and a partial bird were sent to Rhodes separately and kept in South Africa but these were returned to Zimbabwe in 1981 after independence. Pieces of a sixth bird ended up in the hands of a German missionary who sold it to the Ethnological Museum in Berlin in 1907. The fragments were taken from Berlin to Leningrad when Russian forces occupied Germany at the end of the Second World War. They remained there until the end of the Cold War when they were returned to Germany.

In May 2003 the fragments of soapstone sculpture were handed back to President Robert Mugabe by a German museum. The eighth statue has always remained in Zimbabwe.Originally the birds are known to have stood on high pillars above the eastern enclosure of Great Zimbabwe and may have symbolised kings. There are two styles of bird, with slight differences in posture and shape of the pillar.

In the absence of any direct method of dating the birds, it is unclear whether this represents earlier and later styles, or whether there was any meaning to the differences.

The overall shape of the  birds suggests that they represent a bateleur eagle a bird with great significance in Shona culture. The bateleur or chapungu is a good omen, the symbol of a protective spirit and a messenger of the gods.

The Zimbabwe Bird is believed to be an ancestral link to the heavens and is sometimes called Shiri ya Mwari, the Bird of God. The stone eagle became the country’s emblem and symbol of freedom because it linked the Shona to their ancient ancestors.Legend has it that peace will never return to Zimbabwe until all the plundered Zimbabwe Birds have been returned to their homeland.

   The Great Seal of theUnited States.

Coat of Arms of Zimbabwe.svgZimbabwe

Albanian Kingdom   Coat of arms of Austria

Coat of arms of Egypt.Coat of arms of Germany

The Reichsadler symbol of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation and Imperial Germany (1871-1918)


Coat of arms of Mexico. It dates back to the legend of the founding of the main Aztec city-state

Coat of arms of Poland.

Coat of arms of theRussian Federation.

Coat of arms of Velletri.

Ghana COA.jpgghana

Nigeria coat of arms.pngnigeria

Coat of Arms of Zambia.svgzambia


Coat of arms of Syria.svgsyria

Coat of arms of Iraq.iran

Coat of Arms of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svgindonisia

Coat of arms of Montenegro.svgmontenegro

Coat of Arms of South Sudan.svgSUDAN



next General Elections for Zimbabwe are to be legitimate and credible if the 5 million citizens in the diaspora must vote says barbara nyagomo


Therefore,if the next General Elections for Zimbabwe are to be legitimate and credible,then the 5 million citizens in the diaspora must vote  says barbara nyagomo 2yrs ago, when she went to number 10 downing street.

Nyangomo approaches British PM on behalf of One million Voices



By Admore Tshuma in Johannesburg, South Africa  SUNDAY, 18 APRIL 2010 10:55 EDITOR  zimdiaspora .com

While Graca Machel, wife of Nelson Mandela has told the British not to tamper with Zimbabwean politics, UK based Zimbabwean activist Barbara Nyangomo who says is representing one million Zimbabweans denied voting rights has appealed directly to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to exert pressure on President Mugabe’s government as a means of enforcing human rights.

Machel, a founder member of the Elders group of world leaders and the wife of Nelson Mandela, warned British politicians last week to “keep quiet” about countries such as Zimbabwe and let African diplomacy take its course.


But Ms Nyangomo has written a letter and handed over a petition to Mr Brown saying she is doping so on behalf of one million other Zimbabweans who are fed-up with the prevailing politics in their country.

In her facebook campaign page, Ms Nyangomo today writes: “1 Million Zimbabwean Voices 17/04/10 Voting Rights Petition handed over to number 10 Downing Street now we wait for the response. I was well received at the Prime Ministers place on behalf of 1 Million Zimbabwe Voices. On Monday we will start forwarding the petition to all relevant Authorities internationally. Thank you for your support. ALUTA CONTINUA”.
Below we publish Ms Nyangomo’s letter to Mr Brown.

Could she be Zimbabwe’s first female president: Barbara Nyangomo?



The Office of the Prime Minister

No 10 Downing Street



United Kingdom


17th April 2010


For the Attention of the Prime Minister


Dear Sir

We the people of Zimbabwe have gathered together with 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices Limited to present to you a petition calling for action from the International Community on behalf of Zimbabwean people around the world, to continue to place pressure on the government of Zimbabwe in order to give the people of our nation the fundamental right of participation in the free and fair general elections to choose the leader of our country, no matter where they choose to live.


Currently over four and a half million Zimbabwean Nationals are denied the opportunity to vote freely as the current government continues to withhold our right to vote while outside of the boarders of Zimbabwe. We present this petition to the British Government of the day calling for you to use your power and influence as a Leading World Power to ensure that the rights outlined in our petition are granted to our people.

It has always been out intention to present this petition to the Zimbabwean Government along with the International Community to show that the people of Zimbabwe are serious about their desire to participate in the politics of our nation. However at this time, we have become aware of numerous reports in both Zimbabwean and International media of increased levels of violence against opposition leaders, and members of various minority parties. People have been arrested for speaking out publicly against the current regime, and there is a real concern for the safety of our people in Zimbabwe. For this reason we have made the decision not to present this petition with names of people living in Zimbabwe to the government. It would be horrific to think we have placed people in danger while trying to win the rights of Zimbabweans living abroad.


Please accept this call from over 1000 Zimbabwean people who have signed this petition, to address the issues outlined in the document, and continue to bring focus to the issues of Zimbabwean People around the world. Without the help of the International Community and Leaders in your position to continue to put pressure on the Zimbabwean Government, we will never realise our desire to live in a free, prosperous and safe environment in our nation. We thank you for your time in considering our request, and look forward to working with your office to bring results to the people of Zimbabwe. Together we have a real chance to bring change to our nation, and with your continued help, support and pressure, Zimbabweans everywhere may one day have the opportunities we all take for granted.


We have come to the realisation that our country needs us, and today we stand as 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices, united in our desire to see our nation liberated from the greed and corruption that strangles the life blood from it. We are peaceful and friendly people, and have endured much in the last three decades. It is our time to stand up and call for change, and your support in this process is critical to our success.

We look forward to your response and trust that our future will see us change dreams into reality as we strive together to solve the problems of our nation.


Yours sincerely


Ms Barbara Nygomo

For and on behalf of

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices Limited

see link of the original letters


bravery hat awards to Mr Tony Namate

The zimbawe exile gvt and ant-zanu-pf movement ….  awards Mr Tony Namate  with a bravery hat. with The Nehanda-kaguvi  zimbabwe bird emblem

Copy of the stone bird of Zimbabwe

well-done, true Zimbabweans are behind you…Tony,we give you this award for the bravery  you did in expressing the feelings of the hearts of every zimbabwean in the hands of the opressors. thanks also for  ignoring these murderers, they only know how to put fear and take possession.  instead of them  attacking Tsvangirai , Ncube, Dabengwa or Sikhala.. those are the people who are next to the thrown not you TONY. .. The Zimbabwe exile govt honors you with a blue hat of bravery with The Nehanda-kaguvi  zimbabwe bird emblem. …keep it up in the trenches. thanks  Rt Martin DaWilliam.

THE ZIMBABWE BIRD .. It probably represents the bateleureagle The famous soapstone bird carvings stood on walls and monoliths of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe built starting in the 11th century and continuing for over 300 years by ancestors of the Shona. The ruins, which gave their name to modern Zimbabwe, cover some 1,800 acres (7.3 km²) and are the largest ancient stone construction in Zimbabwe. When the ruins of Great Zimbabwe were discovered by modern civilization in the late nineteenth century, FIVE  of the carved birds they found were taken to South Africa by Cecil Rhodes. Four of the statues were given to Zimbabwe by the South African government at independence, while the fifth remains at Groote Schuur, Rhodes’ former home in Cape Town.

Tony Namate


by Tony Namate on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 3:38pm

By Tony Namate

In January 1999 I started work at Associated Newspapers (publishers of the Daily News) as editorial cartoonist, during which time I would unleash some of the baddest humour in post-independent Zimbabwe.

It was a critical time in Zimbabwe politics, which saw the formation of the MDC and Constitutional Commission later in the year, and the emergence of Constitutional spokesman Jonathan ‘the people have spoken’ Moyo as a political farce… er…force.  The following year witnessed deadly farm invasions which led to several people being killed and tortured, with 500 000 farm workers fleeing for their lives into the cities (they would later be uprooted in Operation Murambatsvina, a brutal nationwide destruction of people’s homes and businesses).

The state-sponsored pre-election violence of 2000 is still unprecedented in its brutality. A record number of Zimbabweans fled the country. Several MDC supporters were burnt alive in their huts. Rape was a favourite weapon against women.

The Daily News switchboard was inundated daily by callers commenting on the cartoons, while some wrote in. The readers’ reactions led to a Daily Telegraph interview in which they claimed that my cartoons had become a barometer to the events unfolding in Zimbabwe at that time.

Who doesn’t remember the Old MacDonald Had A Farm cartoon during the farm invasions: “with a war vet here, and a war vet there, everywhere a war vet…”?

During my tenure, Chenjerai Hunzvi’s War Veterans Association threatened to deal with me, while the Women’s Action Group promised to invade the newspaper’s offices in protest at my ‘sexist’ cartoons. Everybody seemed to be in war mode!

A large group of war vets would later besiege our Samora Machel Avenue advertising offices and throw stones at its glass windows in a massive show of mob rule; and several staff members fled in terror before we managed to barricade ourselves in. ZTV reporters were present, urging them on. Twenty years after our 1980 independence, war vets were still gunning for their forty acres and a mule.

Several frantic calls were made to international journalists, who descended on the scene within minutes.

At one time, the late Minister of Defence, Moven Mahachi, held a press conference to denounce me as unpatriotic. A few years earlier, Joice Mujuru (then Minister of Information) had suggested that I be locked up and the key thrown away! Weighing in was my favourite ‘fanatic’, Tafataona P. Mahoso, who declared in his Sunday Mail column, African Focus, that I was a dangerous tool of the imperialist whites. I could never have asked for better feedback than this: in 2001 I received a runner-up certificate for the 2000 UN Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award from none other than UN Secretary-General Koffi Annan.

In 2004, at the annual convention of America’s top cartoonists in Lexington, Kentucky, I received the CRN Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award, all for my work at the Daily News.

I believe these awards were made possible by those readers who stood by me and my team.

I even received a bizarre call from the notorious Harare Central Police station: a senior police officer wanted me to know that she and her colleagues were fully behind my work!

I was totally flummoxed.

The Daily News team received unprecedented threats during its short life. They were arrested, beaten up and threatened with death, yet soldiered on. We couldn’t let the people down. We became Zimbabwe’s first reader-friendly paper, Twitter and Facebook in print. Stories dropped on our laps. MDC supporters’ houses were attacked while they slept. Wives, daughters, mothers were raped in front of their families. The news teams went home in the early hours every day, too sleepy to stand upright…

To show how “serious” the ruling party was with their threats, the newspaper’s office and printing press were bombed. Despite the press being blown to smithereens, the newspaper did not miss a single issue!

It soon became the biggest selling independent daily in the history of Zimbabwe. The paper would later be banned – twice.

Finally, it was AIPPA(Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act) – crafted during Jonathan Moyo’s watch as Minister of Information, ably assisted by the media hangman, Tafataona P. Mahoso – which finally brought the Daily News to its knees, along with The Weekly Times, Business Tribune, and The Weekend Tribune.

On reflection, those were exciting times, in an odd sort of way.

It showed the resilience of one of the finest journalism teams I had the fortune to work with. What a team. Some of the colleagues I’ve worked with have since passed on: Tarcey Munaku, Julius Zava (Zimbabwe’s finest investigative journalist), and others I can’t remember off-hand.

Others like Sandra Nyaira, Basildon Peta, Eunice Mafundikwa, Rhoda Mashavave, Lloyd Mudiwa, Mduduzi Mathuthu, photographer Urginia Mauluka etc, left the country while some joined the NGO sector as PR officers, and one or two went into the printing business.






Gukurahundi tragedy to unfold on London stage

Gukurahundi tragedy to unfold on London stage

By Alex Bell   sw radio
16 September 2011
The human tragedy of the Gukurahundi massacres of the 1980s is set to be brought to life on a London stage, in a production inspired by the real life story of a survivor.The Rain That Washes opens at London’s Chickenshed Theatre at the end of September.
The one man play has been inspired by the story of the Theatre’s Building Supervisor, a Zimbabwean man called Christopher Maphosa.Three years ago, Christopher approached the Theatre’s Director of Creative Development, Dave Carey, to tell his story and how he saw Ian Smith’s Rhodesia become Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, including his memories of the Gukurahundi.Carey told SW Radio Africa on Friday that Christopher’s story is “extraordinary.”

“The more he was telling me, the more and more my jaw was just hanging open at this extraordinary story he was relating. So this became the catalyst to put it on stage,” Carey explained.

The play uses elements of Christopher’s journey, including living in refugee camps in Botswana, receiving Marxist training in Bulgaria, being beaten at the hands of Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU, being arrested by the notorious 5th Brigade, and surviving the Gukurahundi. Christopher was eventually able to flee Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s regime.

Carey said that the play is a “very moving and powerful piece of theatre,” that he explained has been created to reflect the journey of many people during the Gukurahundi.

“This is not an impersonation of Christopher, but potentially an everyman tale. We’ve also tried tie not make it a lecture, but make it a story. We hope the reaction will be positive,” Carey said.

The Chickenshed Theatres has been running for more than 30 years and is renowned for its work covering human rights issues and other difficult events.

The play opens on September 29th at the Theatre in North London. For more information and to buy tickets follow this link:



the Zimbabwe exile govt also pays the respect and honor to all those lives lost may there souls 9/11, ever rest in peace.

on behalf of all Zimbabweans , we pass our due respect to the victims of 9/11 in USA. we say may your souls rest in peace. We will always support USA in it’s goals to put democracy in dictatorial tyranny zones , we respect your efforts and participation in the Libya conflict and many other zones. We will also one day ask your help in Zimbabwe. God bless America.

File:Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg


“March Against C10 in Harare on Tuesday” 13/09/2011

yes it was then yesterday Saturday 10/09/11 when members of the zimvigil family including cde Ephram Tapa the founder.. and also in the leadership of YES WE CAN MOVEMENT. He also said the movement is an umbrella of all activism movements of Zimbabwe, to make it possible to work together in a co-coordinated fashion , so that we will be able to cut down our enemy. Rt Martin DaWilliam also said it is now time to do it.. the revolutionalit Da William aslo spread the message of the ant-c10 march to be done on Tuesday 13/09/11 in both Zimbabwe and diaspora.. most people welcome the idea and everyone was in a 100% satisfaction and in agreement.

some of the agenda on the tuesday 13/09/11 securocrat march to abolish c10 is please write on placards 1: CHOMBO TO RESIGN ,if NYAGUMBO resigned on corruption why not Chombo a mere teacher, 2: GNU is not a govt until Mutambara resigns because he does not represent any political party in.

“March Against C10 in Harare on Tuesday”
Written by Dry Run One
Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Zimbabwean who goes by the online name Martin Chinyanga DaWilliam is trying to use social network Facebook, to organise a demonstration against the CIO in Harare and at Zimbabwean Embassies in the diaspora.

DaWilliam said in his latest post that he was remininding Zimbabweans to rise against the institution cal C10 in Zimbabwe.

“This organisation is a threat to the ordinary people of zimbabwe, the Central Intelligence Organisation is being used by the Govenment of Zimbabwe to terrorise Zimbabweans.

“It must be abolished in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He asked all Zimbabweans to ask their friends and relatives to march towards Chaminuka Building in a peacefull way on the 13/09/2011 or Tuesday 13th of September 2011 at 10:00am or ealier, till late.

The march would start in any direction towards the Chaminuka Building..

People in other towns, like Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Marondera, Masvingo etc, he said, should march towards the police headoffice of that district or if they know the C10 Buildings then they should go there,

“I also ask members of the Diaspora tp do the same by marching towards their Embassies to asl for all those C10s working in the Embassy to be returned home.

“Please make more people to join and let this spread to all Blackerrys and twitter, the march does not have a leader, but it has people peacefully marching towards these primises.

The primeminister and the gvt of zimbabwe would be advised of this action, he said and urged Zimbabweans to print sensible placards.

“We can not be afraid of our country. Zimbabwe is now independent. Why must we be afraid in our country. It’s not a political march and it does not have a leader, and it is a march to practise healthy and safety, to protect ourselves from poison.

“This is not politics but it’ s a togetherness fight like voting. .. this is same as voting my brothers and sisters.. lets protect each other.. Zanu-pf, or opposition are at risk with c10… even Mujuru was mysteriously killed recently.






Just to ask those who believe inthe zimbabwean liberation partriotcs… If no inependence was achieved where you not going to be born/ or if you were born were you not going to grow up and be who you are.

what did the Zimbabwe armed struggle change in the lives of many Zimbabweans if it was not just for a few individuals, why did Mugabe started to give land to people, 22yrs after the independence, why was he not giving this immediately after independence. if people where fighting for having nice jobs in society, and now that they have them are they satisfied, everything is vanity or vanity… people you did not fight for land but you fought for your freedom yet you still don’t have freedom. I WOULD LIKE TO NOTIFY THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE A FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AND RESTORATION OF JUSTICE IN ZIMBABWE SOON, please i advise that you must not be afraid because it’s going to be a totally different type of war and is going to be safe to the public, as long as you co-operate in both sides , you will be so so safe , the war is more technological and it will target the c10, millitia and 5th brigade.

the major purpose of the war is to restore economic security of the country, and to put rule of law including safe platform for democracy. Mugabe and regime where defeated by people of zimbabwe in 2008 and they stole the gvt. WE WANT TO GIVE BACK THE GVT TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. THANK YOU NATION.. YATANGA HONDO. please those who want to join inbox me for application forms.



petition of the nation to demanding an end to the negotiations involving GNU parties and resort to a different transitional arrangement.

Below is a petition sent to GNU leaders by MDC99 President, Job Sikhala.

August 24, 2011

Robert Mugabe

Zanu PF President

Munhumutapa Building


Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T President

Munhumutapa Building


Arthur Mutambara

Of no fixed aboard

Munhumutapa Building


Prof Welshman Ncube

MDC-N President

Mukwati Building


Dear Sirs,


The failure by your political parties to find a solution to the political crisis affecting Zimbabwe for over four years now places an urgent need for the nation to demand an end to the negotiations involving your parties and resort to a different transitional arrangement.

Since 2008, your political parties, Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC-M have been engaged in endless negotiations and purported to have established a transitional arrangement that would pave way for a new political dispensation by way of comprehensive processes of reformation towards holding free and fair elections. It was also expected that the formation of a coalition government by your political parties, entitled the Government of National Unity (GNU), would result in the implementation of policies towards economic revival, service delivery improvement, national healing and reconciliation as well as mending foreign relations.

You know as much as we do that your coalition has spent much of the time squabbling and recording very little progress on the above-mentioned objectives and a fundamental question now demands an honest answer. For how long can the nation suffer the effects of political tension and uncertainty, economic challenges, high levels of unemployment and unacceptable poor service delivery levels?

Be advised that Zimbabweans cannot allow you and your parties to any longer play the godfathers and also the referees as well as players on the nation as you have done for a long time without caring about the suffering of the masses.

The leadership of MDC99 has thoroughly reviewed the situation and gone to the people to gauge the sentiments and aspirations for us to hereby unequivocally make these demands to your persons and the political parties you lead.

a) There must be admittance by everyone that the GNU has run its course and proved to be a huge failure as often acknowledged by all of you at some occasions. For that reasons, the coalition must be disbanded now and be replaced by a transitional administration involving all the political parties in Zimbabwe, civil society, religious groups, as well as other stakeholders. The transitional arrangement would be led by a cleric or civic leader endorsed by all stakeholders.

b) That therefore also means there must an immediate end to the chaotic and controversial efforts by your political parties to create the so-called election “roadmap” under, and along, the same framework that was used in the first place to take us to the current problems. An acceptable and sustainable roadmap towards elections should have to involve all other political parties in Zimbabwe and negotiated as well as adopted under the leadership of the transitional administration proposed above.

c) There is an unequivocal position within our party, which we find to be shared by other political parties in Zimbabwe that any election organised out of the processes involving your three parties would be a farce and we will not participate in it. Zimbabwe will only hold a legitimate election after the proposed transitional administration would have worked on “roadmaps” or creating conditions that guarantee it to be free and fair.

d) All the political parties involved in the GNU must communicate to the leadership of Sadc about the position to bring an end to the current arrangement in order for the proposed transitional administration to be established.

We take this opportunity to advise you that MDC99 has resolved to embark on a national campaign of mobilising people to protest and demand an end to the failed coalition involving your political parties. We therefore give a period of two weeks for you and your parties to positively respond to this petition or we embark on mobilising the people to protest.

Also be advised that the MDC99 is communicating to the Sadc leadership about these demands and the alternative we now seriously believe to be necessary of mobilising Zimbabweans to stand up against the abuse of their rights and waste of time by yourselves and the political parties you represent.

Yours Sincerely

Job Sikhala

MDC99 President


Securocrat Reform March to abolish C10 on 13/09/2011


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“WE WOULD LIKE TO WELLCOME MEMBERS OF THE ZIMBABWE REPUBLIC TO RISE AGAINST THE INSTITUTE CALLED C10 IN ZIMBABWE.this organisation is a threat to the ordinary people of zimbabwe, the CENTRAL INTELIGENCE ORGANISTION is being used by the govenment of zimbabwe to terrorise zimbabweans, this organisation must be abolished in zimbabwe.. Please we ask all people in zimbabwe to march towards chaminuka building in a peacefull way on the 13/09/2011 or Tuesday 13th of september 2011 at 11:00am till late , the march will start in any direction towards the chaminuka building..PEOPLE from other towns , bulawayo, gweru, mutare, etc, you are asked to march towards the police headoffice of that district or if you know the C10 BUILDINGS then you are advised to do so. I ALSO ASK MEMAMBERS OF THE DIASPORA TO DO THE SAME BY MARCHING TOWARDS THEIR EMBASSIES TO ASK FOR ALL THOSE C10 WORKING IN THE EMBASSY TO BE RETURNED TO ZIMBABWE.


Zimbabwe is in need of freedom and a legitmate government. The zimbabwe exile government an  Ant- ZANU PF movement is a transitional process to pave way for a democraticay elected government by the people of zimbabwe.


Mugabe to face trial like Pinochet and Milosevic?

The lawsuit was actuated by continuing suppression of opposition and civil society leaders and extrajudicial killings of critics of the Mugabe government.

They cite the recent abduction and gruesome murder of an MDC director of elections in Matabeleland two weeks ago by a Zanu (PF) terror squad, saying it was emblematic of the culture of impunity for Mugabe supporters.

Also included in the body of evidence is the case of an MDC-T activist whose face was scalded on the with boiling cooking oil by Zanu (PF) thugs. The activists assert that the highest office in the land has been approving and even openly encouraging the vanquishing of the political opposition.

Zimbabwean lawyers are preparing the court challenge where they will ask courts in Europe to issue an arrest warrant and extradition order for Mugabe on the grounds of torture, abductions and extra-judicial killings.

Zimbabwean rights activists are preparing a lawsuit for the arrest of President Robert Mugabe whom they compare to international pariahs like Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Augusto Pinochet.

The lawyers, who wish to remain anonymous for fear of their lives, are arguing that serving leaders should not be immune from prosecution – as stated in current international law – and cited the indictment of Milosevic, ex-leader of the former Yugoslavia, and the two “assassination” attempts by coalition forces on Saddam during the Iraq war.

The lawsuit, shown to this paper, also quotes the 1998 case of former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet, who was held in London, but eventually released, on charges from a Spanish judge of torture and murder.

The case against Mugabe, which the lawyers are backing with signed affidavits from fifty people who said they were tortured by Mugabe’s regime, has no chance in Zimbabwe because of “the current climate of state-sponsored terror.”

Lambasted by the West over human rights and democracy, the 87-year-old Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since its 1980 independence from Britain, claims Western countries are spearheading an international “racist” witch-hunt against him.

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summary of Gukurahundi: 21 selected cases at ST JOSEPH’S MISSION (approx. 30km south west of Kezi):

Gukurahundi: 21 selected cases at ST JOSEPH’S MISSION (approx. 30km south west of Kezi):

by Nja Yo Thuvi (Taurai Njayothuvi Njekete) on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 9:46am

1. November 82: Bango Area: unknown people came at night and shot dead 2 men, an ex-ZIPRA and his uncle.

2. November 1982: dissidents tied up a woman and abducted her daughter and 2 other young girls, whom they raped and released in the morning.

3. End February 1983 (CCJPZ report): Enos Nkala addressed a rally at Kafusi Dam and people were trucked there from all over Matabeleland South. The Provincial ZAPU treasurer was detained for 2 months after this meeting, was given electricshock treatment, and severely beaten. He was detained because he challenged Nkala who said people willingly supported dissidents: the ZAPU official asked Nkala when in history people withoutvguns had been able to arrest those with guns. He also asked if the 5 Brigade really intended to kill all the Ndebele, as they kept saying. This same man had been badly beaten by the army month earlier. The Chronicle also reports on this rally (on 1 March), and on the first comment made by this man, although it neglects to mention the man’s subsequent detention and torture for this comment.

4. December 1983: Mgulatshani area; 8 named men and women plus “many others” were detained by a ZNA unit (not 5 Brigade). Some were demobbed ZIPRAs. All were severely beaten. They were tortured by CIO and given electric shocks to the testicles, at Kezi Air Strip. One of those detained in 1983 was detained again in May 1984 at Bhalagwe. He was with other ex – ZIPRAs, held for 4 months and regularly tortured. Many of the ZIPRAs just disappeared during this time, and others were threatened with ending up “down mine shafts”, 5 named.

5.January 1984: ZANU-PF officials addressed a rally at Mbembeswana in central Matobo. People were forced to attend and were trucked in from all over the region, including St Joseph’s. On the way home from this rally an army puma crashed, killing 6 school children from St Joseph’s Mission and injuring 104 others, some very seriously. The CCJPZ report comments that The Chronicle reports the incident, but gets the location of the accident wrong.

7. February 1984: villagers in the area were rounded up first to the 5 Brigade camp near St Joseph’s and then to Bhalagwe. (Tshipisane village mentioned, among other unnamed villages.) Victims, both men and women, refer to being beaten with “logs” and also thorn branches. People talk of being tortured into making false confessions. There is also reference to women having sharp sticks pushed into their vaginas.

8. A man found herding donkeys west of the mission was beaten by 5 Brigade for “curfew breaking”, taken to Bhalagwe where he was tortured and detained for three months.

9. February 1984: an elderly woman who ran a grinding mill was severely beaten by 5 Brigade at Bidi Store for breaking the curfew and the food embargo. The next day her female co-workers were also beaten, and forced to open the store so the 5 Brigade could drink beer.

10. 2 villagers (ZAPU branch secretary and 1 other) were severely beaten by 5 Brigade in the bush, and were hospitalised for 3 months.

11. 2 villagers, a man and a woman were severely beaten in their home by 5 Brigade one morning.

12. 2 women, 1 with a baby, badly beaten by 5 Brigade, one of them on 2 occasions.

13. A husband and wife found on the road were badly beaten, the wife stripped naked first. Another was beaten with them and taken to Bhalagwe.

14. A woman, her brother and 2 others were removed from their homes, beaten, taken to Bhalagwe, and the woman had sharp objects forced into her vagina, along with further beatings.

15. February, 1984: an old man and 1 other were severely beaten for “parenting dissidents”, and were taken to Bhalagwe for several months.

16. February 1984: Mzola Dam area: a group of at least 8 elderly men (named) were severely beaten by 5 Brigade for eating at 11 in the morning. They were forced to do strenuous exercise while being beaten throughout the day. One was then released, while the others were kept overnight, transferred to Guardian Angel and then Mabisi Dip. Torture continued and several of the men collapsed completely and one was finally beaten to death (named).

17. February 1984: near St Joseph’s dam: 5 Brigade summoned an old man across a field and beat him for not running. He fell over and was beaten with sticks until his nose and mouth bled. His family took him home by wheelbarrow.

18. April 1984: a man found driving a car at Bidi Shopping Centre was accused of being senior ZAPU and beaten. His wife and child were beaten and his car was shot full of holes. He was then detained at Bhalagwe for 3 months and was tortured by CIO.

19. November 1984: Mtsuli village: 9 members of 5 Brigade severely beat a man in front of others and kicked him in the diaphragm until he vomited blood.

20. 11 February 1985 (CCJPZ formal report): a man from Bidi was among many abducted throughout Matabeleland in nightly raids by CIO. By November 1985, he had not been located. 2 other named men went missing in this area in February 1985.

21. May 1987: dissidents accused people in Mtsuli village of being sell -outs. They severely beat 2 men. The incident was reported to ZRP and the 2 dissidents were later shot


1. NESHANGO LINE (next to Ningombeneshango Airstrip):3 February 1983: Mass beating of villagers and shooting of 2 young pregnant girls, followed by their being bayoneted open to reveal the still moving fetuses. These two girls (already pregnant) and several others had been raped by members of the ZNA in November of 1982, who reportedly left by helicopter after several days of raping these girls.
.Raped : 8
Dead : 2
Beaten : 6
named victims, 50

2m KUMBULA SCHOOL, PUMULA VILLAGE (approx. 5 km SE of Pumula Mission):13 February 1983: Whole village beaten, and 7 shot dead, including a teacher, after digging their own grave. Witnesses refer to a fountain of blood from the pit. (File H, all named,** CCJPZ case files confirms 1 name, also 298-9, 310-11)
April 1983: Several ZAPU officials badly beaten, one named victim.
Dead : 7
Beaten : 50

3. CAWUNAJENA (10 km SW of Pumula Mission):8 February 1983: Entire village rounded up, and many were beaten very severely. 12 men and women, including 2 school teachers, were shot dead. This happened during the night. The 5 Brigade camped nearby and the dead were not buried until a year later, by which time many bones were scattered around. (File H has all names, also 479). 2 other men abducted and killed here in February.
A woman was also abducted into the bush and shot with her baby on her back.
Another woman was also abducted in February and shot.
Dead : 17
Beaten : 50

4. GULAKABILI (approx. 20 km SSW of Pumula Mission):12 February 1983: Whole village abducted from nearby to the Pumula Mission area, where they were beaten. Some were then forced to dig a mass grave, made to climb in, and were shot. They were buried while still moving, and villagers were made to dance on the grave and sing songs inOne victim locked in a hut and burned to death.
March 83: 5 Brigade burnt 5 homesteads one morning.
ZNA soldier on leave was killed while trying to visit his mother. 2 others from this area also killed by 5Brigade, circumstances unclear.
A woman was accused of cooking for dissidents and was shot dead.
A woman and her child were taken from here to Pumula Mission and killed. Seven others from this area met individual deaths: One was detained trying to get to Plumtree and was never seen again, another went missing from a house in Bulawayo, and his wife and child were apparently killed by 5Brigade, while trying to flee to Botswana. Another man had his throat cut and bled to death.
Dead : 25 named victims Beaten : 50
Destroyed : 7 known homesteads

5. SOLONKWE: (4 km north west of Pumula Mission, now resettled):**June 1983: CCJPZ Comm of Inquiry report of 22 villagers including women and children burnt to death in a hut, after first being brutally beaten. The owner of the hut begged for the lives of his 4 youngest children to be spared, and this was allowed, although the life of an older daughter was not spared.
Dead : 22
Burnt :1 hut

6. PELANDABA (west of Pumula Mission):29 January1983: 5B rounded up many men from the area, tortured them until they couldn’t walk and shot them. File H names 8 victims, **CCJPZ case files also reports 11 other named deaths herein 1983, probably same day, and 1 death in 1984. BLPC names 2 more victims from Jan incident. 3 others killed, including a married couple who went to report dissidents in the area.
Dead : 25 named victims
Beaten : 50 estimated

7. SEQWINI:(approx. 15 km due north of Pumula Mission):15 April 1983: 1 person killed by 5 Brigade, bayoneted to death.

Dead : 1

8. KORODZIBA (west of Pumula Mission, now resettled):February 83: 5B came to the school and took about 60 pupils aged over 14 years. They were all beaten and asked about dissidents. 20-30 girls were raped and then ordered to have sex with some of the boys while the soldiers watched. They were beaten for 3 hours.
4 March 1983: 5 villagers were murdered at night for being PF-ZAPU members.
Also March: 2 children out of a group of children died of starvation trying to runaway from 5 Brigade in this area. They were trying to reach Ngamo railway siding, which is about 100 km NE of Korodziba. The dead were aged 9 and 14, the survivor was 15.
Dead : 5
Raped : 25
Beaten : 60
8. Bhalagwe Camp Bhalagwe Camp was originally a military camp. In 1982 the mainly ZIPRA army unit there were accused of being dissidents. The camp was shut down and not used much. It became a feared place in 1984, when thousands of civilians from all over Matabeleland South were trucked in and detained there. They were brutally tortured and many were killed. People were kept in very bad conditions. They were overcrowded and beaten daily. CIO as well as 5 Brigade also gave people electric shocks, submarine and other forms of torture. There was a lot of sexual torture at Bhalagwe. Women were raped and had sticks forced into them. Men had their genitals tied in rubber and beaten. People had to dig graves for those killed. Later, these bodies were removed and those who died were thrown down mine shafts in the region. The detentions of people, thousands at a time, continued from January until May 1984. After this detentions eased off, although some ZIPRA ex-combatants and ZAPU officials were kept on in detention for some months.The figures for atrocities in Matobo do not reflect the scale of what happened, because only a few people were interviewed. But the following numbers are what we were told bout.

Dead or missing : 220
Tortured / assaulted : 610
Mass beatings : 27 villages
Mass detentions : 18 villages
Property burnt : 35 homesteads
The following “village” summary reflects events in one area of south-western Matobo. Some villagers in the more northern part of this area were taken directly to Bhalagwe after their detention. This is particularly the case for those who lived in the vi cinity of St Joseph’s Mission. There was a small 5 Brigade base near to the mission, at Bidi, and people were often rounded up at this base, and from there to Bhalagwe.


More than 1000 still missing after 2008 poll violence just for one province only ..what about the whole country

HARARE – Over 500 victims of the June 2008 political violence are still unaccounted for in Masvingo province alone, according to a local human rights group

.By Godfrey Mtimba
Speaking during a rights group workshop in the city recently, Community Tolerance and Reconciliation Development (Cotard), Director, Gamuchirai Mukura said his organisation was undertaking research to ascertain the actual number of people missing as a result of the political violence.

He said there could be over 1000 missing people in the province but so far they have managed to identify about 500 people who are still missing with their relatives having no clue as to what could have happened to them.

Mukura said some of the missing people were abducted by Zanu PF militia who with the assistance of state apparatus waged an orgy of violence across the country, which eventually forced MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to pull out of a presidential runoff.

“We have been compiling the statistics and the exercise is still on. What we have established in areas we have covered so far are about 500 missing victims most of them MDC activists,” Mukura said.

He said his organisation was moving around the province’s seven districts interviewing the missing victim’s relatives.

Some of them are believed to have been abducted and murdered and dumped in the wild life infested Gonarezhou National Park while some could have been dumped in the province’s major dams.

Others are believed to have crossed the border to neighbouring South Africa to seek political asylum.

MDC claims that over 200 of its members were killed during the violent period.

Mukura said the process will help deal with tensions that still linger in the communities.

“If you speak to the ones who lost their relatives, they are still in pain although it’s now three years after the atrocities were committed. The perpetrators should be brought to book”, he said.

The organisation called on the largely moribund national healing and reconciliation organ to speed up efforts to resolve the issue of violence before the country’s next election.

“This toothless national healing organ should start doing something to resolve tension between the victims, relatives and the perpetrators. People out there are not ready for elections. They still have fresh wounds and memories of the barbaric activities of violence in 2008,” Mukura added.


The Zimbabwean Zimbabwe civil protection or peacekeepers

The speech I delivered on Zimbabwe Open Your Mouth, virtual conference. Thanks . for press release


firstly i pass my condolonces to recent victims of violence cde maxwell dube, the unknown killed villagers and those died  for democracy in 2008, also  not forgeting all our uncles/aunties who pereished in gukurahundi… yes i talk for all heroes in pre independence. Just as the topic outlines, i will just add a few understandings regarding the heart of the thyme. I am looking at the videos of the people i call heroes  likes of Josiah Tongogara, in his speech recorded in this video..  you could hear the greatman talking of a true zimbabwe, new zimbabwe, and we havent reached that new zimbabwe. These heroes wanted us to live  a free from politics and freedom  contrary to the smith regime, yet the present govt is more than the smith regime because of it’s insecurity. The govt of zanu-pf  lost it’s legitimacy hence people are being massacred everyday in the road,they kill and have lead the country to  an economic down fall. I can recall cde  TWOBOY …In his memoirs, A Lifetime of Struggle (2007), Edgar Tekere wrote that he accepted his “share of responsibility” for the failure to build democratic institutions in Zimbabwe. But he blamed Mugabe for building a nation whose people “live mostly in fear of their own government, of a state machinery, born out of the forces of liberation, but now, regrettably, more associated with ruthlessness and naked force”.

violence burning people’s houses

One of hundreds: A body lies about 40 metres below the surface at the disused mine Mugabe loyalists blame Ian Smith regime for corpses Pathologists say bodies appear less than 30 years old Hundreds of skeletons found in a remote mine shaft in Zimbabwe have been used as political propaganda by supporters of President Robert Mugabe. The Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust, a previously little known group of Mugabe party loyalists, says says the remains of more than 640 bodies have been discovered in the disused Chibondo gold mine near the provincial center of Mount Darwin, 110 miles from Harare, But while the trust says the bodies are those of victims of colonial atrocities committed under former leader Ian Smith, pathologists say visual evidence may point to more recent killings in a nation plagued by election violence and politically motivated murders. the video …


A new Zimbabwe prospects of hero:  for it to be a recognised heroes holiday these things must be put in place.. the decision makers for heroes status of the country must be done by four main bodies.



3.mdc all

4.the civil society board

mainly the civil society will give mandate to heroes status to some outstanding achievement in our society, from both workers union, artists and someone who have served life by endangering them selves for the sake of serving..see america, yet zanu and zapu , will give status to their freedom war heroes and mdc will to fighters of democracy .. to avoid this thing of the heroes acre to be so partisan.


why Heroes are crying

The injustice happening in our country does not need one to keep silent because truely there are times when silence is betrayal. i have a convivtion that zimbabweans are not yet prepared for a change, hence  recently here in britain the unjust shooting of 1 person caused the streets to overflood, yet in zimbabwe thousands have been publicly shoot and we all went in our tiny huts and ningas to hide, the present regime is finishing us one by one, we are living in a gvt which is 100 times more cruel  than the smith and the apartherd regimes of S.A.  We really know that zanu-pf has lost touch with the people, we really know they can do anything to stay on power, we really know that they will leave zimbabwe with a lot of blood spillage.

my Question tonight is can we prevent this?.

i am not in agreement with those people who say lets calm  to violence, lets be like ma zongororo, the millipede, that folds if attacked hence anything will just step over it and crush it.. a totoise is better because it hides in it’s own shell, where are we going to hide, each night when zanu-pf thugs plan to hunt you they will do it . In deed we have founded a peace keeping organisation called ZIMBABWEAN ZIMBABWE CIVIL PROTECTION/ PEACEKEEPERS.   a sister body to THE ZIMBABWE XILE GOVT  AN ANT ZANU-PF MOVEMENT

We are in the same principals to get armed and protect zimbabwe, we are with the same principals to serve life and avoid bloodshed and a genocide  which can erupt in any time  in zimbabwe, we are in principals of fighting in combat with the thugs ( c10, boadergezi training camps  and the 5th brigade). We are with the principals that NATO and UN can help in arming and training us, we are in principals to be reinforced with the UN and NATO including all well wishers.

our main reason to stage this movement is:

1; restoring law and odder in the country through education

2; to put democracy in zim by  implementing a platform for politicians to have a free and fair elections

3;put all the perpetrators of violence to justice by disarming them and make them and educating them.

we have over 2000 people killed in the violence of 2008 elections run off, we have over 30 000 people killed in the gukurahundi massacres and we have 1000 killed in the chiyadzwa diamond fields massacres. we have proof of mass graves in the country  and the recent body exhumation in chibondo mine shafts in mt dawin. i think evry one here knows of what i am saying and will keep me justifyed and second me.

We  are trying by all means to avoid this scenario, we have contacted many institutes including the SADC and very close allies near to the GNU govt. We are circulating a document which incourages peace by the name CONVENTION BRINGS LOVE ,  THE IDEAS IN THIS DOCUMENT INCLUDE  THAT we need A CHANGE IN THE GOVT / PARLIAMENT SYSTEM , WE NEED TO COPY THE GERMANY OR FRENCH GOVT SYSTEM ..also we need to agree that yes those big fishes in the zanu-pf seats are liberators of zimbawe..quoting mutambara j mutamba ” that failure to recognise Zanu PF as architects of the state called The Republic of Zimbabwe by equating it with other political parties will always be resisted. The liberation movements represent patriachies of the State of Zimbabwe. They are special interest groups whose shareholding in state management cannot be wished away. The halmarks of the previous revolution cannot be wiped out with humiliation of the jaws of Law.” yes to decide on a convention it does not mean we have failed democracy but we want to save lives, yes we are safe when we are in harare and the diaspora, what about our rural duwellars who are facing terror dailly.The convention will work because it have worked for chile and why not zimbawe..

 please you can see the full document and the ideas of it in this link ..


”Diaspora feels it’

In the continuing work so far, i  also invite every zimbabwean in diaspora/exile to go to their zimbabwean emabassy of their country and lay flowers to pay tribute /homage  to the victims who died of violence in our country.

From now onwards any violence that involves the taking of life in zimbabwe, the exile/diaspora people will be asked to go and lay flowers  at the entrance of their zimbabwean embassy in their country.,please my people do not forget to put the names  of the killed victims and  burning candles. In UK I and many we will start this activity every saturday, starting on this coming saturday.  Please feel honored to do this operation every time you pass through your embassy, thus your big contribution to stop the people perishing in Zimbabwe. I will ask the bbc,sky and other media in britain to come and witness us laying the flowers of tribute/ to our people dying through violence and abductions. I have given this operation a name .”Diaspora feels it”

please those in Zimbabwe please you need to lay flowers at the parliament of Zimbabwe in barker ave, Harare.. or just in mikels park in front of the parliament, buy your flowers write the message of the tribute and put your burning candle.

to all in Zimbabwe and diaspora do it as a group or as individual.. please sent the picture to me .. so i put it in this album.. or sent the picture via this email..​k



l also have adequate ideas in making my beautifull country Zimbabwe a better place, WE HAVE THE INSIGHT OF ENGAGING IN SMALL PROJECTS REGARDING OUR RURAL AREAS AND URBAN HIGH DENSITIES PEOPLE. To give them support and do induction courses on protection against political violence e business entrepreneur skills and educate people on effects on MEGA DEVELOPMENT eg looking at construction of the kariba dam era, CONSEQUENCES OF MOTORWAY CONSTRUCTIONS, and planning on where and when such projects will be implemented within Zimbabwe.

We want to concentrate on ways to boost the economy of Zimbabwe rather than talking of legislations and constitution.

WE ARE THE FUTURE…… WE ARE THE ONES TO TAKE THE THRONE…., NOT ZAMBIANS OR MALAWIANS.. BUT US YOUNG ZIMBABWEANS… US YOUNG BLOOD WITH EXPERTISE…, LETS RESPECT OUR ELDERS so they have a REST AND ENJOY THEIR PENSION SCHEMES. We also Look on other groups which consists of Zimbabwean professionals and aid groups, to get strategies and insight eg 1 million Zimbabwe voices,Zimbabwe Construction Professionals, Helping people in Zimbabwe, Zimdonors, Zimbabwe Teachers Network- Zimteachnet and more.

Recently i announced the project of rural development technolgies in the name of MEGA ZIMBABWE, DaWILLIAM GAS PROJECT is one of the major project which l expect to explore to all people of the zimbabwean community both rural and urban. l have given the idea to the gvt through different ministries and in my rural area they are already doing it. please read about this project in my blogger… and also just google the name DA WILLIAM GAS PROJECT and you will be impowered by this.


that what has killed the economy of zimbabwe, of Africa, is our present politicians who are not concerned with the building of infrastructures like roads(Motorways), towns expansions and industries. Their concept of power is just to be there, moving with luxury cars, and living in palaces, after coming from the toilet then they implement Pharisees like laws and documents,and prepare their resting place(heroes acres) and commemoration stadiums only, thus what they think .


It’s a mega Development and a totally different politics of it’s own kind in Zimbabwe, not oriented to benefit this generation but for the new Zimbabwe, our grand children and great grand children, we should not be selfish but we want them to leave in a Zimbabwe like, Japan, USA, like UK, we want to come out of the third world. We are totally looking at something different from the present politicians, though we appreciate what they did by terminating apartheid(zanu) and implementing LIKE democracy(mdc), we need total destruction of the present system which does not care for it’s people by implementing zero tolerance squatter zones, we will not need any hindrance to the Mega Development. We are not going to tolerate any unfair rulings by the ruling parties; we want a democratic change made by the people’s will. We need a splendid Dzimbaremabwe, which projects into debt neutrality, and focuses on global techno and economic development for the eradication of poverty (GDP increment). The European and American politicians inherited from their heroes including Winston Churchill, George Washington, John Clapham, Nicholas Craft etc, who did everlasting Mega developments in their countries. Their objective was ” ECONOMIC CRITERION IS INDUSTRIALIZATION”; Their achievement was (GDP) per capita.

The present Zimbabwe is running a debt of $US 900billion and Zimbabwe have got a lot of resources, man power skills, to achieve something. Life expectance and poverty in Zimbabwe is at it’s extreme and it is now number two in the world, prior to Haiti which have poverty caused by added natural disasters. All the profits from taxing, from the natural resources, tourism and by products have gone to benefit corruption and the defence/police forces, so that they sustain their corruption and power hungry rather than the concerns of the republic of Zimbabwe,


below poverty line

80% earn below poverty line of ZWD 13 Trillion per month (USD $41.00) (July 2008). However, the average wage is only ZWD 100 Billion (30c) per month.

In Mega Zimbabwe we are not going to leave the decaying of our country going on, Zimbabwe needs a new totally changed politics of it’s own kind, a politics full of development minds. We are looking at a future of Mega industries, road engineering, development in communication, infrastructure, in health, housing and accommodation structures, we need to tackle third-worldism, We need a politics to raise the life expectancy, a politics were the politicians are ordinary people in the eyes of the public ‘’no motor cades’’, A POLITICS WITH MINDS TO LEAVE A GREAT INHERITANCE TO OUR GRAND CHILDREN. We need a new politics were presidents are not in full of control. First step for Zimbabwe would be rebuilding using new formatted bricks and crushing rubbles of demolition to build pavements and bring a brand new Zimbabwe or Mega Zimbabwe ‘’it’s a negation of negation’’ taking the old guard and infuse it with new blood which is dextrous and protected with mega doses of international experience. We need a new politics which eradicates corruption and blood shed at once. We need diversification from the way we do things, we have learnt how the British do their things, some have learnt how the Italians do their things some Germans some Australians we are all over. If we were to bring together these ideas we can make a significant contribution to our beloved mother country.

• If no political stability is reached we will be forced to fight for our rights and for the future of our grand children, our Mega Zimbabwe. After taking careful consideration and people‘s wishes, WE ARE GOING TO BE INSPIRED TO DO SOMETHING IF THIS CONTINUES , LETS COUNT FROM NOW .. TICKA, ..TICKA TICKA… ticka ..ticka..

close down


1.“I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence” Malcolm x.

2.A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery

Malcolm x.

TO ZANU-PF SYMPATHIZERS.. this is for you..

1.You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.

malcolm x.

2.Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

malcolm x. ..

thank you ..

.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.  recent  QUOTES

i.I caution the youth of zimbabwe not to be bought by sweets, remember you are ophans because your parents were killed by those who give you those sweets..killed by Violence,economy collpsed,HIV,cholera,and some disappeared to the diaspora. Come get armed to put law and order in your country. Aluta! M. DaWilliam

ii.All the remedies of healing the psyhcological/physical trauma won’t work for the oppresed zimbabweans, if we do not rise we will be extinct like the red indians. Zimbabwe is my soil and no one has the right to slaughter my people who share my language,culture and heritage. Aluta! M Da William

iii.The world shall celebrate more than it did on the independences of 1980, when another force takes over mugabe’s regime… Zimbawbeans everywhere will make parties more than brazil’s canavaries.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

iv.Einstain never wanted to be part of fighting in any war but he was forced to do it to prevent germany from distructing, insted he regreted to the egoists who used him to destroy innocent people in nakasaki & hiroshima. I did not want to be a soldier in my life, but at this stage I am going to save life.

v.If you my boyz watch special movies that gives you power to liberate zimbabwe…rambo1&11, undersiege,preditor,the interpreter,hawkdown etc.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

vi.It is so sweet to be a prisoner of war in the war against injustice knowing that all your persecution is the real empowerment of restoration for justice.Aluta! M .DaWilliam.

vii.The war againist apathierd we won, the war againist colonisation we won… Then what will not make us win the war againist violence and injustice if we the same people ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

viii.Maifunga kuti tinongo gonya se zongororo ikozvino zongororo riya ramera muromo we rovambira… The injustice is the power which will carry the guns to overtake harare to restore justice.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

ix.Listerning to a tortured victim…” I said like Jesus,,,,Lord can you take my soul” one victim was tied a brick on his testicles for two days and he breathed his last on the third day….all this happened on the organized state sponsored organised bases. Truely a bazukaane an ak47 will prove to work in the next few months.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

x.The regime that comitted mas murders and genocide since 1980 are still ruling us, and they act like nothing happened. Zimbabweans most of them in the opposition are justifying it, that they had the right to take life. I and my team we will step in refusing and we are even seing the opposition as the Z project. We will not let zimbabweans be robbed their right to life.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

xi.i am not going to war supporting any political wing, we are going to be like UN peace keepers for our Zimbabwe …we are going to restore law and order.. untill there is a free and fair elections , then we drop our arms.. and go back to our families… in the video , you will see how people are haunted ..ALUTA!

Rt M. DaWilliam.

xii.i will scarifice to leave london, i will scarifice to leave my beautifull familly to start a millitary training to liberate and put peace in zimbabwe to protect all the civilians being masscared daily.. i will do that , no reverse gear, where there seems to be no way God will make a way.. people will say i am getting mad and insane.. i will leave all the degrees to start the project of justice in zimbabwe.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.

xiii.I SHALL SEE MY TRUE FRIENDS DURING THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION OF ZIMBABWE… Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour, just keep it in mind that When you are up, your friends knows who you are and When you are down, you know who your friends are.ALUTA! M DaWilliam.


Declaration for Zimbabwe’s National Transitional Governing Council: 28 July 2011


Following the total loss of legitimacy of President Mugabe, AND

Following President Mugabe’s numerous transgressions and continuous violation of the Constitution and basic human rights AND

Following President Mugabe’s failure to shape up in line with the popular and legitimate demands and expectations of the largest majority people of Zimbabwe AND

Following the unending political circus, chaos, hostility, anarchy and dysfunctionality of the current Coalition Government

And at the peremptory request of the largest majority of our people for the immediate and effective end of dictatorship, basic human rights violations, corruption, unemployment and deprivation,

And in order to prevent the further decline of Zimbabwe and in pursuit of a Fresh start desired by the largest majority of our people,

a new Zimbabwe National Transitional Governing Council is hereby declared and proclaimed for Zimbabwe. The Transitional Governing Council shall be taking over the governing of the country with immediate effect until such a time when free and fair General Elections have been held in Zimbabwe to choose a new democratic, stable and functional Government of the people of Zimbabwe’s free and uncoerced choice.

More details about this new Transitional Governing Authority of Zimbabwe shall be made available shortly.

Thank you


Zim Journos, MDC MP Beaten Up by Zanu (PF)


Zim Journos, MDC MP Beaten Up by Zanu (PF)

Harare, July 23, 2011 – A Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) legislator and five journalists were Saturday beaten up by hordes of Zanu (PF) supporters who invaded the Parliament building to disrupt a public hearing by a parliamentary committee on the Human Rights Bill.

Today an MDC legislator and five journalists were beaten by hordes of ZANU-PF supporters who INVADED PARLIAMENT to disrupt a public hearing by a parliamentary committee on the HUMAN RIGHTS BILL.

radio vop :Harare, July 23, 2011 – A Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) legislator and five journalists were Saturday beaten up by hordes of Zanu (PF) supporters who invaded the Parliament building to disrupt a public hearing by a parliamentary committee on the Human Rights Bill. This follows similar disruptions at Mutare’s Queen Hall and Masvingo on Friday.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Bill is part of democratic reforms that Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed to in 2008 when they signed a power-sharing agreement. Zanu (PF) favours elections this year, but Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC-T) insists key political reforms must first be implemented.

Brian Tshuma, an MDC-T legislator for Hwange Central constituency was beaten up inside the senate chamber where the hearing was taking place while journalists Levy Mukarati (Financial Gazette), Tsvangirai Mukwazhi (Daily News), Nqaba Matshazi (The Standard), Aaron Ufumeli (Newsday), John Cassim (freelance photographer) were also beaten up by the mob.

More journalists from both the State and independent media were also forced to seek refuge in offices within the parliament building as Zanu (PF) supporters ran riot.

Most of the assailants were identified as commuter omnibus touts and vendors from the Harare’s biggest fruit and vegetable market, the Mbare Musika. The meeting was abandoned as a result of the skirmishes.

Tshuma, a member of the Justice and legal, parliamentary and constitutional affairs committee, met his fate when Zanu (PF) supporters who packed the senate chamber for the hearing noticed he had not been singing the national anthem.

“Zanu PF supporters accused me of not singing the national anthem when we were going through the introductory stages of the hearing. They grabbed me by my tie, my belt and some joined in and the next thing I was shoved outside the building. Some buttons from my shirt were torn off,” said Tshuma.

“Instead of helping the situation, police shoved me outside the building at the instigation of the vociferous Zanu (PF) supporters.”

Matshazi also related his experience. “I was also approached by Zanu (PF) supporters while inside the parliament building who accused me of not singing the national anthem. I denied that but they insisted on my leaving the parliament building.”

“Someone came from nowhere and beat me with a fist and more people joined in. I was grabbed by my jacket and kicked all over. They told me they did not care about human rights and they do not respect our newspapers which they said write lies about the country. They insulted me with all sorts of unprintable words and told me they only cared about President Mugabe and no-one else.”

Levy Mukarati also spoke about his ordeal.

“I was inside parliament for the hearing and was forced to move out when I noticed the security situation had degenerated,” said Mukarati. “When I was outside the building, one of the ladies who was inside identified me as among the journalists who had been inside and that’s when I was mobbed by more Zanu (PF) supporters who beat me up. I was saved by the police.”

Zanu (PF) supporters were already outside the parliament building as early as 7am when the public meeting had been set for 10 am.

Some 300 more tried for hours to force their way through the entrance of the parliament building as they sang and danced in praise of President Mugabe and in denouncing of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his party.

A dozen anti-riot police watched the situation unfold.

In Mutare war veterans in this eastern border city disrupted a hearing of the same bill. In Masvingo the hearing ended prematurely after Zanu (PF) activists also caused mayhem.

Members of the public that had gathered to give their submission started to question why the bill was read in english instead of using the vernacular that every can understand.

“The bill was read in English and we did not understand anything, we also do not understand what is human rights versus criminology,” said one Zanu Pf supporter.

Some members of the public were saying that it is not fair for the hearing to be read without accommodating the deaf.

Amongst members of the crowd was a visually impaired man who said the purpose of the meeting was not justified as he needed time to read and comprehend the details of the bill before making an informed contribution.

Commotion started when Zanu (PF) deputy secretary for information and publicity said the meeting should stop forthwith as there was consensus that they did not understand the bill.

“This meeting has to stop because everyone here is agreeing that we did not understand what was read, so we should leave,” said Samuriwo amid a wild cheers from a group of war veterans and Zanu (PF) supporters.

War vets and some Zanu (PF) youth started to sing songs accusing the Chairman Douglas Mwonzora of leading the committee which was waylaying people’s views.

The chair was forced to end the meeting prematurely after about 40 minutes into the proceedings as charging war vets and other Zanu-PF supporters broke into songs and dancing in front of the 13 delegates from the Parliament.

In an interview after the meeting Mwonzora said they have noted the submissions that have been made by the people of Mutare.

“Some expressed that they have not been made aware of the bill and some think that it’s a duplication of the constitution making process and they want the constitution to be released first.” They were definite submission that were made and one was that the bill is not supported and there was also a submission that the investigation of human rights must not only start in 2009 as envisaged by the bill but must go back to pre-colonial time,” said Mwonzora.



commments  by Ray Rockingham
ZANU-PF Academics have repeatedly stated on ZTV . . . ”There is no concept of Human Rights in African Culture therefore Human Rights is a White Western concept designed to destroy African culture”.

Mugabe says . . . ”Zimbabwe is Mine” and Mugabe says . . . ”Only God can remove me from power”. Mugabe says these things because he believes God has given permission for ZANU-PF to be a medieval monarchy with absolute power to rule Zimbabwe with the Divine Right of Kings.

Since independence in 1980 ZANU-PF have kept all power to themselves because ZANU-PF are the self-anointed divine rulers of Zimbabwe who believe that a Constitution should only give ZANU-PF the ‘Right’ to beat and bury people alive if they oppose ZANU-PF.

ZANU-PF power can only be threatened by the empowerment of ordinary People therefore ZANU-PF have NEVER made any effort to educate the People with explanations of what their ‘Rights’ really are.

The Constitution writing process is being disrupted by Zimbabwe’s autocratic ZANU-PF elite who regard the Rule Of Law, Civil Liberties, and even basic Human Rights, as ‘unAfrican’ concepts which threaten the ZANU-PF agenda to keep the ordinary people of Zimbabwe in a manageable state of perpetual ignorance and weakness.

Today’s invasion of the Parliamentary Committee was not opposed by the Police therefore this invasion of Parliament was orchestrated by ZANU-PF to send a clear message that the Parliament of Zimbabwe is merely a fictional theatrical display of fake ‘democracy’ which has no influence over the ZANU-PF gang of criminals who use murder robbery and rape to enforce their ownership and control over everything in Zimbabwe.

ZANU-PF will always attack any attempt to validate Human Rights in Zimbabwe because ZANU-PF regard the People of Zimbabwe as nothing more than cattle, goats and chickens, which should be tethered, caged, beaten and eaten.


UK stopped the deportation of Josephine Chari as she was to face an automatic death penalty in Zimbabwe

London(ZimEye)A London based female Zimbabwean activist was saved at the last minute just before being hauled into a Kenyan Airways plane, for deportation to Zimbabwe.

This followed a fierce campaign involving UK lawmakers launched by London activist Martin Chinyanga together with the Zim Vigil charity organisation.

It is not yet clear the full reason for the miraculous reversal of deportation but Josephine Chari will not be deported and it was claimed her lawyer late Thursday had began proceedings to challenge any other future deportation by the United Kingdom Border Agency.

source flickr  zimvigil
Holding a placard reading’87 and standing for re-election’ … Josephine Chari (left in white)

“She is no longer going now, and she is happy. Her ticket has been cancelled,” announced Chinyanga.

Earlier on Zimbabweans had held their breaths Thursday all afternoon, as they bombarded Kenyan airways’ telephone lines campaigning for the airline to cancel her ticket. An email sent out at 3Pm Thursday titled –Josephine Chari  to face  automatic death penalty in Zimbabwe, read:

“We have just heard that Josephine Chari is at  Heathrow to catch Kenyan Airways Flight KQ101 to Nairobi leaving Heathrow at 20.00 tonight. UKBA has refused her lawyer’s representation. The lawyer is now working on a judicial review. She says there is not time to lodge the review in person and the court won’t accept it by fax so she is calling the judge at 5pm to ask for an emergency injunction to stop the removal but she is not hopeful,”

However Chari’s fate was miraculously reversed as it was announced she would not be travelling anymore. She was said to be preparing her papers before leaving the airport at the time of writing.


Victims of political genocide in 2008 all named

Below is the first comprehensive list of MDC activists murdered during and after the bloody elections. This list was presented to the Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, last year. He has refused to order the police to investigate the murders.

Michael Dube, Shurungwi 01 May He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters, and sustained serious injuries. He was admitted to hospital and died a few days later. Though he was a known TB patient his death was due to the injuries he sustained.

Tapiwa Meda, Chiweshe 05 May They were called to a meeting in the Chaona area by gangs of youths who had come from Mt Darwin in the company of allegedly armed soldiers. Known MDC supporters including the deceased were assaulted heavily using gun butts and batons. He was admitted at Howard Hospital and died the same day.

Alex Chiriseri, Chiweshe 05 May They were called to a meeting by gangs of youths who had come from Mt Darwin in company of allegedly armed soldiers. Known MDC supporters including the victim were assaulted heavily using gun butts and batons. He was admitted at Howard Hospital and died the same day.

Joseph Madzuramhende, Chiweshe 05 May They were called to a meeting by gangs of youths who had come from Mt Darwin in company of allegedly armed soldiers. Known MDC supporters were assaulted heavily using gun butts and batons. He was admitted at Howard Hospital and died the same day.

Crispen Taero, Mt Darwin April, He was assaulted by suspected CIO members and local Zanu (PF) supporters. He died later from the injuries sustained.

Biggie Zhuwawo, Muzarabani April, Was abducted and murdered by a group of youths that was allegedly led by Chief Chitsekete

Crispen Chiusti, Guruve April, He was assaulted by known Zanu (PF) youths and died because of the injuries.

Tatenda Chabika, Muzarabani April A mob of suspected Zanu (PF) youths abducted her and assaulted her at their alleged base. She died as a result of the beatings on her way home from the alleged base.

Tapiwa Mbwanda, Hurungwe 05 April A large group of suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war veterans took Tapiwa from his garden where he was working, they ordered him to show them where other MDC supporters where. He refused and they started to beat him with sticks and iron bars. They continued to assault him well into the night and was found dead the following day a short distance from his home.

Moses Bashitioyo, Mutoko April , He was assaulted by suspected soldiers and Zanu (PF) youths and died a few days later.

Brighton Mabwera, Murehwa April, His mother and father were dragged from bed by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters during the night and heavily assaulted. They managed to escape during the assault and this angered the group which then set on fire the hut in which the baby was sleeping and was therefore burnt to death.

Manyimo Tennyson, Muzarabani 24 April Was warned that suspected Zanu (PF) people were looking for him, so he decided to leave the area and go to Harare. He left home with his wife on 23 April on foot and unfortunately the way they took led them to Bakasa Base where they were captured. Their councillor and other people positively identified him as the person they were looking for; they were then assaulted from April 23 until the early hours of April 24. They were then taken by a truck and dumped close to their home. Tennyson passed away a few hours later. The postmortem requested by the police showed that he had a broken neck, no arrest were made.

Tabitha Marume, Makoni West April 01 , Was reportedly shot by suspected government agents in the Makoni area

Temba Muronde Mudzi North 14 April Was assaulted with an iron bar at his home and abducted a day later on his way to the clinic. His wife was carrying him to the clinic on a cart and was blocked at Vhombozi river were Themba was taken away and wife ordered to go back home alone. He was taken to Magwada torture Base where he was forced to drink rat poison but did not die. They then forced him to drink a pesticide (rogor) and when he did not die, they finished him off with an axe a week later.

Moses Makewa, Wedza 01 April Was assaulted by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and died soon after the attack.

Peter Tom Butac, Mudzi North 28 April It was on 28/04/08 at around 1600hrs when the deceased was about to eat his supper, when a gang of about 50 people suspected to be Zanu (PF) militia allegedly led by Jevias Chiutsi ward 2 Zanu (PF) councillor took Tom to Vhombozi Pry School where they had allegedly set-up a base. They assaulted Tom for about 8 hrs. They then let him go on the 29th of April and he died on his way home.

Sage Muza, Mutoko Hoyuyu2 08 May Was assaulted by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and died soon after the attack

Manuel Nelson, Hopely Harare 09 May Was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths. He was found with stab wounds and later died in Hospital

Godfrey Jemedze, Chiweshe 09 May They were rounded up by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters in the company of alleged army members for a meeting where the deceased was assaulted and died in hospital the following morning

Elias Madzivanzira(Kahari), Shamva 11 May Elias was fatally assaulted with an axe together with his wife Erica, the wife survived, the people who murdered Elias are known by the family members

Ratidzai Dzenga, Muzarabani 01 April She was pregnant and was heavily assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths. She lost her baby during the attack and was denied medical attention. She bled to death.

Abia Nyakudya , Mount Darwin 11 May Was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youth and war vets at his home. He was heavily assaulted before they took him to their base were he was subjected to further heavy beating and torture. He died soon after being released.

One of the victims of the horrific 2008 election violence perpetrated by state agents against MDC activists.

Gloria Mukaiwa, Centenary She was heavily assaulted by suspected ZANU (PF) youths and died after the attack.

Cain Nyevhe Murehwa , 14 May Cain Nyevhe, Godfrey Kauzani and Better Chokorurama were going to Murehwa when the car they were traveling in was intercepted 10km from Murehwa, by two double twin cab trucks that had no registration number plates. One truck blocked them from the front and the other from the rear. The assailants then smashed the windows of the deceaseds car and grabbed them out. They were bundled two in each of the trucks, Better Chokururamas body was found dumped along Chivake river the following morning and the other two Godfrey Kauzani and Cain Nyevhes badly mutilated bodies were found on 17 May dumped in a bush in Goromonzi district near Juru growth point.

Tonderai Ndira , Harare Mabvuku May Was abducted from his home in Mabvuku (Chizhanje) by an armed gang and was found dead in the Goromonzi area

Manyuke Nyamukapa , Murehwa 20 May Abducted and later found dead

Rosemary Maramba, UMP 20 May Abducted and later found dead

Action Nyadedzi , UMP 20 May Abducted and later found dead

Chitsungo (Headman) , UMP 20 May Abducted and later found dead Shepard Jani , Murehwa 20 May Abducted and later found dead Fushirai Dofo, , Mazowe 10 May He was a grinding meal attendant and was assaulted on the pre-text that he was charging very high prices. He was so badly injured that he was admitted at Howard Hospital, where he died.

Taurai Matanda, Buhera 24 May He was shot by suspected soldiers at Murambinda growth point. The suspected soldiers gave people some orders and when they refused to obey them, they started to shoot indiscriminately. Taurai was allegedly shot by Taurai Svosve Mupindu.

Edson Zaya , Shamva 16 May He assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war vets on May 16 at Chidembo Shopping Centre in Shamva he was badly injured and died shortly after the assault on the same day

Besta Bakari Shamva 16 May He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths at Stordart Farm. They assaulted him until he passed away.

Phanuel Mubaira, Mt Darwin 19 May He and other six MDC supporters were abducted and taken to Sanye Base on May 18. They were assaulted through the night and released the following day on the 19th. On their way Phanuel passed out and died before reaching home.

Edna Lunga, Kwekwe 11 April She was abducted and assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths at Chiguwune Shopping Centre on April 11. They locked her in a room at the shopping centre and made a fire outside. They then started burning her with plastic all over the body and in the mouth; she died during the torture and was carried to her home, where his husband was ordered to bury her immediately.

Marera (teacher), Mutoko 15 April He was a teacher at Chimurenga School. He was abducted on the night of April 15, by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and some army members, and he was beaten to death soon after abduction.

Wiseman Tapera, Mutoko 08 April He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war vets on April 8 at Kanye Shopping centre in Mutoko. He was badly injured and died shortly after the assault on the same day.

Lever Katsande, Mudzi 27 April He was abducted and beaten to death by suspected Zanu (PF) members

Gibson Nyandoro, Zvimba (Norton) May Was abducted and later found dead.

Mariseni Kasambarare, UMP 13 May Killed by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters

Norman Mabhoyi, UMP 28 May Killed by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters

Matonganhau, Mutoko 20 May Killed by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters

Tafadzwa Meza, Mudzi 01 June He was driving his fathers lorry in the evening and was followed by people in a blue truck. They shot him whilst driving but did not die. He continued driving and he took a side road into a bush and they followed him. His companions jumped of the lorry and ran away but Tafadzwa was injured and could not run, so he was just able to get out from the lorry and hide in the bush. When the murderers got to the lorry they set it on fire and thats when they saw him hiding, they took him away and was found dead the following morning. His body dumped at Nyadire river in Nyamanyora area.

Washington Nyanga, Zaka04 June They were at the MDC offices at Jerera growth point, where they were sleeping. Suspected soldiers came at around and attacked the offices. They fired guns into the small building and then poured petrol inside and outside the building and set it alight. He died inside the building.

Chrison Mbano, Zaka 04 June They were at the MDC office at Jerera growth point, where they were sleeping. Suspected soldiers came at around and attacked the offices. They fired guns into the small building and then poured petrol inside and outside the building and set it alight. He died inside the building.

Owen Hativagone, Marondera 16 May Was abducted by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters. They tied and suspended a brick to his testicles for two days after which he passed out and died.

Shepard Cheu Mutoko, 03 June He was the headmaster of Katsukunye School who was abducted and found dead after three days. His body was dumped at Rukanda shops near Mutoko centre. His genital had been removed.

Bloke Kanyemba, Harare 5 June He was abducted by suspected Chipangano Zanu (PF) gang in Mbare. They assaulted him at their office in Magamba and it is reported that after the assault his body was found dumped along Mukuvisi river

Mabika Mudzinga, Bikita June 09 He and Leonard Mhete of chigumisirwa village in Bikita East were murdered by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters as they tried to defend attacks from this group at their homesteads.

Daniel Nhende, Harare 08 June Was taken by suspected Zanu (PF) youths from his home and they assaulted him until he died.

Delite Mushonga, Harare 08 June Was beaten up by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and suffered brain damage he died in hospital a day later

Farai Gambe, Rusape 15 June He was shot by a suspected soldier at close range because he was an MDC member

Dadirai Chipiro, Mhondoro 8 June A suspected Zanu (PF) gang came to her home looking for her husband Chipiro, who is an MDC activist and chairperson for the area. When they did not find him they then started beating her, chopping off her hand and both feet. They threw her inside her hut and set it alight using a petrol bomb. She was burnt to death.

Simba Chikova, Zaka 13 June Was taken by Zanu (PF) from his home taken to their base where he was assaulted until he died they dumped the body near his school

Elliot Machipisa ZESN observer, Hurungwe 17 June Was attacked by suspected Zanu pf youths at his home. They dragged him to a bush near his homestead and killed him there

Morgan Chishamba, Harare 19 June He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in Waterfalls. He sustained serious injuries and died the following day in hospital

Sophia Chingozho, Buhera 19 June Was beaten whilst attending a relatives funeral in Buhera. Accused of being from Harare. Later died in hospital.

Abigail Chiroto, Harare 19 June She was the wife of the Mayor elect. She was abducted with her 4 year old child from their home. The child was dumped at Borrowdale Police Station. The body was dumped in Hatcliffe.

Mutombeni Douglas, Masvingo 19 June Was abducted and his body found dumped the following day.

Simbarashe Chikomba, Masvingo 19 June He was attacked at his home by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in the Eagles Nest area on night 25 June and he died.

Tinos Makwanya, Masvingo 19 June Was abducted and his body was found dumped the following day

Kenias Dube, Masvingo 19 June Was abducted and his body was found dumped the following day

Stanford mapuranga, Masvingo 19 June Was abducted and his body was found dumped the following day

Simba Magetsi, Gokwe 19 June He was taken at gun point from his home; his body was discovered close to his home the following morning.

John Luke, Gokwe 19 June He was taken at gun point from his home, his body was discovered close to his home the following morning.

Yuanta Jenti, Chitungwiza 19 June He was in a group staying at MDC councillor elect Chipiyos house guarding it when they were attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and they managed to repel them. The suspected Zanu (PF) youths came back accompanied by suspected state agents with vehicles and guns. They took the MDC youths at gun point and their bodies were found dead the following morning.

Archford Chipiyo, Chitungwiza 19 June He was in a group staying at MDC councillor elect Chipiyos house guarding it. They were attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and managed to repel them. They came back accompanied by suspected state agents with vehicles and guns. They took the MDC youths at gun point and their bodies were found dead the following morning.

Ngoni Knight, Chitungwiza 19 June He was in a group staying at MDC councillor elect Chipiyos house guarding it. They were attacked by Zanu (PF) youths and managed to repel them. They came back accompanied by state agents with vehicles and guns. They took the MDC youths at gun point and their bodies were found dead the following morning.

Tyson, Chitungwiza 19 June He was in a group staying at MDC councillor elect Chipiyos house guarding it. They were attacked by Zanu (PF) youths and managed to repel them. They came back accompanied by state agents with vehicles and guns. They took the MDC youths at gun point and their bodies were found dead the following morning.

Gibs Chironga, Mazowe 20 June Was shot by suspected Zanu (PF) militia at his home

Madamombe, Mazowe 20 June Was shot by suspected Zanu (PF) militia at his home on

Stanley Mapuranga, Mwenezi 23 June He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters in trucks, who were celebrating Tsvangirais withdrawal from the presidential run-off. He was beaten by these mobs at Maranda village

John Dube, Mwenezi 23 June He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters in trucks, who were celebrating Tsvangirais withdrawal from the presidential run-off. He was beaten by these mobs at Maranda village

Robert Ziyengwa, Makoni 25 June Ziyengwa and wife were assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths who were accompanied by suspected state security agents from Rusape. They all died during the assault.

Mrs. Ziyengwa(wife of Robert), Makoni 25 June Ziyengwa and wife were assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths who were accompanied by suspected state security agents from Rusape. They all died during the assault.

Masitafundikera Gumura, Makoni 25 June Gumura was attacked at his home by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in the eagles nest area on night 25 June and he died

Aquiline Sanzvengwa gumura,Makoni 28 June Mrs. Gumura was also assaulted the same night as her husband. She was admitted to Rusape general hospital where she died because of the injuries.

Sandors Mandizha, Makoni 25 June Sandors Mandizha was assaulted by a gang of suspected Zanu (PF) and CIO members. He died during the attack.

Taurai Zimbodza , Makoni 27 June They were attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and some suspected state agents. The suspected Zanu (PF) supporters used barbed wire to pull Taurais intestines out and he died instantly. Two of his brothers Abel and Stanly were seriously injured.

Frances Phiri , Mashava July He was beaten to death by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters at the mine compound and these suspected Zanu (PF) militia are reported to have come from the rural areas of Chivi.

Daniel Gumbo , Gokwe July Suspected local Zanu (PF) youths attacked Daniel at his home and beat him to death.

Dickson Sibanda , Buhera 3 July Murdered by suspected armed war veterans and youths militia at 2200hrs at his home. He had paid a goat as a fine for supporting the MDC and had earlier on during the day paid a goat as a fine for supporting the MDC.

Maxwell Machasi , Buhera 6 July Murdered by suspected armed war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths in Mararakuenda village Chief Nyashanu

Joshua Bakacheza , Harare 25 June Abducted by suspected state agents on 25 June , whilst transporting the widow of Tonderai Ndira from Mabvuku to a safe place. He was found dead ten days later at a farm outside Harare.

Irene Runzirwai , Harare 7 July Died in hospital in Harare from injuries sustained after she had been assaulted, raped and thrown in a big fire. She sustained 30% burns

Alex Kazembe , Makoni 6 July Alex died at Dekeya village after severe assaults by suspected Zanu (PF) youths at Nyazura river

Method Chabuka, Makoni 06 July He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youth on the 26 June. He lost a lot of blood and died from the injuries.

Gift Mutsvungunu, Harare 12 July His body was found decomposing in Kuwadzanas Harare suburb. He was reported missing on July 12 after he had been abducted by suspected State security agents in army uniform.

Livingstone Dzenga, UMP July He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and militia and he was admitted into hospital where he died a few days later.

Zvidzai Mapurisa, Masvingo 24 April He was murdered by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and militia at his home at around 12 midnight at village 21 Gunikuni area, Masvingo

Solomon Bote, Makoni 17 April He was beaten to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and militia in ward 22 Musikavanu village

Clemence Dube, Shuringwi 28 April He was a polling agent during the March 29 election. He was beaten to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and supporters

Gilbert Nyagupe, Mudzi 27 April Was axed to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and militia at Nyagupe village

David Machiwa Mapuranga, Mazowe 05 May They were beaten to death by men in army uniform allegedly led by Major Kairo Mhandu and Major Maravadza

Arthur Matombo , Mazowe 05 May They were beaten to death by men in army uniform allegedly led by Major Kairo Mhandu and Major Maravadza

Partson Mudzuramhende, Mazowe 05 May They were beaten to death by men in army uniform allegedly led by Major Kairo Mhandu and Major Maravadza

Jeff Jemedze, Mazowe 05 May They were beaten to death by men in army uniform allegedly led by Major Kairo Mhandu and Major Maravadza

Tonderai Zireni (3 years old), Mutare 08 May Was burnt to death after suspected Zanu (PF) youths set fire on the hut in which he was sleeping, in Zimunya Mutare.

Isaac Danda, Gokwe 08 May He was stabbed to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youths allegedly led by Major Moyo at Nembudziya.

Musafare Mudimu, UMP 10 May He was assaulted to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in Uzumba

Karombe Benson Chipungu, UMP 10 May He was beaten to death by suspected Zanu (PF) youth in UMP

R. Gomwe, Gokwe 10 May He was struck by an axe leading to his death at Nembudziya in Gokwe by a group allegedly led by Major Moyo

Ruth Mushayahembe, UMP 10 May She was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths.

Sam Kahari, Shamva 11 May He was dragged out of his bed at his home while asleep by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war veterans who then assaulted him leading to his death that same day.

Remember Kanyembe, Mazowe 11 May He was abducted by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters. They allegedly poisoned him, leading to his death.

Brighton Mufuriro, Mt Darwin 12 May Was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war vets at his home. He was heavily assaulted before they took him to their base were he was subjected to further heavy beating and torture. He died soon after.

Sairiro Kamufuta, Mt Darwin 13 May Was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war vets at his home. He was heavily assaulted before they took him to their base were he was subjected to further heavy beating and torture. He died soon after.

Choukuse Nyoka Mubango, Buhera 17 May He was axed to death by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters, in full view of his wife and five children. A truck used by Zanu (PF)s losing MP Joseph Chinotimba was allegedly used in the attack

Tafirenyika Kapfudza, UMP 21 May A head man in Sanzu village was murdered by suspected Zanu (PF) militia Douglas Muitesa and Costain Musariri

Kidwell, Shamva 27 May He was assaulted in front of his wife Lucia Mukaru and three children and sustained life threatening injuries

Leonard Mhete , Bikita 11 June He was murdered by suspected Zanu (PF) hooligans as they tried to defend attacks from the group at his homestead

Tiziro Moyo , Masvingo 11 June Was murdered by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) supporters during the night

Mirai Zvidzai, Masvingo 11 June Was murdered by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) supporters during the night

Chenjerai Kahari, Bindura 11 June Was shot dead at 7 pm by suspected Zanu (PF) militia, who had mistaken him for his brother, who is an MDC councillor in the area

Roderick Mukova, Masvingo 11 June He died from injuries he sustained following an attack from suspected Zanu (PF) thugs

Kennias Artwell Bvekerwa, Chipinge 13 June Was severely attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) thugs allegedly led by one Chikumba. The attack led to his death at Mapfumise Secondary school in the Clearwater area

Francis Zihwihwi, Gutu 21 June Was shot to death allegedly by Madamombe the Husband to Zanu pf politician Shuvai Mahofa who is the losing candidate for Gutu South.

Singende, Gutu 21 June He was taken from his home in Masvingise village in Gutu by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) militia and was taken to their base where it is said that they pulled his testicles until he died.

Godfrey Mashaka, Mhondoro 21 June He was abducted by suspected Zanu (PF) militia and taken to their base in Gudo growth point where they beat him to death. It is alleged that Forbes Mhembere and Beauty Kunaka led the militia.

Chrispen Chijeke, Murehwa 27 June He was murdered at his homestead by a group of suspected Zanu (PF) thugs. He died on the spot in front of his family.

Darlington Chingombe, Chirumanzu 27 June He died from injuries he sustained from severe beatings on the hands of suspected Zanu (PF) thugs.

Gift Tavengwa, Chiweshe 30 June He was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in front of his family

Hama Chironga, Chiweshe 30 June He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) thugs and died

Nguwani Madamombe, Headlands 30 June He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) thugs, and he died after suffering from brain damage.

Taurai Kamuchira, Headlands 30 June He was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in front of his family

Kudakwashe Majongosi, Chirumanzu 30 June He was murdered by men allegedly driving an army vehicle.

Lewis Musiwa, Chiweshe Died from injuries after attacks by suspected Zanu (PF) youths militia

Hama Ngawani, Chiweshe 02 July Died from injuries after attacks by suspected Zanu (PF) youths militia

Tawenga Gibbs, Chiweshe 30 June Died from injuries after attacks by suspected Zanu (PF) youths militia

Munoda Mushaike, Guruve 02 July He was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in front of his family

Amos moyounotsva, Chitungwiza 02 July He was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in Chitungwiza

Maxwell Marangwenda, Buhera 05 July He was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) militia at Bika school in Buhera

Takawira Muzondiwa , Mberengwa 05 July He was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) thugs, and he died after suffering from brain damage in hospital.

Mark Chiraradza, Mt Darwin 05 July He was beaten with logs and sticks and he died on the spot

Cripen Chomusoro Chigaga, Mhondoro 05 July He died after he was beaten on the 22 June

Reuben mute we, Buhera 05 July He was allegedly assaulted by paratroopers Patrick Chimbare, Funny Mambare and Enos Chimbare.

Gwindiri mutadza, Mudzi 08 July Gwindiri was allegedly assaulted by Peter Nyakuba and Aquiline Katsande.

Manomano Ndahwi, Gokwe 28 June He was taken by suspected Zanu (PF) youths on 27 June around 6pm from his home. Three men with wood logs took him to the village cemetery where a group of more than twenty other suspected Zanu (PF) youths assaulted him all over the body. They took his body to his home and dumped it on his bed. And stole his property that included 800 kgs of maize grain. His wife Eustina and their son escaped and where not hammed.

Emmanuel Nyapfungwe, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Chris Makanyisa, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Albert Masuku, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Trymore Sabira, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Pepukai Maangira, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Phenias Chirozva, Buhera 20 July They were abducted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) allegedly led by Col Mzlikazi and other suspected army members. They were taken to Murambinda base where they were assaulted until they all died.

Kingswell Muteta, Mudzi 25 July He was a serving member of the ZRP based in Harare. His mother-in-law passed away after being assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in Mudzi in May . When he thought the situation had normalised he went to Mudzi to convey his condolences. His mother had previously been assaulted by the same gang for attending her sons in-laws funeral. He was accused of going to an enemys home and about twenty suspected militia abducted him and was taken to Chimukoko base where he was assaulted. He was taken to Kotwa hospital on 18 July and was subsequently transferred to Harare where he died on the 25th of July at the Avenues Clinic.

Fungisai Ziome, Glendale 26 July She was taken from home by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters on the 23rd July , her mutilated body was found in the area on 26 July

David Kundishora, Marondera 07 July They were forced to drink poison allegedly by colonel Muchanganya and they died at the base

Nyarai Kundishora, Marondera 07 July They were forced to drink poison allegedly by colonel Muchanganya and they died at the base

Runyararo Mugauri, Harare 09 August She was attacked by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in July and was admitted to hospital, she never recovered from the injuries.

Calisto Tsvangirai Gokwe 09 August Died from injuries after attacks by suspected Zanu (PF) youths militia

Martha Tembedze, Marondera 23 August Martha was badly assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and some suspected state agents before the June 27 election at village 17 Twoboy resettlement area in svosve Marondera East. She was dumped in a dam when they thought she was dead. She, however, was rescued and survived. She has been nursing the wounds for quite some time and unfortunately succumbed to the injuries on the 23 august

Maridha Mazambara, Bikita June The two people Maridha and Joseph were MDC activists. Their luck ran out when they were captured by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and State agents in the Makonde Mountains and dragged to Chikuku township torture base where they were assaulted until they died

Joseph Madondo, Bikita June The two people Maridha and Joseph were MDC activists. Their luck ran out when they were captured by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and State agents in the Makonde Mountains and dragged to Chi kuku township torture base where they were assaulted until they died

Maxwell Magoche Ongodiwa, Hurungwe 06 August He was assaulted during the campaign for the June 27, election. The people suspected to have attacked him are L Chikede, A Binda, C Chatyora, N Marumahoko and N Ndlovu. Maxwell sustained a fractured rib that punctured his liver he succumbed to the wounds and died on August 6, .

Anna Chetse, Marondera 14 August She was poisoned in Marondera at a suspected Zanu (PF) base in May . she was admitted in hospital were she remained until she died

Justice Gundumura, Chimanimani 28 August Was shot on the leg in June and had the leg amputated. He was detained at Mutare remand prison on his discharged from hospital. He died in prison on 16 August .

Ennet Chiremba, Buhera 16 August Ennet Chiremba (78) was allegedly brutally attacked by Amon Chamahwinya and Philip Gundumwa August .

Chokuse Mupango, Buhera 16 April Chokuse Mupango was killed on 16 April by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters and state agents. His body was taken to Birchnough bridge mortuary for a post mortem. It stayed for four months, police from Mutiusinazita station ordered his relative to dig gravy for him on 15 august . The police took his body for burial. He was buried on arrival. Only his wife and children were allowed to attend his burial

Marita Mazungu, Gokwe Marita was assaulted by a group suspected to be Zanu (PF) and was badly injured. She was taken to Gokwe hospital the same day but the doctors there refused to treat her and she went back home and died two weeks later.

Maggie Chidhakwa, Mutoko Maggie Chidhakwa was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths and war vets in Mutoko on May 24. She incurred body and head injuries and was admitted to hospital on May 24 and spent three months receiving treatment, nursing fractured legs. She unfortunately started losing memory due to her severe head injuries and passed away on 9 September .

Titues Goho, Muzarabani 18 June Titus was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths at his home whilst his wife and children watched. He died on the spot as a result of the heavy assault. His wife was also assaulted and suffered severe injuries she was in hospital for about three months.

Gono Karuru, Hurungwe 18 June He was assaulted and died from the injuries sustained. He was allegedly assaulted by Jawet Kazangara, Peter Madamombe, (ZNA) and Madhuveko (DEO)

Chamba (Mr. ) , Gutu 18 June Was killed by suspected state agents on 18 June

Chirairo (Mr.), Gutu 17 June Chiraro was killed by suspected Zanu (PF) youths accompanied by suspected army members on 17 June in ward 27 Nemakonde areas, Gutu.

Chahamba (Mr.), Gutu 18 June Was killed by state agents on 18 June

Fischer Chitese, Mt Darwin 13 May He was attacked at his home by a mob of suspected Zanu (PF) supporters organized and funded allegedly by Xavier Kasukuwere. After thoroughly assaulting him they dragged him to their base where he was subjected to further assaults and torture. He died on his way home from the base.

Catharine Makwenjere, Masvingo rural 29 April Suspected Zanu (PF) supporters accompanied by suspected members of the army approached Catharine at her home and asked her why she had voted for the MDC. They assaulted her heavily with booted feet and all sort of weapons. Villagers took her to Morgenster Hospital but unfortunately died on arrival.

Moses Mpezeni, Mutoko 02 June He was abducted on June 1 by suspected Zanu (PF) youths. They severely assaulted him at his home and he fainted they then dragged him to a local borehole, where they poured enough water to resuscitate him. They took him to their base after a thorough beating at the borehole. They continued to beat him at Domborinembiri school where they finally killed him. They kept the body for two days before handing over to the relatives for burial.

Lameck Chido Gokwe North He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in June .Was badly injured and succumbed to the injuries in October.

Biggie Chikazamba, Gokwe North 21 October He died as a result of attacks by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in late before 27 June

Simon Ngaaone Maunganidze, Chipinge 30 October He was a fairly old man who was beaten by suspected Zanu (PF) youths in May .He was initially admitted in hospital and he never fully recovered from the wounds. He finally died in October.

Edward Pfukwa, Murehwa 17 June He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths on the night of 17 June at his home in Murehwa south. He died during the assault, and a suspected local Zanu (PF) councillor ordered the people not to bury him. He was only buried on the 26th of June

Eliphas Mutombeni, Zvishavani 14 June He was assaulted by suspected Zanu (PF) youths at his home whilst his wife and children watched he died on the spot as a result of the heavy assault. His wife was also assaulted and suffered severe injuries. She was in hospital for about three months.

Francis Chuma, Matombo 28 April War vets and Zanu (PF) youths raided his home in the early hours of the day. They assaulted him using hands and booted feet and other weapons. He died during the assault.

Davison Mandebvu, Gokwe 25 October Davison was heavily assaulted by a suspected Zanu (PF) activist known as Ushe on 24 June Ushe attacked Davison using booted feet and fists until Davison collapsed though he was taken to hospital he died on October 25 . He was buried in Zvishavani.

Alloys Chandisareva, Murehwa 8 November He was an MDC Councillor in ward 16 Murehwa district. A group of unknown men allegedly accompanied by state agents surrounded his home at night and then pulled him out of his house and started assaulting him. His body was found mutilated the following morning.

Felix Gwafa, Gutu December He was a UZ student who was allegedly poisoned at the funeral of Mukudzei Madondo, his relatives alleges his beer was laced with poison by a suspected Zanu (PF) activist called Chitofu.

Leonard Mhete, Bikita 11 June He was murdered by suspected Zanu (PF) supporters as he tried to defend attacks from the group at his homestead.

Laison Nyndoro, Mt Darwin He was assaulted allegedly by Denis chipiro, Godfrey Karachi, Edmore Kadowa and Jeke Foki Reported in Bindura


Imprisoned in their homes

In ward 11 Chure village, three years after the signing of the Global Political Agreement, survivors of political violence are still living in captivity.

27.07.1111:42am  .the

Martha Matashu (not real name) lost her husband to political violence on 29 May 2008 when he was assaulted at his home. Three days before the assault, Matashu’s husband had been severely assaulted at a base at Kachombo business centre where he and his wife were forced to surrender their MDC membership.Three years later on, in a Zimbabwe which celebrated 31 years of independence from colonialism, Matashu cannot leave her home, receive visitors or make any contact with people without informing the Zanu (PF) ward chairman of her movements.

18 people were killed in Uzumba, Maramba and Pfungwe during the 2008 election violence. Horrendous narratives of brutality were mainly reported in Pfungwe. An assessment by Heal Zimbabwe revealed that the communities are still in a state of hostage and the high sounding wishes and promises contained in the Global Political Agreement remain a pipe dream. It is not a coincidence that the notorious army General, Douglas Nyikayaramba and the dreaded Zimbabwe Prisons Commissioner Paradzai Zimondi hail from this part of Zimbabwe.

Two women, Grace Chari and Stella Karimatsande were gruesomely murdered in Uzumba and Pfungwe respectively when the perpetrators failed to locate their husbands. These gruesome acts were also reported in other areas where women were used as bait to get to the husband. Close to ten women were allegedly sexually harassed by a member of the uniformed force identified as Claudius Mashoko who was stationed in Pfungwe under the Maguta project. In spite of the undertaking by Government through article xviii of the Global Political Agreement to expedite the prosecution of perpetrators of violence, Claudius Mashoko is yet to face prosecution and the survivors of the violence continue to face further harassment.

Villagers in the strictest confidence and most secretive of disclosures narrate how in Pfungwe at one of the bases close to Museka primary school everyone was forced to attend the night vigils with suspected MDC supporters being assaulted in front of everyone as a way of “teaching them a lesson”.

Can elections be possible under these conditions? With communities so traumatized, can they freely participate in an election and celebrate the freedom and independence to elect leaders of their choice? Can we not change the mentality of our leaders and their political parties to realize that power resides in the ordinary citizens of this country?


political parties of Zimbabwe are build on a queen bee system.

queen bee

queen bee system

i have discovered that politics of Zimbabwe is build on a queen bee system. When the queen be is dead then thus the collapse of that political party, see with a satellite view. I have seen every party is centrism on a name not principals and values as it is supposed to. Also i have seen that all the people are stereotyped to this system.. until i will go to introduce real democracy and what a politician is. A politician is a servant to the govt and the people whom he is serving.. at moment in Zimbabwe the political parties are just names but the reallity is the names which those parties are bearing.. we had , Muzorewa, Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mutambara/Nncube , Dabengwa, makoni and finally Job Wiwa. Iin each  political partiy if you do not support the name bearer then you will not achieve anything in that political party.  Please Zimbabweans lets make political parties with no name bearers but political parties with principals. These name bearers indicate the autocracy we are fighting for. All Zimbabwean political parties are autocratic orientated at moment, i remember in the split of mdc.. it was an issue of not following a name bearer hence  Mutambara, Wiwa Sikhala, and Tsvangirai. As we need in Zimbabwe we haven’t reached the level of the definition of politics yet hence violence will never stop. This is the case with all African states, the action of heroism and autocracy is the center in the African politics hence killing our cultural values, moral and economical development.  Africa will never come out of third world-ism if this system is not changed and analysed.

by Martin Chinyanga Da William on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 4:07pm


EGYPT WAY OR THE MO-BOUAZIZI EFFECT still premature to happen in Zimbabwe according to statistics carried in social networks unless mobilization is commanded.

It shows that people of Zimbabwe are not ready for a true revolution, as I asked a lot on, Face book and Twitter. It showed that people are still reluctant to stage this stamina, so called MO-BOUAZIZI EFFECT– named after Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire when police seized his grocery cart – sparking the Tunisian riots.  This system proves to be the right way for Africans to conquer democracy, rather than the electoral system practiced by the westerners and Europeans.
As Munyaradzi Gwisai former MP for High field in Harare was arrested, the people would also have reacted with anger doing a follow up into inciting the demonstrations against human rights violent in Zimbabwe. Sources say even the MDC leaders are not taking action into this unwanted arrest of Gwisai. It is found that Gwisai was going to or is going be the centre of this initiation, as it triggered, internet mails calling up for a mass demonstration.
The campaigns launched over email and through the social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, encourage Zimbabweans to hold peaceful marches calling for Mugabe to step down. Some people on face book were surprised by the NEGATIVE reaction of Zimbabweans towards this national demonstration and others were passing negative comments
1.      T. Mdziva ‘’Wat is surprising me is even the ones we thought were on our side are behaving the zanu way. Looks like Makone has been absorbed into this egocentric and corrupt system. Beware of these goons makone they will swallow u and when it happens we the people who put u their wont be on your side!’’
2.      Clement Museka’’ Bcoz pple in Zimbabwe are realists nd knw tht messing w Bob is not worth it. They r nt as vibrant as the foreign media portrays them to b cz they tried it b4 nd it was a bloodbath…’’
3.      Patience Mushunje ‘’@clement,u vry right,taurai zvimwe zvese asi mosiya zvaMUGABE kana muchda kuchembera zvakanaka.’’
4.      Terrence Mhlope ‘’I don’t appreciate being directed by armchair strategists, who signal commands from afar, what do you know about whats really happening in Zimbabwe. You possess limited understanding of the environment we are living in, frankly no one really wants to go through the run off experiences again, this is actually setting back a national healing process that was gradually gaining momentum. We all know that civil wars are preceded by such upraises, we have an atmosphere thats really ripe for that. With plenty plus parties that have plenty plus faction, it’s a sure receipe for disastor I tell you…’’
The cases above shows that most Zimbabweans are afraid of the action which can be taken by Mugabe, believed to be more than what Gaddafi is doing. Tunisians and Egyptians are people who have shown unity towards the removal of democracy in the Egyptian way because they believe in JIHAD and are more patriotic than the southern Africa people.  I have also received personal threats in the form of advices on why l point Mugabe as the destroyer of democracy in Zimbabwe, and to why I give speeches at the Zimvigil LONDON in some occasions.  I was told that this creates enemies with many and that it will be difficult WHEN I want to go to Zimbabwe.
Recently l attended an exhibition with the Amnesty international London 0n 21st February 2011, where the Zimbabwean human rights NGO forum was showing pictures of tortured victims in 2008 elections runoff.  The turn out of the Zimbabwean community was very low and Okay Machisa director of this organisation was so surprised on why Zimbabweans lake the patriotic stamina to participate on such events, although a campaign had been launched at the Zimvigil London to do demonstrations on the birth day of Robert Mugabe.  l was so touched and hate with these images and most of the human rights activists were talking on possible ways of how this torture and violence can end. Many people were in agreeing to the removal of the regime but knew that a valued care was needed to avoid blood shed.
How the mission is going to be a success
It shows that Zimbabweans are still 1000light years away from the Egypt way, unless a powerful campaign is launched.  Zimbabweans still needs more mobilizations, to remove the stigma caused by traumas of the liberation struggles wars in 1975-1980 and violence of 2008.
Many activist organisations were launched including Zimbabwe Million Citizen March, which calls for a mass protest next Tuesday on the 1st march 2011 under the theme ‘Power in numbers to remove dictatorship’. At the same time, the ‘Mugabe Must Go’ campaign is also calling for peaceful marches. Dr.Seth Menoi of the ZIMBABWE MILLION CITIZEN MARCH, says ‘’Zimbabweans need to protest to demand the End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted and Corrupt Dictator Robert Mugabe. Zimbabweans will hold mass protests in Harare to demand the end of the 31-year rule of the iron-fisted and corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe. Also a rally has been organised for the 26th of March 2011 in London by the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Human Rights portfolio UK. Other human rights activist groups launched on face book includes Ngachitsve! kayiqale! Movement ” POVO YARAMBA ZVE ZANU-PF’ which is being co-ordinated by Martin Chinyanga also a coordinator with the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group Human Rights portfolio UK. His face book group is boosting this campaign giving daily information to interested Zimbabweans. The group is also calling for members of the ZRP, National Army and MPs including Zimbabwe diplomats to step forward and unite with the public in these demonstrations. The group designed some strategies and rules to make the march a success, as the regime is going to be well prepared for this event, thou the people are going to do peaceful demonstrations; the regime will do everything to stop the people.
b. please  lie down take cover when they shoot
c. please bring bandages and first aid kit, 
d. come with wet towels and bottles of water, to cover for teargas.
 e. please wear hard leather cotton ,doubled or tripled  clothing, if you have a bullet-proof , put on.
 f. when some one is being attacked lets go to help, unless it’s genuine arrest by police.
 g. listen to instructions, do not sing when orders are in place. put your phone on, and sent immediate messages to the numbers of BBC,SKY news, Al Jazeera , sw radio etc… Please twitte every 30minutes.
 h. carry  2 bags 1 fill of pebbles and the other with water, and lunch, carry more chocolates.
 i. please no one must go to work , especially those that work for the Gvt.. Only nurses to attended for patience.. 
j. please dismissal of march ,until Mugabe must go!, people will not return to houses, please this is a revolution for all oppressed Zimbabweans….(inga you sleep at makombe building waiting for passports..what about this your life.!)
Regime Strategies.
1. They will attack any 3 people near the meeting points
2. They are going to impose a curfew
3. They will sent polite angels to spread the word, of peace, yet they will be c10 in sheep’s skins, send to spread propaganda of defending the regime. They will speak with sweet tongue, and discourage, and discourage .., you know what l mean.
4.they will sent the army to come as rural areas duellers, who will come in hired buses as rural duellers and loyal supporters of Mugabe, this way the soldiers wearing overalls and tattered clothes will attack , please do not revenge for they will use all their karate, and kick boxers on you. ASLO they will send the youth militia.
5.The Regime media and Munangagwa shall come talking like what GADDAFI  SAID days ago, THAT I WILL DIE A MATRYER, I WILL NOT LEAVE ZIMBAWE, ANY PERSON FOUND WILL BE KILLED. Please do not listen to this, this is total lies… see this UN CONVENTION ACT1977. PART IV: CIVILIAN POPULATION
Section 1: General Protection against Effects of Hostilities
 Article 48: Basic Rule.
 In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives., 
6. ALWAYS RUN WERE THERE IS SAFTY, AVOID STAMPEDE, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM BEATING, USE STONES AND INDOCKU, please buy as much petrol as possible to fabricate petrol bombs,  
please do not sleep in your house, when the event starts, please always listen to instructions and try to sent me your mobile number so up dates are always available, also record any incidents
some thinks will be automatic as , the march will be in place,

Martin Chinyanga a Human Right activist giving a speech  MUGABE MUST GO! at zimvigil  Saturday 19/02/11

7.make as hand made weapons as possible,, eg catapults, petrol bombs, do not  just run away as you will panic for nothing be  fighters of the revolution.

 Mohamed Bouazizi who set himself on fire when police seized his grocery cart  sparking the Tunisian riots  is pictured receiving a visit from former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on December 28 He later died

tsvangirai is a barrier to the EGYPT WAY/ revolution in ZIMBABWE

In radioactivity.. where particles are radiated as x-rays because of in balance of the masses in the atom, is a spontaneous process ..and i know that a spontaneous process is unstoppable…… now you can see in Zimbabwe , radioactivity is just at low doses because of the generals and tyranny are using tsvangirai as a lead(Pd)/ congreate barrier thereby stopping the presence of radioactive contamination in them…i mean tsvangirai is used as an instrument by the present regime to protect them.. yet the spontaneous reactions of the nucleus is already in progress.. if we remove the shielding of tsvangirai.. egypt way will just erupt like volcano. .. so we need to ignite the people of zimbabwe and we make natural nuclear reactors which will be uncontrollable like the Chernobyl disaster

Zimbaweans are waiting to hear the go ahead from their leader  cde Tsvangirai to empower themselves with democracy. It is well understood that the election system won’t solve anything in Zimbabwe, only the Egypt way  revolution style can now only save Zimbabwens from the dark nights of vimpires called c10. We are blaming Tsvangirai because he is the one with the people ‘s trust and he is the one who can lead people in to this system. Yes we can see the GNU gvt is just a name and all the mdc ministers are used as puppets, they do not have a voice in the govrnment, the Mugabe regime just do things and even arrest mdc ministers, upto even nowadays they are also intimidating it’s on ministers who wants to defect to mdc. We have cases of police being arrested because they are supporting mdc, we have a marondera zanu-pf MP who is facing the terror becuase she is now supporting tsvangirai. IT’S TIME NOW ZIMBABWEANS NEED TO MARCH FOR THEIR OWN REVOLUTION, THEY NEED TO GO TO THE STREETS WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. A former  mdc MP Job Wiwa Sikhala has seen that zimbabwe is now burning.  ‘Marching towards the PEOPLES REVOLUTION. Time approaching fast!!!!!!!!!!!”
August has been set to be the time line of the Egypt way by most revolutionalists FOR ZIMBABWE. says Job.

mdc-t in the GNU govt is just like any other civil institute like the police, army, ministry of education, healthy.. the govt on the throne is the regime faction. they control everything.. and thy arrest any civil servant at and leave ministers of zanu-pf because they are the real ministers. Ngachitsve must start now…. mdc-t is ministry of democracy.


IF ANIMALS IN THE GAME …”the unit of purpose in kruger park” WHAT ABOUT US HUMANS



Thailand’s powerful military respected a landslide election win by the opposition party…wow

a lesson to be accepted by Zimbabwe today… this is incredible what thailand army has done.

Thai army ‘will not challenge’ Yingluck Shinawatra coalition

As sister of former leader Thaksin Shinawatra announces coalition deal, army says it accepts Thailand election result.The sister of exiled former PM Thaksin Shinawatra is to form a coalition government after incumbent Democrat PM concedes election defeat Link to this video

Thailand‘s outgoing defence minister has said the army will not intervene after supporters of exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatraswept to another resounding general election victory.

Thaksin’s younger sister Yingluck, who fronts the Puea Thai party, announced she had agreed a coalition deal with four minor parties that would give the new government 299 seats.

Puea Thai won an absolute majority with 264 seats in the 500-seat parliament, according to preliminary election commission results that could still shift somewhat. But by moving fast to cement its triumph with outside support has made it harder for opponents to intervene. It paves the way for Yingluck to become the country’s first female prime minister.

Thaksin was toppled by a military coup in 2006 and now lives in Dubai as a fugitive due to an abuse of power conviction that he says was politically motivated. His Thai Rak Thai party and its successor were also disbanded and many of their leaders banned from politics – yet he continued to command massive popular support, as the electoral landslide showed. Puea Thai campaigned on the promise: Thaksin thinks – Puea Thai does.

Yingluck said her first task was the “roadmap to reconciliation” after years of unrest. She also cited the need to tackle high prices, improve international relations and curb corruption.

Meanwhile, outgoing Democrat prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he had decided to step down as party leader, although his right-hand man, Surichoke Sopha, also a Democrat MP, said he believed the party still wanted Abhisit. Surichoke added: “I don’t think this [Puea Thai] government will last long … They will have to compromise with the ruling class and at the same time satisfy the grassroots.”

The country has become polarised between Thaksin supporters, particularly the rural poor and new money – and the old elites that sought to keep him from power with the support of the urban middle classes.

The split became even more entrenched when more than 90 people died as the military cracked down on Thaksin-supporting protesters in the centre of Bangkok last year. While redshirt leaders were jailed over the demonstrations, the government refused to acknowledge that the army had caused any deaths.

General Prawit Wongsuwan, a former army chief close to leaders involved in the ousting of Thaksin, said the military would not intervene or stop Yingluck forming a government. “I can assure you that the military has no desire to stray out of its assigned roles,” he told Reuters. “The army accepts the election results.”

Political analyst Chris Baker cautioned: “They always say they have nothing to do with politics and then they keep interfering.” But he added: “They are obviously feeling quite sensitive after the last five years. They know they made a mess of it.

“They are going to be very reluctant to make a move that puts them in the public eye in politics. They are going to pull the strings of the [anti-Thaksin, conservative and monarchist] yellowshirts and that sort of thing. I think we are more likely to see a formula of street demonstrations and judicial action [than coups].”

Activist and former senator Jon Ungpakorn believed the scale of the Puea Thai win should offer protection against a coup even in the long term.

“I’m not so concerned about the army now and more that the [anti-Thaksin] People’s Alliance for Democracy and ultra-nationalist and monarchist sections of society may cause trouble.”

He predicted attempts to disband the party, perhaps because of the involvement of Thaksin, who is banned from political activity in Thailand.

Democrats have made it clear they will challenge Puea Thai wins in particular constituencies on legal grounds, but the sheer number of seats Puea Thai won means that may not have much impact on the overall outcome.

Ungpakorn added: “At the same time we need a lively criticism of the new government and not allow Puea Thai to behave like the old Thaksin government trying to stifle political opposition and criticism.”

Experts say much will also depend on how carefully Puea Thai plays its hand. They campaigned in part on an amnesty for Thaksin, but know that bringing him back too quickly could galvanise opposition. Speaking from Dubai, Thaksin told reporters: “In Thailand, things are changing. I don’t think a coup d’etat will happen again soon.”


the zimbawe exile gvt an ant-zanu-pf movement …. awards Mr Lance Guma with a bravery hat.

the zimbawe exile gvt and ant-zanu-pf movement ….  awards Mr Lance Guma  with a bravery hat.

lance well-done, true Zimbabweans are behind you… ignore these murderers, they only know to put fear and take possession.. tell them to attack tsvangirai , ncube, dabengwa or sikhala.. those are the people who are next to the thrown not lance guma… thanks comandande lance.. the Zimbabwe exile govt honors you with a blue hat of bravery. …keep it up in the trenches. thanks  W.C

I am MORE worried about how MANY teaspoons of SUGAR I put in my TEA than criticism from proven INTELLECTUAL CLOWNS and perennial APOLOGISTS roped in by the ENVIOUS and COMPROMISED to attack us over the publication of the CIO list. Next week we have more stunning revelations AND all I can say is YOU have a VERY busy 5 weeks ahead.
SW Radio Africa news

Part One of the leaked CIO list

Information correct as of April 2001  SurnameFORENAME Rank/PositionPLACETEL.ExtensionID NO1AdamHamadOperative  ext 232

2BaloyiMOperative  ext 279 or 792318

3Banhamombe Operative  ext 290

4Bhenyu MOperative  ext 279

5BizureMOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 325

6Bodzo Operative 210323ext 390

7BondeFelixDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-365930K70

8BonyongweHAPPTON MABHUYAOperative  576097ext 22863-374707A13

9BoshaINNOCENTOperative  ext 305/21107-085361D07

10Bururu COperative  ext 305/211

11Bvunzawabaya Operative  ext 390

12Bvuure Operative  ext 333/223

13Bwawa OperativeHatcliffe882288

14ChabayaAOperativeRRB ext 268

15ChabvongaSignDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-315722L70

16ChadaPOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 324 or 734 152

17ChademanaF Operative  ext 418

18Chadyendiya EOperative  ext 379 or 739 173

19ChakanyukaNOperative  ext 308

20ChakanyukaWOperative  ext 344 or 707 375

21ChakavandaTOperative  ext 333

22ChambokoNOperativeHatcliffe ext 329 or 883166

23Chamunorwa Operative  ext 317

24ChangataGeorgeDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-450273M45

25CharangaNYARADZAIOperative  ext 39254-036814R27

26CharangwaCOperative  ext 368

27CharasikaLOperative  ext 215

28CharasikaJOperative 734748ext 229 or 734 748

29CharasikaJosephineDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-327594Q50

30CharumaCOperative  ext 398 or 700967

31ChatimaEOperative  ext 288

32ChatoraRachelDeputy Intelligence Officer

33ChaunoitaEOperative 8959314ext 388 or 790036


35ChidzemweBOperative  ext 41763-327594Q50

36Chifura Operative  ext 333

37Chigaba Operative  ext 337

38ChigariroLOperative 666295ext 289 or 725148

39ChigutsaSOperative  ext 389

40ChigwataSOperative  ext 23863-022247R42

41ChikadayaEOperative  ext 380

42ChikawaPaulDeputy Intelligence Officer

43ChikazaZOperative  ext 304/3783-068111Z83

44ChikooAOperative 212690ext 259

45ChikuseSOperative  ext 429

46ChikwakaROperative  ext 274/289 or 725148

47ChikwenhereIOperative 611671ext 248/250 or 793 205

48ChimangaDOperative  ext 288

49ChimanyaLOperative  ext 388

50ChimbozaPOperative  ext 308

51ChimhandambaBOperative  ext 251

52ChinakaLOperative  ext 348

53ChinakirwaSOperativeHatcliffe ext 24522-048332C22

54ChinditoGOperative  ext 426 702335

55ChingwaroEdsonDeputy Intelligence Officer

56ChinozaEdwardDeputy Intelligence Officer

57ChinyangaBenjaminDeputy Intelligence Officer

58ChinyayiPhillipOperative  ext 333

59ChinyayiBOperative  ext 378

60ChinyokaFOperative  ext 312

61ChipungareTOperativeHatcliffe882288 54-032495X54

62ChirikureVOperative  ext 315 or 729979

63ChirimaSOperative  ext 305/211

64ChirimbaNOperative  ext 253

65ChirimuutaBOperative  ext 396

66ChisangoJOperative  ext 212

67ChisenwaJOperative  ext 212

68ChisenwaJohnDeputy Intelligence Officer

69ChisorochengweSimonDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-620343W66

70ChitakaLOperative  ext 209

71ChitekweAOperative  ext 245

72ChitemamusweROperative  ext 303

73ChitohwaEOperative 210160ext 253

74ChituraBOperativeRRB ext 208

75ChituraCOperative  ext 291

76ChiunyeTOperative  ext 317

77ChiunyeBOperativeHARDWICKE HOUSE ext 326/372

78ChiveroROperativeCHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE728225ext 205

79ChizaMOperative  ext 376

80ChizangaNOperative  ext 333

81ChokuwambaAOperative  ext 299

82ChotoCleophasDeputy Intelligence Officer   63-426811K80

83ChumaIssacDeputy Intelligence Officer

By Lance Guma
30 June 2011
As we reported, starting this Thursday SW Radio Africa will exclusively be publishing a list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at the time.We will serialise the 480+ names alphabetically over six weeks. A number of the people on the list may have retired or passed away, but there will be many who are still serving.Our list starts with Hamad Adam who we have been able to verify is deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in Germany as a ‘political councillor.’ Sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Harare, unaware we knew he was CIO, confirmed his deployment as a councillor and told us Adam has been in Germany for over 5 years now and is due to finish his ‘stint’ next month.In the run-up to the violent June 2008 one-man presidential election run-off, Adam was temporarily deployed back in his home area of Mabvuku, Harare. This was the same area where MDC-T activist Tonderai Ndira was abducted by 10 armed state security agents. Sources we spoke to placed Adam in the area at the same time, with his presence there said to involve ‘campaigning’ for ZANU PF.The Director General of the CIO, Happton Bonyongwe, is number 8 on the list. His name is often spelled Happyton, but the correct spelling is Happton. Bonyongwe is a retired Brigadier in the Zimbabwe National Army and our sources say he bypasses State Security Minister Sidney Sekeramayi and reports directly to Robert Mugabe. Under his watch the CIO direct most of the abductions, torture and murder of opposition activists.At number 69 is Simon Chisorochengwe, listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer. He shot to prominence via his well publicized attempts to destroy the Zimbabwe Liberators’ Platform (ZLP), a rival war vets association which is independent of ZANU PF interference and manipulation. Although most media report refer to him as Samuel, his correct name on the list is Simon.Chisorochengwe engineered a trumped-up case in which then ZLP leader Wilfred Mhanda (Dzinashe Machingura) and former national programmes coordinator Wilson Nharingo, were jointly charged with theft by conversion. Using his influence Chisorochengwe ensured the case dragged on for more than 2 years. In June 2007 the presiding magistrate eventually threw out the case.At number 56 is Edward Chinoza, another ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Investigations have revealed that Chinoza is working in the newly autonomous country of South Sudan as the Consul General.Number 42 is Paul Chikawa, a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time the list was leaked in 2001. Last year it was reported that the pensions of two retired soldiers were stolen in a well-orchestrated scam involving bank officials and accomplices allegedly linked to the national registry office. Chikawa, one of the victims, was referred to as a retired soldier but from our list he actually works for the CIO and is believed to be currently deployed in Hong Kong.At number 34 is a notorious state security agent known as Maxwell Chidzamba (spelt Chidzambwa in some reports). In January 2008 he allegedly took part in the attempted murder of prominent MDC-T activist Shepherd Maisiri, a poor farmer in the Inyati Resettlement area.

Chidzamba and his gang of seven, on the orders of then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, bundled Maisiri into a jute bag, then into a truck and dumped him in the Rusape Dam. He was only saved by fishermen laying their nets that night. People in the area usually refer to Chidzamba as a war vet, but our list says he is a CIO operative.

c10 part 2  of 6 leak  

please see link 

Part 2 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
07 July 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 2 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, many are still serving. The serialization of the 480+ names is being done alphabetically over six weeks.At number 42 on the list is Elias Kanengoni, in 2001 just an ‘operative’. He gained notoriety during the 1990 general elections when he shot the late former Gweru Mayor Patrick Kombayi. Kanengoni and a ZANU PF activist, Kizito Chivamba, pumped over six bullets into Kombayi’s groin. Kombayi’s only crime was to contest against Mugabe’s deputy, the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda, for a parliamentary seat in Gweru.Despite both Kanengoni and Chivamba being sentenced to serve a seven year jail sentence they were controversially pardoned by Mugabe, using his presidential powers. Not only was Kanengoni pardoned he has since been promoted, rising through the CIO ranks to Deputy Director General (internal). Last year he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee, sparking protests from the MDC-T that a serving CIO chief should not be taking part in politics.In 2008 the CIO was rocked by serious infighting between Director General Happton Bonyongwe and his late deputy Maynard Muzariri. Bonyongwe was accused of supporting the presidential bid of Simba Makoni, while Muzariri backed Mugabe to stay in power. The rivalry was so intense it nearly paralysed the organization as the two CIO bosses spent time spying on each other. Showing how Mugabe rewards loyal operatives it was reported that the ZANU PF leader contemplated making Kanengoni the Director General of the CIO, to stop the infighting.Last year in June Kanengoni was doing the bidding of his masters again. He was reported to have assembled a hit squad that was responsible for ‘disciplining’ villagers in Chiweshe who did not toe the ZANU PF line during the constitutional outreach meetings.

At number 123 is Kizito Gweshe who is listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Our investigations have shown that his stint in the CIO has seen him being richly rewarded. In addition to a plush home in the Pomona, Borrowdale suburb of Harare, he grabbed the Wanimo Farm in Chegutu from the Wolstenholme family.

The seizure of this and many other farms in the Chegutu area was to be the backbone of a test case brought before the regional SADC Tribunal in which the affected farmers challenged the land grab. The farmers won the case, but Mugabe’s regime disregarded the ruling and recently the Tribunal was dissolved by SADC leaders to protect Mugabe.

At number 145 is Bruce Karimbika, listed as an ‘operative’. Karimbika enrolled at the Harare Polytechnic around 1994 to about 1996, studying what was believed to be either computers or business studies. Many believed he was there primarily to spy on student activists at the college. Around 2001 he was stationed at the Munhumutapa Buildings which house the offices of Robert Mugabe. He is still employed by the CIO, although his exact role at present is unknown.

Since publication of Part 1 of our list we have received further information about some of the names. At number 15 was Sign Chabvonga. Our investigations have revealed that he spent quite some time in the United States before he went back to Zimbabwe recently. We are informed that, starting in 1999, he worked as a ‘political attaché’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in the US capital, Washington.

He is one of many that show a consistent pattern within the CIO, where most ‘Deputy Intelligence Officers’ have been promoted and sent abroad. Hamad Adam (1), Paul Chikawa (42) and Edward Chinoza (56) were all deployed to Zimbabwean embassies abroad.

Surname FORENAME Rank/Position PLACE TEL. Extension ID NO
84 Denga P Operative ext 322
85 Dhliwayo Charles Deputy Intelligence Officer
86 Dhube R Operative ext 251
87 Dondo Operative ext 423 or 728178
88 Dopo O Operative ext 395 63-354970X47
89 Dozwa M Operative 41483 ext 322
90 Dube A Operative ext 233
91 Dube R Operative ext 294
92 Dube C Operative ext 362
93 Dzenga E Operative ext 370
94 Dzenga B Operative RRB ext 210
95 Dzivinayi Lilian Deputy Intelligence Officer
96 Dzova F Operative ext 310
97 Dzvinayi L Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 201
98 Engedzai J Operative ext 209 or 406 63-726154H04
99 Gande Operative ext 333/223
100 Gera D Operative ext 343
101 Gijima Operative ext 308
102 Gohodzi Operative ext 333
103 Gombarago Tamuka Operative ext 409
104 Gomo I Operative ext 368
105 Gondo S Operative ext 405
106 Gondo F Operative ext 422 or 725320
107 Gono A Operative ext 237/375
108 Gono V Operative ext 313
109 Gono B Operative ext 390
110 Gono L Operative ext 233
111 Gororo L Operative ext 249
112 Gudza S Operative 704954 ext 267
113 Gudza Patson Deputy Intelligence Officer
114 Gumi M Operative Hatcliffe 882288
115 Gunduza Operative ext 209
116 Gurupira J Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
117 Gurupira E Operative RRB ext 210
118 Gwanetsa O Operative ext 279
119 Gwangwara Operative ext 368
120 Gwatidzo C Operative ext 350 or 738961
121 Gwatidzo M Operative ext 333/223
122 Gwaze S Operative 308384 ext 286 or 794923
123 Gweshe Kizito Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-583870B70
124 Hari D Operative ext 299
125 Hungwe E Operative 210879 ext 384
126 Hungwe T Operative ext 384
127 Jadagu N Operative Hatcliffe 882288 08-269724E15
128 Jama A Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 200/321
129 Jamu T Operative ext 285
130 Jamu T Operative ext 313
131 Jewa R Operative Hatcliffe 882288 08-269724E15
132 Johnson A Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 322 or 727471
133 Jola B Operative ext 371 08-269724E15
134 Jumo Operative ext 390
135 Kabiti T Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 322 or 793021
136 Kachera L Operative ext 347
137 Kagura M Operative ext 373 or 794517
138 Kambanga J Operative ext 371
139 Kamusoko E Operative RRB ext 268
140 Kamwendo C Operative ext 315
141 Kanduna L Operative ext 277 63-1032690X42
142 Kanengoni Elias Operative 302069 ext 361 or 704349
143 Kaondera-Shava Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 882288
144 Kariana O Operative RRB ext 208 63-1074628G38
145 Karimbika Bruce Operative ext 332/372
146 Karumbidza Operative ext 308
147 Kaseke M Operative 708204 ext 226
148 Kaseke E Operative ext 333
149 Kasumba J Operative ext 304/372/335 75-282973S75
150 Katsande S Operative ext 264
151 Katsande P Operative ext 277
152 Katsande N Operative ext 412 or 793771
153 Katsere C Operative ext 253 08-181172C08
154 Kazingizi M Operative ext 405
155 Khan Mohammed Deputy Intelligence Officer 13-095452L00
156 Koga E Operative ext 270/437 or 726649
157 Kondo R Operative ext 215
158 Koro P Operative ext 277
159 Kuchekwa P Operative RRB ext 235
160 Kugandirori Operative ext 396
161 Kunze T Operative RRB ext 210
162 Kupemba Bright Operative ext 362
163 Kusotera J Operative ext 426
164 Kuwana Operative ext 403
165 Kuwana Godfrey Deputy Intelligence Officer 29-104496W34
166 Kuyumani Operative ext 308
167 Kuzinya J Operative ext 424 .

Part 3 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
14 July 2011

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 3 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, many are still serving.
The serialization of the 480+ names is being done alphabetically over six weeks. Although the document also contains their home addresses, these details have been removed.At number 172 is Deputy Intelligence Officer Farai Machekanyanga. Last year a ZANU PF official known as Chikanya, from Cherutombo suburb in Marondera, stunned the community after she began confessing how she and a gang, which included Machekanyanga, assassinated suspected MDC-T supporters and dumped their dead bodies in shallow graves and dams.Chikanya, dressed in ZANU PF regalia, had gone to her party offices and told them she wanted to confess her crimes because she was experiencing hardships. But party officials paid no attention and she went straight to the town bus terminus. Once there she gathered a crowd and narrated names of her accomplices, including Machekanyanga, and how they killed MDC-T activists in the run up to the June 2008 election.ZANU PF officials dispatched a truck to pick her up but she refused to be driven away. According to her testimony Machekanyanga also took part in the abduction of MDC-T District Chairman Bakayimana and youth organizer Kainos, on 22nd May 2008. Chikanya said: “We tortured them at Hurudza House (CIO offices) for weeks, before taking them to various secret locations. We wanted to use them as bait to lure Ian Kay (MP) and Farai Nyandoro (Mayor) to our killing grounds.”Chakanya went further to confess: “We even forced the captives to make distress phone calls for help from Kay and Nyandoro. When the plot failed, we had no option but to assassinate them and dump their corpses in Wenimbe dam. This is a ZANU PF tried and tested solution for dealing with betrayers, dating back to the liberation struggle,” she said.
According to one report last year, Chakanya was later also found dead in the Wenimbe dam.

Interestingly, it was only last week that ZANU PF MP Tracy Mutinhiri accused CIO agents of wanting to kill her and dump her body in the Wenimbe dam “like they did to hundreds of innocent suspected MDC supporters in June 2008.” Mutinhiri is currently locked in a bitter feud with State Security Minister Sidney Sekeramyi and others in ZANU PF, who accuse her of being too ‘cosy’ with the MDC-T.

At number 211 is Robert Manungo, a Deputy Intelligence Officer who allegedly ordered the failed assassination of former Daily News editor Geoffrey Nyarota. At the time Manungo was the Deputy Director of the CIO’s Harare province and allegedly paid over US$2,600 to ZANU PF activist Bernard Masara to kill Nyarota. After spending one month watching the Daily News offices Masara developed cold feet and later made a confession after a chance meeting with Nyarota in a lift.

Nyarota recounted the incident saying: “It seems I met him in a lift on the way to my office. I didn’t realise what was happening, but he was tracking my movements. I greeted him, I always greet people, even strangers. I normally say, ‘How are you, how is the family?’ He told me he had been assigned to kill me. At this stage, I didn’t believe him.” To prove his story Masara then telephoned Manungo, while the entire editorial staff of the Daily News listened to the call.
Manungo immediately recognised the assassin and asked, “Has the assignment been accomplished?”

Manungo has since been promoted and it is our information he is now the Assistant Director (Internal). This would mean he is second in command to Elias Kanengoni, who shot then opposition candidate Patrick Kombayi in the 1990 elections and then got a presidential pardon from Mugabe.

Number 229 is Denford Masiya a “Senior Intelligence Agent’ based in Rusape. In 2006 he was jointly charged with Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and 5 others over incidents of political violence that rocked Makoni North constituency in August 2004, during campaigning for ZANU PF primary elections. In one incident Masiya and a group of 23 ZANU PF youths ambushed and attacked James Kaunye, who was contesting against Mutasa in the primary poll.

The trial collapsed after magistrates were intimidated and attempts made to bribe the complainants. Charges of attempting to defeat the course of justice, later filed against Mutasa and the group, came to nothing.

More information continues to trickle in on Sign Chabvonga, at number 15 on our list. Readers will remember the ‘MediaGate’ scandal which broke in 2005. It was about the CIO taking over the independent Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, starting in 2002, when the state security agency diverted billions of Zimbabwean dollars to take control of the Mirror group and also the weekly Financial Gazette newspaper.

In 2004 the CIO deployed Chabvonga as a ‘Features Editor’ in the Mirror newsroom. The editorial team, then led by Innocent Chofamba Sithole, Stanley Ruzvidzo Mupfudza (late) and Tawanda Majoni, was forced to work under his watchful eye. “He was a quiet fellow and personally pleasant, but it was clear to every reporter that he wasn’t really there to write stories. That will go down as the worst disguised deployment the CIO has ever done,” a reporter told us.

Before Chabvonga’s deployment to the Mirror newsroom he worked as a ‘political attaché’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in the US capital, Washington, from around 1999.
More information has been received on Bright Kupemba, number 162 on the list published last week. Described as an ‘operative’ we understand he is currently deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in London.

Last year in March Kupemba attended a commonwealth sponsored meeting held in London, that was looking into the needs of journalists based in the Diaspora.

(CIO) list part 3 of 6

Information correct as of April 2001 See related news story
Surname FORENAME Rank/Position PLACE TEL. Extension ID NO
168 Mabada Operative ext 338/372
169 Mabhiza Operative 729330 ext 206
170 Machaka Mildred Deputy Intelligence Officer
171 Machekanyanga Operative ext 256 or 706080
172 Machekanyanga Farai Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-656585P43
173 Machengete Operative ext 244 or 708796
174 Machingura M Operative ext 231
175 Machiri C Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
176 Machirori T Operative ext 270/437 or 726649 18-049955Q18
177 Madamombe L Operative ext 311
178 Madamombe Lucia Deputy Intelligence Officer
179 Madipaza Operative RRB ext 239
180 Madoda F Operative ext 260
181 Madondo T Operative ext 342/237
182 Madziwa B Operative 217385 ext 355
183 Madzorere G Operative ext 330 736031/2 08-544970K22
184 Madzunzu A Operative Hatcliffe 882288
185 Magada Operative Hatcliffe 882288
186 Magaya B Operative ext 418 or 721798
187 Magomo T Operative ext 333
188 Magume P Operative ext 420
189 Magwai M Operative 742109 ext 273
190 Magwai P Operative ext 274
191 Mahlahla Operative ext 274
192 Makanje M Operative ext 315 or 736220
193 Makanyire G Operative ext 237/375
194 Makawa R Operative ext 277
195 Makhosa R Operative ext 310 or 700849
196 Makina A Operative ext 343
197 Makoni Charity Operative ext 331
198 Makoni Chris Operative 481140 ext 441
199 Makotore T Operative ext 308
200 Makowa G Operative ext 270/437 or 726649
201 Makumbe L Operative ext 259
202 Makumbirofa R Operative ext 312
203 Malate E Operative ext 343 63-805212Q68
204 Malikongwa Operative ext 236
205 Mambo P Operative ext 333
206 Mandaza J Operative ext 228
207 Mandiyengerenyi Operative ext 333
208 Mandowo J Operative ext 442 63-268627W80
209 Manhembe L Operative ext 309
210 Manhibi J Operative ext 261 or 792318
211 Manungo Robert Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-432510E13
212 Manwiro L Operative ext 368 63-371681L50
213 Manzira A Operative ext 397
214 Mapfumo S Operative 793660 ext 222
215 Maposa P Operative ext 309
216 Maramba P Operative ext 308
217 Maravanyika S Operative 705368 ext 213
218 Marikano P Operative ext 385
219 Marimo Wilbert Deputy Intelligence Officer
220 Maringa A Operative 32155 ext 389 or 706169
221 Maromwe Operative ext 308
222 Marumbe J Operative Training School 570853
223 Masango Sylvia Principal Director in Vice Presidents Office
224 Masese T Operative ext 218
225 Mashava C Operative 69112 ext 279
226 Mashiri Sainet Stanslous Deputy Intelligence Officer
227 Mashonganyika G Operative ext 333
228 Masia M Operative RRB ext 235
229 Masiya Denford Senior Intelligence Agent Rusape
230 Masiya Dennis Operative
231 Masocha Operative ext 392
232 Maswoswe Operative ext 399
233 Matambanadzo C Operative Hardwicke ext 337 or 727471 49-041871F49
234 Matambo N Operative ext 294
235 Matambura Operative ext 303
236 Matarutse S Operative ext 333
237 Mataure A Operative ext 282
238 Matemba B Operative ext 404/371
239 Matenga G Operative ext 263
240 Matenganzara Sophilia Deputy Intelligence Officer
241 Matengenzara S Operative ext 338/372
242 Matika Zeria Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-352630D75
243 Matikiti R Operative ext 333/223
244 Matimba L Operative RRB ext 407
245 Matonhodze J Operative Hatcliffe 882288 63-421965S38
246 Matope N Operative ext 209 or 406
247 Matsvai P Operative ext 342/237 ….

Part 4 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
21 July 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 4 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document is dated 2001 and is a list of ‘operatives’ working at that time. Some agents may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document also contains their home addresses, these details have been removed.At number 247 is Thomas Matutu listed as a Deputy Intelligence Officer at the time. Our information is that he is currently based at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Namibia having previously served at the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya around 1986.273 is Win Busayi Juyana Mlambo listed as an ‘operative’ at the time. We understand he first joined ZANU PF in 1974 when he was 18 years. In 1999 he was appointed into the ZANU PF Central Committee. Dr Mlambo, as he is now known, is the ‘Minister Counsellor’ at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. This we are told effectively means he is the Deputy Ambassador.

It would appear that members of the CIO are richly rewarded in terms of business contracts with government and parastatals. Eleanor Mtangi, listed as an ‘operative’ at number 281 on our list, is testament to the patronage system. She and her husband Collin Cephas Mtangi, run Cottel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd from Harare, supplying electrical equipment and consumables to the mining and industrial sectors.

The company profile shows that Cottel supply the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Air Force of Zimbabwe, National Oil Company of Zimbabwe , Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, Zimbabwe National Army, Zimglass, Shabani Mashava Mines and the Department of Irrigation, among others. Having been unable to get Eleanor’s number we contacted her husband, Mr. Mtangi, and asked about her work for the Central Intelligence Organisation. He replied:

“Why are you asking me? Go and ask her. Don’t you know it’s possible for married people to belong to different political parties? You can have one as a Republican and another as a Conservative. I don’t know anything about her background.” Interestingly the couple set up their company in 1992 and according to our list Mrs. Mtangi was still employed by the CIO in 2001.

At number 282 is Loveleen Tafadzwa Mucheuki, listed as an ‘operative.’ Our investigations show that she has various qualifications in Systems Analysis and Computer Programming and is employed as a ‘Systems Administrator’ in the President’s Office. Her job entails maintaining and operating the computer system and/or network in the office.

Despite working for the CIO, an organization that has sanctioned the abduction, torture and murder of opposition members, Mucheuki is a member of a UK registered charity, the International Governance Institute (IGI) “a membership-driven organisation fighting fraud, corruption and the abuse of power.”

According to its website the IGI is “an international network of active citizens, mainly in Africa” who work through “monitoring, education, training and networking, to promote a culture of transparency, honesty and accountability in public service, based on a Christian ethos.”

Number 318 is Beven ‘Shungu’ Murahwa, who in 2001 was an ‘operative’. We understand Shungu, as he is often called by his liberation war nickname, is quite senior in Mugabe’s Close Protection Unit (CPU) and regularly travels with him. An article penned by George Charamba in April 2011, reflecting on the life of the late CIO boss Mernard Muzariri, confirmed the fact that Murahwa is still a regular traveller with Mugabe.

‎245 Matsvimbo K Operative ext 260
246 Matutu T Operative ext 281
247 Matutu Thomas Deputy Intelligence Officer
248 Maunganidze C Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-421965S38
249 Mavi A Operative ext 424
250 Mavindidze K Operative Hatcliffe 882288
251 Mawanga B Operative ext 380
252 Mawanga B Operative ext 380
253 Mayengahama C Operative ext 362 63-066252Y42
254 Mayibheki R Operative 217409 ext 273
255 Mazani E Operative Hatcliffe 882288
256 Mazikana S Operative ext 288
257 Mazonde P Operative ext 333
258 Mbavarira I Operative Hatcliffe 882288
259 Mbwera F Operative ext 333
260 Meke T Operative ext 300 or 721224
261 Merino C Operative ext 368 63-673488M83
262 Mhene F Operative ext 207/372
263 Mhere M Operative RRB ext 235
264 Mhike M Operative ext 318
265 Mhike G Operative ext 411 or 731369
266 Mhunguwo Elliot Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-427903X18
267 Midzi JAMES WILSON Operative ext 261 29-015846M24
268 Midzi S Operative ext 333
269 Miga BHEKI VICTOR Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-294814K67
270 Mjoma Gertrude Operative
271 Mkomera GOSEGONNA Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205 63-699530T63
272 Mlambo M Operative ext 240 or 726387
273 Mlambo WIN BUSAYI JUYANA Operative ext 257 or 795436 63-454512V13
274 Mlambo V Operative ext 348
275 Mombeshora T Operative ext 237/375/250
276 Mondo C Operative ext 221
277 Motsi C Operative ext 390
278 Moyo I Operative ext 306 or 703150
279 Mpofu B Operative RRB ext 238
280 Mpoperi D Operative ext 335
281 Mtangi ELEANOR Operative ext 305/211 63-323994C15
282 Mucheuki LOVELEEN TAFADZWA Operative ext 332/372 80-025597T27
283 Muchini N Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 326/372
284 Mudhewe W Operative ext 242
285 Mudiwa Manga Deputy Intelligence Officer
286 Mudviti F Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG FOURTH 737196 ext 218
287 Mudyiwa M Operative ext 381
288 Mufunda Operative ext 354
289 Mufundisi E Operative ext 308
290 Mufute M Operative ext 410/437 or 726649
291 Mugabe I Operative ext 258
292 Mugadza P Operative ext 337
293 Mugaviri Nduma Deputy Intelligence Officer
294 Mugayi Operative ext 333
295 Mujumi E Operative ext 440
296 Mukai Tinoda Deputy Intelligence Officer
297 Mukarati T Operative ext 304/372
298 Mukohovedzi JUSTICE PARADZA Deputy Intelligence Officer 38-069738Z12
299 Mukotekwa E Operative ext 350
300 Mukupe L Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 883166
301 Mukute Operative ext 364
302 Mukute Munyaradzi Deputy Intelligence Officer
303 Mukwata NGONI JOEL Operative ext 304 34-049593B34
304 Mukwava JOHN Operative Hatcliffe ext 308 or 883166 63-033355Q32
305 Mumera T Operative ext 441
306 Mumhure Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 329 or 792257
307 Munangi S Operative ext 442
308 Mundangepfupfu Operative ext 333/223
309 Munengwa E Operative ext 343
310 Munjaranji N Operative 21219-170 ext 279 or 792318
311 Munjoma T Operative ext 418
312 Munyanduki P Operative Hatcliffe 882288
313 Munyaradzi I Operative ext 372 or 335
314 Mupandaguta Operative ext 291
315 Mupapa Operative ext 333
316 Mupara E Operative ext 274 or 725148
317 Mupona M Operative ext 301
318 Murahwa Shungu Operative ext 391 or 796766
319 Murasiranwa Operative ext 424
320 Murinda F Operative ext 420
321 Murombedzi J Operative RRB ext 268 ”

Part 5 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
28 July 2011

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 5 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document dated 2001 contains a list of state security agents working at that time. Some may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document contained their home addresses, we are not publishing these details.Last week SW Radio Africa reported on Eleanor Mtangi, listed as an ‘operative’ at number 281 on the list. We also reported on how she and her husband Collin Cephas Mtangi, ran Cottel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd from Harare, supplying electrical equipment and consumables to the mining and industrial sectors. The company boasted contracts with the army, police, air force, national oil company, ZESA, Zimglass, Shabani Mashava Mines and the Department of Irrigation, among others.This week the matter took a new turn as our investigations showed Eleanor is now the Treasurer for the MDC-T Women’s Assembly in the United States. SW Radio Africa has been told that she divorced her husband and moved to the US but this has not been confirmed. Den Moyo, the MDC-T USA Chairman, told SW Radio Africa that they instituted their own investigations and a committee which included officials from the ‘Intelligence & Security Sub Committee’ called Mtangi to a hearing.

“Mtangi confirmed that she was once employed by the CIO, not as an operative, but as an administrator in the communications department, and that she resigned in December 2001. She sighted one of her reasons for resigning as the fact that she did not agree with the way the government was operating, and she wanted to see change. She joined the MDC around that time. She stated that she immediately left Zimbabwe, and when entering the USA, she disclosed her prior involvement with the CIO,” Moyo told SW Radio Africa in a written response.

“She insists that she severed all ties with the CIO, and that she is truly involved with the MDC,” Moyo added.

Despite claims by Ms. Mtangi that she disclosed her prior involvement with the CIO to the US authorities, it does not seem her fellow colleagues in the MDC-T knew her background. SW Radio Africa spoke to her by telephone on Thursday, and, despite refusing an official interview, she claimed she had told MDC-T US Columbus District Chairman Zvidzai Ruzvidzo about her CIO background.

Meanwhile at number 356 on the list is the late CIO Deputy Director General Livingstone Menard Muzariri, a man who exemplified all that is wrong with the organisation. In 2001 he was listed as an ‘operative’ but now Muzariri’s name remains synonymous with the Gukurahundi Massacres in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces. A ruthless operator within CIO circles, Muzariri played a prominent role in the Massacres alongside the current Air force Commander Perrance Shiri.

Although Muzariri generally remained out of the public eye and shunned publicity his fellow colleagues in the CIO confirmed his notoriety for being brutal during assignments. A former CIO operative now based in London told SW Radio Africa that Muzariri committed some of the most serious atrocities during the Gukurahundi Massacres. He led public executions, often forcing victims to dig their own graves in front of family and villagers.

With help from the 5th Brigade army units, Muzariri and his fellow agents would routinely round up villagers and march them at gun point to a central place. There they would be forced to sing Shona songs praising ZANU PF, at the same time being beaten with sticks. These gatherings usually ended with public executions, another source told us. At the time of his death Muzariri was into farming and was a neighbour to Reward Marufu, brother to Grace Mugabe who died last year.

Floyd Ndaudzwa at number 371 is listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’. Investigations by SW Radio Africa revealed that around August 2005 he was based at Chaminuka Building (CIO headquarters) and was working there as the chief personnel officer (CPO) of the organisation. Ndaudzwa was cited in a high profile case in which a CIO agent, sacked in 2002, went to court challenging his dismissal for allegedly training his four-year-old daughter on how to use an AK47 rifle.

At number 383 is the recently appointed Deputy Director General Aaron Daniel Tonde Nhepera, who replaced the late Livingstone Menard Muzariri. Shockingly Nhepera in 1997 claimed to have suffered 98 percent disability from injuries sustained in the liberation war. He subsequently made five different claims and received Z$650 901 from the War Victims Compensation Fund. He claimed to be suffering hallucinations, persistent headaches, ear and stomach aches.

Nhepera, just like his predecessor Muzariri, played a key role in the Gukurahundi Massacres. By his own admission he only resigned from the notorious 5th Brigade army unit because of ill-health. The 5th Brigade was an elite unit of soldiers specially trained by North Korean instructors and had about 3500 ex ZANLA fighters. They rampaged through the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces killing an estimated 20 000 perceived opposition ZAPU supporters.

The late Corneous Nhloko a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’, at number 385 on our list, died in a fire at his farm in Wozoli, Silobela, in February this year. Known by his liberation war nickname of Victor Mlambo he was declared a national hero by ZANU PF. He joined the CIO in 1979 and rose through the ranks to become assistant intelligence officer in 1986 before he was then appointed head of the counter-subversion unit for Harare Province.

In 1992 Nhloko was posted to Lagos, Nigeria where he worked as a ‘liaison officer’ before being transferred to the CIO Training Academy in Harare in 1996.

322 Musa L Operative ext 309
323 Musa B Operative ext 375/237/250
324 Musarurwa T Operative ext 288
325 Musasa M Operative ext 245 or 794517
326 Musasa D Operative ext 305/211
327 Museka G Operative ext 318
328 Museka Gerald Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-552571F80
329 Musembwa G Operative RRB ext 239
330 Musemwa C Operative ext 405
331 Mushamba A Operative 729330 ext 206
332 Musoro Operative ext 235
333 Musungo P Operative ext 253
334 Musvipa T Operative ext 333/223
335 Mutambara O Operative 8TH FLR CHAMINUKA BLDG 4 ext 234 or 737111
336 Mutambara Francis Deputy Intelligence Officer
337 Mutambu A Operative 610776 ext 412 or 793771
338 Mutambu Austin Deputy Intelligence Officer
339 Mutambudzi Operative ext 378
340 Mutandagai S Operative Hatcliffe 882288
341 Mutare Operative ext 333
342 Mutasa P Operative ext 386 or 796037
343 Mutasa E Operative ext 449
344 Mutema M Operative ext 269
345 Mutemachani M Operative ext 418 or 721798
346 Mutembwa A Operative ext 267 or 794657
347 Mutemeri AGNES SHILLAH Operative ext 270/437 or 726649 32-016202T13
348 Mutero Operative ext 333
349 Mutetwa E Operative ext 308
350 Mutsinze K Operative ext 419 or 735527
351 Mutsveta R Operative Hatcliffe 882288
352 Mutume KUDZANAYI MARILYN Operative ext 226 63-1143611N71
353 Mutungi SHAMISO Operative ext 381 63-738148V66
354 Muyemeki Operative ext 282
355 Muzadzi I Operative ext 224/308
356 Muzariri LIVINGSTONE MENARD Operative 331856 ext 319 or 721628 63-328292Z80
357 Muzembe G Operative ext 253
358 Muzenda Operative ext 341
359 Muzongomerwa S Operative Hatcliffe 882288
360 Muzonzini E Operative 734748 ext 229 or 734 748
361 Muzonzini E Director General
362 Mvere B Operative ext 288
363 Mvududu N Operative ext 267
364 Mvundura S Operative ext 270/437
365 Mwanza M Operative ext 311 or 737196
366 Mwarozva Operative RRB ext 208
367 Mzapu R Operative ext 305/211
368 Ncube G Operative ext 213
369 Ncube Moses Deputy Intelligence Officer
370 Ndaudzwa F Operative ext 276 or 707375
371 Ndaudzwa Floyd Deputy Intelligence Officer 13-016437A13
372 Ndemera S Operative ext 309
373 Ndlovu Chris Operative ext 236
374 Ndlovu Cynthea Operative 731356 ext 286
375 Ndlovu B Operative ext 376
376 Neganje M Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
377 Ngadya T Operative ext 314
378 Ngulube Operative ext 422 or 791677
379 Ngwena F Operative ext 306
380 Ngwenya L Operative ext 260 or 707375
381 Ngwenya K Operative ext 269
382 Nhemachena Operative ext 378
383 Nhepera AARON DANIEL TONDE Operative 224770 ext 382 or 793 800 45-025775J45
384 Nherera K Operative ext 271 or 707375
385 Nhloko Corneous Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-356362K58
386 Nhova D Operative ext 366
387 Nhova Dorothy Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-321261G42
388 Nhowe N Operative ext 411 or 731369
389 Njenje Operative ext 333/223
390 Nkala J Operative ext 288
391 Nkomo M Operative ext 309
392 Ntuliki Zenzo Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-365527X08

Part 6 of the leaked CIO list

By Lance Guma
04 August 2011
SW Radio Africa continues with Part 6 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document dated 2001 contains a list of state security agents working at that time. Some may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document contained their home addresses, we are not publishing these details.

Number 400 on the list is Musafare Nyamudahondo who is described as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ in 2001. Around May 1999 he was part of Zimbabwe’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN). The latest line up of mission staff on the UN website suggests Nyamudahondo has been moved elsewhere.

Michael Nyere, another ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ at number 412 on the list is currently the Minister Counselor, at the Zimbabwe Embassy in Rome, Italy. SW Radio Africa understands he is the third highest ranked member of the diplomatic staff there. ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ Siegfried Temba Samkange at number 431 has previously served at the Zimbabwean embassy in the United States as a ‘Political Counselor’.

Zvidzai Tahwa at number 452 is another state security operative deployed at the Zimbabwean embassy in Tanzania. In October 2004 he was listed by the Ministry of Finance in Tanzania as having benefited from import tax exemptions after bringing in an Isuzu Wizard truck worth about 8,556,503 Tanzanian Shillings.

Elliot Takawira (454) listed as a ‘Deputy Intelligence Officer’ hit the headlines in January this year. Takawira alongside politicians and senior army personnel known as the ‘Masvingo Initiative’ grabbed shareholding in private conservancies in the Save Valley. Takawira, Tongai Muzenda, son of the late Vice President Simon Muzenda, Raymond Musimbwa and Grey Mushava grabbed Mokore Safari Ranch.

According to a report in the Zimbabwe Reporter website, the so-called ‘Masvingo Initiative’ led by the Masvingo Province Governor Titus Maluleke threatened to drive all the game to Gonarezhou Park and “barbecue what is left over.” The group made it clear they wanted to be partners in the ventures without paying for the shares. It did not matter to them that some of the ranches were covered by bilateral investment protection agreements with countries like Germany and others.

Number 392 on the list last week was a “Deputy Intelligence Officer’ called Zenzo Ntuliki. SW Radio Africa has since been inundated with e-mails from people describing what a ‘terror mastermind’ he was in Gwanda. One listener said he was nicknamed ‘Mapekapeka’ because he was fond of stabbing people. Another listener sent an e-mail saying:

“When that guy (Ntuliki) was an Intelligence Officer based in Gwanda town he was a terror. He practically wrote the book on instilling fear in villagers. He was best mates with another cattle rustler called Mbonisi based in Stanmore business centre along Beitbridge road. The ‘rustler guy’ has a butchery there and Zenzo was providing him immunity from prosecution.”

The listener went on to say: “Ask the cops at Gwanda. Zenzo is one of the most cruel and heartless people you are ever going to meet. But am happy, rather sad that he has been transferred to Gweru, I think. I feel sorry for the Gweru folks. Please publish all the details and home addresses of these criminals,” the listener added. SW Radio Africa also understands Ntuliki’s health has deteriorated.

At number 361 last week was Elisha Muzonzini then the Director General of the CIO. Muzonzini a retired Brigadier-General served the state security agency for four years, before factional fighting within ZANU PF saw him being abruptly demoted in 2002 and posted to Kenya as Zimbabwe’s ambassador.

It was then reported that competing ZANU PF camps wanted to have their own person at the helm of the CIO. Retired army general Solomon Mujuru who leads a faction competing against Emmerson Mnangagwa for influence is reported to have been the one who recommended Muzonzini to the CIO job. The replacing of Muzonzini with the current Director General Happton Bonyongwe was seen in some circles as an attempt to dilute Mujuru’s influence.

Muzonzini decided to retire from his diplomatic posting and concentrate on full time farming at a farm he grabbed from its former white owners using an AK47 assault rifle. It is widely believed that under Muzonzini the CIO virtually became an appendage of ZANU PF.

393 Nyabinde D Operative ext 393
394 Nyakunawa F Operative ext 290
395 Nyamhere WATSON WELLINGTON Operative ext 263 or 792180 49-013122G49
396 Nyamowa A Operative ext 333
397 Nyampila S Operative ext 272
398 Nyampila S Operative ext 339
399 Nyamucheneka P Operative ext 424 or 794922
400 Nyamudahondo Musafare Deputy Intelligence Officer
401 Nyamugoroza Operative ext 418
402 Nyamutsika JASPAR Operative 708204 ext 226 18-034054G80
403 Nyamuzuwe P Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
404 Nyandoro R Operative ext 243 or 731356
405 Nyandoro M Operative Hatcliffe 882288
406 Nyandoro Ruth Deputy Intelligence Officer
407 Nyandoro Z Operative Hatcliffe 882288
408 Nyariya Operative ext 383
409 Nyazika E Operative ext 309
410 Nyeke C Operative Hatcliffe 882288
411 Nyere M Operative ext 278
412 Nyere Michael Deputy Intelligence Officer
413 Nyikaramba BIGGIE Operative ext 394 795910 11-038529A11
414 Nyikaramba Boniface Deputy Intelligence Officer
415 Nyongoro L Operative 491108 ext 218
416 Nyoni K Operative ext 320/291
417 Nzira T Operative ext 405
418 Paketh Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
419 Paradza Operative ext 335/372
420 Pfuwai ANODA ARTHUR Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-427580W04
421 Randazha G Operative ext 294 or 700849
422 Rondo T Operative ext 406/209
423 Ruhode E Operative ext 372/346
424 Runesu O Operative ext 215
425 Runyowa G Operative ext 424 or 882288
426 Rupande LORAINE Operative RRB ext 268 75-279214G42
427 Rushinga Bothwell Deputy Intelligence Officer
428 Sabaruata Operative ext 277
429 Sagonda Operative ext 333
430 Samkange S Operative ext 275
431 Samkange SEIGRED TEMBA W Deputy Intelligence Officer 08-510408S70
432 Sangarwe E Operative ext 336
433 Sasa Operative ext 232
434 Seke M Operative ext 319
435 Sevenzai C Operative ext 408
436 Shambare H Operative ext 356 or 725 148
437 Shambare J Operative ext 413
438 Shavi F Operative ext 345 or 725222
439 Shiri F Operative ext 269
440 Shirichena L Operative ext 375/237/342 15-103415E15
441 Shoko Gilbert Operative
442 Shumba R Operative ext 379
443 Sibenge J Operative ext 319
444 Sibve P Operative RRB ext 268
445 Sigauke E Operative ext 340
446 Sinyoro B Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 205
447 Sithole J Operative ext 319
448 Siyachitema DANIEL SHEPHARD Operative ext 288 63-793051X63
449 Sombi R Operative ext 336
450 Taderera R Operative ext 260
451 Tafireyi M Operative RRB ext 268
452 Tahwa ZVIDZAI Operative 723010 ext 258 63-146584Q71
453 Takaona D Operative ext 289 or 725148
454 Takawira Elliot Deputy Intelligence Officer
455 Tanamayi JORAM Operative ext 418 08-213464C83
456 Tandi J Operative CHAMINUKA BLDG HARARE 728225 ext 204
457 Tapfuma Ezekiel Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-430420H24
458 Tarumbiswa Operative ext 251
459 Tarumbiswa Shame Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-446084J07
460 Taruvamba J Operative ext 280 or 700482
461 Tekeshe Operative ext 333
462 Temba J Operative HARDWICKE HOUSE ext 323
463 Tichareva A Operative ext 421 or 794 921
464 Tinarwo K Operative ext 275
465 Tlou BEN ELIAS MERIKA Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-366636C02
466 Tserayi A Operative 50096 ext 427
467 Tshabalala T Operative ext 209 or 406
468 Tsiko Rodrick Deputy Intelligence Officer
469 Tsoka T Operative ext 305/211
470 Tumbare L Operative ext 414 or 790385
471 Tumbare LANGION ROSTER Deputy Intelligence Officer 63-503969C42
472 Vambe D Operative ext 308
473 Vega P Operative 210533 ext 343
474 Vera T Operative ext 272
475 Vundla P Operative ext 233
476 Whekwete C Operative ext 270/437
477 Zhakata S Operative ext 383 or 739173
478 Zindi W Operative ext 351 or 794517
479 Zinyakatira P Operative Hatcliffe 882288
480 Zundiza Blessings Deputy Intelligence Officer
481 Zvirahwa Operative ext 333 ..



Supplementary list of CIO agents in Zimbabwe

More CIO agents revealed in supplementary list (Part  one/Two)

After six weeks serializing a leaked 2001 list of CIO agents working in and outside Zimbabwe, SW Radio Africa last week published a supplementary list of agents who, for various reasons, might not have been on the previous document. In part two of this series we continue exposing more details and names that have come to light.

Joseph Mwale is regarded as one of the most notorious state security agents in the country. Eleven years after being implicated in the brutal murder of MDC-T activists Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya, he continues to walk the streets a free man and enjoys high level protection from the Mugabe regime.

Mwale’s claim to infamy began in Buhera in 2000 when, in the run up to parliamentary elections, he ambushed a car being used by campaign aides to Morgan Tsvangirai, Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya. Armed with AK47 rifles Mwale and a ZANU PF mob, that included Kainos ‘Kitsiyatota’ Zimunya, petrol bombed the vehicle, killing Chiminya and Mabika.

The death was gruesome as Mabika and Chiminya got out of the car and ran ‘across the fields burning like balls of flames.’ When the mob left the scene one of the survivors who had managed to escape, Sanderson Makombe, told SW Radio Africa he got to Chiminya and found him dead. Mabika was still alive and shouting out the names of her attackers. She was to die later in hospital.

In 2004 the regime charged Mwale’s co-accused, Webster Gwama, Bernard Makuwe and Morris Kainos (alias Kitsiyatota). All three were indicted on two counts of murder. Many activists queried why ring leader Mwale was not being prosecuted. The trial never took off anyway and instead Mwale was reported to have been promoted within the CIO ranks and given a posh car to use.

In 2006 SW Radio Africa reported how police were too scared to enforce a written order from the Attorney General’s office to arrest Mwale. The then High Court Judge James Devitte ordered Mwale be brought to trial for the murder. Former MDC-T spokesman Nelson Chamisa told us at the time “violence is perpetrated and coordinated by the state and that’s why Mwale is roaming free.”

Keeper Nyambanje, listed as the head of the CIO in the Tsholotsho District, made headlines in 2009 after threatening to kill a magistrate with a gun for remanding his wife in custody during a corruption trial. During a phone call Nyambanje warned provincial magistrate Abednico Ndebele that he was “a very rough person” and threatened to kill him or have him murdered.

It was further alleged that Nyambanje even demanded that the magistrate give him the docket relating to his wife’s trial. Nyambanje’s wife, Samukeliso Nyathi, worked for the Grain Marketing Board and was charged with stealing maize and selling it on the black market. It’s also well documented that Nyambanje played a key role in the abduction of MDC supporters in Matabeleland North in 2008.

Another CIO agent, David Nyika, was sued for Z$52 million in compensation by former NCA Vice Chairman and current MDC-T spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, in 2005. Nyika’s lorry hit a Mazda B1600 car Mwonzora was driving along the Masvingo-Beitbridge road, but the CIO agent claimed it was an accident. Mwonzora won in a default judgment after Nyika did not bother to turn up in court.

Another notorious operative is Sidney Somai based in Marondera. In May 2008 Somai was implicated in the abduction of the MDC-T district chairman for Marondera, Potifa Bakaaiman. Several MDC-T supporters had been walking back from a court hearing when a blue twin-cab speeded towards them. Somai jumped out and hit Bakaaiman on the head with the butt of rifle.

Somai dragged Bakaaiman into the vehicle and sped off. The twin cab used in several of these Marondera abductions had the letters CAM written on it. SW Radio Africa reported how the same car was part of the fleet given to the Electoral Commission to use during the 2008 harmonised elections. The vehicle filled up with fuel at the main police station every day and was well known in the area.

Former CIO agent Patrick Jeffrey Tabva is also on the list. In March 2009 he was hauled to court facing fraud charges that sucked in Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangangwa. Tabva and Andrew Raymond Williams were accused of defrauding the Grain Marketing Board of fertilizer, flour and mealie meal. Tabva however claimed he was acting on behalf of Mnangagwa and other ZANU-PF politicians to use the food and other handouts to campaign, ahead of elections in 2008.

Asher Walter Tapfumanei, listed as CIO Assistant Director (External) in 2009, is also a retired army Brigadier General. He is said to have played key role in the June 2008 election violence and the abduction of several MDC-T activists. He was fingered as one of the people behind the abduction Jestina Mukoko, Gandi Mudzingwa and journalist Shadreck Andrison Manyere, among others.

The activists were slapped with trumped-up charges of terrorism and banditry and Tapfumanei is said to have conducted some of the interviews in which they were tortured. Not only were the activists abducted and tortured but they were also kept incommunicado between November and December 2008 by the CIO.

Andrew Muzonzini reported to be a Director (Internal) in the CIO hit the headlines in 2008. Filippo Marucchi-Chierro, a farmer originally from Italy and owner of a farm in Trelawney, recounted how Muzonzini, “describing himself as the Political Commissar of the CIO” drove onto his property on the 12th September 2008.

Andrew, a younger brother to ex-CIO Director-General retired Brigadier Elisha Muzonzini, demanded that Marucchi-Chierro leave the farm even though it had not been listed for acquisition. It was during an argument over this illegal eviction that he produced an AK-47 rifle, pointed it at the farmer and shouted: “The only thing you guys (white farmers) will understand is if we use this.”

Also on the list is Innocent Chibaya. In January 2005 it was reported that Chibaya, then chief of the CIO in Matabeleland, was transferred to Mutare by the now late Vice President Joseph Msika. Chibaya and the head of police in Bulawayo, Charles Mufandaidze, were accused of torturing ZANU PF youths who were arrested for supporting a ZANU PF faction opposed to notorious war vets leader Jabulani Sibanda.

Four of the ZANU PF youths are reported to have approached Msika at his home and narrated their torture ordeal at the hands of Chibaya and his fellow CIO agents. Mandlenkosi Sibanda, Tisunge Botomani, Nkosinathi Gama and Mandlenkosi Luphahla, all removed their clothes to reveal serious injuries to their private parts and bruises all over their bodies.

Even in Manicaland where he is now the head of the CIO, Chibaya is a notorious operative. In May 2007 it was reported that Chibaya and Denford Masiya, a senior intelligence agent in Rusape, were meant to stand trial on charges of intimidating witnesses into withdrawing violence charges against supporters of the then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa. The case was later swept under the carpet.

Another agent in Chipinge, Joseph Chiminya, led a gang which stormed Ashanti Farm in 2005. Chiminya and five others savagely attacked farm manager Allen Warner with hoses and steel pipes. Chiminya wielded an Uzi light machine gun and pointed it at Warner, but when he tried to fire, the gun jammed. Warner subsequently attempted to escape on a motorbike but was caught and beaten up.

On our list this week are also the four CIO agents who took part in the abduction of former ZBC TV presenter and human rights activist Jestina Mukoko. In December 2009 Marasike Chitate (alias Chigure), Ndambakuwa, Maganga and Mhlanga were part of a 7 member gang that abducted Mukoko from her Norton home around 5am. They pushed her into the back of a truck and sped off.

Mukoko said they took her to an interrogation room: “First, I was assaulted underneath my feet with a rubber-like object which was at least one metre long. Later, I was informed to raise my feet on to a table, and the other people in the room started to assault me underneath my feet. This assault lasted for at least five to six minutes. They took a break and then continued again with the beatings.”

No weeks one knew where Mukoko was being held. It was only after 21 days that she was able briefly, in the presence of police, to see her family. Without warning she was brought to court on Christmas Eve, alongside other detainees who had been abducted and held for over 76 days. The detainees included a 72-year-old man and a two-year-old boy, all facing dubious terrorism and banditry charges.

Another state security agent in Chimanimani is Brighton Mashopeka Muchuwa. On Christmas Eve in 2007 he beat to death a Christmas reveler, after accusing him of showing off with ‘MDC money.’ Muchuwa, a sidekick of wanted murderer and fellow CIO agent Joseph Mwale, assaulted Charles Sigauke and his father at their home on Christmas Eve.

Sigauke worked in South Africa and had come back to spend the holidays with his dad. He died the day after the beating, on Christmas day. Muchuwa accused Sigauke of being an MDC-T member and spending money given to him by the MDC-T. Witnesses say at one point Muchuwa lifted Sigauke and slammed him onto the bonnet of a nearby vehicle.

Both Sigauke and his father were hospitalized in Chimanimani before the son succumbed to his injuries. Post-mortem results confirmed he died from internal bleeding. Some reports say Muchuwa was arrested, detained by police, but then released. At the time SW Radio Africa reported how the police were reluctant to pursue the matter any further, given he was from the CIO.

In January 2008 we also reported on how Daniel Romeo Mutsunguma, a CIO agent who was based at the Zimbabwean embassy in the United States, shot and killed female MDC activist Tabitha Marume in Rusape. The MDC-T named Mutsunguma as the man who pulled the trigger and shot the woman in the stomach. She died on her way to Mutare General Hospital.

Marume was part of a group of seven MDC-T activists who walked to a torture camp at Manonga School, demanding the release of their colleagues who had been abducted by soldiers. Pishai Mucharauya, who then was the newly elected MDC-T MP for Makoni South, said their investigations had revealed that Mutsunguma’s wife also worked at the Zimbabwe embassy in Washington as a receptionist.

CIO Directors not listed (or fully covered) in our initial series – See related story Part 1 : Part 2

Andrew Muzonzini


ID No 63-447595B-18

John Andrew Maringa


Tobias Chaunoita

Director (Director-General’s pool)

Lawrence/Lloyd Tahwa


Thomas John Meke

Head of Administration

Senior Directors who have left the organization

Shadreck Chipanga

fired in 1999 over infighting within the CIO

Implicated in murder of several MDC-T activists in Manicaland

Lovemore Mukandi

fired in 1999 over infighting within the CIO

Fled to Canada after facing fraud charges

Justin Mupumhanga


Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Energy & Power Development

Godfrey Murombo Madzorera

Deputy Director-Planning

Principal Director in the Department of Anti-Corruption and Anti-Monopolies in the Office of the President and Cabinet

Ozias Evans Machaya Hove


Principal Director in the Department of Indigenisation and Empowerment in the Office of the President and Cabinet

Edgar Tafi Chigudu

Deputy Director

Principal Director in the Department of State Enterprises and Parastatals in the Office of the President and Cabinet

John Marangwanda also known as Jofo

Director of Economics

Also involved in CIO takeover of Mirror newspapers which began in 2002

Principal Director in Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Office

Other agents who might have joined after 2001 and not on initial list

Chaunoita Paul


Assaulted policeman in 2007

Chibaya Innocent

Head of CIO in Manicaland Province

Torture, assault and intimidating witnesses

Chimanga Derek


Assaulted policeman in 2007

Chiminya Joseph


Serious Assault and directing violent youth militia in 2008

Chitate Marasike (alias Chigure)


Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others



Taking part in violent farm in invasions

Kamba I. M.


Mafoti Robson Manyuwa

Chief Executive Officer of Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC)

Our research shows SIRDC is heavily linked with the CIO



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Maplanga Hlungwani Simon

Ex CIO and former Diplomat

Armed robbery and passport fraud

Mbalekwa Pearson

Retired Senior Intelligence Officer



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Muchuwa Brighton Mashopeka

Operative promoted from ZANU PF youth militia

Killed MDC reveler on Christmas Eve 2007

Mutsunguma Daniel Romeo

Operative formerly based at the Zimbabwe Embassy in the US

Shot dead female MDC-T activist Tabitha Marume in 2008

Mwale Joseph

Senior Intelligence Operative

Murder of MDC-T activist Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika in 2000



Abduction of Jestina Mukoko and others

Nhekairo F R


Nyambanje Keeper

Head of CIO in Tsholotsho

In 2009 threatened to kill magistrate with a gun after his wife was arrested

Nyika David


In 2005 his lorry hit a car driven by MDC-T official Douglas Mwonzora. Claimed it was an accident

Somai Sidney

Operative based in Marondera

Abduction of MDC-T District Chair Potifa Bakaaiman

Tabva Jeffrey Patrick



Tapfumanei Asher Walter

Assistant Director External who is also a retired army Brigadier General

Played key role in June 2008 election violence


Zimbabwe convention procedures conference forum

As we are aware that violence can never end in our country, The Zimbabwe Exile Govt an ant zanu-pf movement would like to hold a conference forum on how to change the parliament system of Zimbabwe. we have already contacted the Zimbabwe ambassador regarding the issue and the venue will be the Zimbabwe house London.

We are also going to hold such similar conferences global,s.a, usa, canada, aussie   etc. Just to give a brief account, yes Dabengwa said even a donkey was going to be voted for during all the elections when MDC raised it’s log. …looking carefully to this statement it shows to a determined Zimbabwean who wants his country to develop economically , that we are submerged with illiteracy in the govt. for example the zimeye paper recently have quoted that the Zimbabwe ambassador to Australia does not even have o’ levels. What we are trying to highlight is to make a change a change of purpose, we need Zimbabwean people to vote for proper people not that they are voting just because they do not want zanu-pf.. yes the zanu-pf mp might be well better than the mdc mp.. but people will still vote for an mdc mp because they want democratic change.. yet the actual change needed by Zimbabwe is economical, and this change can only be brought by technocrats etc. Also just because for us to archieve a drustic change in our lives , then violence have to be stopped. so to solve this chase of our country we need a convention,, we need to agree that yes those big fishes in the zanu-pf seats are liberators of zimbawe..quoting mutambara j mutamba ” that failure to recognise Zanu PF as architects of the state called The Republic of Zimbabwe by equating it with other political parties will always be resisted. The liberation movements represent patriachies of the State of Zimbabwe. They are special interest groups whose shareholding in state management cannot be wished away. The halmarks of the previous revolution cannot be wiped out with humiliation of the jaws of Law.” yes to decide on a convention it does not mean we have failed democracy but we want to save lives, yes we are safe when we are in harare and the diaspora, what about our rural duwellars who are facing terror dailly.

the convention will work because it have worked for chile and why not zimbawe.. please give us youer suggestion, because we need this to be a success for zimbawe.. in this process the old top 20 zanu-pf members who are on targeted sanctions will be automatically be put permanent in the government and they will no longer participate in the parliamentary affairs, yet the president will be a ceremonial process for cde mugabe or his predecessor in the group given auto senate.. the senate will also be formed with other governors chosen by people. meaning we have to demolish zanu-pf.. in the assuming that zanu-pf is the mother party of the revolution, the party that combines zapu nkomo and zanu.. so zanu-pf is unity of all the political parties of independence Zimbabwe. now the remaining zanu-pf partriots will have to form another new name of the party and will contest in the first past the post elections.. any party which will do violence will be taken out of the election voters roll by the ZEC.. WE NEED TO PRESENT THIS PROPOSAL TO THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE TO END VIOLENCE.. YES EVEN THE US AMBASSADOR HAVE SAID THIS RECENTLY.

convention/chibvumirano is a or a selection from among two or more alternatives, where the rule or alternative is agreed upon among participants.

In governmentconvention is a set of unwritten rules that participants in the government must follow. These rules can be ignored only if justification is clear, or can be provided. Otherwise, consequences follow. Consequences may include ignoring some other convention that has until now been followed. According to the traditional doctrine conventions cannot be enforced in courts, because they are non-legal sets of rules. Convention is particularly important in the Commonwealth realms and other governments using theWestminster System of government, where many of the rules of government are unwritten.


the US govt favors the exile govt strategy of the convention process

Removing Mugabe Alone Not A Solution For Zimbabwe – US Envoy

Removing Mugabe Alone Not A Solution For Zimbabwe - US Envoy

Bulawayo, June 16,2011 -The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray on Thursday said removing President Robert Mugabe alone from power is not a solution for Zimbabwe.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Thursday morning Ray said what was needed was to change the system of governance not individuals.

“There is no way you can build a house from the roof. You have to start from the foundation going to the top. So I don’t think removing Mugabe will change anything. What is needed is to change the system of governance. Some people might argue about this is, but removing him from power will only see minor positive developments in the country,” said Ray.

Ray also added that he doesn’t see the reason why Zanu (PF) is pushing for elections this year.

“SADC is working on the issue of Zimbabwe elections and I don’t see any reason why some political party is pushing for elections this year. Elections should be held at a time when every Zimbabwean is free to participate,” said the US envoy.

Leaders from the 15-nation SADC on Sunday at the Johannesburg summit called on Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to quicken implementation of their power-sharing agreement known as the global political agreement (GPA) that gave birth to the Harare unity government in February 2009.

They also resolved that the inclusive government in Zimbabwe should complete all the steps necessary for the holding of the election including the finalisation of the constitutional amendment and the referendum and that SADC should assist Zimbabwe to formulate guidelines that will assist in holding an election that will be peaceful, free and fair, in accordance with the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections.


The situation in Zimbabwe a new country guidance 2014

The situation in Zimbabwe a new country guidance 2014  by

by Martin W Chinyanga 12/09/2014

africa zmibabwe_cholera_victim
There is a big economic problem which can lead to the collapse of Zimbabwe, Above all Zimbabwe does not have it’s on currency, it is depending on the US dollar, south African rand, Botswana pula and the Chinese yuan, that if a person is deported to Zimbabwe right now, he/she will face starvation (it’s just like dropping someone in the midst of Sahara desert). In cities there is never electricity, electrical shedding very frequencious, there is no tap water, people are digging wells in cities, poor healthy sanitarians as toilets are ever blocked, There is no medicine in hospitals, people are dying in hospital wards of dehydration and hunger. there is no food in shop shelves and many companies are closing down worsening the situation, i can imagine recession in Britain hence an African country under sanctions. The justice system is biased towards only zanu pf supporters. There is now few violence arising due to unemployment demonstrations, as the power hungry Mugabe during the last elections rigged using an organisation called NIKUV INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS (NIP) which specializes in the implementation, analysis, development and integration of civil registry systems in a variety of areas including: citizenship and immigration, marriage and divorce, passports, law enforcement, identification, population registration, and civil registration. Mugabe used the agent rather beating people to vote for him , he used this more efficient weapon to steal people votes.
After the election stealing phenomenon, Mugabe had lies about a project called Zim ASSET (Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation). A project he lies and pretends to provide employment and feeding 12million Zimbabweans, a thing i call Mugabe a sneil and dementiac leader. Recently he went to China to ask for funding to support this project and it was turned down. Meaning the pivot has cracked and the hope of Zimbabweans is on the ice edge.
HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe has had to “cough up” $180 million in Chinese loan repayments or face losing its credit line, its finance minister said on Wednesday, in a sign Beijing is tightening its lending terms and expects debtors to be more accountable.
In the absence of funding from Western countries, Zimbabwe’s long time President Robert Mugabe has increasingly sought help from China, which has lent the southern African country $1 billion over the last five years.
Zimbabwe’s total foreign debt, including to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, is $9 billion.
“In the first six months of this year we have had to cough up $180 million, which was not in the budget, just to make ourselves look good,” Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa told business leaders in Harare.
For more than a decade China has been lending and investing heavily in Africa to secure supplies of oil, coal, iron ore and other resources, and its companies have been helping build badly needed ports, roads and railways across the continent.

  1. Chinamasa to unpack China ‘mega deals’

africa zim
people practise subsistence farming that can not cater for urban population and the nation as a whole, as commercial farmers left the country after the land grabs in 2002-2010.

violence as people go to strike against unemployment

“The newly appointed SADC chairperson Robert Mugabe crushed jobless youth in Harare today,” Clifford Hlatshwayo, spokesman for the MDC youth wing who was present, told AFP.

Police were not immediately available to comment.
A reporter from the privately-owned Zimbabwe Mail said her colleague, photojournalist Angela Jimu, was also beaten by police at the Harare rally and had two of her cameras and a mobile phone confiscated.,+journalist/news.aspx
hunger likely in 2014
Millions of Zimbabweans To Die of Hunger in 2014 – WFP –
Harare-Millions of Zimbabweans are going to lose life to hunger due to the reduction of humanitarian aid by the United Nations World Food Programme by over 70%, the UN agency has announced.
WFP had indicated last year that it was going to assist more that 1.8 million Zimbabweans with food aid.
But the UN agency on Tuesday said it will now manage to assist only 800 000 people from leaving the remaining one million exposed to hunger.
Cases of starvation have however been started to be reported in Masvingo,and Matebelaland South where thousands of children have been admitted to hospital owing the malnutrition.

  1. – See more at:
  2. – See more at:

in Zimbabwe there is no a social system like the jobseekers allowance or any form of state benefits to help someone who is facing economic hardships for basic needs, hence this can be difficult for a returned or deported immigrant, especially if he been away from Zimbabwe for a long time.


  Martin with former foreign secretary Rt Hon David Milliband,

Martin W Chinyanga is a Zimbabwe human right activist , who has stood up for Zimbabweans against bureaucracy and injustice deportations , representing an activist group called zimbabwe exile govt an Ant – Zanu pf and violence. he also represents the Zimbabwe ”Diasporah feels it” campaign.